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NEW TOEIC Part 5 / 6 / 7
Part 5 + Part 6: finish within 23 minutes
101. The unexpected, sharp drop in profits during
the second quarter was a big _______ to the
members of the corporation's executive committee.
(a) disappoints
(b) disappointing
(c) disappointed
(d) disappointment
102. After a thorough review of the _______, Mr.
Turner and I both believe we're going to have to
think about hiring outside the company.
(a) postings
(b) resumes
(c) job listings
(d) seminar
103. The problem is that either the copying machine
is out of toner, or we need to call the service number
for _______ assistance again.
(a) cartridge
(b) scheduled

(c) technical
(d) automatic
104. Last month, we hired a new freelance web
designer to _______ the site; however he hasn't been
able to give much time to our project so far.
(a) outline
(b) close down
(c) update
(d) uplift
105. Since our billing cycle ends on the 22nd, the
statement you received yesterday does not _______
payments made on your account after July 31st.
(a) demonstrate
(b) reflect
(c) prove
(d) examine
106. If new employees have questions about their
medical benefits or _______ plans, please refer them
to Lindsay in Human Resources.
(a) penchant
(b) pensive
(c) pension
(d) penance
107. Although record sales were experienced last
year, the company was _______ to downsize
employees following an unexpected decrease in
orders this year.
(a) enforced
(b) forceful
(c) forcible
(d) forced
108. You should _______ to the client with a polite
letter thanking him for raising these concerns with us
and also assure him the problem will be addressed.
(a) acknowledge
(b) return
(c) reply
(d) reciprocate
109. All candidates considering a position within our
Computer Services Department should have
experience in database management _______
computer maintenance.
(a) yet
(b) and
(c) but
(d) because
110. If we can _______ a larger office space,
without a doubt, I think we will see a noticeable
increase in employee satisfaction and productivity.
(a) borrow
(b) donate
(c) lease
(d) receive
111. If we don't _______ the invoice by the end of
the week, please call the company's hotline and ask
if there's a problem with our order.
(a) receive
(b) receipt
(c) receivable
(d) receptive
112. Could you look into renting a _______ hall
with at least a two hundred person seating capacity
for the annual awards ceremony.
(a) banquet
(b) bouquet
(c) buffet
(d) bankrupt
113. I don't think Mr. Pederson was _______ by the
casual explanation Joe offered for the disastrous
mistakes he made in the training manual.
(a) amusing
(b) amusement
(c) amused
(d) amuse
114. As sales manager, Ms. Argento _______
employee productivity, improved staff morale, and
created motivating sales team goals.
(a) has increased
(b) increased
(c) increasing
(d) increase
115. The supervisor says you can research new
software packages, but that does not _______ mean
that she will approve new expenditures.
(a) necessity
(b) necessary
(c) necessities
(d) necessarily
116. Many don't realize that RTC is one of the
twenty-two subdivisions of Adaptek United, one of
the nation's leading _______ companies.
(a) transit
(b) transient
(c) transitive
(d) transitory
117. One new industry development is the use of
micro-financing institutions that _______ lenders to
issue loans through online payment websites.
(a) tolerate
(b) stop
(c) enable
(d) disable
118. There won't be any way to compare the figures
in the market analysis until the information is
_______ in a spreadsheet and we can review it.
(a) checked in
(b) laid out
(c) jotted down
(d) run by
119. The evaluation forms that you requested should
have been _______ to all the production employees
in your division several weeks ago.
(a) noticed
(b) accepted
(c) included
(d) distributed
120. The owners relied on grassroots marketing to
reach the community and _______ more customers
to the local restaurant.
(a) charm
(b) tempt
(c) attract
(d) persuade
121. Mr. Lewis needs to know as soon as possible
_______ you will be arriving in Philadelphia early in
the morning or later in the afternoon.
(a) where
(b) how
(c) whether
(d) either
122. _______ last year's devastating flooding,
tourism in the well-known areas of Mozambique is
thriving once again, mainly due to aggressive
marketing campaigns.
(a) By
(b) Although
(c) Despite
(d) With
123. Once we sign the merger _______ with
Lovelace Art Supplies, we will be the largest
provider of arts and crafts materials in the city.
(a) understanding
(b) conclusion
(c) agreement
(d) proposition
124. The new chief executive officer's job offer
won't be _______ until all parties have agreed on the
recommendations made by the company board.
