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NEW TOEIC Part 5 / 6 / 7
Part 5 + Part 6: finish within 23 minutes
101. American businesses rely on just-in-time
delivery of inventory and components to improve
_____, reduce lead times, and trim costs.
(a) efficient
(b) efficiency
(c) efficiently
(d) be efficient
102. The course will be broken into six modules,
each of which stands alone as an instructional
(a) quiz
(b) unit
(c) school
(d) teacher
103. Philanthropists Henry and Elsie Wellman today
will announce a $20 million _____ to Scripp’s
Cancer Institute, to provide seed money for
promising new cancer research projects.
(a) donate

(b) donated
(c) donation
(d) donating
104. Attoyot Industries is _____ for creating more
than 190,000 jobs in the past two years, making it
the state’s largest nongovernment employer.
(a) hiring
(b) planning
(c) dependable
(d) responsible
105. Proper pricing, accurate quotations, choosing
the terms of the sale, and selecting the payment
method are critical _____ in selling a product or
service overseas.
(a) costs
(b) credits
(c) elements
(d) problems
106. Paul Hamilton _____ after 11 seasons as head
coach of the Elmhurst football team to focus on his
responsibilities as the school’s athletic director.
(a) worked out
(b) named after
(c) turned over
(d) stepped down
107. Citizens Electronics Corp. needs to downsize,
to bring it more in line with its shrinking market
(a) link
(b) plug
(c) share
(d) outlet
108. The report concluded by recommending that a
business _____ be hired to help things run more
(a) manager
(b) meeting
(c) strategy
(d) schedule
109. It _____ four craftsmen about 30 hours to build,
pholster, and finish an authentic Brunton black and
cherry dining room chair.
(a) takes
(b) times
(c) keeps
(d) holds
110. Most scientists doubt Dr. Richards’ claim to
_____ signs of microscopic life on Mars.
(a) find
(b) finding
(c) are found
(d) having found
111. The Hostetler-Graz _____ of Muchen
Automotive released the first official photos of its
new N-class sedan.
(a) engine
(b) feature
(c) vehicle
(d) division
112. An earthquake struck about 120 miles off
Northern California early Sunday, near _____ a
larger earthquake occurred last week.
(a) how
(b) that
(c) when
(d) where
113. After loading the worksheet, review it to make
sure the correct _____ has been loaded into the input
(a) data
(b) addition
(c) computer
(d) software
114. All hotel suites _____ high-speed Internet
access, complimentary breakfast, beverages, and free
laundry and valet services.
(a) charge
(b) travel
(c) include
(d) reserve
115. High school students should be offered extra
_____ in courses that are required to prepare them
for college.
(a) assistance
(b) graduation
(c) scholarship
(d) registration
116. Communicating with color is a proven way to
improve the response you get from print materials
_____ direct-mail and meeting handouts.
(a) as to
(b) as for
(c) such as
(d) to such
117. Hydrochloric acid is always _____ in the
stomach and is a crucial element for proper
(a) basic
(b) present
(c) various
(d) allowed
118. If your apartment needs _____, contact the
office during normal business hours to arrange for a
service call.
(a) rent
(b) key
(c) repairs
(d) roommates
119. MGK Research provides research and advice
for executives, helping them to improve
performance and _____ costs with the aid of
(a) reduce
(b) reduces
(c) reducing
(d) reduction
120. Margaret Hanzlik received her B.A. degree in
English Literature _____ the University of
Columbus in 2001.
(a) by
(b) on
(c) from
(d) while
121. In 1962, there were an estimated 10,000
computers in the world, and although they were
_____ by today’s standards, each cost hundreds of
thousands of dollars.
(a) priced
(b) primitive
(c) expensive
(d) programmed
122. A two-tablespoon _____ of peanut butter
contains 12.2 grams of unsaturated fat and no
(a) piece
(b) glass
(c) serving
(d) measuring
123. Tamara Johnson’s hand-designed bowls, cups,
and plates have become a commercial _____ locally,
and she now plans to sell her wares on the Internet.
