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Năm học 2018 – 2019

1. VOCABULARY: Unit 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
2. PHONETICS: Unit 9,10,11, 12, 13, 14
+ Conditional type 1, 2, 3
+ Should + Vo
+ The passive voice
+ To-infinitive for purpose
+ Wh-questions
+ Attitudinal adjectives
+ Articles: a(an) and the
+ Will vs. going to
+ “It is/ was not until … that …”
+ Synonym
4. SPEAKING: Unit 9 – 14
5. READING: (cloze text and reading comprehension) Unit 9 – Unit 14

6. WRITING: Rewrite the sentences
+ The passive voice
+ Wh-questions
+ To-infinitive for purpose
+ “It is/ was not until … that …”
+ Attitudinal adjectives
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part differs
from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.
1. A. gulf
B. surface
C. submarine
D. current
2. A. ocean
B. undersea
C. beneath
D. deep
3. A. probably
B. valuable
C. bomb
D. baby
4. A. campfire
B. part
C. animal
D. natural
5. A. worked
B. hoped
C. watched
D. lived
6. A. answer
B. listen
C. music
D. solemn
7. A. business
B. serious
C. compose
D. easily
8. A. form
B. first
C. enough
D. Stephen
9.A. excite
B. decide
C. horrify
D. mind
10. A. group
B. danger
C. together
D. dog
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the other three
in the position of primary stress in each of the following questions.
11. A. maintain
B. marine
C. challenge
D. device
12. A. investigate
B. information
C. submarine
D. independent
13. A. endanger
B. disappear
C. prohibit
D. destruction
14. A. industrial
B. environment
C. agriculture
D. responsible
15. A. ethnic
B. explore
C. orphan
D. fauna
16. A. dependent
B. survival
C. minority
D. recognize
17. A. language
B. solemn
C. event
D. rousing
18. A. cinema
B. sequence
C. character
D. event
19.A. degree
B. existence
C. audience
D. appear
20. A. final
B. event
C. trophy
D. winner
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the
underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.
21. If modern technology did not exist, we would never have such precious information.
A. valuable
B. precise
C. confidential
D. detailed
22. Some marine animals are dangerous to humans.
A. living in the mountain
B. living in the ocean
C. living in the forest
D. living in the house
23. The floor was covered in tiny pieces of paper.
A. unimportant
B. many
C. very large
D. extremely small
24. Sperm whales and sharks are carnivores.
A. animals that live in the sea
B. animals that only eat plants
C. fish that aren't born from eggs
D. animals that eat meat
25. Whales feed on krill.

A. tiny shellfish
B. small fish
C. sea plants
D. small animals
26. Sperm whale population is at risk due to hunting.
A. in extinction
B. in danger
C. on the decrease
D. in fewness
27. Laws have been introduced to prohibit the killing of endangered animals.
A. advised
B. decreased
C. ban
D. encouraged
28. Deforestation is destroying large areas of tropical rain forest.
A. changing
B. raising
C. becoming
D. damaging
29. The cattle drank from a river polluted with toxic chemicals..
B. colorless
C. odorless
D. poisonous
30. Where was the 2006 World Cup held?
A. supported
B. maintained
C. possessed
D. organized
Choose the underlined part that needs correction.
31. Dennis used to smoking a lot a year ago.
32. The houses have been decorate very beautifully.
33. It’s difficult for me decide whether I should accept the job or not .
34.” How many rice do you want ?” “ A kilo , please.”
35. In summer , Peter usually plays the tennis every day.
36. He wouldn’t have known the news if you had told him.
37. I often switch off the heating for saving money.
38. We gave Nick a map so that he will be able to find the way all right.
39. An extra-time penalty gave Barcelona a last gasp winner over Chelsea.
40. The sky is getting really dark and it’ll storm.
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following
41. You've been coughing a lot lately. You___________ smoke so much.
A. shouldn't
B. can't
C. should
D. can
42. What would Tom do if he ___________ the truth?
A. would know
B. has know
C. knows
D. knew
43. If I ___________ you, I wouldn’t buy that coat.
A. am
B. was
C. were
D. would be
44. You___________ Mark. You know it’s a secret.
A. should tell
B. shouldn’t tell
C. couldn’t tell
D. might tell
45. If I ___________ in your position, I would not accept her offer.
A. am
B. were
C. would be
D. had been
46. Tom really___________ go out. He has too much homework to do.
A. can't
B. shouldn't
C. would
D. should
47. The……..is the air, water land in or on which people animals and plants live.
A . consequence
B. environment
C. planet
D. resource
48. Many national parks have been established……………endangered animals.
A. to save
B. to kill
C. to protect
D. to ban
49. Many rare…….. of animals are in danger of extinction.
A. species
B. classes
C. being
D. pairs
50. People are destroying the air by adding…….to it
A. polluted
B. pollutions
C. polluters
D. pollutants
51. Rain forest are places…… people harvest wood, delicious fruits, and powerful medicine.
A. in which
B. in that
C. in where
D. which
52. The heavy rain has caused ……….. in many parts of the country.

