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REVISION for The final exam

Teacher : Quỳnh Như
A. Pick out the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.
1. a. passed b. realized c. wished d. touched
2. a. jumped b. picked c. relaxed d. suited
3. a. hooked b. hissed c. traveled d. diminished
4. a. enjoyed b. moved c. achieved d. liked
5. a. wicked b. wanted c. needed d. filled
B. Pick out the word that has the stress pattern different
6. recently b. conduct c. attitude d. marriage
7. a. approval b. attractive c. sacrifice d. romantic
8. a. generation b. American c. preparation d. independent
9. a. conical b. ancestor c. ceremony d. traditional
10. a. banquet b. schedule c. diameter d. blessing
A. Choose the one (A, B, C or D) that best complete each sentence
11. The city centre was packed with thousands of tourists of different races and ___
a. culture b. cultures c. civilization d. civilizations
12. They had a long and _____ marriage

a. happy b. happily c. happiness d. merrily
13. The Parliament members flatly _______ the proposed budget of the following year.
a. deny b. reject c. oppose d, All are correct
14. We had to _____ sacrifices in order to pay for our children’s education.
a. do b. make c. get d. give
15. The economy is regarded as the _____ factor which will determine the outcome of the
general election.
a. decisive b. key c. most d. A & B
16. The law obliges companies _______ decent wages to their employees.
a. pay b. to pay c. paying d. paid
17. I haven’t heard from Maria _________
a. since many months before b. for many months
c. for many months ago d. since a long time
18. This book is so long that I ____________
a. haven’t finished it yet b. haven’t finished it already.
c. still have finished it d. still haven’t finished it already
19. “Are Alice and Tom still living in New York?” “No, they ____ to Dallas.
a. are just moved b. had just moved
c. have just moved d. will just moved
20. “Where is the new stove that you bought yesterday?” “The color didn’t match so I _____ it
to the store.”
a. return b. had returned c. returned d. did return
21. “How are you feeling?” “I’ve been feeling better since ____
a. the doctor has come b. the doctor will come
c. the doctor had come d. the doctor came
22. “What did you do last night?” “I watched TV, practiced the piano, and ____ my homework.”
a. made b. do c. done d. did
23. “I took the TOEFL. It was really hard.” “ ____ a lot before you took it?”
a. Have you studied b. Did you studied
c. Had you studied d. Do you study
24. My father hasn’t smoked cigarettes for a month.
a. It’s a month since my father last smoked cigarettes.
b. It’s a month ago that my father smoked cigarettes.
c. It’s for a month that my father hasn’t smoked cigarettes.
d. It’s a cigarette that my father smoked a month ago.
25. Having finished their work, the workers expected to be paid.
a. The workers expected to be paid because they had finished their work.
b. Having their work finished, the workers expected to be paid.
B. Error Recognition: Choose the underlined part (A, B, C or D ) that is incorrect.
26. Having lived in the United States for two years, Thu used to speaking English with all her
Teacher : Quỳnh Như
27. John used to live in London, but his company had him be transferred to a better position in
28. All the passengers haven’t realized that they were in danger until
they heard the pilot’s announcement.
29. I’ve been being lost one of my keys, I must have dropped it somewhere in the classroom
this morning.
30. French seems very difficult for me, I would prefer study English.
A. Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.
Throughout the world there are different (31) ___ for people to greet each other. In much of
the world, a handshake is the (32) ____ form of welcoming and greeting someone. In many
countries around the Mediterranean Sea a (33) ____ kiss on the cheek is the appropriate way
to welcome friends and family. It can be a very (34) surprise if you expect to shake hands and
get a kiss or a hug instead.
At times, it is difficult to tell what sort of greeting (35) ____ is followed. People may bow, (36)
____ another’s arm or even slap the other person on the back. In some places people just
smile, look at (37) ____ face and say nothing.
Most people in the world are (38) ____ of visitors and don’t mind what travelers do that
seems wrong as long as the visitors are (39) ___. A big part of the (40) _____ of world travel is
experiencing different ____ face and say nothing.
Most people in the world are (38) ____ of visitors and don’t mind what travelers do that
seems wrong as long as the visitors are (39) ___. A big part of the (40) _____ of world travel is
experiencing different
31. a. means b. ways c. methods d. techniques
32. a. different b. unique c. common d. same
33. a. light b. superficial c. fast d. heavy
34. a. huge b. large c. big d. great
35. a. habit b. routine c. custom d. tradition
36. a. take b. grab c. shake d. wave
37. a. each other b. the others c. theirs d. the other’s
38. a. kind b. generous c. tolerant d. independent
39. a. sincere b. truthful c. faithful d. hopeful
40. a. interest b. pleasure c. comfort d. delightfulness
1-My mother ________ the responsibility for running the household chores.
A.Holds B. Takes C. Runs D. Bears
2-Dad is always willing ______ a hand ______cleaning the house.
