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Principle Based Decision Making Process

1. Define the Situation
• What are the facts?
• What are the issues?
• Who has the information?
• What are the needs of the Company? The individual?

2. Define the Stakeholders
• Who are the stakeholders and what is their input?
• Who is/will be affected by the decision?
• Who needs to be involved in the decision?

3. Determine the Guiding Principles
• What Core Values and Principles apply?
• What is the Company thinking/intent?
• What are the givens, laws or ethical considerations?

• What policies might apply?
• What is the intent of the policies?

4. Develop the Possible Solutions
• Check against the guiding Principles
• Assess the implications/impact
• Involve other expert resources, as appropriate

5. Make Decisions
• Assess possible solutions against guiding Principles
• Choose among alternatives

6. Implement the Best Solution
• Work out timing
• Apply any procedural guidelines/considerations
• Implement in the context of relevant Core
Values/Principles with the appropriate stakeholders

7. Follow Up
• Did our decision achieve the desired outcome?
• What did we learn?
• How can we re-apply this learning?
• What else do we need to do?


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