A. crops
B. floods
C. water
D. soil
53.The authority gathered those villagers………….they explained the importance of forests .
A. who
B. whom
C. to whom
D. to that
54. He …….. the details of his uncle’s will.
A. was given
B. gave
C. gives
D. being given
55. For a long time, the earth ………. to be flat.
A. had believed
B. had been believing C. was believed
D. was been believed
56.They advised that part-time workers should ………….
A. be employing
B. have been employ C. employ
D. be employed
57. He expected us ……….. him a job.
A. offering
B. to offer
C. offer
D. to be offered
58. More and more rare animals are..................danger of extinction.
A. for
B. on
C. at
D. in
59. Do you know exactly....................number of Siberian tigers in China ?
A. a
B. an
C .the
D. no article needed
60. Linda: Excuse me. Where’s the post office?
Maria: ……………….
A. It’s over there.
B. I’m afraid not.
C. Don’t worry.
D. Yes, I think so.
61. Peter: How often do you go to school?
Harry: ………………..
A. I go there early.
B. Every day except Sunday.
C. I don’t think so.
D. I go there by bus.
62. A: “ Would you like to go to the movies tonight ?”
- B: “…………………..”
A. No I don’t like
B. Yes I’d like
C. Of course
D. I’d love to
63. Human beings are changing the environment ............. all respects.
A. at
B. for
C. in
D. upon
64. The sick man ……………… to the hospital.
A. took
B. has taken
C. being taken
D. was taken
65. A: Why do you ask me about the party ?
B: I ……………. to it.
A. was not invited
B. didn’t invite C. not invited D. was not been inviting
66. The people in our village are leading a …………..life.
A. peace
B. peaceful
C. peacefully
D. peacefulness
67. A child who has lost one or both of his parents by death is called ________ child.
A. an abandoned
B. an orphan
C. a homeless D.orphanage
68.The _________ has threatened many of animals in this park.
B. population
C. increase
69. They went camping in the beautiful _________ of the rainforest.
B. wildness
70. One species is dependent __________ another of survival.
A. on
B. to
C. of
71. My home village is ____________ 40 kilometers north of the capital..
A. located
B. held
C. laid
D. surrounded
72. We _________ to the beach yesterday if the sun had been shining.
A.will go
B.would go
C.would have gone D. had gone
73. We wouldn’t have been to the cinema_________we hadn’t had ticket.
A. if
B. unless
C. because of
D. in spite of
74. What ________ if you had met him yesterday?
A. did you do
B. would you do
C. would you have done D. will you do
75. They _________ the farm if they _________ enough money.
A. had enlarged / would have had
B. would enlarge / had had
C. enlarged / would have
D. would have enlarged /had had
76. Chris: Where do you work?
- Evan: In a studio.
- Chris: ____________
A. That must be interesting
B. What for?
C. It is so … D. When?
77. “Did you go to the concert last night?”