(a) finalized
(b) finalist
(c) finally
(d) finals
125. The company just implemented a new policy
that allows in-house accountants to _______
personal checks for our employees but only for
amounts under five hundred dollars.
a) cache
(b) crash
(c) chase
(d) cash
126. At this point and time, I think Thomas Simpson
is the most _______ applicant we interviewed for
the data management position.
(a) qualified
(b) relevant
(c) complete
(d) improved
127. Between 1995 and 1998, the World Finance
Institution _______ over $800 million dollars to
business leaders in developing countries.
(a) accounted
(b) borrowed
(c) lent
(d) used
128. The company over-marketed and then held a
meeting to discuss _______ for increasing
availability of the product.
(a) advertising
(b) solutions
(c) difficulties
(d) shortcomings
129. If you don't feel better by tomorrow morning, I
_______ that you call your supervisor, stay home
from work and make a doctor's appointment.
(a) consider
(b) suggest
(c) think
(d) believe
130. All of the new hires at the law firm signed a
_______ agreement which clearly states the firm's
protocol and company expectations regarding
(a) confident
(b) confidently
(c) confidentiality
(d) confidentially
131. I am sorry to hear that you are having personal
problems, but that is not an _______ for arriving at
work an hour late on a regular basis.
(a) excused
(b) excuses
(c) excusing
(d) excuse
132. The USA Times reported that Seattle's largest
and favorite local cafe chain Coffee Dream was
bought out _______ a national chain last week.
(a) with
(b) by
(c) at
(d) for
133. Sam expressed to me that he doesn't feel that
you have the right to _______ his project when you
haven't even read the literature pertaining to it.
(a) critical
(b) criticized
(c) criticizing
(d) criticize
134. Every employee of the company, with the
_______ of Sarah Young and Jacob Marquez, is
required to attend the safety course on May 1st.
(a) exemption
(b) acceptation
(c) exception
(d) acceptance
135. Before the merchandise is _______ introduced
to the market, it undergoes countless reviews and
safety tests all designed for quality assurance.
(a) never
(b) ever
(c) seldom
(d) rarely
136. I am sorry to report that it is _______ for us to
finish the project by tomorrow's deadline, but we can
certainly have it done by the middle of next week.
(a) imperative
(b) important
(c) impeccable
(d) impossible
137. With the _______ of gasoline rising, companies
are investigating the viability of alternative fuels that
burn cleaner and are renewable as well.
(a) cost
(b) payment
(c) charge
(d) fee
138. When the customer came into the shop this
morning, she started _______ that her new watch
stopped working after only two days of normal wear.
(a) complain
(b) complainer
(c) complaining
(d) complaint
139. When she found out the company was
increasing its 401k matching contributions, Ms.
Jackson put her entire bonus _______ her 401k
(a) around
(b) into
(c) by
(d) towards
140. Kathy just called and said that the photo editor
at Dollars Magazine asked for the page layouts for
next month's issue _______ tomorrow morning.
(a) with
(b) from
(c) by
(d) on
Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter.
National Travel Agency Association
18th Annual Convention
February 21 - 25, 2007
Cape Town, South Africa
Members of the National Travel Agency Association (NTAA) should mark _______ calendars for the
upcoming annual convention.
141. (a) our
(b) its
(c) their
(d) my
The convention will be held in Cape Town, South Africa to reflect the growing interest in tourism on this
continent. The agenda for the convention is packed with presentations, seminars and working groups
covering a wide variety of topics relevant to travel agency employees. A new session on visa regulations
and an expanded workshop on effective office management _______ to the schedule to help your agency
increase its success.
142. (a) had been added
(b) have been added
(c) has been added
(d) would have been added
Don't miss this exciting convention! Registration fees are $150 for employees of NTAA members, and
$200 for non-members. The registration fee includes all materials and meals. Members who register for
the convention before January 15 will receive a 10% discount. In addition, rooms have been reserved at
the Grand Vista Hotel in Cape Town; ask for the special NTAA discount rate. The _______ way to
complete your registration is to visit our website, www.ntaa.org.
143. (a) more convenient
(b) less convenient
(c) most convenient
(d) least convenient
Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter.
Jill Meiki
4569 Bellamont Ave
Edinburg, TX 78539
Dear Hiring Manager,
I am writing in response to the advertisement in The Monitor seeking candidates for the Project
Coordinator position. I am _______ interested in this position and would like to formally submit my
resume for your review.
