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Marketing Strategy for welding and cutting products in Namviet company.doc

Marketing Strategy for welding and cutting products in Namviet company
First and foremost, I would like to thank you all Nam Viet Trading and construction
investment joint stock Company's leaders and staff for their help during my study
field and writing this report.
Sincere thanks should be expressed to the lecturers and professors who have devoted
their best in taking charge of the class of TATM6 - A1 Foreign Trade University
The writer’s appreciation is to Ms Tran Thi Lan Huong (M.A) for her kind
supervision and suggestions in preparation and writing the report.
Gratefulness is to the readers also, whose feedback will help much in improving the
Dam Thi Le Minh
Field study report – Dam Thi Le Minh
Marketing Strategy for welding and cutting products in Namviet company
In a market economy, to succeed in business, enterprises must have effective
marketing activities. Distribution strategy emerged as an important marketing tool to
help companies create and maintain long-term competitive advantage in the market. It

focused on system administration of the company’s marketing channels in the market
for product consumption.
Start with the rhythm of development trend of the economy; hopefully bring
the best products, perfect customer service.

After many open fields and new business, because growth and development of
its future development and to create momentum for a new powerful company, joint
stock company investment and commercial construction Nam Viet was born.
Namviet was separated from Cavico Constructions Main Power and Service joint
stock Co,

NamViet company is a new company established in July 24, 2009 and
inherited the system from the client company Cavico CMS.
Viet Nam inherited from system customers and traditional CAVICOVN
corporation is a company built bridges and tunnels already are experienced and very
good relationships with other companies provided industrial equipment products
with the world brand as Boring machine KoKen from Japan, Uniweld Corporation
from Singapore, NamViet should have taken the starting point is the business of
cement, steel and business industrial equipment imported from the those big
Therefore I am an employee of the Commerce Department of the Nam Viet
company has launched a business plan welding and cutting machine to contribute
their small role in the development of the company so that I select subject
Field study report – Dam Thi Le Minh
Marketing Strategy for welding and cutting products in Namviet company
“Marketing Strategy for the welding and cutting products in Namviet
company” for my field study report.
As started above, my report consists of 3 (three) chapters, the first one is the
company’s business operation background which provides general information of the
company’s business operation to readers, the following one is a description of the
Marketing Strategy for the welding and cutting products in Namviet, and the
last one I give out some more main solutions to improve this.
Field study report – Dam Thi Le Minh
Marketing Strategy for welding and cutting products in Namviet company
1. History and business field
a. History

Namviet Trading and Construction Investment joint stock company is a
new company established in July 24, 2009 and inherited the system from the
customers of company Cavico CMS.
Telephone: (84) 4 379 323 03
Fax: (84) 4 379 323 02
Email: sales.navicon@gmail.com website: navicon.vn
b. Business field
The main industries:
Trafficking machinery, equipment and spare parts.
Building materials business
Broker dealers and auction
Installation of machinery and industrial equipment
Construction of public works and civil
Business and production chemicals
2. Customers information
Now, Nam Viet is focusing on internal cavico customers system to sell cements,
equipments as Namviet start to business and some key customers they are Lilama
Corporation, Petro Shipyard Corporation.
3. Business products
a. Cement
Field study report – Dam Thi Le Minh
Marketing Strategy for welding and cutting products in Namviet company
Nam Viet Co is distributor for Dong Lam Cement Factory, Fico Cement Factory,
Phuc Son Cement Factory.
b. Industrial Equipments and machine
NAVICON supplies solutions for profession welding, cutting field, equipments
and spare parts for welding, cutting – main supplier of Uniweld Corporation in
Vietnam – famous in over the World in welding, cutting area.
* Distribute products of famous brands as:
* Metrode offers one of the largest ranges of alloyed welding consumables
available from a single source. The product range from those suitable for low
alloy steels, through numerous diverse steels, to those matching the performance
of nickel-based alloys.
*. ESIWELD: supply welding, cutting machine with Europe Standard
* ESIWELD Ceramic packing tape system is breakthrough in creative to
application for welding field in order to fix fillet., allowing welding all positions
and all kinds of welding easier very much.
* ESIWELD: All in one pickling Solution – Scale remove & pickling for Stainless
Steel any high temperature scale and any adjacent low chromium layer of metal
from the surface of stainless by chemical means.
* Tempil® Tempil incorporates state of the art
* temperature indicator technology to develop a wide range of temperature
measurement products.
* Dykem® Dalo® Marker industrial paint markers stand out for their distinctive,
bold oil-based paint markings. The stainless steel – ball valve action tip writes
through oil, grease and underwater without losing legibility or brightness even in
extreme weather conditions.
* UNIWELD - the professional is a basic heavy duty cutting outfit. The ultimate
for construction and industrial applications. Addition accessories are required.
And more, NAVICON provide industrial machines, equipments – spare parts for
drilling, ejecting…of KOKEN – Japan
Field study report – Dam Thi Le Minh
Marketing Strategy for welding and cutting products in Namviet company