(a) craft
(b) store
(c) success
(d) television
124. In certain industries, rapidly fluctuating _____
can create the twin problems of excess inventory and
inventory shortages.
(a) charge
(b) demand
(c) request
(d) estimate
125. From the start, Wilbur’s poetry was
characterized by a formal and refined _____ that he
helped make popular.
(a) book
(b) word
(c) style
(d) letter
126. Once your registration has been approved, your
membership will remain effective until the _____
(a) end
(b) after
(c) following
(d) beginning
127. The company hired a consulting _____ to help
with introducing the new product to the Boston area.
(a) firm
(b) guest
(c) program
(d) traveler
128. All first-year master’s degree students at the
Daniels Institute are required to take an introductory
oceanography course, _____ of their previous aca-
demic background.
(a) anyway
(b) despite
(c) regardless
(d) nevertheless
129. The survey concluded that the two-day
convention provided the city with a total estimated
economic _____ of $8.5 million.
(a) product
(b) benefit
(c) weekend
(d) condition
130. Our products are warranted to be free of _____
in materials and workmanship.
(a) goods
(b) metals
(c) designs
(d) defects
131. Many theorists contend that constructivism
represents a viable model for explaining how
mathematics _____.
(a) learn
(b) is learned
(c) are learned
(d) is to learn
132. According to studio estimates issued on
Sunday, the new adventure film has earned $71.1
million across the United States and Canada _____
opening on Wednesday.
(a) once
(b) since
(c) during
(d) because
133. When Diablo, Inc. took over its former partner
last month, it demonstrated an _____ of the growing
importance of retail applications.
(a) understand
(b) understood
(c) understands
(d) understanding
134. Southern Star Energy currently _____ more
than 130 oil wells in Texas and Oklahoma.
(a) operates
(b) operating
(c) operations
(d) has operated
135. The industrial revolution was driven by
profound social _____, as Europe moved from a
primarily agricultural and rural economy to a
capitalist and urban economy.
(a) ages
(b) roots
(c) changes
(d) periods
136. Most airlines offer discounts for travelers
making _____ through their Web- sites.
(a) travel
(b) luggage
(c) airports
(d) reservations
137. If the computer is not installed and used in
accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, it
may cause _____ with radio and television
(a) appliance
(b) equipment
(c) reception
(d) interference
138. Heat-related problems are more likely to occur
among workers who have not been given time _____
to working in the heat.
(a) adjusted
(b) to adjust
(c) adjustment
(d) are adjusting
139. Economic growth in many countries will be
_____ until Chinese demand for Asian goods picks
(a) sent off
(b) held back
(c) taken down
(d) checked out
140. We are located _____ 1075 Bellevue Way, just
north of Bellevue Square Mall in Belgate Plaza.
(a) at
(b) of
(c) to
(d) with
Questions 141-144 refer to the following letter.
It is never too _____ to start thinking about your child’s or your grandchild’s education.
141. (a) early
(b) short
(c) quick
(d) young
At Resident Investment Services, our Financial Consultants are ready to help you get started as _____ as
you want.
142. (a) ever
(b) soon
(c) always
(d) usually
Whether it’s a 529 College Savings Plan, an UGMA/UTMA Custodial Account, or simply a Mutual
Fund, we have the _____ to help you find the option that’s right for you.
143. (a) profit
(b) savings
(c) beginning
(d) expertise
So stop by any one of our branches or give us a call. Our Financial Consultants are ready _____ you
through all your college planning needs, one step at a time.
144. (a) to walk
(b) walking
(c) for walking
(d) to have walked
Questions 145-148 refer to the following letter.
Oil prices may fall next year as output rises, analysts said in a recent _____.
145. (a) gain
(b) total
(c) yield
(d) survey
The increase in prices has encouraged producers to _____ in new equipment and develop new fields.