144. (a) hardly
(b) barely
(c) extremely
(d) just
My professional experience and knowledge precisely match the _______ specified in your advertisement.
145. (a) qualifiers
(b) qualifications
(c) quality
(d) qualify
My background includes a wealth of experience in business administration, specifically in
communications and marketing. Plus, my professional experience is supplemented by my academic
background, which includes formal training in Business Management and Communication. I believe I can
contribute a great deal to your organization in terms of dedication and innovation. My drive and
motivation to get the job done in an efficient and professional manner have proven beneficial to my past
_______, and I hope to show you what a true asset I can be.
146. (a) background
(b) business
(c) education
(d) employers
Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter.
Your Community Bank
Dear Mr. Oh Dae-Su,
I am writing to _______ you to the Bank Gold family.
147. (a) receive
(b) welcome
(c) include
(d) accept
We pride ourselves on _______ excellent service for over thirty years, and we are happy to add you to our
growing number of satisfied customers.
148. (a) provided
(b) provide
(c) has provided
(d) having provided
In today's big banking world, we know you have many banks to choose from, and we appreciate your
decision to do business with Bank Gold.
In two to three business days, you _______ receive another mailing from us, which will include your
ATM card and a Quick Review Pamphlet that will outline our services and important numbers for your
149. (a) will
(b) may
(c) can
(d) would
Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter.
Markslist.com Resists Corporate Buy-Out
Chicago - The creator of Markslist.com, Mark Cavanaugh, met with investors last week in a move that
was predicted by many to put the popular website in the hands of very powerful man: billionaire Reinaldo
Salazar. Salazar proposed a corporate buy-out that would give him ultimate _______ of the website.
150. (a) organization
(b) prediction
(c) control
(d) profits
However, a stipulation was added that would allow Cavanaugh to have some creative control. Cavanaugh
_______ voiced his disapproval against Salazar's motives and stated he would do everything he could to
prevent the takeover.
151. (a) suddenly
(b) sadly
(c) abruptly
(d) reportedly
Still, Cavanaugh has not formally rejected the offer and is not _______ to give his formal response until
the end of the week.
152. (a) expected
(b) expecting
(c) expectation
(d) expect
Part 7 : finish within 22 minutes
To: Cal Commerce Employees
From: Jenny Calhoun, Office Manager
Re: Office Closures
The main office of Cal Commerce and all branches will be closed from December 22 to January 2 for the
holidays. Additionally, several branches will be closing early on Thursday, December 21. Please consult
the chart below for more detailed information on branch closings.
Miami December 21 - noon closing
Coconut Grove December 21 - regular business hours
Virginia Gardens December 21 - regular business hours
Bay Heights December 21 - closing at 3 p.m.
Palmetto Bay December 21 - noon closing
We remind all employees to submit time sheets to the payroll department by 1 p.m. on December 19 to
ensure payment before the holiday closing. If you are not able to turn in your time sheet by the 19th, you
will not get paid for the final pay period of the year until regular business hours resume on January 2. We
wish all of our employees and their families a happy holiday season. For more information on this and
other holiday closures, please visit our website: www.calcommerce.com.
153. What is the purpose of the memorandum?
(a) To remind employees to fill out time sheets
(b) To inform workers about an upcoming
change in office hours
(c) To announce the opening of a new branch in
(d) To attract visitors to the company website
154. When does the Palmetto Bay branch close
on December 21?
(a) 12 p.m.
(b) 1 p.m.
(c) 3 p.m.
(d) 6 p.m.
155. By what date do the time sheets need to be
turned in?
(a) December 19
(b) December 21
(c) December 22
(d) January 2
156. What will happen if employees don't turn in
their payroll information by the designated time?
(a) They will have to visit the payroll
department in person.
(b) They will not receive holiday pay on their
(c) They will have to fill out a new time sheet.
(d) They will not be paid until after the holiday.
IntelliCorp is Now Hiring
Work with one of the nation's top recruiting companies and gain valuable skills for tomorrow! IntelliCorp
is currently looking for ambitious individuals to fill an important data entry position at our new
Summerville office. The Data Entry Specialist will be in charge of updating and maintaining our database
as well as improving upon our existing system. Duties will include programming as well as be responsible
for data entry.
The Data Entry Specialist will also be responsible for communicating information with other branches
around the country in a timely manner and will work under the direct supervision of the Branch Manager.
