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bai tap tieng anh 8 (tt)

Tân Thoi Secondary School School year: 2010-2011
Week: 14
Period: 14
Date of planning: 14/11/2010
Date of teaching: 19/11/2010
Unit 7: My neighborhood
Objective: Consolidate:
• New words in unit 7.
• Grammar: Comparison, Present Perfect Tense.
• Practice writing and reading.
Teaching aids:
• Teacher : Text book, exercise book.
• Students : Text book, exercise book.
Exercise 1: Make questions for the underlined parts.
1. Nam repaired his bicycle yesterday.
2. I received your letter two days ago.
3. She goes to school at 6.30.
4. I met my old teacher at the train station yesterday.
5. My sister has studied French for ten years.

6. She plays badminton every day.
7. He mhas worked for that company since 2003.
8. She is going to read the book tonight.
9. He has been the principal of the school for ten years.
10. He studied French when he was at high school.
Exercise 2: Fill in each blank with as, from or than.
1. Alan is taller ______ Robert, but he isn't ______ tall ______ Tom.
2. This is a very different size ______ that.
3. London is bigger ______ Paris.
4. Your hair is the same color ______ mine.
5. I arrived here the same time ______ the guests.
6. My bicycle isn't ______ nice ______ yours.
7. The film is quite different ______ what I thought.
8. Cats are different ______ dogs.
9. Lam is ______ pretty ______ her sister.
10.Nam isn't ______ clever ______ his brother.
Exercise 3: Complete the second sentences, using the words given in brackets.
1. John is more intelligent than Bill. (as ... as)
Bill isn't ___________________________.
2. My bicycle is nice but yours is nicer. (as ... as)
My bicycle isn't _______________________.
3. He is wearing a blue sweater, and she is wearing a blue sweater, too. (like)
Lesson plan: English 8 (optional) Teacher: Nguyen Thien Hanh
Tân Thoi Secondary School School year: 2010-2011
He is wearing a blue sweater ____________________________________.
4. Minh and Hoa are both 14 years old. (the same ... as)
Minh is __________________________________________.
5. They like pizzas, I like hamburgers. (different from)
Their taste is ______________________________________.
6. Lan is pretty, and her cousin is pretty, too. (as ... as)
Lan is ___________________________________________.
7. Mr. Brown is 40 years old. Mrs. Brown is 40 years old, too. (the same ... as)
Mr. Brown is _____________________________________.
8. Hung has a harsh voice, but his sister has a sweet voice. (different from)
Hung's voice is ___________________________________.
Exercise 4: Read the following passage, and then answer the questions below.
I have just received a letter from Minh, my elder brother. He is in Hue now. He has
been there for two years. My brother is an engineer, and he works for a big foreign
company in Hue. My brother has already built more than twenty designs for the company.
He has become famous since his first model designed. Up to now my brother has visited
several countries in the world.
1. What does Minh do? Where does he live now?
2. How long has he lived in Hue?
3. What company does he work for?
4. How many designs has he built for the company?
5. How long has he become famous?
Exercise 5: Rewrite the following sentences without changing the meanings.
1. Be began collecting stamps three years ago.
Ba has collected ______________________________________________
2. We started living here twenty years ago.
We have ____________________________________________________
3. It's five years since I last saw Nam.
I haven't seen ________________________________________________
4. The last time she visited us was four months ago.
She hasn't ___________________________________________________
5. I know Susan. I first met her in 2006.
I have ______________________________________________________
6. Minh has a digital camera. He bought it in 2001.
Minh has had ________________________________________________
7. Mai plays the piano. She started when she was ten years old.
Mai has ____________________________________________________
8. Barbara is in Ha Noi now. She arrived there five months ago.
Barbara has ________________________________________________
9. They started living here last month.
They have __________________________________________________
10. My shoes are different from yours.
Lesson plan: English 8 (optional) Teacher: Nguyen Thien Hanh
Tân Thoi Secondary School School year: 2010-2011
My shoes and yours are not ______________________________________
Lesson plan: English 8 (optional) Teacher: Nguyen Thien Hanh

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