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Đề thi toeic 2009 - 08

NEW TOEIC Part 5 / 6 / 7
Part 5 + Part 6: finish within 23 minutes
101. Customers can receive a refund of shipping
costs _______ their order is not delivered within ten
business days.
(a) if
(b) so
(c) that
(d) should
102. The Transit Authority is _______ construction
proposals for a railroad between Rutger City and
Sampson International Airport.
(a) consider
(b) considering
(c) considerate
(d) consideration
103. The town board voted to _______ community
noise regulations.
(a) amend
(b) command
(c) lengthen

(d) describe
104. The storm gradually decreased in _______ as it
neared the coast.
(a) intense
(b) intensity
(c) intensify
(d) intensification
105. Tinsdale Corp. will open three manufacturing
plants _______ the end of next year.
(a) on
(b) to
(c) by
(d) of
106. Max-light hopes their new advertising
campaigns will _______ flashlight sales.
(a) link
(b) boost
(c) fixture
(d) celebrate
107. Computers with a Linx operating system are
not _______ of running Digitext software.
(a) capable
(b) capability
(c) capableness
(d) capabilities
108. We are pleased _______ the winner of this
year's Award for Outstanding Achievement in
(a) announces
(b) announced
(c) to announce
(d) are announcing
109. STR Telecom entered a _______ of $2 billion
to purchase Orstadt Mobile Communications.
(a) bid
(b) finance
(c) privilege
(d) statement
110. The contract must be _______ before being
sent to potential employees.
(a) revise
(b) revised
(c) reviser
(d) revision
111. Despite recent setbacks at Starfax, the
company's shares _______ strong.
(a) climb
(b) remain
(c) decrease
(d) summarize
112. Airline passengers may board the plane with
only one carry-on bag _______ a purse or laptop.
(a) as far as
(b) on behalf of
(c) in addition to
(d) with regard to
113. Motorists were cautioned to _______ using the
highway during rush hour.
(a) avoid
(b) decide
(c) quickly
(d) purchase
114. Chessari's Restaurant is a favorite among critics
and customers _______.
(a) alike
(b) gourmet
(c) preferred
(d) affording
115. Lauren Robinson's debut single quickly
_______ number one on the music charts in both the
United Kingdom and Australia.
(a) reach
(b) reached
(c) to reach
(d) reaching
116. _______ two years at Jay-Dickinson, Janet was
promoted to assistant manager of sales.
(a) Under
(b) While
(c) After
(d) Since
117. Customers who withdraw too much money
from their account will _______ an overdraft fee.
(a) incur
(b) involve
(c) provide
(d) continue
118. Executives at Hirsch, Inc. eliminated
unnecessary meetings, _______ on memorandums to
communicate with employees instead.
(a) rely
(b) relying
(c) reliable
(d) reliance
119. A bachelor's degree and at _______ five years
of experience is required for this position.
(a) last
(b) times
(c) least
(d) stake
120. The Cornwall Library has the most extensive
_______ of encyclopedias in the area.
(a) collect
(b) collection
(c) collectable
(d) collectively
121. Finster Holdings is in talks to _______ a
majority share of Townsend Bank's stock.
(a) frame
(b) merger
(c) install
(d) acquire
122. The bridge connecting Potsdam to Suffern will
open _______ traffic on Tuesday.
(a) to
(b) at
(c) as
(d) from
123. _______ to Sports Monthly now, and you will
receive twelve issues for the price of nine.
(a) Subscribe
(b) Subscriber
(c) Subscribes
(d) Subscription
124. The Mountainview Hotel offers its guests a
_______ buffet breakfast every morning.
(a) valuable
(b) situated
(c) dependent
(d) complimentary
125. We regret to inform you that Ms. Markowitz's
workshop on public speaking _______ postponed
until next week.
(a) were
(b) being
(c) has been
(d) would be
126. Last year's _______ were proven accurate when
the annual budget report was released.
(a) project
(b) projection
(c) projectile
(d) projections
127. Academic faculty members at Paul University
are required to _______ regular office hours for
student advising.
(a) talk
(b) bank
(c) part
(d) hold
128. Compusearch is an independent, nonprofit
testing and research organization that specializes in
computer _______.
(a) guess
(b) pieces
(c) expense
(d) ratings
129. The prime minister made _______ first visit to
China in more than ten years.
a) she
(b) her
(c) hers
(d) herself
130. Work on the building _______ project is
scheduled to begin next Thursday.
(a) measure
(b) response
(c) expansion
(d) difference
131. Analysts predict shares of Techmax's stock will
continue to increase as their merger with Lexcon
(a) process
(b) proceeds
(c) procedure
(d) procession
132. Since the company's _______ 30 years ago, it
has become a household name.
(a) found
(b) founder
(c) founding
(d) foundational
133. If you know the extension number of the
employee you are trying to _______, please dial it