Candidates must possess a bachelor's degree, preferably in information technology or programming,
although candidates with degrees in other disciplines will be considered.
Other preferred qualifications include: familiarity with databases, attention to detail, proficiency with
database software, experience maintaining electronic files and the ability to work independently. We offer
excellent insurance benefits as well as a retirement plan. We also provide paid training and a fun work
environment. Compensation is commensurate with experience and performance. For more information on
the position, contact Michelle at 607-332-0003 or email hiring@IntelliCorp.com.
157. Where would this announcement appear?
(a) In a national database
(b) On an employment website
(c) In a software catalogue
(d) In an employee's handbook
158. What is NOT listed as a qualification?
(a) A degree in business
(b) A knowledge of certain computer programs
(c) The ability to be detail-oriented
(d) The capability to work alone.
159. How could a candidate get more
(a) Ask the branch manager
(b) Check the company's homepage
(c) Go to the Summerville office
(d) Call the number provided
160. The word “discipline” in paragraph 2, line
5 is closest in meaning to
(a) obedience.
(b) punishment.
(c) field.
(d) university.
Economist Joao Arruda Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Last week the University of Sao Paulo awarded Joao Arruda, one of the most influential economists of
our time, with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The ceremony was held at the university, which is located
on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, not far from his hometown of Mairipora.
Arruda is the economist credited for the economic recovery of his native Brazil by recommending
progressive economic plans based on micro-lending and sustainable development. Two years ago, he was
awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for this work. As Minister of Finance for Brazil, he also helped
develop a thriving economy based on ecotourism that would not disrupt the fragile environment of the
Amazon nor interfere with the indigenous groups that call the Amazon home.
Arruda trained under the great Robert Jenkins and was part of The Chicago Five, an elite group of
economists at the University of Chicago. From the beginning of his illustrious career he has been credited
with revolutionary thinking, especially in the field of Solidarity Economics which emphasizes the
importance of a local, culturally-centered economy.
161. What is this article about?
(a) The elite group of economists known as The
Chicago Five
(b) The economics department at the University
of Chicago
(c) The accomplishments of a pioneer in
(d) The road to economic recovery in Brazil
162. Where was Joao Arruda born?
(a) Sao Paulo
(b) Chicago
(c) Mairipora
(d) Amazonas.
163. What is Arruda's specialty?
(a) Sustainable development
(b) Micro-lending
(c) Ecotourism
(d) Community economics
164. The word “prestigious” in the first
paragraph, line 5 is closest in meaning to
(a) popular.
(b) valuable.
(c) respectful.
(d) reputable.
Style #32445-EG
Thank you for choosing the ElectroGold Cordless Telephone. Get ready to experience and enjoy the
telephone rated number one by Consumer Communications Report.
To get the most out of your telephone, please read through the manual to learn about the dozens of new
features included with your phone. These include a speakerphone in the handset and the base, a spare
battery, and a message display screen. Also included is a new voice-mail indicator to alert you about new
messages. Your new phone is also hearing-aid compatible and comes with adjustable volume for the
handset and base speakerphone.
If you are short on time, you can just look through the Quick Guide, which has easy-to-follow picture
guides of how to set up your phone and can help familiarize you with some of the most basic functions. If
you have any questions about how to use these features, you can consult the Owner's Manual or just call
our award-winning customer service representatives toll-free at 1-800-ELECTRO (1-800-353-2970). We
are available round- the-clock to help you with any questions or concerns.
165. Who is most likely the reader of the
(a) A lab technician
(b) A phone operator
(c) The product's owner
(d) A hearing impaired person
166. What is NOT a feature on the cordless
(a) Speakerphone in two locations
(b) An extra power source
(c) An extra base
(d) New voice-email indicator
167. What is the difference between the Quick
Guide and the Owner's Manual?
(a) The Quick Guide has more detailed
(b) The Quick Guide is more concise.
(c) The Owner's Manual has easy-to-follow
(d) The Owner's Manual is available online.
168. What would a person who didn't have a lot
of time most likely do?
(a) Read through the Owner's Manual
(b) Call 1-800-353-2970
(c) Check the new voice-mail indicator
(d) Follow the instructions in the Quick Guide
Economy Shows Signs of Strengthening After Disappointing Year
Although financial analysts have been reporting a declining economy for the past four months, new
statistics suggest that a recovery is well on its way. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics,
unemployment rates have plummeted to an all-time low. Furthermore, in the non-farming business sector,
productivity has increased by 6.7%.