146. (a) use
(b) labor
(c) invest
(d) pursue
Analysts expect that crude oil traded in London will average $52.30 _____ barrel in the third quarter.
147. (a) for
(b) per
(c) via
(d) over
Respondents expect crude to average $50.50 this year and $46.50 next year. London crude futures
touched $60.26 a barrel today, the highest since the contract was _____ in 1988.
148. (a) drilled
(b) entered
(c) consumed
(d) introduced
Questions 149-152 refer to the following letter.
Water and electricity are a dangerous _____,
149. (a) mix
(b) set
(c) sum
(d) tie
which is why there are so many regulations governing such matters as the use of electrical _____, voltage
limits, and types of electrical outlet permitted in wet areas.
150. (a) methods
(b) contracts
(c) economies
(d) appliances
However, regulations vary greatly between countries, from the types of switches and outlets allowed
_____ the room, to the _____ needed before someone can tackle electrical work in bathrooms.
151. (a) in
(b) into
(c) onto
(d) after
However, regulations vary greatly between countries, from the types of switches and outlets allowed
_____ the room, to the _____ needed before someone can tackle electrical work in bathrooms.
152. (a) exchanges
(b) governments
(c) qualifications
(d) administrations
Part 7 : finish within 22 minutes
Office Supplies, Products & Office Furniture From Anytime Office Supplies!
Anytime Office Supplies offers RUSH DELIVERY in 1-2 Days for all office supplies, office products,
business equipment & furniture.
Anytime Office Supplies is your single source for over 35,000 products, including office furniture,
meeting supplies, and much more. Our online office supply ordering system is extremely easy to use and
our customer service staff will do anything to make sure we meet your needs. Our 35 wholesale
warehouses & mega depots provide efficient sources for delivery throughout the United States.
153. What special service does Anytime Office
Supplies offer?
(a) Free shipping
(b) Quick delivery
(c) Discounted prices
(d) Free installation
154. According to the advertisement, where can
Anytime Office Supplies’ products be
(a) Online
(b) Through a catalog
(c) At its own retail outlets
(d) From major furniture stores.
Stopped Cold Above Mars
The recent solar activity has claimed a far-off victim: a radiation meter aboard the Mars Argo spacecraft.
The instrument stopped working in late October, government officials said last week, after being
bombarded by radiation from a particularly intense solar storm.
The meter, which had worked well in the two years that Argo has been orbiting Mars, was used in part to
determine the potential radiation risk to future human explorers. Mission engineers have tried to get the
meter working again but have not succeeded. They say they will keep trying in the coming weeks.
155. What does the report say was damaged on
the Mars Argo spacecraft?
(a) A meter
(b) A telescope
(c) A solar panel
(d) A solar cell
156. Which of the following is true about the
Mars Argo spacecraft?
(a) It had problems two weeks earlier.
(b) It was built by American engineers.
(c) It has been orbiting Mars for two years.
(d) It is scheduled to land on Mars’ surface.
To: All Staff
From: Kathy White
Date: July 25, 20—
Re: Back-up for Power Outages/Major Systems Failure
In the wake of last week’s major blackout, many people have been asking about our campus’s electrical
backup systems.
In the event of disruption of normal AC power at any node, Telephone Services maintains back-up
batteries that can power the system. We also maintain a set of back-up telephone lines and a complement
of spare equipment. The Veterinary School is equipped with back-up generators. If the power goes out,
the generators will cycle on and restore power to the system.
During normal office hours, University Maintenance will respond directly to a power failure. After
hours, the school will contact the local electrical company.
157. According to the memorandum, when did
the most recent power failure occur?
(a) One day earlier
(b) One week earlier
(c) Two weeks earlier
(d) One month earlier
158. Which part of the campus has back-up
(a) The Cafeteria
(b) The Plant Nursery
(c) The Medical School
(d) The Veterinary School.
159. Who will handle power failures at the
university after normal working hours?
