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70 câu giao tiếp (with answer)
1. — Look! How long _____ like this?
— Three weeks! It’s usual here that rain _____ without stopping these days of the
A. has it rained; pours B. has it been raining; pours
C. is it rained; is pouring D. does it rain; pours
2. — Can you give me the right answer?
— Sorry, I _____, would you repeat that question?
A. hadn’t listened B. hadn’t listened C. don’t listen D. wasn’t listening
3. — You couldn’t have chosen any gift better for me.
— _____.
A. Oh, I d choose a better one for you next time
B. You’ve had a gift for music, haven’t you?
C. I m glad that you like it so much
D. Sorry bat don’t blame me, dear
4. — Has Tom finished his homework yet?
— I have no idea, he _____ it this morning.
A. was doing B. did C. had done D. would do
5. — Jill failed in the final examination last term.
— _____
A. Really? B. Sorry to hear that. C. What is wrong D. I can’t believe it.

6. — Jane: Its many years I last saw you, Mary.
— Mary: _____.
— Jane: I wouldn’t have either, if someone had not called you.
A. you haven’t changed so much, Jane.
B. I recognized you at first sight, Jane.
C. I had thought I would meet you here, Jane
D. I didn’t recognize you at first ,Jane.
7. — Do you mind the window being open?
—____, it’s much too cold.
A. Yes, please B. I m don’t want you to please
C. Yes, I do mind D. I’ m afraid I don’t
8. — Con I help you carry this box into your hotel room, Granny?
— No, boy. It is _____ heavy _____.
A. so, thank you B. very, thank you
C. rather, how kind of yon D. too, than all the same.
9. — I’m just phoning to wish you good luck in your exam tomorrow.
— _____.
A. Thanks. I can’t wart to go
B. Thanks, I can’t believe it’s been five years.
C. Thanks. We’re really happy. Everything went smoothly
D. Thanks. I m a bit worried abort it actually
10. — _____ the new VCD for me, Mum? You promised.
— Oh, dear I forgot.
A .Will you buy B. Did you bay C. Have you bought D. Would you bay?
11. — Whore is your dictionary?
— What do your dictionary? You’ve got one yourself, haven you.
— Oh, if I _____ mine, I _____ yours.
A. had got l wouldn’t wait to go B. have got l wouldn’t need
C. get l won’t need D. would get l wouldn’t have needed
12. When Tim asked why he had to bed, his mater told him the saying “the early bird
_____ the worm.”
A. caught B. catches C. catch D. all catch
13. — Is there anything I can do for you, sir ?
— _____.
A. Yes, you are welcome B. Ok, your time C. Not now. Thanks anyway D. Sure go
ahead, please
14. — Why not join us the game?
A. Sure, please do B. No, you do the same C. Oh, that’s all right D. Ok,
15. — Why are you so late?
— Well, _____, my broke down halfway.
A .I say B. you understand C. I mean D. you see
16. The gas must have been used up _____ the fire went of itself.
A. because B. as C. since D. since
17. — I have a favor to ask you.
— _____.
A .Go ahead B. It’s a pleasure C. Help yourself D. Ask, please
18. — I d like to invite you to a party this evening.
— Thank you, but _____ I’ll be free I m not sure at the moment.
A. while B. if C. when D. whether
19. —I enjoyed myself so mach at your birthday party.
— _____.
A. Oh, that’s kind of you B. Congratulations
C. Oh, I’ m glad to hear that D. It s a pleasure
20. --- How is everything?
--- _____.
A. Very well, thank you B. Not too bad C. I m all right, thanks D. Not at all
21. — Hi, Jane! How nice to meet you here in Manhattan!
— _____.
A. so do I B. Me, too C. Thank you D. the same to you
22. — Could you do me a favor and take the box up to the sixth floor?
— _____. No problem at all.
A. With pleasure B. My pleasure C. For pleasure D. At your pleasure
23. — Let me carry that for you. It looks very heavy.
— _____. I’ m quite out of breath.
