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Bài giảng tieng Anh 11- Unit 3

Class detail: Students in Grade 11
Lesson: Unit 3 – A party.
Skill: Listening
Time allotted: 45 minutes
I. Aim:
- To help Ss practice Listening skill for gist and for details..
- Use the language to summarize the information that they’ve listened.
II. Objectives: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to:
- Talk about someone’s birthday party.
- Get to know more about how to plan a birthday party.
III. Teaching aids and materials:
- Tape, pictures, handouts, textbook, blackboard.
IV. Anticipated problems:
- Ss may not have sufficient vocabulary to talk about the, so T should be ready to
assist them.
V. Procedure
Time Stages Activities/Steps
7 mins Warm-

Aim: Let Ss guess about the topic of their lesson.
Activity: “ Tam sao thất bản” game.
- T divides the whole class into 2 teams (team A
and team B) to play the game.
- T shows the box with some things that related to
the topic inside ( such as present, candy, cake,
candle, flower, Coca-Cola…)
- T gives instruction:
+ each team has 2 representatives to play this
game in 2 minutes.
+ the 1
person will put her/his hand into the box,
take one thing, feel and describe to your friend.
+ the other person will listen carefully, guess the
name of that thing which your friend describes and
write that word on the BB.
+ if the answer is right, the 1
person will take
that thing out the box and continue to describe the
rest in the box.
+ the team has more correct answers will be the
Checking instruction:
1. How many minutes does each team have to
play this game?  2 minutes.
2. How many people can join in this game?
 2 people.
3. What does the 1
person do?
 take one thing, feel and describe.
4. What does the 2
person do?
 listen, guess and try to give the correct
- T asks 2 teams to play “ one-two-three ” game to
choose the group playing first.
- Ss begin playing game.
Group work
7 mins Pre-
Lead-in: Look at all the words in the BB. What do
you think when you read these words?
Expected answer: A birthday party
 Good. In today’s listening lesson, we will
listen to a passage about Mai’s birthday party.
Aim: Focus Ss on the topic and introduce some
words or phrases used in the tasks.
1. Vocabulary:
a. Teaching vocabulary
- clap [klæp] (v) : vỗ tay.
Technique: miming
+ T does the action of clapping and asks Ss:
“ What am I doing?”
- decorate ['dekəreit] (v): trang hoàng, trang trí
Technique: picture + example.
+ T shows a picture of a Christmas tree and tells
Ss: “What is this?”  Christmas tree.
+ T says: There are lots of colorful electric lights
on the tree. Can you fill in this gap with a verb?
The children………….the Christmas tree with
colorful electric lights.
- icing ['aisiη] (n): lớp kem phủ trên mặt bánh
Technique: picture + definition.
+ T says definition: a sweet mixture of sugar,
water, milk and butter or egg white that is used to
cover or decorate cakes.
- slice [slais] (n) : lát mỏng, miếng mỏng.
Technique: realia.
+ T brings along some slices of bread, lemon, etc
+ T shows them to Ss and asks question: “What
is this?” .
b. Checking vocabulary
- Technique: Rup out and remember
- Aims: + to help Ss remember new vocabulary
throught writing.
+ to check Ss understand the meaning of
new vocabulary.
- Steps:
+ T rubs out the new words one by one.
Teacher - the
whole class
+ When T rubs out an English word, T points to
the Vietnamese and asks: “What’s this in English?”
+ When all the English words are rubbed out, T
goes through the Vietnammese list and asks Ss to
call out the English words.
+ T asks some Ss to go to the board to rewrite all
the rubbed out words.
While -
Aim: let Ss to listen for details.
Task 1: True/False statements.
- T distributes worksheets to all Ss.
- T gives the instruction:
“You are going to listen to a girl telling about the
birthday party that she has been to. You will listen
and decide whether the statements are True or
False .You has only 2 times to listen to the
Checking instruction:
1. What are you going to listen to?
2. How many times do you listen to the tape?
3. Has everyone got the worksheet?
- T holds up a worksheet and explains for the Ss
how to work on it.
( If the statement is true, Ss will put a tick in T
column. If the statement is false, Ss will put a tick
 in F column).
- T plays the tape one time.
- T asks Ss to give their answers.
* Feedback on the tasks after listening:
- T plays the tape the last time, stops the tape when
necessary and checks Ss’ answers.
- T gives answer key:
1. F (the party began at about 3 in the afternoon).
2. F (over 20).
3. F (at 4:30 they cut the cake).
4. T
5. F (other kids left, only one stayed to help)
Task 2: Listen and answer the following questions
- T asks Ss to work in pairs.
-T tell Ss to listen again and answer the questions.
- T calls Ss to go to the BB and write down the
- T plays the tape again, stops the tape when
necessary and checks the answers with the whole
1. Was Mai 6 years old?
2. When was Mai’s birthday party held at home?
3. How many guests were there at the birthday
4. Why didn’t she like having her party at a
Expected answers:
1. No, she wasn’t. She was 16 years old.
2. Mai’s birthday party was held at home in the
3. There were about 20 guests at the birthday party.
4. Because it was noisy and expensive.
Pair work
Aim: - To involve the productive skill: speaking.
Activity 1: Roleplay
- T puts Ss in pairs and gives the instruction:
“Supposed that one will take the role of Mai, and
the other one is Mai’s friend. Yesterday was Mai’s
birthday but you couldn’t come. Now you ask Mai
about her party. After 3 minutes, I will call some
pairs to perform the role play in the front of the
- T gives some cues for Ss to do the role-play:
+ place ?
Pair work

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