(a) The Police
(b) The Fire Department
(c) The local electrical company
(d) The University Maintenance Department
Pollock’s buys condiment brands from French firm
H.J. Pollock’s Co., the United States’ largest ketchup maker, has agreed to buy the U&P Foods and
Perkins sauce divisions from France’s Groupe Dumar for $852 million.
The brands, which are marketed primarily in Britain, the United States, and Canada, accounted for close
to $292 million in revenue last year, Dumar said.
Dumar said it will also grant Cleveland, Ohio-based Pollock’s a license to manufacture its O’Shea brand
of sauces in Europe as part of the deal.
The sale adds condiments including Perkins Worcestershire sauce, U&P Sauce, O’Shea soy sauce and
Ranee spices to Pollock’s famous original ketchup. Besides controlling 60 percent of the U.S. ketchup
market, Pollock’s makes brands including Rui frozen potatoes and Slimdown diet foods.
160. What did Pollock’s Co. purchase?
(a) Another company
(b) New product lines
(c) New production facilities
(d) License to use a new technology.
161. What is learned about H.J. Pollock’s Co.?
(a) It has facilities throughout Europe.
(b) It is the largest ketchup maker in the U.S.
(c) It is the leading food distributor in the U.S.
(d) It earned $292 million in revenues the
previous year.
162. Which of the following products is
Pollock’s NOT planning to sell?
(a) Soy sauce
(b) Diet foods
(c) Mayonnaise
(d) Frozen potatoes.
Mouth Guard for Migraine Relief
Dr. James Beard, a dentist and migraine sufferer, has come up with a mouth guard designed to alleviate
painful headaches. James calls the device the NTI (for nociceptive trigeminal inhibition) System. It is
small, covering just the two front teeth, and designed to keep the jaw from clenching while the wearer
sleeps. In clinical trials, more than 80 percent of patients felt some relief after using the NTI for two
months. It costs around $500 and is available on rescription from a dentist.
163. What is the NTI designed to do?
(a) Cure colds
(b) Stop snoring
(c) Improve sleep
(d) Ease headaches
164. How is the NTI designed to be worn?
(a) On the head
(b) In the mouth
(c) Over the eyes
(d) Around the neck
165. Which claim is made about the NTI?
(a) It was tested on people.
(b) It was developed in Europe.
(c) It was approved by the government.
(d) It was designed by a team of scientists.
Marketing Communications
5801 South Ellis Ave., Suite 2010
Chicago, IL 60637
September 2, 20—
Mr. Leo Payne, Chief Executive Officer
Main Deal Realty
6525 N. Sheridan Rd.
Chicago, IL 60626
Dear Mr. Payne,
During the four years Marketing Communications served as Great Scott's public relations agency, that
organization received 500 percent more positive press than it ever had in its history.
We would like the opportunity to make a presentation to you to serve as Main Deal's public relations
agency to handle your entire marketing, public relations, and advertising programs. We feel sure we can
offer you the same kind of representation that helped Great Scott become a leader in your industry. We
have specialized in the real-estate industry in Chicago for more than seventeen years.
I suggest we meet at your office next Wednesday at 2:00 P.M. Our presentation will take forty minutes.
During our years as Great Scott's public relations agency, we worked with Dusty Parker, Shannon
Monroe, and Elisa Banks of your company. I'm sure they can give you additional information on our
qualifications, and you may want them to attend our presentation.
I will call your office to confirm a meeting time. We look forward to meeting with you.
Marcus Silver.
166. What does Marcus Silver want Leo Payne
to do?
(a) Respond by phone
(b) Attend a luncheon
(c) Visit Silver’s office
(d) Listen to a presentation
167. Which of the following is a claim Marcus
Silver makes about Marketing Communications?
(a) It offers a money-back guarantee.
(b) It is designed for small businesses.
(c) It specializes in the real estate industry.
