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Topic 1: Describe your free time activity.
You should say:
what it is
where and when you do it
how you do it
why you enjoy doing it.
In my free time, I often watch TV. I often watch TV at home. After lunch, I watch TV for
20 minutes to know the news. After dinner, I often watch TV for 2 hours. I like to watch
the news to know what happens in Vietnam and in the world. Sometimes, I watch film
and music programs to relax. I also watch game shows because it is fun. I like watching
TV because it helps me to enlarge my knowledge and relax.
Questions for discussion:
1. Is your activity very popular among people at your age?
Yes, it is. Nearly everyone likes watching TV when they’re at home.
2. What is the most popular hobby among the young in Vietnam?
I think the most popular hobby among the young in Vietnam is listening to music,
playing game online, chatting online, or shopping.
Topic 2: Describe a job you have done or would like to do.
You should say:
what it is

what qualities you need to get the job
what qualifications are required for the job
why it is important to you.
At present, I am a ______________. I work at ________________. I have worked there
for ____ years. I like my job because it is interesting. To be a ___________ I had to
study 4 years at university. I have to master the basic knowledge of _______________
and _______________. The qualifications I need to have are the B.A degree, and
certificates of English and computer. I need English because I can use it to
communicate with foreigners and I often use computer in my job.
Questions for discussion:
1. How is the workplace changing in Vietnam?
Now, the workplace in Vietnam requires professional people who can use office
machine and computer well.
2. Which are the most important jobs to Vietnam’s economy?
They are teachers (for education), doctors (for health-care), engineers (for
farming and construction), and business people (for economy development).

Đào Minh Trung


Topic 3: Describe a place that you would like to visit.
You should say:
where the place is
who you would like to visit it with
what you would do there
why you would like to visit that place.
If I have a change, I would like to visit Da Lat with my family. We will stay there four
days. We will stay in a hotel near Xuan Huong Lake so we can go sight – seeing every
morning. We will visit many places in Da Lat such as Flower Garden, Love Valley,
Lang Biang Mountain, Mong Mo Hill, Bao Dai Palace, Truc Lam Temple, etc. Besides,
we will enjoy new food and fresh fruit. We will take many pictures and buy a lot of
clothes and souvenirs for our friends. The weather in Da Lat is cool, so it is nice to stay
there and visit beautiful places. I think we will enjoy ourselves very much. So, I wish we
can visit Da Lat many times.
Questions for discussion:
1. Do you plan to visit that place again? Why/why not?
Yes, I do. Because it has good weather with beautiful scenes.
2. Does your hometown have any places of interest?
Yes, it does. My hometown has _____________________________________
Topic 4: Describe something healthy you enjoy doing.
You should say:
what you do
where you do it
when you do it
who you do it with and explain why you think doing this is healthy.
Everyday, I often get up early at 5:00. After that, I often go walking for 30 minutes. I
often walk with my friends. We walk along the street near my house. Besides, I play
badminton with my friends on weekend. We often play badminton in my friend’s yard. I
like to walk in the morning because I can enjoy fresh air and it’s good for my heart. I
play badminton because I would like to be active and keep fit.
Questions for discussion:
1. Why do some people think that modern lifestyles are not healthy?
I think because today people are very busy so they don’t have time to rest.
Besides, the environment is polluted and the food contains a lot of chemicals.
2. What could be done to encourage people to live in a healthy way?
I think people should do exercise daily and they should eat more vegetables, fish
and eggs and less fast food, red meat and chicken.

Đào Minh Trung


Topic 5: Describe your favorite means of transport.
You should say:
what it is
how often you take it
where you often get to and explain why it is special to you.
I have a motorcycle. I have used it for ___ years. It is Wave alpha made by Honda. I
often go to work by motorcycle. I also use it to go to market or go out with friends. I
like it because I use it everyday to travel around. My motorcycle uses less petrol and it’s
small, so I can keep it in my house. With my motorcycle, I can be active because I can
go to any place at any time. It’s my favorite means of transport.
Questions for discussion:
1. Which means of transport do you think will be popular in the future? Why?
I think public transport will be popular because people want to protect the
2. What do you think of the traffic in your hometown?
The traffic in my hometown is crowded but safe because there are not many
Topic 6: Describe your favorite festival / holiday.
You should say
what it is and when it is celebrated
what activities people do on this festival holiday
what you do to celebrate
why you enjoy this festival / holiday
My favorite holiday is Tet (or Lunar New Year). It falls on the first week of January
lunar calendar. It is when people say good bye to the old year and welcome the New
People often do many things to prepare for Tet such as cleaning the house, buying new
clothes, making traditional foods. On Tet, people often gather at their parents’ house.
Then they visit their relatives and friends. People often wish each other good luck and
good health. Children often get lucky money from adults. Many people like traveling or
drinking with friends.
Like everyone, I also clean my house, prepare food and visit relatives and friends on Tet
holidays. I like Tet because it is a good time for family members to stay together.
Questions for discussion:
1. What are some types of festivals? How are the different?
There are 3 main kinds of festivals: traditional (like Tet), political (like
Independence Day – 2/9), and religious (like Christmas). They are different by
Đào Minh Trung


