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letter of complaint good expressions

1. Letter of complaint following the delivery of goods
a. Refer to order

b. Explain what the
problem is.

c. Ask the supplier to
take action.
If possible, suggest
a solution.

d. Request response.


1. We have received today the consignment as per our order 765YT dated 16 May.
2. We are writing to complain about the consignment of ... we have received from
3. We are writing with reference to our order No. 56439 for 250 garden tables.
4. On checking the contents of the delivery, we found that some had been damaged.
5. We regret to inform you that the boxes in which the clothes where packed were

damaged in transit.
6. Checking the content against your invoice we estimate that 30 coats have been
7. When we examined the shoes, we discovered that the leather is not up to the
standard of the sample you sent us.
8. We regret to say that some of the material is of very poor quality and the colour is
of a different shade from the one we ordered.
9. When we unpacked the items we found that they were of a completely different
type from the once we ordered.
10. On examining the goods we noticed that 100 items were dispatched instead of
150 as we had requested.
11. We regret to have to inform you that 35 items are missing, although both the
packing list and the invoice enter the correct number of items.
12. As you arranged for shipment, we suggest that you get in touch with the
forwarding company responsible for delivery.
13. We are prepared to accept the consignment despite the inferior quality of the
goods, provided you grant us a 15% reduction in price.
14. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible and let us know what we should do
whit the consignment.
15. Would you make arrangements with your forwarding agent to send us the correct
consignment as soon as possible and pick up the wrongly delivered goods?
16. The best solution would probably be for us to return the wrong items to you.
17. We look forward to receiving a response to our complaint.
18. We would appreciate a prompt reply from you.
19. We look forward to receiving your comments on our proposal.

2. Replies to complaints following the delivery of goods
a. Acknowledge
receipt of complaint
and express regret.
b. Provide suitable

c. Indicate solution to
the problem.
d. Apologize again and
refer to future
business relations.



20. In response to your fax of 5 November, we were surprised to hear that you were
not satisfied with the consignment of handbags which we sent you last week.
21. We were very sorry to hear that you were delivered the incorrect type of goods.
22. We were very surprised to learn that you received 200 items instead of the 250
you had ordered.
23. The damage may have resulted from inadequate packing.
24. We checked with our packing department and they assured us that they followed
your detailed instructions regarding how the goods were to be packed.
25. However, we would like to point out that the models were based on the design
you sent us and that they had been approved by your Creative Director.
26. The wrong delivery was due to a mistake in our dispatch department.
27. The mistakes were due to faults in our computer which have now been put right.
28. We have taken up the matter with the manufacturers who have assured us that
they will tighten their quality control procedures.
29. We are sending you 40 jackets to replace those which were damaged. You should
receive them by the end of the week.
30. We apologize again for any inconvenience caused by this delay. We can assure you
that your future orders will receive our most careful attention.
31. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience and hope that an accident of this
nature will not happen again.

Prepared by Ms. Ta Thanh Hien

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