A. Yes, I like.
B. Yes, I did. C. No, I don’t D. No, I’m afraid that I have no time
78. Huong: Hey, I’ve got a poster of that film.
- Van: _______________
A. Where?
B. Here it is.
C. Oh, I love it.
D. I’ve got to go.
79. Bill: Would you like to come to my party?
- Jeff: Is your brother going too?
- Bill: _______
A: Yes, certainly.
B. Do you think so? C. Yes, we are.
D. I’m thinking of it.
80. Lan: I’ve got a cold.
- Ba: ________
A. Oh dear!
B. My dear!
C. I regret it!
D. Bless you.
81. Music in general and pop music in particular makes people ______.
A. excite
B. exciting
C. excited
D. excitement
82. As a nurse, I learned to control my ______.
A. hopes
B. emotions
C. abilities
D. thought
83. Folk music ______ babies to sleep.
A. makes
B. wakes
C. lulls
D. lets
84. Music adds ______ to the atmosphere of a festival.
A. sadness
B. joyfulness
C. disappointment
D. happy
85. Van Cao is one of the most well-known ______ in Vietnam.
A. actors
B. authors
C. musicians
D. singers
86. I’ll post the card today ______ there on my mother’s birthday.
A. to get it
B. in order to get it C. so as it gets D. so that it gets
87. Did the teacher explain how ______ this problem.
A. do we solve
B. can we solve
C. to solve
D. solve
88. ______ is it from here to the theatre?
A. How
B. How far
C. How long
D. How often
89. Would you like to go out ______ a meal tonight, Joan?
A. to
B. with
C. of
D. for
90. We started early in order ______ miss the first part of the concert.
A. to not
B. not for
C. not to
D. for no
91. The main ___________is played by Nicole Kidman.
a. actress
b. character
c. director
d. film maker
92. Silence of The Lambs is a/an ___________film. It makes the audience scared.
a. disaster
b. science fiction
c. action
d. horror
93. The film is ___________the 1940s, during the Second World War.
a. made for
b. based on
c. set in
d. occurred in
94. Charlie Chaplin is considered as the greatest comic actor of the ___________.
a. musical cinema
b. commercial film
c. romantic comedy
d. silent cinema
95. England is an ____________country.
a. industrialize
b. industry
c. industrial
d. industrialization
96. “Look outside! ____________ sky is getting very dark”.
- “I hope it isn’t going to be a storm”.
A. A
B. The
C. x
D. Some
97. I’d like to invite him to ____________ dinner next week if that’s OK with you.
A. a
B. the
C. x
D. an
98. “Do you see the video store? I was sure it was on ____________Main Street.”
“I think it’s on ___________side street, but I’m not sure which one”
A. the /the
B. the / a
C. a / X
D. X / a
99. “Do you think Margaret will take the job you offered her?”
- “I don’t know. She seemed ___________in it, however.”
A. interest
B. interesting
C. interested
D. interestingly
100. The students all went to the circus yesterday. I heard it was really _____________.
A. amused
B. amusing
C. amuse
D. amusingly
101. I was ________that Jane couldn’t come to the party. Her boss made her work overtime.
A. disappointing
B. disappointedly
C. disappoint
D. disappointed
102. What a terrible football game! I thought it was ______________.

A. delightful
B. delighting`
C. delight
D. delighted
103. It was not until 2:30 that everyone ____________ leave the stadium.
A. can
B. could
C. will
D. must
104_______ men are often paid more than _________ women for _______ the same job.
a. Ø – the –the
b. Ø - Ø - the
c. The-the-the
d. Ø - Ø - Ø
105. At first she was train to be ______ scriptwriter, but later she worked as _____ director assistant in a studio
a. a- a
b. the-the
c. a-the
d. the-a
106. ________ sun gives off ____________ heat and ___________ light.
a. Ø - Ø - Ø
b. The-the-a
c. The -. Ø - Ø
d. A-a-a
107. My sister is really mean. I try borrowing her some money but I know _______.
A. she will lend me. B. she is going to lend me.
C. she is certain to lend me.
D. she won’t lend me.
108. Which is the best way to offer your visitor a cup of tea?
A. Why don’t you have a cup of tea?
B. Would you mind having a cup of tea?
C. Could you have a cup of tea?
D. Will you have a cup of tea?
109. A _______ is a person or group competing in a final.
A. final
B. finally
C. finalize
D. finalist
110. The loser will be out of the ________ .
A. round
B. tournament
C. meeting
D. tour
111. They were the first Turkish team to win a major cup ______ .
A. contest
B. challenge
C. champion
D. competition
112. The match was eventually won on _____
A. penalties
B. goals
C. draw
D. score
113. I think Germany ____ the gold cup in the next World Cup.
A. will win B. is winning
C. is going to win D. wins
114. The team _____ ready for the next year’s World Cup clash with Italy.
A. will soon B. are being
C. will being
D. are going to be
115. Don’t worry about the letter. I’m sure you ____ it soon.
A. are finding
B. won’t find
C. will find
D. are going to find
116. You said that you _____ leave work early today.
A. will
B. are going to
C. were going to
D. go to
Read the passage below and choose one best answer for each question.
Parks in our country are wonderful playgrounds and millions of people visit them every year. There are
places where you can camp without charge or you can rent rooms in a hotel. You can take a long walk in the
forests, take boat trips, or climb mountains. You are not allowed to hunt in the park, so there are many wild
animals. You can fish in the streams of most of the parks. The park keepers sometimes go with the visitors on
walks to tell them about the animals, plants, and mountains. They also have program and talks at the
campgrounds and in the hotels so that people can learn all about the park and the things that are in it.
1. We can camp in the parks _____________.
A. without having to pay anything B. with a small fee
C. if we rent a room in a hotel
D. if we visit them every year
2. Which of the following activities is not mentioned in the passage?
A. go for a walk
B. go climbing
C. go skiing
D. go by boat
3. The word “ streams ” in line 4 is closest in meaning to ______________.
A. small rivers
B. ponds
C. lakes
D. big sea
4. The word “ them ” in line 5 refers to ______________.
A. parks
B. visitors
C. park keepers
D. animals
5. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
A. There are many animals in the parks.
B. We can walk and have talks with the park keepers.
C. We are allowed to fish in most of the parks.
D. We can hunt in the parks.
Read the passage below and complete the blanks.
World Cup, two international soccer (1) __________ one for men and one for women, each held
every (2) _________years. Both tournaments are the top of international competition in the sport. The women’s
World Cup was first (3) ___________in 1991 and has gained popularity steadily since then. More than 90,000
(4) _________attended the finals of the 1999 tournament- one of the largest crowds ever to witness a