(d) It is the leading public relations agency in
168. What does Marcus Silver hope Dusty
Parker, Shannon Monroe, and Elisa Banks will
a) Schedule a meeting with Leo Payne
(b) Make a final decision by the end of the week
(c) Sign a contract with Marketing
(d) Provide information about Marketing
169. According to the graph, what is the cost of
producing 10,000 New Vision 225 Band Saws?
a) $0.25 million
(b) $0.50 million
(c) $0.75 million
(d) $1.00 million
170. How many units does Mercury need to sell
before revenue becomes equal to costs?
(a) 10000
(b) 20000
(c) 30000
(d) 40000
171. What is the total revenue from selling
40,000 units?
(a) Between $0.75 and $1.00 million
(b) Between $1.00 and $1.25 million
(c) Between $1.25 and $1.50 million
(d) Between $1.50 and $1.75 million.
172. What trend does the graph show?
(a) As the number of units produced increases,
costs remain fixed.
(b) As the number of units produced increases,
revenues increase faster than costs.
(c) Increasing the number of units produced does
not decrease the costs to produce them.
(d) Increasing the number of units produced does
not raise the revenues received from selling them.
Review: History of Costume
The “History of Costume”or “Zur Geschichte der Kostume”was printed from 1861 to 1880 in Munich by
the publishing firm of Braun and Schneider. It was originally published as individual plates in a German
magazine titled “Munchener Bilderbogen.” Later, these plates were collected and bound into book form.
The total publication consisted of 125 pages, with four color illustrations per page, for a total of 500
costume designs. These plates show historical dress from antiquity to the end of the 19th century.
This book is an excellent source for students who are studying the history of fashion, and for costume
designers. One must be aware though, that these illustrations have a Victorian perspective to their designs.
The last 35 pages show contemporary folk dress (c.1880) from most European, Asian, and African
countries. These provide a source for researching plays that take place during the Victorian period, such as
“The King and I” or “The Sea Gull.” The original book was published in German, so at times, the English
translation is confusing. This is especially noticeable in the contemporary folk dress plates where many of
the countries mentioned now have different names or no longer exist.
If you wish to obtain additional information on the original book, Denver Publications has an excellent
reproduction of the printing entitled “Historic Costume in Pictures” by Braun and Schneider.
173. According to the review, how was the
“History of Costume” first published?
(a) In book form
(b) As individual plates in a German magazine
(c) As part of a research paper
(d) As a series of framed prints.
174. Which of the following is said to be included
in the book?
(a) 19th century photographs
(b) 500 pictures of costumes
(c) Original sewing patterns
(d) Nearly 2,000 pages of text
175. What does the review state is a problem with
the book?
(a) It is poorly translated.
(b) It is not historically accurate.
(c) Its images are poorly reproduced.
(d) It does not include enough countries.
176. According to the reviewer, who might find
the book useful?
(a) World travelers
(b) College students
(c) Fashion designers
(d) Theater researchers
Gredler Energy Opens Hydrogen Energy Station In Sweden
Ostrum GE, the second largest power company in the Nordic countries, officially opened its first
Hydrogen Energy Station (HES), with technology products provided by Gredler Energy Systems
Corporation. The new station will supply clean hydrogen fuel to three fuel cell buses as part of the pres-
tigious Green Europe Advanced Transport (GREAT) program. Stockholm is one of four GREAT cities
that will be using Gredler Energy hydrogen infrastructure products.
Mr. Peter Russell, Chief Operating Officer of Gredler Energy, was in Stockholm for the station opening
and commented, “The opening of this station represents the first step in the introduction of a hydrogen
infrastructure in the City of Stockholm. Ostrum and the City of Stockholm have taken an essential step
towards creating a pathway to environmentally sustainable urban transportation solutions and we are
delighted to be part of this important movement.”
The Stockholm HES is comprised of four modules: pressurized water electrolysis-based hydrogen
generation, compression, high-pressure storage and hydrogen fuel dispenser. The station is capable of
producing approximately 120kg per day of high-purity, high-pressure hydrogen using Gredler Energy’s
proprietary technology. Each fuel cell bus carries approximately 40kg of hydrogen at 350bar (5,000psi).
