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On luyen tieng anh 9

1. So far he has learnt unit 5 of the book .
a. as long as b. as long as possible c. meanwhile d. up to now
2. A telephone ___________by Alexander Graham Bell .
a. invented b. that was invented c. was invented d. was inventing
3. They are too poor . They have no house , no car , _____________ anything to eat .
a. not do they have b. nor they have c. nor do they have d. they have nor
4. Remember _________ before __________ out .
a. locking / go b. to lock / go c. to lock / going d. lock / go
5. It’s time you ___________ a new TV . Yours is out of date .
a. to buy b. buy c. buying d. bought
6. Neither I nor you _______________ wrong .
a. am b. are c. was d. has been
7. What ___________ at 9o’clock last evening ?
a. had you done b. are you doing c. were you doing d. would you do
8. This building _____________ by the end of this year .
a. will finished b. is going to finish c. will be finishing d. will have been finished
9. The teacher recommended ______________ that book but I do not have enough money ___________ it .
a. buying / to buy b. to buy / buying c. bought / for buying d. to buy / that I buy
10. __________ I have something to worry about , I usually sleep deeply .
a. even though b. if c. unless d. provided that

11. If I _________ in your position , I ___________her by now .
a. am / will visit b. was / would visit c. were /would visit d. had been / would have visited
12. It is time we ____________ to the station . The train will leave in thirty minutes .
a. go b. have gone c. will go d. went
13. The little boy could not stop __________ at the crocodile’s jaw .
a. look b. to look c. looking d. looked
14. The teacher was very surprised ___________ his memory .
a. on b. toward c. onto d. at
15. Everybody thought that John was unable to encounter the problem .
a. It is thought that John was unable to encounter the problem.
b. It thought that John was unable to encounter the problem .
c. John was thought that he was unable to encounter the problem.
d. John was thought to be unable to encounter the problem.
16. ________ hundreds of people are standing in front of the hall .
a. a b. an c. the d. no article
17. _____________ as a cleaner . He has just got a better job .
a. he works no mere b. no more he works c. no more does he work d. anymore does he work
18. Those _________ need help are poor and uneducated .
a. who b. whom c. which d. whose
19. We have not got used to ________ on the left although we have lived in London for about one year .
a. drive b. driving c. drove d. driven
20. Most boys are _______ on playing football .
a. keen b. interested c. excited d. fond
21. I wish I _________ him about project .
a. do not tell b. have not told c. had not told d. would not have told
22. Of all the flowers , the rose is ________________.
a. prettier b. the more prettier c. the prettiest d. the most prettiest
23. At this time tomorrow , we __________ for our final test .
a. are sitting b. will be sitting c. have been sitting d. had sit
24. We will send these letters to him when we ________ in London .
a. will arrive b. arrive c. arriving d. had arrived
25. Walt Disney was born _______ Chicago ________ December 5
, 1901 .
a. at /in b. in / on c. from / about d. for/ in
26. Carbon dioxide lets (a) sunlight entering (b)the Earth’s atmosphere (c)and heat the Earth (d)
27. They found it impossible _______ their problems .
a. solve b. to solve c. solved d. solving
28. It is (A) the most (B) excited (C) film I have ever seen ( D).
29. He was said (A) being (B) very good at Mathematics as well as (C) English .

30. Was (A)it he (B) whom (C) had asked to see (D) Mr.Pike ?
31.I decided (A) to change (B) jobs because my boss makes (C) me working (D) overtime .
32. “ ____ is it from your house to the museum ? “ _ “Ten kilometres “
A. how many b. how long c. how d. how far
33. “ _______ do you visit your hometown ? “
a. how long b. how far c. how often d. how much
34. Up to now , we _________ about two thousand English words .
a. will learn b. learn c. would learnt d. have learnt
35. Is there anything wrong _________ your bicycle ?
a. in b. about c. of d. with
36. We ___________ for this opportunity for more than 5 years .
a. waited b. are waiting c. have been waiting d. were waiting
37. I heard it on the radio while I ________ dinner with my family .
a. had b. was having c. have d. am having
38. If I didn’t have exams next week, I __________ camping with you this weekend .
a. will go b. will have gone c. would have gone d. would go
39. When we went for a picnic last Sunday , ________ weather turned out to be very good .
a. a b. an c. the d. X
40. He showed us the house _______ he was born and grew up .
a. which b. in which c. in where d. in that
41. She couldn’t go far because she was afraid of ___________.
a. to fly b. fly c. flying d. be flying
42. He went to a seaside resort because he was _______ of windsurfing .
a. fond b. interested c. keen d. enjoyed
43. He now feels sorry _______ what he has done .
a. of b. for c. at d. with
44. The weather is nice . _____________ go sightseeing ?
a. should we b. Shall we c. would we like to d. must we
45. It was in this house ______________
a. where I was born b. Which I was born c. that I was born d. I was born
46. I liked the book till the end but it had a ( n ) __________ ending which I didn’t like .
a. bored b. boring c. interest d. interesting
47. “ Can I get you anything “ _ “ ___________ a pen and a piece of paper , please “
a. I like b. I’ll like c. I’d like d. I’m liking
48. He ________ for the money since last Friday .
a. was waiting b. has been waiting c. waited d. is waiting
49. We were extremely tired at the end of the journey . We _______ for more than 10 hours .
a. were traveling b. travel c. had Been traveling d. have been traveling
50. Either of the buses ___________ past the university .
a. go b. goes c. have gone d. are going
51. If I ___________ taller , I __________ better at basketball .
a. am _will be b. be _ would be c. were _ might be d. were _ would have been
52. have you ever considered __________ to live in another country ?
a. going b. to go c. to have gone d. have been going
53. He said that he _________ badly sick since he returned from abroad .
a. was b. has been c. had been d. would be
54. She ___________ drive to the station every day but then she decided to walk instead .
a. was used to b. had used to c. was using to d. used to
55. It was such a boring speech that I fell _____________.
a. asleep b. sleep c. sleepy d. sleepily
56. The speaker said _______ nothing worth listening to .
a. complete b. completing c. completely d. completion
57. While studying he was financially dependent __________ his parents.
a. to b. of c. on d. from
58. Our flight from Hanoi to Beijiing was delayed _______ the heavy fog .
a. as a result b. on account for c. because d. due to
59. Do you know any restaurant _______ we can have a really good meal ?
a. what b. which c. that d. where

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