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3420 TOEIC vocabulary tests words by Meaning part 89

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Answers 256
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 256 (Answer Keys)
A1 v. to make up for a deficiency; to add on to
definition (c) supplement
A2 v. to turn into; to develop into; to grow into
definition (b) become
A3 v. to survey; to conduct a general study; to inspect; to examine; to reconsider
definition (a) review
A4 v. to interpret incorrectly; to comprehend incorrectly
definition (a) misunderstand
A5 v. to cover; to hide
definition (c) veil
A6 v. to ask for an identification (i.e. in a bar)
definition (b) card
A7 v. to receive; to agree; to consent
definition (d) accept
A8 v. to modernize; to make current
definition (a) update
A9 v. to set free; to emancipate; to make available to the general public; to surrender
definition (a) release

A10 v. to examine; to investigate; to check closely; to inspect
definition (a) scrutinize
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Answers 257
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 257 (Answer Keys)
A1 v. to prepare a financial plan; to make financial arrangements
definition (b) budget
A2 n. manufacture; assembly; output; yield
definition (b) production
A3 adj. well-versed; proficient; skilled
definition (c) conversant
A4 n. selection; choice; assortment; accumulation
definition (b) collection
A5 adj. ruling; supervising; regulating; managing; restraining
definition (c) controlling
A6 n. course or method of action; guidelines; position; standpoint; insurance contract
definition (b) policy
A7 v. to derive; to conclude; to guess; to surmise; to hint
definition (c) infer
A8 n. area of fabric used to repair a hole; stain; bandage; lot
definition (d) patch
A9 n. fracture; pause; rest; opportunity; alteration
definition (c) break
A10 n. cause; basis for action; intelligence; sense
definition (a) reason
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Answers 258
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 258 (Answer Keys)
A1 n. casing; skeleton; structure; body structure; mood
definition (a) frame
A2 n. person who represents people in a court or advises them on legal matters; attorney; barrister
definition (b) lawyer
A3 n. volume; mass; main part; most
definition (b) bulk
A4 n. report on current economic conditions, published by the Federal Reserve Board
definition (d) beige book
A5 n. right to live in a country; condition of being a member of a country
definition (d) citizenship
A6 n. job; assignment; obligation; role
definition (a) task
A7 n. schedule; calendar; outline of things to be done
definition (b) agenda
A8 n. heap; tall bookshelf; chimney
definition (b) stack
A9 n. piece of paper; attendant; servant
definition (a) page
A10 n. equal weight or power acting in opposition
definition (d) counterbalance
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Answers 259
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 259 (Answer Keys)
A1 v. to accumulate; to gather; to collect; to assemble
definition (b) aggregate
A2 v. to call; to summon (e.g. to the telephone); to number sheets of paper in a collection
definition (a) page
A3 v. to give confidence; to promise; to pledge; to encourage
definition (c) assure
A4 v. to copy files from a distant computer onto another computer through an Internet connection
definition (b) download
A5 v. to lie down; to recline; to move in a relaxed manner; to walk lazily
definition (c) lounge
A6 v. to explain; to give a report; to cause; to regard
definition (b) account
A7 v. to incorporate; to take in; to absorb
definition (c) assimilate
A8 v. to have a mean of a certain amount
definition (c) average
A9 v. to prepare food by heating; to falsify account records
definition (b) cook
A10 v. to interpret; to see; to perceive
definition (d) construe
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Answers 260
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 260 (Answer Keys)
A1 adv. as a logical result; unavoidably
definition (d) necessarily
A2 n. feigning; impersonation; false show; claim; assertion
definition (b) pretense
A3 n. delegate; agent; person who acts on behalf of another person or organization
definition (c) representative
A4 pref. after; later; subsequent to
definition (b) post
A5 n. chamber; bureau; incumbency; agency; authority
definition (a) office
A6 n. attitude; stance; opinion
definition (a) viewpoint
A7 n. place where two surfaces meet; angle
definition (c) corner
A8 n. company; commercial business; corporation
definition (a) firm
A9 v. to express excitement; to motivate
definition (b) enthuse
A10 v. to plead; to request; to petition for a new trial or judgment
definition (c) appeal
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