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PT wilmar nabati sampit certificate 2018


Based on an audit according to the requirements stated in the
RSPO Supply Chain Certification Systems, version June 2017, and
a signed contract, Intertek Certification GmbH, herewith certifies that the
site(s) listed below are found to be in compliance with the RSPO Supply
Chain Certification Standard, version June 2017. This guarantees
that the criteria for processing RSPO certified oil palm products through
one or more of the supply chain models as stated in the RSPO Supply
Chain Certification Systems have been met.

Certificate Number:

PT. Wilmar Nabati Indonesia Sampit

Certificate Expiration Date:
18 February 2023

Head Office: Multivision Tower 15th Floor, Jalan
Kuningan Mulia, Kav. 98 Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia.

56 Neil Road, Singapore
Factory Address: Jl. HM. Arsyad KM. 20, RT. 06 Rw.02,
Desa Bapanggang Raya, Kecamatan Mentawa Baru
Ketapang, Kabupaten Kotawaringin Timur, Provinsi
Kalimantan Tengah, Indonesia

Date of first certification:
19 February 2013
Certificate Start Date:
19 February 2018

Issuing Date:
22 February 2018

RSPO number: 2-0017-05-000-00
Other sites certified (see annex): NO
Parent company: Wilmar International Ltd
Scope of Certification:
e.g. Purchase of RSPO certified palm oil and palm kernel
oil, processing into derivatives and sales into the market.

Julia Wellhöfer
Scheme Manager, RSPO

Supply chain model:
Identity Preserved (IP)
Segregation (SG)
Mass Balance (MB)

Accredited by ASI for certification against voluntary
sustainability standards – ASI-ACC-056

Intertek Certification GmbH
Marie-Bernays-Ring 19a, D-41199
Mönchengladbach, Deutschland

This certificate remains property of Intertek Certification GmbH and can be withdrawn in case of terminations as mentioned in the contract or in case of changes or deviations of the abovementioned data. The licensee is obliged to inform Intertek Certification GmbH immediately of any changes in the above-mentioned data. Only an original and signed certificate is valid.

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