Some experts cite the upcoming elections for the boost in the economy, pointing out that politicians have
lobbied for different policies to help win votes. However, the most recent improvements in the economy
can hardly be attributed to the elections. Perry DiScala, Professor of Economics at Bale University,
comments, “Economic changes are very cyclical and, for the most part, very slow. Although changes in
legislation can influence the economy, it usually takes more time to cause the kinds of changes we're
seeing here and would by no means produce immediate effects. The recovery we're experiencing now has
more to do with events that took place earlier this year.”
169. Where would this article most likely
(a) In the money section of a newspaper
(b) In a business management guide
(c) In a government unemployment report
(d) In an academic bulletin at Bale University
170. What does the report suggest about the
(a) The national economy is declining.
(b) Unemployment is increasing.
(c) Voter turnout is on the rise.
(d) Trends show economic improvement
171. What does Professor DiScala say about
the effects of the election?
(a) He thinks the election is the primary
reason for the improved economy.
(b) He comments that recent legislation has
worsened the job market.
(c) He notes that the changes probably have
more to do with other factors.
(d) He cites the elections as the reason for the
low unemployment rates.
172. How does Professor DiScala characterize
changes in the economy?
(a) Repetitive and gradual
(b) Steady and predictable
(c) Quick and influential
(d) Rare and misunderstood
All candidates who have successfully passed the pre-employment background check and are now eligible
for potential employment with Q Information Systems are required to read and agree to the following basic
I. Workplace Basics
All employees of Q Information Systems are expected to know and adhere to company rules and bylaws.
As a representative of Q Information Systems, employees are required to perform tasks promptly and
efficiently and to be courteous and impartial in dealing with clients and co-workers. All employees are
entitled to be treated with respect and are encouraged to speak with a human resources employee if this
expectation is not met.
II. Personal Appearance
Although no company-wide rule exists about personal appearance, Q Information Systems expect that all
employees dress in a fashion that is appropriate to their position. A general guideline is to dress in a manner
consistent with good taste and good personal hygiene. Consult a supervisor in regard to any exceptions to
the normal manner of dress (i.e. required special equipment or protective wear).
173. When would an employee most likely receive
the handbook?
(a) After engaging in disrespectful treatment of
(b) After wearing inappropriate clothing in the
(c) On the first official day of their employment
(d) After they have passed a screening process.
174. According to the handbook, when should an
employee speak to a supervisor?
(a) To notify them about a co-worker's
inappropriate attire
(b) To demonstrate knowledge of company policy
(c) To ask if special clothing is needed for the
(d) To inform them of disrespectful treatment
175. What is NOT mentioned as a guideline for
personal appearance?
(a) Dress fashionably
(b) Maintain personal cleanliness
(c) Dress tastefully
(d) Wear suitable clothing.
176. According to the handbook, what right do Q
employees have?
(a) To know the company rules
(b) To complete their tasks efficiently
(c) To wear protective clothing
(d) To be treated considerately
Horizon Pharmaceutical Sales
5th Annual Employee Appreciation Party
Saturday, May 15 7 p.m.
Providence Palace Hotel
As a way to thank our valued staff, we invite you to attend an evening full of food, fun, music and
awards. Saturday, May 15 will be a night to remember. After a buffet dinner catered by Kuri's Specialty
Foods, we will all enjoy a rare live performance by jazz legend Francesca Loretto. The party starts at 7
p.m. in the main ballroom of the elegant Providence Palace Hotel and at 10 p.m., we'll announce this
year's Employee of the Year.
Remember, this is an adults-only party, so book a baby-sitter today. Contact our amazing event planner
Betsy in the Promotion Department to have your name added to the guest list.
This is the employee event of the year!
177. What event is the invitation for?
(a) A dinner party for company staff
(b) A hotel employee appreciation party
(c) A ceremony to honor a musician
(d) An Employee retirement party.
178. Where would an employee RSVP for the
(a) At Horizon Pharmaceutical Sales
(b) At the Providence Palace Hotel
(c) At Kuri's Specialty Foods
(d) In the main ballroom
179. What will NOT be offered at the event?
(a) A complimentary dinner
(b) A live musical performance
(c) Free on-site babysitting
(d) An awards ceremony.
