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Research VietNam airline

Vũ Thị Thoại My
How Vietnam Airline Build Their Brand?





In development service, the aviation service is more increase and human
aware to importance of the aviaton. Nowaday, we want to go somewhere
else who think right to VietNam Airline. And the question here is How
Vietnam Airline build their brand to everybody?
Problem Statement
In 1956, Vietnam airline was established. At this time, the size of fyling
team was so small with just 5 airplanes. In the part 20 years, with

consitently average growth rate in double digits, Vietnam airline has been
growing and developing to become a popular brand in the region thanks
to the competitives advantages of morden fleets, extensive airway
networks and servies.
I propose to review the available literature about Vietnam airline. In this
review I will achieve the following two goals:
(1) Explain why Vietnam airline is more development.
(2) Showed Vietnam airline service to lead in Viet Nam.
Activity Plan
1. Strategy Vission and Mission
Slogan: “ Bringing Vietnamese Culture to the World”
Vision: Vietnam airlines set the goal to mantain its position as the best
Airline of Vietnam.
Mission: Being the best means they try to achieve excellent in everything
they do.
The four vital key success elements: Destination, Environment,
Convenience, Reputaion.
2. Operating level activities
Vietnam airline each year, they promote cooperation and service
development in various ways. They have created trust by quality,
financial report each year, ...
Vietnam airline offically became a member of the IATA and confirmed their
international standardlized service. Vietnam airline is brand name nobodynot
know in Viet nam and over world.
Refernces: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vietnam_Airlines

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