women’s sporting event (5)___________100 nations attempted to qualify for the 2003 event, a 16 team
elimination tournament.
1. A. tours
B. games
C. teams
D. tournament
2. A. four
B. three
C. two
D. five
3. A. taking place
B. happened
C. watched
D. played
4. A. stadiums
B. footballers
C. fans
D. peoples
5. A. Almost
B. Really
C. Most
D. Nearly
Make questions for the underlined parts of the following statements.
1- Every day I go to school by bicycle.
→ __________________________________________________________?
2- Our teacher lives in a small house in this town.
→ __________________________________________________________?
3- The police will come here in ten minutes.
→ __________________________________________________________?
4- The farmers are working in the field now.
→ __________________________________________________________?
5- She went to market to buy some bread.
→ __________________________________________________________?
6- The boy was glad because he was given presents.
→ __________________________________________________________?
7- This hand bag belongs to my friend.
→ __________________________________________________________?
8- We have 3 English classes every week.
→ __________________________________________________________?
9- There are 5 members in my family.
→ __________________________________________________________?
10- It often takes him 15 minutes to go to his office.
→ _____________________________________________________________?
Rewrite the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one.
1. Mary listens to classical music. She wants to feel relaxed.
→ ________________________________________________________________________________
2. Peter practices speaking English. He wants to pass the oral test.
→ _______________________________________________________________________________
3. My mother goes to the grocery. She needs some meat.
→ _______________________________________________________________________________
4. I took my umbrella. I didn't want to get wet.
→ _________________________________________________________________________________
5. My parents save a lot of money. They intend to buy a new house.
→ ___________________________________________________________________________________
6. John telephoned me . He invited me to his birthday party.
→ _________________________________________________________________________________
7. My grandfather does the morning exercises. This makes him stronger.
→ __________________________________________________________________________________
8. He didn't have enough money. He couldn't buy a new motorbike.
→ ________________________________________________________________________________
9. I try to do my best. I don't want to make any mistake.
→ __________________________________________________________________________________
10. I closed the door because I didn't want to be disturbed.
→ ________________________________________________________________________________
Turn these sentenses into the passive voice
1. The teacher corrects our exercises at home.
2. Ali’s absence worried his mother.

3. They are building several new schools in our town.
4. We have made great progress in industry, science and medicine.
5. Sam killed a lion last week.
6. You must hand in your report before the end of this month.
7. He should have finished the report yesterday.
8. The teacher promised Jane a prize if she worked well.
9. Teachers should make lessons more interesting for school children.
10. We shall lock the house up for summer and the old gardener will look after it.
Give the correct forms of participles of verbs in parentheses:
1. It’s quite an (excite)_____________________ game.
2. He is very ( interest)_______________________ in my story.
3. His face looks very (please)______________________
4. You can easily find his house because of its ( distinguish)_____________construction.
5. Her party was pretty (bore) ____________________.
6. I went home early because I felt ( bore) _________________
7. He seems quite ( satisfy)___________________with his new job.
8. He had a ( please)____________________look on his face.
9. When I read it, I felt ( excite) _______________________
10. His views on politics were rather ( surprise) ______________________.
Complete the sentences with “will” or “be going to”
1. Don’t worry about your exam. I’m sure you (pass)_________________________.
2. There are a lot of dark clouds in the sky. It (rain)_____________________________.
3. I’ve bought Mary a present. Do you think she (like) _____________________________ it.
4. Goodbye. I expect we (meet)__________________________ again before long.
5. John’s university course begins in October. He (study)__________________________ engineering.
6. I’ve invited Sue to the party but I don’t think she (come)_____________________________ .
7. Look out! The tree ___________________________(fall).
8. I’m hungry. I ____________________________(eat) this sandwich
9. It’s my sister’s birthday next week. We _________________________(give) her a present.
10. Why don’t you try on this jacket? It (look)________________________nice on you.
1. will pass
2. is going to rain
3. will like
4. will meet
5. is going to study
6. will come
7. is going to fall
8. am going to eat
9. are going to give
10. will look

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