A. Thanks B. I m afraid manage C. Yes, of course D. That’s very kind of you
24. — ______.
— OK. I sometimes have no sense of direction.
A. Let me help you B. Here it is C. This way, please D. No hurry
25. — I wonder if you could let me have a look at the photo of your family .
A. Yes, please B. Sure, you could C. No, go ahead D. It doesn’t matter.
26. — The weather is too hot_____may this year .
— It was still when I came two years ago.
A. for; cooler B. in; hotter C. for; hotter D. in; cooler
27. No agreement was reached in the discussion as neither side would give way
to _____ .
A. another B. any other C. other D. the other
28. Mr. White woks with a chemical company but he_____ with his sisters, he’ s on
leave .
A. has worked B. works C. is working D. worked
29. — I forgot to carry my cell-phone, could I use yours?
— ____.
A. I wonder how B. I don’t wonder C. Sorry, it’s out of order D. No, wonder,
here it is
30. --- Let’s go out and have a drink, shall we?
--- Yes. _____
A. Go first, please B. I’ll follow you C. After you, Sir D. We shall
31. — I found my wallet, but now it disappears
A. What a shame! B. You are too careless C. It doesn’t D. Bad mews for me
32. — Which share is meant for me ?
— You can take _____half they are exactly the same .
A. this B. any C. each D. either
33. — Happy birthday to you, Mary.
— _____.
A. The same to you B. It’ s very nice of you C. So do you D. Thank you
34. — John, you’ve never been to the great wall you came to china, I m afraid .
— _____.
A. No, I’ve just been there with B. Yes, never. How about you.
C. No, but how I wish to D. Yes, never. How about you?
35. — Is she really very ill?
— _____. She’s in hospital.
A. I’m afraid so B. I hope so C. I’m sure D. I don’t think so
36. — Have a cup of coffee?
— _____, though as a rule I don’t drink after dinner.
A. Don’t you insist B. Once you insist C. What I insist D. If you insist
37. — Do I still have to change my clothes?
A. Let’s discuss that some time B. The party begins at 2 pm
C. Sure, take your tome D. don’t change your mind, please
38. — Why did yon come to see the play you didn’t like .
— I shouldn’t like _____, but my friend insisted .l like_____.
A. coming; dancing B. to come; to dance C. having come, to dance D. to have
come, dancing
39. — My car broke down then I was leaving Detroit ant I had to take the bus.
— _____, we would have picked you up.
A. Had we known B. We had known it C. If we were known D. If we know
40. It is important that pat_____a business degree for her job.
A. have B. has C. has had D. had
41. —I’d like to invite yon to dinner this Saturday, Mr. Smith.
— _____.
A. Oh, no, let’s not B. I’d rather stay at home
C. I’m sorry, but I have other plans. D. Oh, no. That’ll be too much trouble
42. — I’m awfully sorry I can’t go with you.
—_____? Haven’t you agreed?
A. What is it B. How is it C. Why don’t you D. Why do you think
43. —I had a really good weekend at my uncle’s.
— _____.
A. Oh, that’s very nice of you B. Congratulations
C. It’s pleasure D. Oh, I’m glad to hear that
44. — Will you stay for lunch?
— Sorry,_____. My brother is coming to see me.
A. I mustn’t B. I can’t C. I needn’t D. I won’t
45. — Are yon feeling any_____?
— No, in fact my health isn’t so_____as before.
A. well; good B. well; well C. better; well D. better; good
46. His son spent most of his spare time_____the TV set.
A. watching B. seeing C. looking at D. in front of
47. — What about having a drink?
— _____.
A. Good idea B. Help yourself C. Go ahead, please D. Me, too
48. — Waiter!
— I can’t eat this It’s too salty.
A. Yes, sir? B. What? C. All right? D. Pardon?
49. — You’ve left the light on.
— Oh, so I have._____And turn it off.
A. I’ll go B. I’ve gone C. I go D. I’m going
50. — Are you coming to Jeff’s party?
— I’m not sure. I_____go to the concert instead.

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