180. What would an employee who wanted to
attend the party most likely do next?
(a) Get a ticket in the marketing office
(b) Contact the event organizer
(c) Vote for the Employee of the Year
(d) Adjust work schedule
Sports Gear Inc.
The Journey Begins Here
Client Account# 456780
Web Order#: 1088890
Date Ordered: February 04
Dear Alexander Stavros,
Thank you for shopping with Sports Gear. We have received your order, and it is being processed. Please
check the details of your order below.

Bill to:
Alexander Stavros
Mt. Alto, CO 64638
(Full address hidden for privacy.)
Item Description Item # Quantity Price Status

Windblock Gloves 6045BLXJ 1 $35.99 Pending
Merchandise Subtotal: $35.99
Shipping Charge: $8.50
Tax: $2.36
Total: $46.85
We will continue to update you on the status of your order via email as items are shipped. In the meantime,
you can always review the status of your order by logging onto our website using your username (same as
your email address) and password.
If you ordered multiple items, some items may be shipped separately with additional shipping charges. If
you have any questions about your order, please contact our service team via email at
customerservice@sportsgear.com. Please include your original Web order number in the subject line or we
will not be able to access your account records.
Thank you for your order, and enjoy your gear.
181. Why is Mr. Stavros writing the email?
(a) To alert the company to a mistake in his
(b) To thank the company for their great service
(c) To ask about the status of his glove order
(d) To ask that his money be returned.
182. What information does Mr. Stavros need to
email the service team?
(a) Username
(b) Date ordered
(c) Client account number
(d) Original order number.
183. What will the company most likely do next?
(a) Process the payment for tax and shipping
(b) Stop the order and credit his bank account
(c) Send an email updating him with the status
of his order
(d) Ship the gloves with a corrected bill.
184. How much does the company owe Mr.
(a) $2.36
(b) $8.50
(c) $35.99
(d) $46.85
185. What does Mr. Stavros most likely think
about the company?
(a) He is disappointed about the quality of their
(b) He is dissatisfied with the improper fit of his
(c) He is unhappy with the company's high
(d) He is unconvinced that they are as good as
people say.
Jackie Nguyen, President
Shaker Publishing
812 Hatter Avenue
Billingham, MO 56088
Dear Jackie,
After much thought, I have decided to accept an editorial position with Blinker's Publishing. Therefore, I
would like to tender my formal resignation from my current position as Executive Administrative
Assistant. My last day of work will be Friday, September 1.
I have enjoyed being part of your team, and I appreciate the opportunities that have been provided to me
during my time with this company. I want to thank you personally for all that you have taught me. By
demonstrating what it takes to be successful in this industry, you have become a valued role model to me
over the years. I have benefited greatly from my experience in your office, and I know when I leave here,
I will greatly miss your wisdom and guidance.
If I can be of any assistance during this transition, please let me know. I would be glad to help however I
Maura Lispector
186. Why did Ms. Lispector write to Ms.
(a) To help her find a new administrative
(b) To request a letter of recommendation
(c) To let her know that she was leaving the
(d) To ask for details about an upcoming project.
187. What did Ms. Nguyen NOT offer Ms.
(a) A significant pay raise
(b) A document recommending Ms. Nguyen
(c) A reference for future employers
(d) A present to express appreciation.
188. Why does Ms. Nguyen want to meet with
Ms. Lispector?
(a) To give her the dinner gift certificate
(b) To schedule her farewell dinner at the
(c) To discuss what needs to be done before she
(d) To offer guidance about her new position.
189. How does Ms. Lispector most likely feel
about Ms. Nguyen?
(a) She thinks Ms. Nguyen is hard to work with.
(b) She wishes Ms. Nguyen had taught her more.
(c) She thinks Ms. Nguyen is a good mentor.
(d) She feels that Ms. Nguyen will make a good
190. What is Ms. Nguyen's position at the
(a) Editor
(b) Team Leader
(c) Executive Administrative Assistant
(d) President.
Marcus Maes
Farmer, Maes and Associates
7342 Chestnut Ave
St. Charles, Missouri 63318
Dear Mr. Maes,
I have enclosed the first draft from the graphic designer for your business sign. I adjusted the height as
you requested and fixed the misspelling in the first line. I apologize for the mistakes and hope that this
draft meets your approval. Please review the designer's draft, and notify me via fax about any other
changes you would like for us to make. We will not begin the actual construction of the sign without your
final approval of the design. Also, please remember that based on our original contract, the cost of the
sign is due in full by the 10thof the month in order to secure the rate we originally quoted you for the
Lori Belani
Quick Signs, Inc.
