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Slide bài giảng tiếng anh chuyên ngành kinh tế unit 18

Unit 18
How do exchange rates function?
Comprehension questions
Q1 According to the article, what would make world trade
Using the same currency would do. (P1, L1,2)
Q2 How is the value of a particular currency stated?
It is stated in terms of other currencies. (P2, L3)
Q3 What must constantly be done because exchange rates
change everyday?
The exchange rates must constantly be updated in banks
and foreign exchange offices around the world. (P2, L4-6)
Comprehension questions
Q4 Who keeps track of the values of major
The world’s foreign exchange markets do. (P3,
Q5 What does the term “spread” mean?
It means difference. (P4, L1-2)
Q6 Why is there a spread?
Because of profit. (P4, L3-4)

Comprehension questions
Q7 What can affect exchange rates?
The laws of supply and demand, economic
and political events can (P5, L4 -6)
Q8 What do traders try to do during wars or
high inflation?
They try to buy hard currencies like the US
dollar which is expected to keep its value in
times of trouble. (P5, L8-9)
+ All the time = constantly
+ To fall = decline
+ A little bit = slightly
+ To happen = go on
+ To monitor = keep track of
+ To rise = increase, go up
+ To affect = influence
+ To purchase = buy
Conditional sentences type 2
If clause , main clause
If + S1 + Past tense , S2 + Would + V – inf
To be: were
Would, might, could
1. would cook
2. had
3. were
4. had
5. were/ would visit
6. were/ would know
7. were/ would accept
8. were/ would help
9. weren’t snowing/ would go
10. would join/ could sing
11. were/ would tell
12. had/ would buy
1. slightly
2. spread
3. updated
4. investors
5. constantly
6. law
7. not the case
8. subject to
9. chaos
10. going on
11. gap
12. in terms of
13. events
14. declined
15. commodities
16. expected
1. Ngân hàng nhà n c VN tuyên b r ng h s ti p t c can thi p ướ ố ằ ọ ẽ ế ụ ệ
tr c ti p vào th tr ng ngoa h i đ ngăn ch n m t s thay đ i ự ế ị ườ ị ố ể ặ ộ ự ổ
l n v t giá gi a đ ng VN và USD.ớ ề ỷ ữ ồ
2. S s t giá nghiêm tr ng c a đ ng VN trên th tr ng t do s nh ự ụ ọ ủ ồ ị ườ ự ẽ ả
h ng l n đ n công chúng nói chung và các doanh nghi p nói riêng.ưở ớ ế ệ
3. S lên giá c a đ ng USD là do nhu c u cao v lo i ti n này trong ự ủ ồ ầ ề ạ ề
công chúng và nh t là nh ng k đ u c .ấ ữ ẻ ầ ơ
4. Trong vài tu n v a qua, kho ng cách gi a cung và c u v ti n m t ầ ừ ả ữ ầ ề ề ặ
là không quá l n và hoàn toàn n m d i s ki m soát c a nhà ớ ằ ướ ự ể ủ
n c.ướ
5. S can thi p m nh m c a NHNN VN vào TT ngo i h i s không ự ệ ạ ẽ ủ ạ ố ẽ
nh ng đ m b o ngu n cung hi u qu v ti n t cho n n kinh t ữ ả ả ồ ệ ả ề ề ệ ề ế
đang phát tri n VN mà còn ngăn s tác đ ngtiêu c c c a TT lên ể ở ự ộ ự ủ
các t ch c tín d ng.ổ ứ ụ

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