(a) return
(b) appear
(c) operate
(d) contact
134. Unfortunately, _______ room is available on
June 16.
(a) none
(b) both
(c) some
(d) neither
135. Littrel, Inc. is _______ employees to fill entry-
level positions at their main branch.
(a) applying
(b) sampling
(c) intending
(d) recruiting
136. Before choosing an insurance policy, speak
with a Sure Life Insurance agent to explore all of
your _______ options.
(a) cover
(b) coverage
(c) covering
(d) coverable
137. Ms. Winchell frequently _______ business for
Taylor-Davenport in Africa and Asia.
a) joins
(b) travels
(c) conducts
(d) originates
138. _______ Travel Smart Magazine, August is the
best month to travel in Australia.
(a) Prior to
(b) Inside of
(c) As well as
(d) According to
139. Patterson Tower has become a national
_______ for Point Patterson City.
(a) symbol
(b) symbolic
(c) symbolize
(d) symbolism
140. The package is _______, so please handle it
with care.
(a) fragile
(b) careful
(c) mistaken
(d) duplicate
Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter.
How to Invest Online
With many brokerage firms offering online trading options, more investors are choosing to invest online.
With online services, investors can enter orders _______ instead of going through their broker.
141. (a) direct
(b) directly
(c) directed
(d) direction
Still, some online orders are _______ by a broker to ensure safe trading for the client and the firm. Low
fees are another appeal of online brokerage firms.
142. (a) educated
(b) energized
(c) monitored
(d) manufactured
_______, more expensive full-service brokers come with the benefit of advice from market experts,
something that is often lacking in the online investment world.
143. (a) Any
(b) However
(c) Because
(d) Regarding
Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter.
From: Steven Chang
To: All managers
Subject: Mandatory seminar
As you _______ have heard, Sarah Joel, the director of human resources for Caffrey Corporation, will
visit our office on Wednesday, February 26 to give a seminar entitled Hiring a Workforce.
144. (a) did
(b) may
(c) can
(d) would
In her seminar, Ms. Joel will discuss various issues in employee hiring and training. This seminar is
mandatory for all managers. It will start _______ at 6:30 P.M. in the conference room.
145. (a) gently
(b) falsely
(c) promptly
(d) similarly
If you will not be able to attend the seminar for any reason, please speak with Lucy in administration.
Official _______ of the reason for absence is required before leave will be granted.
146. (a) document
(b) documenter
(c) documentary
(d) documentation
Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter.
From: Lawrence Horton [hortonl@technet.com]
To: Marshall Gonzales [mgales@ez.net]
Subject: Contact Information
I misplaced my mobile phone last weekend. Please contact me at my home phone number or by e-mail if
you have any questions concerning _______ meeting on Friday. My home phone number is (607)
147. (a) us
(b) our
(c) ours
(d) ourselves
I'd still like to meet at The Townhouse at 5 P.M. if _______. Let me know if you need directions there,
and I'd be happy to provide them.
148. (a) possible
(b) possibly
(c) possibility
(d) possibilities
I hope to hear from you soon, and I apologize for the _______.
149. (a) warning
(b) stabilization
(c) attentiveness
(d) inconvenience
Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter.
Dear Ms. Hopkins,
It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to _______ me about the
marketing position at Cyrion Edutools, Inc.
150. (a) inform
(b) informative
(c) information
(d) informational
I would like to take this _______ to reiterate my interest in the position.
151. (a) service
(b) assistance
(c) opportunity
(d) questionnaire
It would be a great honor to work for such a distinguished company, and I _______ positive my
background and experience would be an asset to you.
152. (a) am
(b) is
(c) be
(d) are
Part 7 : finish within 22 minutes
Casey's Florist
Hamilton's best florist and gift shop
Present this coupon to receive 50 percent off all bouquets for our Tenth Anniversary Sale.
Coupon expires April 11
Casey's Florist is located on the corner of Farber and Rosen Streets in downtown Hamilton.
Open seven days a week
10 A.M. to 6 P.M.
(744) 845-9003
153. What does the coupon offer to customers?
(a) A discount on bouquets
(b) A free gift with purchases
(c) Free delivery of all flowers
(d) Discounted merchandise for one week
154. What information about the shop is NOT
included on the coupon?
a) The hours
(b) The location
(c) The Web address
(d) The phone number
Computer Help
By Elise Hershey
Tip #349
Printer errors are a common source of frustration for computer users. Often, printer errors occur when

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