4. Business Strategy

Field study report – Dam Thi Le Minh
High Quality
Cu sto me r’s
be nefit s
Marketing Strategy for welding and cutting products in Namviet company
Organizational chart
Organizational chart
Task of Board of Management: Board of Management responsible for capital
investment and direction and control of all activities of the company through its
meetings and the annual report from the Director as well as periodic management.
Task of Director: Director operate directivity all activities of the company and
response to the Board of management activities of the company's such as interest,
lost, turnover, human resource and set up a new business plan.
Task of Vice Director: Vice Directors consult to Director and Board Manager to
manage all marketing strategies for specific business directly, in charge of all works
of related departments, implementing functions other specific tasks.
Task of Trading Department: implement all project business for welding and cutting
products and cement business, implement import and export activities of industrial
equipment. The entire work of marketing, selling, customer service, maintenance of
industrial products. Trading Manager give out policies such as selling, marketing
and other policies, in charge directive selling for all of products by month, quarter
Field study report – Dam Thi Le Minh
Board of Management
Vice Director Vice Director
Finance &
Plan &
Marketing Strategy for welding and cutting products in Namviet company
and year.
Task of Administrative Department: in charge all issues of administrative human,
labor salary policy, internal affairs, foreign affairs, equipment office. Admin Manager
consults human resources for Director and Board of Manager.
Task of Finance and Accounting Department: responsible for all issues of financial
companies on projects such as a loan bank for new business projects, manages the activities
of the company's revenue and expenditure, together with Trading Dept. is responsible for
collecting debts, making the works of tax and banking.
Construction and installation Department: is not formed, the border is Dept for future
development of NamViet in three years.
Field study report – Dam Thi Le Minh
Marketing Strategy for welding and cutting products in Namviet company
1. Environmental Government
a. Advantages
Foreign investment has reached high levels, primarily focused on infrastructure, high
capital disbursements, and use to buy equipment, high quality standard and high
There are many opportunities to win more contracts and preferential tax
ODA has committed more than $ 5 billion for Vietnam in 2009.
FDI, in 2008, about 11 -11.5 billion of capital was made. According to the Ministry
of Planning and Investment, the current registered capital of the period 2007-2008 is
high due to latency so that these projects will be implement in 2009 and after years.
FDI capital flow in 2009 is not much but their quality will be better in and focus on
the system infrastructure, major projects, using high technology and have ability to
create competitive products. (Excerpt from the book publisher's information release in
June 2009)
b. Disadvantages
we are still in the crisis period, inflation in 2009 is expected about 15%.
Market welding & cutting machine went into low-level saturation, factories and
companies bought enough equipment for workshops.
2. Environmental industry
a. Advantages
Through market research showed that although the welding machine market compete
very hard but there are some gaps in the high-tech welding machines, laser cutting
machine, CNC high-tech cutting machine, welding rods for cover welding , pressured
welding , low carbon alloy has high hardness ... .. And advanced equipment
protection. In addition, this welding machine cutting equipment in the workshop in
Field study report – Dam Thi Le Minh
Marketing Strategy for welding and cutting products in Namviet company
the period 2004-2005 was to be replaced entirely or replaced spare parts and this can
be a good opportunity for the Company to enter the industry.
b. Disadvantages
- There have been many companies offer the same products, they have the depth of
market experience, team sales engineer, consultant and engineer, warranty,
maintenance and experienced.
- There are many firms specializing in welding, cutting industrial and welding
accessories are in the market.
1. Internal power of Company
a. Advantages
- There is support for close attention from the Board of Management, has potential
- The new young, dynamic human resource and adapt easily.
- Having good relationships with large corporations such as attracting, oil and gas and
shipbuilding ... to have the advantage of direct sales by the project that these
companies have.
- Can be flexible in the marketing plan
b. Disadvantages
Namviet has not got experience to business in this field, team engineer warranty,
maintenance yet to get transferring technology, which is very important in this field.
- have to set new the whole system operating companies.
2. Researching competitors
Competitors is divided into two regional markets:
Ho Chi Minh: There are about 25 large companies including the direct production
companies and trading companies more productive factory and assembly. In there
these five companies are strongest.
Sun Korean companies and TB WELDTEC: The team of mechanical engineers,
Field study report – Dam Thi Le Minh

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