P.O. Box 563
St. Charles, Missouri 63301
Business Fax: (636) 323-3534
Enclosure(s) as stated
191. Why is Mr. Maes sending a fax to Ms.
(a) To try to get final approval for the design
(b) To voice his dissatisfaction with the
(c) To request additional changes for the sign
(d) To complain about Mr. Farmer's comments.
192. What is most likely Mr. Maes' position?
(a) Graphic designer
(b) Accountant
(c) Accounting associate
(d) Sign company owner.
193. Which is NOT an adjustment requested by
Farmer, Maes and Associates?
(a) The use of the same type on the sign
(b) The correction of a misspelled name
(c) The alteration in the spacing of the second
(d) The placement correction of one of the
194. What is the original quoted rate of the sign?
(a) Two hundred-fifty dollars
(b) Three hundred-fifty dollars
(c) Five hundred dollars
(d) Two thousand three hundred ninety-five
195. In her letter, what does Ms. Balani ask Mr.
Maes to do?
(a) To fax her a revised copy of the draft
(b) To ask Mr. Farmer to give final approval for
the design
(c) To look over the draft and fax her any
(d) To begin the construction of the sign if they
From: Rielle Navitski To: Management listserv
Subject: Last minute meeting Cc:
Attachments: Meeting Agenda.doc (50 KB)
Dear Managers,
In light of last week's negative survey results, I am calling an emergency meeting to discuss our new plan
of action and options for turning public opinion around before the market reports are due to the investors.
I've attached the agenda for the meeting and would like for everyone to review it so that we are all up to
speed on the latest developments.
I understand that this notice is incredibly late, but I would appreciate it if everyone would make their best
effort to attend. I want to convene in conference room B at 5 p.m. sharp and hope to be done by 7:30 p.m.
If you know you won't be able to attend, please let me know as soon as possible, so I can catch up with
you before the end of the day and run through some topics quickly.
I'm sorry that this will affect everyone's dinner plans, but I will order dinner for all attending and have it
delivered during the meeting. Hope to see everyone there.
Rielle Navitski
196. Why did Ms. Navitski call the emergency
(a) To discuss how to present the poll results to
the investors
(b) To talk about how the poll results will
change their plans
(c) To plan the next round of public opinion
(d) To advise the management of ideas for
197. Why does Ms. Navitski want to be
informed if someone can't attend the meeting?
(a) She wants to talk to the person before the
(b) She wants to order enough food for the
(c) She wants to tell the investors about who was
(d) She wants to send the person a copy of the
198. Why can't Mr. McDonald go to the
emergency meeting?
(a) He is stuck in rush hour traffic
(b) He has a prior business commitment
(c) He doesn't agree with Ms. Navitski's plan
(d) He wants to talk to the investors first.
199. What will Mr. McDonald most likely do
the following day?
(a) Attempt to pacify the investors
(b) Contact the poll-takers
(c) Ask for a recap of the meeting
(d) Write a memo about the outcome.
200. How long before the meeting will Mr.
McDonald leave the office?
(a) fifteen minutes
(b) a half an hour
(c) an hour
(d) an hour and a half
101. D 102. B 103. C 104. C 105. B 106. C 107. D 108. C 109. B 110. C
111. A 112. A 113. C 114. B 115. D 116. A 117. C 118. B 119. D 120. C
121. C 122. C 123. C 124. A 125. C 126. A 127. C 128. B 129. B 130. C
131. D 132. B 133. D 134. C 135. B 136. D 137. A 138. C 139. B 140. C
141. C 142. B 143. C 144. C 145. B 146. D 147. B 148. D 149. A 150. C
151. D 152. A 153. B 154. A 155. A 156. D 157. B 158. A 159. D 160. C
161. C 162. C 163. D 164. D 165. C 166. C 167. B 168. D 169. A 170. D
171. C 172. A 173. D 174. C 175. A 176. D 177. A 178. A 179. C 180. B
181. D 182. D 183. B 184. C 185. D 186. C 187. A 188. C 189. C 190. D
191. C 192. B 193. B 194. C 195. C 196. B 197. A 198. B 199. C 200. B

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