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Bai tap viet lai cau cuc hay cuc hot by le van hau

Vietnam National University
Teacher: Lê Văn Hâu

Email: levanhaunnk46@gmail.com

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Rewrite each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the original sentence.
1. I didn’t have enough money, so I couldn’t go to Austrslia.
Because _______________________________________________________________________________________
2. He is too young to go to school.
He is very young, so ______________________________________________________________________________
3. The test was so long that I couldn’t finish it in an hour.
Because of _____________________________________________________________________________________
Because the test ________________________________________________________________________________
4. Because the weather was awful, we had to cancel our picnic.
If it hadn’t been for _____________________________________________________________________________

5. Nga went to bed early because she was very tired after her trip.
Nga was very tired after her trip, __________________________________________________________________
6. He practices running every day because he wants to be a good runner.
In order to ____________________________________________________________________________________
7. She was ill, so she went to bed early.
Owing to ______________________________________________________________________________________
8. She couldn’t read the books because of not having enough time.
Because ______________________________________________________________________________________
9. He left school because of his hard life.
As his life _____________________________________________________________________________________
10. She can’t work hard because of her age.
Her age prevents _______________________________________________________________________________
11. I couldn’t see anything since it was very dark.
It was ________________________________________________________________________________________
12. Nam failed the exam because of his laziness.
Nam’s laziness made ____________________________________________________________________________
13. We spend the whole day in the garden because of lovely weather.
Because ______________________________________________________________________________________
14. Nobody can do this test because of its difficulty.
Because ______________________________________________________________________________________
15. The road is narrow, so two cars can’t pass each other.
Because of ____________________________________________________________________________________
16. He talks so much in class. He can’t understand the lessons.
If ____________________________________________________________________________________________
17. The chair is so heavy that he can’t move it.
It is such_______________________________________________________________________________________
18. He had a light breakfast and then went to work.
After __________________________________________________________________________________________
19. I can’t go to her wedding because I am not arrived.
20. The test is so difficult that I can’t finish it on time.
The test is too __________________________________________________________________________________
The test isn’t ___________________________________________________________________________________
I can’t_________________________________________________________________________________________
The test is very difficult, __________________________________________________________________________

21. He is too short to play bestketball.
He isn’t________________________________________________________________________________________
He is so________________________________________________________________________________________
If he___________________________________________________________________________________________
22. Tom was very lazy. He passed the final exam as well.
23. He tried hard but he wasn’t successful.
In spite of______________________________________________________________________________________
24. Nam will pass the exam because he studies hard.
Because of_____________________________________________________________________________________
25. As her mother was very sick, she couldn’t come to the meeting.
Because of_____________________________________________________________________________________
Her mother was very sick,_________________________________________________________________________
26. Although it rained heavily, we went to the concert last night.
Despite ________________________________________________________________________________________
27. Lan is very tired but she has to finish her homework before going to bed.
Lan is very tired. ________________________________________________________________________________
28. He ran to the station because he wanted to catch the train.
In order _______________________________________________________________________________________
He ran to the station so __________________________________________________________________________
29. The boy turned the radio so that he could listen to the football news.
So as to _______________________________________________________________________________________
30. She walked slowly because her leg was injured.
Because of ____________________________________________________________________________________
31. The children came to school in time despite the heavy rain.
Although it ____________________________________________________________________________________
32. John is very poor, so he can’t buy a bike for himself.
If ____________________________________________________________________________________________
33. I’ll call the police if you don’t leave me alone.
Unless ________________________________________________________________________________________
34. We didn’t go to the concert last night because we were busy.
If we _________________________________________________________________________________________
35. My mother has already watched this movie.
This movie ____________________________________________________________________________________
36. Ba didn’t review his lessons carefully, so he failed the 1 st term exam.
If Ba__________________________________________________________________________________________
37. Because he worked hard, he is loved by his employer.
Because of_____________________________________________________________________________________
38. She said, “I moved to this city five week ago”
She said that ___________________________________________________________________________________
39. We began learning English five years ago.
We have ______________________________________________________________________________________
40. Although he is old, he is very strong.
In spite of_____________________________________________________________________________________
41. I am very busy. I can’t go to the cinema with you tonight.
If I ___________________________________________________________________________________________
42. I didn’t know you were coming Hanoi. That’s why I went on holiday.
If ____________________________________________________________________________________________
43. Mother entered the room quietly. She didn’t want to wake up her baby.
In order________________________________________________________________________________________
44. We didn’t recognize him until he came into light.
It was_________________________________________________________________________________________
Not until______________________________________________________________________________________

45. I didn’t know how to use a computer until I was teen.
It was not _____________________________________________________________________________________
Not till________________________________________________________________________________________
46. He didn’t hurry, so he missed the train.
If ____________________________________________________________________________________________
47. My brother didn’t leave the car keys, so I couldn’t pick him up at the station.
If my brother___________________________________________________________________________________
48. He plays the guitar for a small group so that he can earn some extra money.
To ___________________________________________________________________________________________
49. Henry left before we reached the hotel.
By the time_____________________________________________________________________________________
50. It’s a long time since I last went to the movie theater.
I haven’t_______________________________________________________________________________________
Each sentence below contains an error. Underline it and write the correct answer in the space provided.
1. I was meeting Tom and Ann at the airport a few weeks ago.
2. The students are hearing rumours about their teacher’s engagement for a week.
3. The family was at the hospital since they heard about the accident.
4. By the time Bob unlocked the door and got into his apartment, the phone has already stopped ringing.
5. As soon as Thu will graduate, he is going to returnto his hometown.
6. It’s better to advoid to travel during the rush hours.
7. If he had attended the meeting yesterday, he could meet her former manager.
8. She asked her friend what would he do the following day.
9. This boy is used to get up early.
10. If you move quiet, you can see small wild animals in this sea.
11. Jack is a friend of mine. I’ve known him since a long time.
12. I asked the receptionist for help, but he couldn’t give me many informations.
13. Nobody is blaming for the fact that the meeting was cancelled
14. My sister types slowlier than two other secretaries in her office.
15. He has less friends in his class than he had last year.
16. We’d had given you a lift if you hadn’t had your bike with you.
17. Bythe end of the 21st century, scientists will discover the cure for common cold.
18. The bank lent us money for a down payment, so now we are owning the house we used to rent.
19. It began to rain while Jack and I walked to school this morning.
20. Mary has circles under her eyes because she has been sleeping only 2 hours last night.
21. Normally Mike finishes work at 5 o’clock, but this week he works until 6.00 to earn a bit more money.
22. Do you think you will still do the same job in 12 years’ time?
23. I couldn’t understand why they were all laughing about me.
24. I woke up frightened after I dreamed for falling off the roof of the building.
25. When Tom lost his job, it took him several weeks to get by the shock.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------THE END-------------------------------------------------------------------------

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