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Anh văn 9: Prepositions of Time

1 The course begins 7 January and ends 10 March.
2 I went to bed midnight.
3 We arrived 5 o’ clock the morning.
4 Mozart was born in Salzburg 1756.
5 Are you doing anything special week-ends?
6 Hurry up! We’ve to go five minutes.
7 I met Ann Tuesday.
8 He has lived in India two years.
9 I’ll phone you Tuesday morning about 10.
10 Tom’s grandmother died in 1987 the age of 81.
11 Jack’s brother is out of work the moment.
12 The price of electricity is going up October.
13 I haven’t seen him Christmas.
14 Sunday afternoons I usually get up late.
15 There are usually a lot of parties New Years Eve.
1 I’ll be at the office 7 o’ clock.
2 I’ll be back half an hour.
3 I suddenly felt ill the examination.
4 They were working in the garden 3 o’clock seven

5 Carol got married 1994.
6 The book was easy to read. So I read it a day.
7 They have lived there 20 years.
8 We were at the party midnight.
9 They were at school 2 o’ clock.
10 I saw him the morning.
11 I did my homework the evening.
12 She started dancing 6 and now she’s a great star.
13 He learned driving a lorry three weeks.
14 He waited they were quiet.
15 In summer he always goes jogging Sundays.
1 I like walking around the town night.
2 Are you going to the cinema Friday night?
3 I’ve been waiting an hour.
4 Ann works hard the week, so she likes to relax
5 I’ve been invited to a wedding February 14th.
6 the age of twelve he wrote his first play.
7 We have to leave five minutes.
8 I’ve been waiting for her an hour.
9 spring they're always in Spain.
10 The prize of coffee is going up April.
11 They left the party 11.
12 We had a lot of fun our holidays.
13 He woke up four in the night.
14 He is always sleepy the morning.
15 I haven't seen him hours.

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