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E. The Master Mac OS X Secret Keystroke List

E. The Master Mac OS X Secret Keystroke List
Here it is, by popular, frustrated demand: The master list of every secret (or not-so-secret)
keystroke in Mac OS X Leopard, including all of the keys you can press during startup.
Clip and post to your monitor (unless, of course, you got this book from the library).

Note: You can find another huge list of keystrokes in the discussion of VoiceOver,
Leopard's screen-control feature, on Section 15.6.6
. For the most part, the following list
doesn't include the keystrokes that are already listed in your menus, either—like -P
for Print, -S for Save, and so on.

Table E-1. Startup Keystrokes
Keys to Hold
C Starts up from a CD
D Starts up from the first partition
N Starts up from network server
R Resets the laptop screen
T Puts the Mac into FireWire Target Disk mode
X Starts up in Mac OS X (if 9 is on the same disk)

Shows icons of all startup disks and partitions, so you can choose one
for starting up.
Starts up from external drive (or CD)
Option- -P-R
Zaps the parameter RAM (PRAM). (Hold down until you hear the
second chime.)
Option- -O-F
Brings up Open Firmware screen (pre-Intel Macs).
Shows Unix console messages during startup, logout, and shutdown
Starts up in single-user (Unix command-line) mode
Mouse down Ejects a stuck CD or DVD
Shift Just after powering up: Turns off kernel extensions (Section B.5.1)
Shift Just after logging in: Prevents Finder windows and startup items from
Table E-1. Startup Keystrokes
Keys to Hold
opening. (They'll return the next time you start up.)

Table E-2. In the Finder
Highlights Spotlight box
Option- -Space
Opens Spotlight window
Expands or collapses a selected folder in list view
Expands a folder in a list view and all folders inside it
Collapses folder and all folders inside it
Opens parent folder
Shift-Option- -
Selects the Desktop
- (or -O)
Opens the selected icon
Option-click the flippy
Expands or collapses all folders within that window
Tab Selects next icon alphabetically
Shift-Tab Selects previous icon alphabetically
Space bar Opens Quick Look preview of highlighted icon(s)
Space bar
(During a spring-loaded folder drag) Opens the disk or folder
under mouse immediately
Option- -drag
Scrolls a Finder window in any direction (list or icon view)
Option-click the Zoom
Enlarges the window to full screen
Option-click Close
Closes all Finder windows
-drag an icon
Moves it into, or out of, the System folder (administrator
password required)
Option Changes Quick Look button to Slideshow button
Rearranges or removes menu lets or toolbar icons
Table E-2. In the Finder
Highlights Spotlight box
-click window title
Opens a pop-up menu showing the folder path
Option-click the
Minimize button
Minimizes all windows (works in most programs)

Table E-3. Menu
Option Changes "About This Mac" to "System Profiler"
Option Eliminates confirmation box from Restart, Shut Down, and Log Out

Table E-4. Finder Menu
Eliminates confirmation box from Empty Trash and Secure
Empty Trash
Shift- -Q
Logs out
Shift-Option- -Q
Logs out without confirmation box
Shift- -Delete
Empties the Trash
Shift-Option- -
Empties the Trash without confirmation box
Option-"Empty Trash" Empties the Trash without confirmation box
Opens Preferences
Hide This Program
Shift- -H
Hide Other Programs

Table E-5. File Menu
New Finder Window
Shift- -N
New Folder
Option- -N
New Smart Folder
Table E-5. File Menu
New Finder Window
-O or -
Control- -O
Open in New Window
Option-click File menu Changes "Open With" to "Always Open With"
Close Window
Option- -O
Close All
Get Info
Option- -I
Show Inspector
Control- -I
Summary Info (of selected icons)
Make Alias
Quick Look
Option- -Y
Slideshow (of selected icons)
Show Original (of alias)
Add to Sidebar
Shift- -T
Add to Favorites
Shift-Delete Move to Trash
Shift- -F
Find by Name

Table E-6. Edit Menu
-C, -X, -V
Cut, Copy, Paste
Select All
Option- -A
Deselect All

Table E-7. View Menu
-1, -2, -3, -4
Icon, List, Column, Cover Flow views
Option Changes "Clean Up Selection" to "Clean Up"
Option Changes "Keep Arranged By" to "Arrange By"
Option- -T
Show/Hide Toolbar
Show/Hide View Options palette

Table E-8. Go Menu
-[, -]
Back, Forward
Enclosing folder
Control- -
Enclosing folder in new window
Shift- -C
Computer window
Shift- -H
Home window
Shift- -D
Desktop window
Shift- -K
Network window
Shift- -I
Open iDisk
Shift- -A
Applications window
Shift- -A
Go to Folder
Connect to Server

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