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Tài liệu 3500 CÂU HỎI TRẮC NGHIỆM TIẾNG ANH-8 pptx



( 51-100)

51. Sun weather can always be depended on in southern countries.
a. Sun
b. always
c. on
d. in
→ a
52. The man that wife and family are away seems very lonely.
a. that
b. and
c. are
d. seems
→ a
53. Each year more and more people try setting new and unusual records.
a. more and more
b. people

c. setting
d. unusual
→ c
54. Someone else put 49,999 dominoes in a line and knocking them all
a. else
b. dominoes
c. in
d. knocking
→ d
55. The peel were actually 52 meters long.
a. The
b. were
c. actually
d. long
→ b
56. Why did all the customers at the Red Lion have to pay of their beer that
a. did
b. at
c. have to
d. of
→ d
57. The heavy rain made it possible for us to have our picnic.
a. heavy
b. it
c. possible
d. to
→ c
58. If you make a five-days trip across the Atlantic Ocean, your ship enters a
different time zone everyday.
a. make
b. five-days
c. enters
d. zone
→ b
59. When he arrived at the furniture shop, they had been sold the table he
a. at
b. furniture
c. had been sold
d. wanted
→ c
60. May Day regularly is celebrated in many countries around the world.
a. regularly
b. celebrated
c. in
d. around
→ a
61. If airplane ticket wasn't expensive, I could fly to Singapore for my
a. If
b. wasn't
c. could fly
d. for
→ b
62. Friends advised her to stop doing the housework because her old age.
a. her
b. to stop
c. housework
d. because
→ d
63. Although she is 103 but she still does a lot of work in the flat.
a. Although
b. is
c. but
d. a lot of
→ c
64. He had so a difficult exercise that he couldn't do it.
a. had
b. so
c. difficult
d. it
→ b
65. It is the larger city in Europe with a population of over eight million.
a. is
b. larger
c. in
d. of
→ b
66. It is a beautiful building of two towers and a very big clock called Big
a. beautiful
b. of
c. very
d. called
→ b
67. Many hundred years ago there were many villages and little towns in
a. ago
b. were
c. little
d. in
→ c
68. They usually took a tree back with them and put it on the centre of the
a. with
b. put
c. on
d. of
→ c
69. The international working class made the one of May their day of
a. working
b. made
c. one
d. of
→ c
70. The first May Day celebrated in England in 1890.
a. first
b. celebrated
c. in
d. 1890
→ b
71. Television is one of man's important mean of communication.
a. is

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