A.To help/ in B. To join /with C. To give with D. To change /in
3-Whenever problems come _____, we discuss them properly to find solutions quickly.
A. Up B. out C. Down D. Across
4- My responsibility is to wash the dishes and _______ the garbage.
A. Take up B. Get out C. get up D. Take out
5- In my family, both my parents join _______ to give us a nice house and a happy home.
A. Hand B. a hand C. Hands D. Their
6-The _______ that our family members share closely is watching films.
A. Concern B. Interest C. Pleasure D. Entertainment
7-We are a ________ family .Whenever I’m in trouble, I can turn to one of them for help.
A. closely B. Close-knit C. Very close D. B and C
8-We share the house with my mother and father and my wife’s sister and her kids. It is (a)____ family .
A. Nuclear B. Extended C. Crowded D. Single-
9-They are not sisters but they are very ______ of each other.
A. related B. friendly C. Intimate D. Supportive
10- Family is a base from which we can into the world with confidence.
A. part B. Place C. Position D. foundation
11-it is parents’ duty and responsibility to _____ hands to take care of their children and give them a
happy day.
A. shake B. Hold C. join D. take
12-He is a _____ boy. He is often kind and helpful to every classmate.
A. Frank B. Lovely C. Obedient D. Caring
Teacher : Quỳnh Như
13. Doctors are supposed to _______ responsibility for human life.
A. do B. Take C. rush D. Join
14. Billy, come and give me a hand with cooking.
A. help B. Prepared C. Be busy D. attempt
15. My husband and I both go out to work so we share the ______
A. happiness B. Household chores C. responsibility D. employment
16. He was looking at his parents ______, waiting for recommendations.
A. obey B. Obedience C. Obedient D. Obediently
17. He is never willing _____ any personal question.
A. answer B. To answer C. Answering D. Answered
18. Steve is a_____ man. He enjoys being at home with his wife and children.
A. free B. Married D. single D. family
19. Our parents join hands to give us a nice house and a happy home.
A. deal with B. Manage D. help together D. Work together
20. Mark enjoys having fun by causing trouble. He‘s a very ______
A. stubborn B. Mischievous D. Spoiled D. Bright
Test 3
I. Choose the word that has the underlined part is pronounced differently from the
1. A. affidavit B. applicant C. ages D. major
2. A. eligibility B. gear C. encouragement D.
3. A. campus B. fabulous C. financial D.
II. Choose the word whose main stress pattern is placed differently from the
4. A. chemistry B. engineer C. pharmacy D.
5. A. university B. nationality C. examination D.
III. Listen to the recording and choose these following statements that are true (T) or
false (F):
6. _____ In the earliest times children got no education.
7. _____ Adults passed down this knowledge through spoken language.
8. _____ When the world began inventing writing, schools were set up to teach reading,
writing, arithmetic, and other subjects.
9. _____ The first schools were usually just for girls.
10. _____ In the past, there were schools which had differently purposes.
IV. Read the following passage and choose the best option:
In Britain, the availability of higher education has increased greatly in the second half of
the twentieth century. Nevertheless, finding a place in a university in Britain is not easy.
Universities only take the better students. Because of this, and also because of the relatively
high degree of personal supervision of students, nearly all university students are not supposed
to take a job during term time. Unless their parents are rich, students receive a state grant of
money that can cover most of their living expenses.
The Open University in Britain, which was started in 1969, allows people who do not
have the opportunity to go to the university to study for degree. Its courses are taught through
television, radio, especially written textbooks. Students work with their tutors, who discuss their
written work, either at meetings or through correspondence. In the summer, they have to attend
short residential courses of about a week.
11. In Britain, the availability of higher education has increased greatly in ____
A. The eighteenth century.
B. The second half of the nineteenth century.
C. The second half of the twentieth century.
D. The twentieth century.
12. Why don’t most students work part-time while taking their courses at the
A. Because students are highly supervised at the universities.
B. Because state grants money to students from poor families.
C. Because their parents are rich.
D. A & B are correct.
13. _____ can go to the Open University in Britain.
A. People who do not have the opportunity to go to a university to study for a degree.
B. People who have the opportunity to go to a university to study for a degree.
Teacher : Quỳnh Như
C. People who are too poor to go to school.
D. All are correct.
14. They take their courses from____________________________
A. Television B. Radio C. Written textbooks D. All are correct
15. What is the role of tutors in the Open University?
A. They discuss their students’ written work, either at meetings or through correspondence
B. They sing happily
C. They do their research
D. They ask their students to read newspapers
V. Identify the underlined word or phrase A, B, C, or D that must be changed for
sentence to be correct:
16. The smallest things in the universe, are paradoxically, be explored by largest
17. If you had the chance to meet famous writers, what do you ask them?
18. Women were not allowed in participating in more than three events in 1932.
19. Tom told Mary not to interrupt me while he was talking.
VI. Choose the best answer :
20. Son didn’t mean to be disrespectful to his teacher. He just couldn’t control his temper.
A. showing lack of trust. B. showing nervous
C. showing impolite behavior D. showing lack of attention.
21. Many students voluntarily spent their summer holidays teaching illiterate people to
read and write.