Gredler Energy Systems Corporation is the world leading developer and supplier of integrated hydrogen
solutions, all using the company’s proprietary hydrogen generation water electrolysis technology along
with products from corporate partners.
177. Who will be in charge of the new hydrogen
energy station?
(a) Ostrum GE
(b) The GREAT Program
(c) The City of Stockholm
(d) Gredler Energy Systems.
178. How much hydrogen will the new station
produce each day?
(a) 40kg
(b) 120kg
(c) 350bar
(d) 5,000psi
179. The word “sustainable”in paragraph 2, line
4 is closest in meaning to
a) Livable
(b) Deliverable
(c) Combustible
(d) Maintainable.
180. What is true about the GREAT program?
(a) It operates in four countries.
(b) It is operated by the Gredler Corporation.
(c) It promotes the use of non-polluting fuels.
(d) It studies the effects of hydrogen on the
Equipment Instructions
Please read and understand these instructions prior to operating this unit.
Turn off the valve at the air mixer.
Connect the regulator to the cylinder and tighten.
Open the cylinder and check all fittings for leaks.
Adjust the regulator to desired pressure. The regulator offers low to high pressure. Turning the handle
clockwise (located on the top of the regulator) will increase the pressure. The burner is also adjustable by
turning the valve to increase or decrease the amount of flame.
NEVER allow a vessel to go empty, as you could cause damage due to the intense heat the burner creates.
NOTE: Always turn off the service valve at the cylinder when not in use.
This is an outdoor cooker only. Never use this propane unit indoors and do not store the cylinder indoors.
If you encounter problems with this unit or require additional information, please feel free to contact our
customer service department at 952-808-3232 or write us at 2800 Southcross Drive West, Burnsville,
Minnesota 55306.

James E. Bay
110 N. Main Ave.
Odessa, MN 56276-3014
October 10, 20—
Wellcraft Tools & Equipment
Customer Service Department
2800 Southcross Drive West
Burnsville, Minnesota 55306
To whom it may concern,
I recently purchased a new Wellcraft 950 Outdoor Propane Burner. I have operated it twice, carefully
following your instructions, and have noticed a problem with the pressure adjustment controls. I have tried
varying the pressure by adjusting both the regulator handle and the valve, as per the instructions contained
in the box. The problem I have found is that the regulator handle seems to get stuck at a certain point when
attempting to lower the pressure, and then suddenly shuts off the flame. This has happened several times.
The handle difficulties indicate to me that I purchased a defective unit. Since this burner is under warranty,
I am returning it with the express hope that you will be able to exchange it for a functional burner. I have
purchased Wellcraft products in the past, and have been satisfied with their overall quality. I trust that the
950 Outdoor Burner will meet all my needs, once I have a fully functioning model.
Thank you for your consideration.
Best regards,
James E. Bay
181. What warning does Wellcraft make about
its burner?
(a) The valve should be connected before use.
(b) Only Wellcraft propane fuel should be used.
(c) The propane cylinder should not be stored
(d) The regulator should be checked frequently
for leaks.
182. How can the burner pressure be adjusted?
(a) By opening the gauge on the cylinder
(b) By tightening the valve on the air mixer
(c) By using the valve or the regulator handle
(d) By turning the regulator handle
183. Which problem does James E. Bay report
with his burner?
(a) The regulator handle gets stuck.
(b) The valve adjustment is missing.
(c) The burner emits a strong smell of gas.
(d) The burner shuts off for an unknown reason
184. What does James E. Bay want Wellcraft to
(a) Repair his burner
(b) Give him a full refund
(c) Send him a new Wellcraft 950 burner
(d) Exchange his burner for a different model
185. What does James E. Bay state regarding
(a) He has had problems contacting them by
(b) He has never purchased their products
(c) He has had problems with their products in
the past.
(d) He has been satisfied with past purchases he
has made.

