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3420 TOEIC vocabulary tests words by Meaning part 39

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Test 249
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 249
Q1 n. group of twenty items; debt; account; bill; grade on a test
(a) document (b) score (c) mentor (d) weakness
Q2 n. inherent nature of something; central or outstanding characteristic
(a) assessment (b) cash reserves (c) essence (d) lounge
Q3 n. property; financial means; assets; main city of a country of region
(a) system (b) patch (c) capital (d) service
Q4 n. large room used for lectures; talks, performances and other events
(a) house (b) regulations (c) auditorium (d) display
Q5 n. creativity; resourcefulness; fabrication; falsehood
(a) invention (b) browser (c) publisher (d) wallpaper
Q6 n. graphic symbol which represents a company or organization
(a) stock (b) logo (c) back (d) assessment
Q7 adj. basic; elemental; essential
(a) flawless (b) mediocre (c) opportune (d) fundamental
Q8 n. conversion; stock market; trade; barter; conversation
(a) focus (b) familiar (c) exchange (d) general
Q9 n. deliverance; act of saving from danger or injury; act of freeing from risk
(a) landscaper (b) territory (c) deadline (d) rescue

Q10 n. defense; shelter; safety
(a) enlightenment (b) protection (c) survey (d) removal
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Test 250
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 250
Q1 v. to imitate; to try to equal or excel; to take after; to copy
(a) emulate (b) graduate (c) exaggerate (d) monetize
Q2 v. to prove; to verify; to confirm; to actualize
(a) import (b) border (c) scrutinize (d) substantiate
Q3 v. to sign over property to a creditor as security for money that is owed; to obligate
(a) mortgage (b) perpetuate (c) lock (d) talk
Q4 v. to improve; to make better
(a) illustrate (b) prospect (c) enrich (d) conjure
Q5 v. to cover or to furnish with textile materials; to reprimand; to scold
(a) attach (b) loop (c) coordinate (d) carpet
Q6 v. to disapprove; to censure; to find fault
(a) voice (b) course (c) accelerate (d) criticize
Q7 v. to be acquainted with; to understand; to distinguish; to be aware of
(a) autograph (b) spy (c) esteem (d) know
Q8 v. to measure time; to register on a time piece
(a) require (b) impress (c) clock (d) compromise
Q9 v. to pack in a box
(a) experiment (b) employ (c) fear (d) crate
Q10 v. to be useful; to help; to facilitate
(a) diversify (b) avail (c) relate (d) proof
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Test 251
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 251
Q1 n. whole amount; entire quantity; essence; gist
(a) commuter (b) sum (c) link (d) indulgence
Q2 adj. credible; trustworthy; dependable
(a) quiet (b) arbitrary (c) large (d) reliable
Q3 v. to oversee; to administer; to direct; to manage; to watch over
(a) admit (b) supervise (c) accredit (d) compete
Q4 v. to supply with stock; to equip with supplies (esp. food)
(a) protect (b) bargain (c) provision (d) caution
Q5 n. small room; piece of office furniture; office; part of a government
(a) cabinet (b) instrument (c) principal (d) originality
Q6 n. commonplace activity; everyday task; habit; custom; practice
(a) implement (b) comment (c) bother (d) routine
Q7 n. honesty; fairness; justice
(a) breakdown (b) treaty (c) equity (d) possession
Q8 adj. honest; straightforward; open; frank
(a) ideal (b) tantamount (c) average (d) candid
Q9 adj. productive; in operation; impressive; striking
(a) effective (b) downtown (c) unforeseen (d) downward
Q10 adj. proficient; skilled; expert
(a) yearly (b) adept (c) grateful (d) useless
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Test 252
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 252
Q1 n. luck; wealth; chance; success; riches
(a) revise (b) stall (c) broadcast (d) fortune
Q2 n. concrete; mortar; bonding agent; filling (for teeth)
(a) cement (b) offing (c) canvass (d) place
Q3 n. progress; reaching a new level; removal of a barrier; penetration
(a) leakage (b) salvage (c) customer (d) breakthrough
Q4 n. formal question; exploration; questioning; investigation
(a) inquiry (b) plant (c) original (d) name
Q5 n. competition; contention; act of competing
(a) threat (b) case (c) invitation (d) rivalry
Q6 n. location; position; standing; role; function
(a) equality (b) glove (c) specialty (d) place
Q7 n. guidance; advance position; first place; guide
(a) lead (b) inventory (c) accelerator (d) scramble
Q8 n. attack; act of aggression; position of pursuit or aggression
(a) amount (b) copy (c) offensive (d) default
Q9 n. plan; scheme; program; task; assignment; activity
(a) letter (b) paint (c) project (d) stake
Q10 n. nourishment; nutrition; food and drink; regimen; weight loss plan
(a) disposition (b) halt (c) diet (d) driver
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Test 253
TOEIC Vocabulary / Word by Meaning / Test # 253
Q1 v. to have a price; to require payment; to set a price
(a) look over (b) station (c) cost (d) interject
Q2 v. to appeal; to summon; to invoke; to implore
(a) franchise (b) criticize (c) market (d) conjure
Q3 v. to help; to assist; to promote; to be beneficial to
(a) advantage (b) complete (c) frequent (d) match
Q4 v. to submit; to consent; to obey; to agree with
(a) contain (b) assure (c) comply (d) clock
Q5 v. to try to get; to attempt to get
(a) go after (b) counterbalance (c) field (d) purchase
Q6 v. to dress; to adorn wear
(a) proceed (b) underestimate (c) enclose (d) apparel
Q7 v. to attach firmly; to fasten tightly
(a) challenge (b) conceive (c) anchor (d) autograph
Q8 v. to send; to dispatch; to transport (by airplane, truck, etc.); to embark
(a) grow (b) consist (c) corner (d) ship
Q9 v. to cause to be concerned with; to engage; to engross
(a) title (b) insure (c) involve (d) offer
Q10 v. to act as master of ceremonies; to receive guests into one's home; to give a party
(a) host (b) balance (c) scramble (d) drill
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