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Tieng Anh cap 3 Alternative inflection

1. Giving the reasons why you should join and act as a Volunteer?
From my best knowledge, volunteer work presents a great opportunity for
teenagers to prepare for the future, as well as to improve their communities. In addition to
improving socializing skills and awareness of local and social issues. High school
students who volunteer often may have many advantages.
First of all, I think we will gain some new skills via volunteer work. In the fact
that, each new volunteer activity comes training from the basic skills which provide high
students to get a great foundation for future success. Another reason I think it is more
important is that taking part in volunteer can show our responsibility through some
activities such helping others person who are unlucky in their life. Finally, volunteer is a
great environment for high student to share and sharpen their feelings and knowledge.
2. Talking about Tet holiday
I would like to talk about the Lunar New Year festival, also known as the Tet
holiday, which is the occasion expected the most by Vietnamese people every year. The
festival usually lasts for around 3-4 days, and it takes place when a new year comes
according to the lunar calendar.
There are some common things that people do during this festival. Perhaps the
most important thing is that in a case of people who work and study in big cities, they
would go back to their hometown to celebrate the new year with their families and
relatives. The new year festival is one of very few occasions that families can gather
together. Another thing that we usually do is that we give children some “lucky money”

with the hope that it will bring fortune to those kids. We also have some other activities
such as making “chung” cake, visiting temples … and so on.
3. Talking about a math competition I took part in or watched.
In my school days, I took part in a math competition in a District Round of
Excellent Student Contest. I had to submit a paper and unluckily, I did not get the First
prize in order to move into the next round of the competition. Finally, I just ranked 4 th top
and got the Participation prize. The main reason for this is due to my mistakes. I did not
clear a regulation of competition. It means that candidate ‘‘Do not use Correction fluid in
the paper test’’. Unfortunately, I forgot this rule and used it in my paper test. Then, I
changed another paper and rewrote the result in a new paper. Then, I concentrated on
doing the next question and wrote the result in the former paper which contained my
mistake. Finally, the time of this competition was over and I submitted the first paper. As
a result, I just got such the above prize. Although I did not get an unexpected result, it
also left me a strong impression of this competition, had an experience and created a new
motivation for my studying.

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