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ADC Engineering Services
for Network Planning and Deployment
Enhance service delivery
Reduce complexity
Reduce costs
Streamline next-generation
network evolution
Every operator knows that a well-planned network makes for reduced complexity, lower costs
and fewer service issues. Unfortunately, the reality is that many operators have fewer resources
dedicated to network planning and design. With new network equipment options, new
transmission and transport alternatives and increased service demands, engineering decisions are
becoming increasingly complex.
At ADC, we have a unique solution for engineering services, based on these main foundations:
• We’re experienced in wireline, wireless and cable networks
• We engineer and install equipment from more than 60 different vendors
• We incorporate industry, network equipment manufacturer and carrier standards into our
planning-and-engineering approach and documentation
• We support legacy and next-generation network needs
• We never stop learning

Working with operators of wireline, wireless and cable networks allows ADC to deliver superior
engineering services for all types of network projects. We leverage our expertise to ensure that
the best-possible engineering is provided regardless of network type or service, and to ensure our
engineering helps set the foundation for successful deployment projects. Our range of experience
includes circuit-switched, packet-switched, circuit-to-packet migration, and advanced network
technology adoption, for environments that include:
• Central offices and remote sites
• Headend and hub sites
• Mobile switching offices and base stations
• Remote sites
• Data centers
ADC Engineering Services for Successful Deployments
ADC installs equipment from more than 60
different network equipment manufacturers,
which gives us great visibility into how elements
perform together in all types of network
configurations. Our multivendor, multitechnology,
multiservice approach stands out as one of the
chief reasons that service providers choose ADC.
Working with a wide range of equipment
manufacturers, network operators and
technology partners gives us an enormous
breadth of experience. We integrate our unique
expertise into both planning and engineering to
provide our customers with the best-possible
Lastly, our engineers are trained following
industry-best practices. Using our new Network
Integration Center, this training extends to the
newest of technologies being explored to help
operators deliver services faster while reducing
complexity and costs.
The result is an engineering process that
incorporates the best networking technologies,
the most reliable specifications and the greatest
insight possible into advanced network
development to resolve operational issues
that include:
• Underutilization of network capacity
• Underutilization of equipment and facilities

• Inaccurate or out-of-date records
• Deployment delays due to lack of complete
engineering information or missing materials
ADC’s design engineering services provide
practical designs for transmission networks,
based on our unique expertise. These include
designs for:
• Transmit and receive path
• Baseband and optical
• Signal grooming
• Capacity planning
• Ironwork and cable rack
• Network growth
For each project, we complete an Engineering
Design Package (EDP)—a comprehensive
engineering document that includes site-specific
details such as:
• Network diagrams
• Job information
• Site directions
• Customer deliverables
• Task list/installation notes
Diagrams for:
• Cable racks
• Fiber raceways
• Power and grounding
• Top and bottom supports
• Bay layouts
• Shelf layouts
• Signal flow/fiber runs
• Cabling
• Timing
• Parallel telemetry/alarm wiring
• Commissioning/provisioning sheets
• Test data sheets
• Equipment lists
• Survey sheets
We also provide an installation package
that includes:
• Material lists
• Cable running diagrams
• Rack and shelf configuration
• External cabling configurations
• Interconnection tables
• Site-specific EDP information
• Firm price quotes based on a detailed
scope of work
• Order writing
• Equipment engineering
• Assignment records and database updates,
including front equipment drawings
ADC Telecommunications, Inc., P.O. Box 1101, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA 55440-1101
Specifications published here are current as of the date of publication of this document. Because we are continuously
improving our products, ADC reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice. At any time, you
may verify product specifications by contacting our headquarters office in Minneapolis. ADC Telecommunications,
Inc. views its patent portfolio as an important corporate asset and vigorously enforces its patents. Products or
features contained herein may be covered by one or more U.S. or foreign patents. An Equal Opportunity Employer
101612AE 10/05 Revision © 2004, 2005 ADC Telecommunications, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Web Site: www.adc.com
From North America, Call Toll Free: 1-800-366-3891 • Outside of North America: +1-952-938-8080
Fax: +1-952-917-3237 • For a listing of ADC’s global sales office locations, please refer to our web site.
When it comes time for deployment, ADC offers a suite of turnkey professional services ranging from
project and program management to network integration. Working with a sole-source professional
services provider ensures quality and consistency throughout the entire planning and deployment
process, and reduces both complexity and unnecessary hand-offs. It reduces the overall cost, too.
About ADC Professional Services
Through its Professional Services organization, ADC helps plan, deploy and maintain
telecommunications networks throughout the United States and Europe. ADC’s unique experience in
multivendor, multitechnology, multiservice solutions makes ADC the ideal choice for projects that
require an in-depth, hands-on understanding of simple to complex network environments.
• Program and Project Management
• Network and Inventory Audit
• Engineering
• Program and Project Management
• Engineering
• Material Services
• Preconfigured Equipment Solutions
• Power Services
• Installation Services
• Commissioning and Integration
• Provisioning
• Decommissioning and Removals

Program and Project Management

Service Call Center and Dispatch

Technical Assistance Center

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

Emergency Corrective Maintenance

Field Resource Support

Circuit Provisioning

Logistic Services

Spares Management
ADC Professional Services offers comprehensive
solutions for network operators delivering voice,
video and data services over wireless, wireline
and cable networks. Learn more at

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