How to Read Your bill
1. Account Summary/Amount Due: This explains the previous amount due, current amount now due, and
payment due date, plus any outstanding balance and late payment charges since your last billing.
2. Service Address: This indicates the service location. The service address may differ from the billing
3. Gas Usage: This is the billing period, as well as your meter readings, at the beginning and end of the
current billing period. You will also find the amount of gas (measured in CCF; 1 CCF =100 cubic feet)
consumed during the billing period.
4. R01-RES Non-Heating Charges: This rate is for non-heating customers. The Customer Service Charge
is a flat rate that depends on what kind of customer you are (heating vs. nonheating). The cost to deliver
the gas through Patriot’s distribution system is the Delivery Charge, and the cost of each unit of natural
gas is the Commodity Charge. The Fuel Charge is a variable rate that might fluctuate over the course of
the year, and is multiplied by the quantity of gas consumed over the billing period.
5. Billing Period: This section compares gas consumption and average daily temperature between the
current billing period (month) and the same period last year.
186. How much does Joseph Bloom need to
send to Patriot Gas Company?
(a) 10.79
(b) 83.97
(c) 87.17
(d) 171.14.
187. How many cubic feet of gas does one CCF
(a) 1
(b) 10
(c) 100
(d) 1000.
188. What does the Commodity Charge
(a) The charge for gas used in heating
(b) The price of each unit of natural gas
(c) The quantity of gas consumed over the
billing period
(d) The cost to deliver gas through the
distribution system.
189. How much is the per unit Delivery Charge?
(a) 0.0193
(b) 0.3831
(c) 0.6171
(d) 0.8487.
190. Which of the following is true regarding
Joseph Bloom’s bill?
(a) It must be paid within 30 days.
(b) A 1% late charge has been added.
(c) The account is one month overdue.
(d) The amount due covers two billing periods.

Dear Dr. Murphy,
Thank you very much for agreeing to make a third meal available to my son Brian while he is enrolled in
Fairview’s after-school band program. I do have one concern, though, about the food being offered after
school. The choices do not seem to have any relation to recognized medical studies about such things as
excessive fat, sugar, and useless junk food.
Brian informs me that in recent days his after-school menu has included fried fish with fried potato
nuggets, a hot dog with potato chips, and fried chicken with French fried potatoes. The most healthful
piece of food offered to Brian in the past week seemed to be a small piece of green pepper floating on a
sea of cheese on a pizza.
I do not feed my son this sort of food at home, and I don’t think it’s appropriate for a school to serve.
Your regular lunch fare usually-includes a salad and a cooked vegetable. Is there any reason why these
couldn’t be offered as part of the after-school meal, as well? I would very much like to talk to the school
dietician or whoever has designed the after-school menu about the school’s third meal food offerings.
Thank you for your help.
Karen Diamond
191. On how many days of the week does Karen
Diamond’s son receive after-school meals??
(a) 2 days
(b) 3 days
(c) 4 days
(d) 5 days.
192. What is learned about Fairview’s after -
school meal program?
(a) Meals must be served after 4:00 p.m.
(b) Some food is provided by local restaurants.
(c) Eligibility is determined by a national
(d) The School Board does not provide
additional staff resources for it.
193. What complaint about the third meal
program does Karen Diamond make?
(a) The food is not healthy.
(b) The portions are too small.
(c) No vegetarian options are offered.
(d) Fruit is never included with a meal.
194. Which of the following meals was NOT
served to Karen Diamond’s son?
(a) Hot dog with potato chips
(b) Cheese pizza with a garden salad
(c) Fried fish with fried potato nuggets
(d) Fried chicken with French fried potatoes.
195. What does Karen Diamond ask to do?
(a) Receive a refund from the school
(b) File a formal letter of complaint
(c) Speak with the school’s dietician
(d) Change to a different meal program.
