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Tài liệu The effect of economic growth on my city pdf

Lục Văn Hai_Trung-Anh

The effect of economic growth on my city

My hometown is Son Duong the district of Tuyen Quang
province. If is 60kmsfrom my home to Hanoi.There are a big
change about the face of my city since the growth of economic was
pushed up in 1998, such us, many big houses are risen up, the
roads are opened widely, and people become richer or some thing
like that. Especially, there are two major effects of economic
growth, that are the urban expansion, and the improvement of
living standard.
The first effect of economic growth is urbanization is
happening fast.Son Duong now is far different from the ten-year
ago.The center has been transformed strongly where used to be
narrow streets lined by one-story houses, but now there are many
buildings are built at there. Besides, the roads are opened and
lengthened, thus they expect the heavy traffic everyday. In
addition, the south east of city is the big expert processing zone,
and shopping area where are hard to think that used to be a field.

Another effect is the development of economy is nonstop
and it creats the condition of farmland is less and less., because of
the need building houses,, public services, and the opening of
industrial areas, so the worth of farmland is high and higher.As a
result of land values is risen a lot, people become richer and richer
by selling their fields.And they could perchase private cars, buy
big houses anh beautiful furnishings, so that their living standard is
improved much.Furthermore, there are many trade-schools are
contrusted here where people are trained some skills of many kinds
of work, so the youth easily look for a good job, such us, shop
assistant, secretary,worker etc.In the same way, there are many
hotels, restaurants, and café are appeared at everywhere, so that
people could go to restaurants instead of they usually have meal at
In conclussion, the economic growth on my city has created
many changes for his face, that is urbanization is pushed up
Lục Văn Hai_Trung-Anh

strongly, and many buildings and big houses are grown up a
lot.Morever, the growth of economy has given a lot of advantages
by making people richer, healther, and freer to enjoy their lives.I
always pride of my city whenever I talk about him.I wished that
could work at my hometown after finishing at university.

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