A. people who are deaf B. people who don’t know how to read and write
C. people who are too poor to learn D. people who hate learning.
22. When there is famine in the country, the people must ______ the good will of other
countries to provide them with the goods they need.
A. rely on B. rely at C. being replied on D. reply in
23. “When is Mr. Fields planning to retire?”
“Soon, I think. He ____ here for a long time. He’ll probably retire either next year or the
year after that”.
A. worked B. had been working C. has been working D. is working
24. Mary: I have been to Sydney.
Jill: Mary said that she ____ to Sydney.
A. had been B. has been C. was being D. would be
25. A: Do you often speak in front of a large audience?
B: No, that’s why I felt ____ when I spoke in front of my class last week.
A. secure B. insecure C. security D. securely
26. Today, many childhood diseases _____ by early immunization.
A. are preventing B. can prevent C. prevent D. can be
27. Jim isn’t at home right now. If he _____ at home, I ____ him.
A. were/ would visit B. had been/ would have visited
C. is/ will visit D. were/ will visit
28. The boys broke the window when they ___ football
A. played B. were playing C. had played D. are playing
29. In recent years, the government has improved pollution controls on automobile
manufacturers. Both domestic and imported automobiles must ___ anti- pollution devices.
A. equip with B. equip by C. be equipped with D. be
equipped by
30. He was wearing a suit, which was _____ for an informal gathering.
A. unsuitable B. suitably C. suitable D. suit
31. The 1989 San Francisco earthquake ____ 59 deaths and massive property damage.
A. results in B. resulted in C. resulted on D. result at
32. She said that she ____ participating in that event.
A. would be interesting inB. would be interested in
C. was going to D. would be going to
33. If I ____ that Huong had to get up early, I ____ her up.
A. knew/ would wake B. would have known/ had woken
C. had known/ would have woken D. knew/ woke
34. In July, most students in Vietnam take the National Entrance Examinations to enter
higher education institutions.
A. Vocational schools B. high schools
Teacher : Quỳnh Như
C. language schools D. universities
35. He / not / strong / enough / lift / suitcase.
A. He is not enough strong lift the suitcase.
B. He is not strong lift the suitcase.
C. He is not strong enough lift to the suitcase.
D. He is not strong enough to lift the suitcase.
36. A. If you had not supported me, my plan will fail.
B. If you had not supported me, my plan would fail.
C. If you had not supported me, my plan would have failed.
D. If you had not supported me, my plan would failed.
37. Interviewer / wanted / know / conflict / with her son.
A. The interviewer wanted knowing the conflict with her son.
B. The interviewer wanted to know the conflict with her son.
C. The interviewer wanted to know about the conflict with her son.
D. The interviewer wanted know about the conflict with her son.
38. I /had to /live away from / parents / a year / when / I / ten.
A. I had to live away from my parents for a year when I was ten.
B. I had to live away my parents for a year when I was ten.
C. I had to live away from my parents a year when I was ten.
D. I had to live away from my parents for a year when I ten.
39. How long / you / known / these people?
A. How long have you been known these people?
B. How long have you known these people?
C. How long have you know these people?
D. How long have you to know these people?
I. Pronunciation:
A. Pick out the word whose underlined and bold part is pronouced differently from that
of the other words.
1. a. surname b. sure c. surplus d. surface
2. a. nature b. change c. gravity d. basic
3. a. food b. took c. book d. push
B. Pick out the word that has the tress differently from that of the other words.
4. a. subsequent b. undergo c. government d. enterprise
5. a. dominate b. substantial c. agriculture d. national
II. Vocabulary and Structure:
6. Thanks to economic reforms, our city has had a lot of___________
a. roads b. slums c. changes d. apartments
7. There is no bargaining in a(n)________________
a. shopping mall b. market c. big bulding d. course
8. Our main ___________ is to increase sales in europe.
a. aim b. purpose c. intention d. all are correct
9. There are too many people in hochi minh city. It is a (n)_________
a. changed b. crowded c. liked d. moved
10. The government has _________ top priority to reforming the tax system.
a. given b. formed c. planned d. taken.
11. Hai’s case is typical of the “_______ drain” from state to private foreign companies in
vietnam now.
a. eyes b. brain c. hand d. nose
12. Linh decided to _________ a small business to trade in leather shoes.
a. set up b. set off c. set back d. set to
13. This area used to be a (n) _________. People lived in badly built houses.
a. flat b. palace c. cave d. slum
14. The _________ of this university helps offer more opportunities for adult students.
a. establish b. establishmentc. established d. establishing
15. Economic reforms help provide more and better _________ for local people.
a. employ b. employed c. employee d. employment
16. I ________ to new york three times this year.
a. have been b. was c. were d. had been

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