“From : tbranson@kleingraphics.com
Date : Thu Jul 26, 20 01:44:43 PM US/Pacific
To : mtaylor@kleingraphics.com
Subject : Request to attend conference
Dear Marsha,
I am writing to request permission to attend the three-day “Internet Marketing Conference”in San
Francisco, September 13-15. Attached is a brochure describing the seminar. The cost of attending is
approximately $1,200, plus transportation (I’m willing to drive), hotel, and meals.
I have spoken with Fred Black, Creative Director of DiPerno and Jones Advertising, who went to last
year’s conference in Mexico, and he recommends it highly. As the Marketing Manager for Klein
Graphics, I think it would benefit the company tremendously to have me learn the latest trends in this
important field.
Please let me know if you would like more information from me about the conference or how I
would expect the training to benefit my job at Klein Graphics.
Thank you in advance,
Tara Branson”

“IMC San Francisco 2006
- The 9th Internet Marketing Conference
- Date: 13-15 September
- Location: San Francisco Conference Center
255 South Airport Boulevard
South San Francisco, CA 94080
The best Internet Marketing Conference comes to San Francisco. Learn Internet marketing, meet industry
professionals and get in-depth overviews of everything you need to know about the fast-paced, web-based
Three days of Internet marketing immersion Tuesday, September 13th - “Business Day”- a great business
concept is the key to Internet marketing success. Get business-savvy.
Wednesday, September 14th - “Technology Day”- technologies and new developments that your Internet
business needs to know now.
Thursday, September 15th - “People Day”- People are the key to organizational success. Develop the
means to focus on your most important assets, your staff and customers.
After three days at the IMC 2006 conference, you will gain a head start on the competition with the best
people skills, superior marketing techniques and a great business concept.
Expert advice. Expert results.
IMC 2006 welcomes experts from across the Internet marketing industry. More than 30 topics will be
discussed from search engines, domain names and analytics to blogs, pay-per-click and rich media.
Everything you ever wanted to know about Internet marketing and more.
The registration fee for IMC 2006 is $1,190 for the full three-day conference. If you are looking for
guaranteed Return On Investment, IMC 2006 is the ultimate investment. Discover the potential of Internet
196. What is Tara Branson’s job? (a) Graphic Designer
(b) Creative Director
(c) Marketing Manager
(d) Advertising Director.
197. What is learned about the Internet
Marketing Conference?
(a) It costs more than $1,200.
(b) It is being held in a hotel.
(c) It changes location every year.
(d) It takes place over a three-day weekend.
198. What is expected to be the focus on the
second day of the Internet Marketing
(a) Business
(b) Technology
(c) Human resources
(d) Government guidelines.
199. What does Tara Branson claim to have
(a) Attended the previous year’s conference
(b) Received permission from her supervisor
(c) Negotiated a discount on registration fees
(d) Spoken with a previous conference attendee.
200. What does Tara Branson offer to do?
(a) Drive to the conference
(b) Pay her own daily expenses
(c) Put together a detailed budget
(d) Write a report when she returns.
101. B 102. B 103. C 104. D 105. C 106. D 107. C 108. A 109. A 110. D
111. D 112. D 113. A 114. C 115. A 116. C 117. B 118. C 119. A 120. C
121. B 122. C 123. C 124. B 125. C 126. C 127. A 128. C 129. B 130. D
131. B 132. B 133. D 134. A 135. C 136. D 137. D 138. B 139. B 140. A
141. A 142. B 143. D 144. A 145. D 146. C 147. B 148. D 149. A 150. D
151. A 152. C 153. B 154. A 155. A 156. C 157. B 158. D 159. C 160. B
161. B 162. C 163. D 164. B 165. A 166. D 167. C 168. D 169. B 170. B
171. C 172. B 173. B 174. B 175. A 176. D 177. A 178. B 179. D 180. C
181. C 182. C 183. A 184. C 185. D 186. D 187. C 188. B 189. D 190. D
191. B 192. C 193. A 194. B 195. C 196. C 197. C 198. B 199. D 200. A

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