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Đề thi KS HS giỏi tiếng anh 6

Week 30 De thi hoc sinh gioi mon tieng anh 6
Thoi gian : 150 phut
I, choose the word whose underlied part is pronounced differently from the others
1 Aone B docter C box D jog
2 A thin B there C their D brother
3 Ahi B fine C night D this
4 Aand B name C thanks D am
5 Ago B overnight C do D moment
6 A how B now C slow D town
7 A boots Bfood C zoo Dflood
8 A get B listen C spell D end
9Anear B meat C teacher D repeat
10 A grade B table Cmath D late
II, Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences
1 there is ……soda in the can.
A a B any C some D an
2……weekends he usually goes fishing.
A in B for C on D at
3 Hoa and I ….funny stories.
A reading B am reading C is reading D are reading
4 How….kilos of meat do you want ?

A much B many C long D often
5 She wants ….an English teacher .
A being B to be C is D be
6 I do not go to school….Sundays .
A on B in Cat D for
7 John likes sports very much . He usually plays …after school .
A games and geography B soccer and literature C volleyball and soccer
D volleyball and simming
8 I…in the morning .
A shower Btake showers C take the shower D take a shower
9 What….your favorit food ?
A do B does C is D are
10 ……………………
A How does she go to school ?
B Does she walk to school ?
C Does she go to school by bike ?
D How does she travels ?
III, Arrange the plura nouns according to columns :/s/ ,/z/, /iz/
Numbers,teachers , classes , days , books , games , students , days , places , desks
IV, Fill in each grap with a suitable word from the box
Near friends because likes
Beautiful walks are
Village house end
Lan lives in a(1) with her father ,mother, sister. She lives in a small house . It is not very large
but very (2). There is a garden in front of the (3) . In the garden there (4) beautifull flowers .
She lives( 5) her school , so every morning she (6) to school with her (7) . Her classes star at
seven and they (8) at eleven . She (9) studying English (10) she love to read books in English.
V, Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs
1 Look ! Hai (come)………….
2 My mom always (go)…to work early.
3 They can (speak)….three languages.
4You often (eat) ….vegetables for your breakfast ?
5 There (be)….14 classrooms in the school.
6They (not play games) …often in the evenings .
7 She likes (read) ….but she (not read) now.
8 Where Quang (be)…now? He (do) his homework.
VI, Use the cues to make sentences
1 What/he/want/do?
2 How about/go/movies.
3 She/go/swim/once a week.
4 Sunday morning/they/going/visit/Hue.
5 I/always /eat/breakfast/six.
6Why/not/we/go/train ?
7 What/ weather/like/Autumn ?
8 When/ hot /he/ go/ swim.
9 There/ twenty oranges/one apple/ table.
He/ like /cold drinks ?
VII, Read the text then do the tasks below
Hoa is twelve years old . She is in class 6A. She lives in a house with her mother ,father ,and
sister.Their house is next to a bookstore . In the neighborhood, there is a restaurant, a market
and a stadium .Her father works in the restauran. Her mother woks in the market.
She go to school at seven in the morning . She has classes from seven thirty to eleven thirty.
A-Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?
1-She is a student
2 Her house is next to a store.
3 .Her father works in the restaurant.
4 She woks in the market.
5 Her classes start at seven and at eleven thirty.
B- Answer the questions
1 Which grade is Hoa in ?
2 How many peaple are there in her family?
3 What is next to her house ?
4 What time does she go to school ?
5 What time do her classes start ?
- The end –
I (15 points)
,1A ,2 A, 3D, 4B ,5 C , 6 C, 7D , 8 B ,9 A ,10 C
II, (15 points)
,1C ,2 C, 3D, 4B ,5 B , 6 A, 7C , 8 D ,9 C ,10 A
III, (10points)
/s/: students , desks , books
/z/ : games , teachers , numbers , days
/iz/: classes , places
IV, (15 points)
1 village ,2 beautifull ,3 house , 4 are , 5 near , 6 walks ,7 friends , 8 end, 9 likes ,
10 because
V, , (15 points)
1-is coming 2 –goes 3-speak 4 –Do….eat 5 –are 6 –donot often play games
7 –reading , isnot reading 8 –is Quang , is doing
VI, , (15 points)
1 What does he want to do ?
2 How about going to the movies ?
3 She goes swimming once a week.
4 On Sunday morning , they are going to visit Hue.
5 I always eat breakfast at six .
6Why donot we go by train ?
7 What is weather like in the Autumn ?
8 When it is hot, he goes swim.
9 There are twenty oranges and one appleon the table.
10 Does he like cold drinks ?
VII, (15 points)
A 1 T , 2F , 3 T , 4F , 5 F
B-1.She is in grade 6.
2. There are four people in her family.
3 A bookstore is next to her house.
4 She goes to school at seven in the morning.
5 They start at seven thirty .

- The end -


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