2. Do you think festivals are important in life? Why?
Yes, I think so because we can stay at home and family members can meet
Topic 7: Describe an object you own which is very important to you.
You should say:
where you got it from
how long you have had it
what you use it for and explain why it is so important to you.
The object (thing) which is very important to me is my mobile phone. It is a Nokia E6.
It’s black. It was a present from my mother/father/ wife/ husband on my birthday ___
years ago. I have used it since then. With my phone, I can do many things. I can make
or receive calls. I can send and get texts. I can connect the Internet and chat with
friends. I can play game, listen to music, or watch videos. Besides, I can record voice
and take pictures with my phone. I use it every day and I like it very much.
Questions for discussion:
1. Would you like to exchange it for anything?
No, I wouldn’t. Because it is a present of my mother/father/ wife/ husband.
2. What are the advantages/disadvantages of advertising on television?
The advantages of advertising on TV: people can know about the new product; the
shop can sell more goods; and the advertising company can earn more money.
The disadvantages of advertising on TV: the TV program is interfered; the
information about the goods are not always true; and the company has to pay a lot
of money for advertising.
Topic 8: Describe a film you have enjoyed watching.
You should say:
what the name of the film is
what the film is about
how it differs from other films
why you consider this film so good
The film I enjoyed watching is “Kung-Fu Panda” made by DreamWorks.
The movie is about Po – a fat, love-eating panda. Po loves Kung fu very much and
wants to learn kung fu and becomes a hero. During that time, an evil fighter, Tai Lung,
escapes the prison and comes to the valley where Po lives. To fight against Tai Lung,
master Shifu has to choose the Dragon Warrior, who is supposed to defeat Tai Lung.
Unluckily, Po is chosen and trained. After a hard time training and practicing, Po
finally understands the Dragon Secret and defeats Tai Lung.
This film is animated and I like it because it is interesting and the main character is so

Đào Minh Trung


Questions for discussion:
1. Which do you prefer: watching movies at home or at a movie theatre?
I like watching movies at home because I feel comfortable. I can lie and chat with
family members, or I can eat and drink while watching the movie.
2. Do you think there is too much violence in movies nowadays?
Yes, I think so. So, parents should choose the TV programs for their children to
Topic 9: Describe your best friend.
You should say:
who it is and how long you have known him/her
where you first met him/her
why you regard this person as your best friend
My best friend is ___(full name)________. (S)he is a ___(job)_____. (S)he works at
________. I have known him/ her for _____ years. We first met at high-school/
university. (S)he is good-looking. (S)he is (quite) tall/ short. (S)he has got long/short
dark/light hair and a long/ thin/ oval face. (S)he is friendly, nice and helpful. (S)he likes
shopping/ playing sports. We often go shopping/ playing sports together. (S)he often
helps me when I need. We often meet and share happiness and sorrows together. (S)he
is my good friend.
Questions for discussion:
1. What are the qualities of a good friend?
I think a good friend should be honest, friendly, and helpful, so we can share
feelings and ideas together.
2. How can we maintain our relationships?
I think we should keep in touch and pay attention to our friends. We have to meet
together sometimes to share happiness and sorrows.
Topic 10: Describe a major change in your life.
You should say:
what your change was
whether it was a positive or negative change
when it happened
how you felt
I think the major change in my life is when I started to study the master program at
CTU last year. After passing the exam to master program, I had many things to do. I
had to go to work. I had to attend class and take care of my family. So, I was very busy
and tired. However, because I wanted to study so I tried to manage my time. And after
some months, I could arrange my time to everything well. Now I can study, go to work
and take care of my family well. I’m happy now because I know I can do everything
well if I try.

Đào Minh Trung


Questions for discussion:
1. What would you like to change about your life?
I think I want to change my job because with my present job I don’t have enough
money to support my family.
2. Can people change their life? How?
Yes, I think they can. If they work hard and manage time well, they can make their
life better.

Topic 11: Describe the school you studied.
You should say:
what it is and what size it is
where it is located
how many classrooms, teachers, and students there are
what is special about it and why you like it
I studied high-school at ____(name of the school)________. It is in __(address)______.
It is a big/small, old/ new school. It has about ___ classrooms. There are about ____
teachers and _____ students in ____(name of the school). It has ___ big/ small yards
(with many trees). It has a lab, 2 computer rooms, a big library, and a canteen. I like to
study there because the teachers are experienced and friendly. Besides, the study
equipment is good. Students can use the library and the computer room for their study.
Questions for discussion:
1. What subjects should be taught to students? Why?
I think students should learn maths (to calculate), literature (to speak and write
well) and English (to communicate with other countries).
2. What is the role of students/ teacher in a school?
The role of students in a school: they have to attend class every day; they have to
learn the lessons and do the homework; and they have to respect their teachers and
read books.
The role of teachers in a school: they have to prepare the lesson plan carefully; they
have to be on time; they have to help and respect their students.

Đào Minh Trung


Topic 12: Describe a TV program which has made a strong impression on you.
You should say:
what kind of TV program it was
when you saw the TV program
what the TV program was about
why this TV program made such an impression on you
In my free time, I often watch TV at home. After dinner, I often watch TV for 2 hours. I
like many TV program, but the TV program which has made a strong impression on me
is “Vuot Len Chinh Minh” on Vinh Long TV station. I watch it on Friday night.
The program is about people who are unluckly in life. Though they work hard, they
can’t pay their debts. So, the program helps them to have money to pay debts. They
have to use their skill to complete a task in about 2 minutes. If they can do well, they
can also get money from sponsors. This program is meaningful because it really helps
poor people. This program often makes me touching but I like watching it.
Questions for discussion:
1. In your opinion, what are the disadvantages of watching television?
There are some advantages of watching TV: (first) we can know what happens in
many places in the world; (second) we can enlarge our knowledge; and (third) we
can relax ourselves (with many programs such as films, game shows, music)
There are some disadvantages of watching TV: (first) we waste a lot of time;
(second) we may be passive because we just sit and watch; (third) we may not have
many friends because we don’t go out and meet people.
2. Do you think children should be forbidden to watch television?
Yes, I think so. Children should watch the TV program their parents choose or they
should watch children program.

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