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Trọn bộ 100 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm phrasal verbs hay gặp trong kỳ thi THPT QG












(Kèm đáp án và giải thích)

The students were slow to catch _____, but gradually they
began to understand.
A. in
B. on
C. away
D. out
Through the dense fog in the habour, the captain and crew
were barely able to _____ the lights on the dock.
A. see out
B. make out
C. look up
D. go ahead
Fiona is not very bright and has to work hard to _____ up
with the rest of the class.
A. keep
B. bear
C. stay
D. hold
Rebecca _____ on our conversation to tell us that James had
just been rushed to hospital.
A. cut in
B. faced up
C. broke up
D. got ahead
When she died, she gave _____ all her money to a charity
for cats.
A. on
B. off
C. out
D. away
They have changes the wording on the package to _____ the
new regulations.
A. comply with
B. take up

C. call up
D. come to
Learning English isn't so difficult once you _____.
A. get down to it
B. get off it
C. get on it
D. get down with it
When Mr. Spendthrift ran out of money, he _____ his
mother for help.
A. fell behind
B. fell in with
C. fell upon
D. fell back on
The water company will have to _____ off water supplies
while repairs to the pipes are carried out.
A. take
B. cut
C. break
D. set

* KEY: B
* Catch on (= Understand): Hiểu được, nắm

* KEY: B
* Make out sth: Nhìn thấy, nhận ra cái gì

* KEY: A
* Keep up with sb: Theo kịp ai, không thua
kém ai

* KEY: A
* Cut in: Nói xen vào

* KEY: D
* Give sth away: Cho đi cái gì

* KEY: A
* Comply with sth: Tuân theo, tuân thủ theo cái
gì đó

* KEY: A
* Get down to sth: Nghiêm túc làm việc gì

* KEY: D
* Fall back on sb/sth: Phải cầu đến, phải nhờ
đến ai/cái gì

* KEY: C
* Cut sth off: Ngừng cung cấp cái gì (điện,













At first they refused but I managed to _____ them round to
my way of thinking.
A. put
B. force
C. push
D. bring
Before he goes to bed, me makes sure all the taps are _____
off tightly.
A. stopped
B. shut
C. closed
D. dripped
Adam is so tall he really stands _____ in a crowd.
A. up
B. over
C. out
D. above
Half the people in the office have _____ a strange illness.
A. gone in for
B. gone along with
C. gone through with
D. gone down with
The police are going to _____ him very carefully.
A. check up on
B. catch up on
C. hold out for
D. run away with
Mr Jones gave his sons some money to _____ them up in
A. get
B. set
C. put
D. make
The teacher _____ the harder parts of the story.
A. cleared away
B. cleared out
C. cleared up
D. cleared off
The sky looks lighter. I think the weather is _____.
A. clearing away
B. clearing
C. bettering
D. clearing up
Do you mind if I _____ with my work while you are getting
tea ready?
A. turn to
B. carry out
C. come on
D. carry on
If you would like to wait a moment, sir, I will just _____
your file on the computer screen.
A. call up
B. pull down
C. bring in
D. pick up
I can lend you five pounds to help you _____ until you've
had time to go to the bank.
A. out
B. up

* KEY: D
* Bring sb round (to sth): Thuyết phục ai đó
(về điều gì đó)

* KEY: B
* Shut (sth) off: Khóa (máy nước); tắt, ngắt, cắt

* KEY: C
* Stand out: Nổi bật

* KEY: D
* Go down with sth: Bị mắc bệnh gì đó

* KEY: A
* Check up on sb: Theo dõi để nắm được ai
đang làm gì
* KEY: B
* Set sb up: Cung cấp tiền cho ai

* KEY: C
* Clear sth up: Làm sáng tỏ điều gì đó

* KEY: D
* Clear up: (Thời tiết) Mây, mưa dần biến mất

* KEY: D
* Carry on (= Continue): Tiếp tục

* KEY: A
* Call sth up: Gợi nhớ điều gì; Truy xuất thông
tin được lưu trữ trên máy tính

* KEY: A
* Help sb out: Giúp ai đó vượt qua khó khăn












C. by
D. on
The completion of the tunnel has been held _____ owing to a
C over
D up
You should have _____ your composition carefully before
you handed in it.
A. seen through
B. though of
C. looked in
D. gone over
I couldn't hear what Angel was trying to tell me over the
telephone, so I asked him to _____.
A. get up
B. do up
C. speak up
D. call up
When we _____ the taxi, I noticed that the metre already
had 7,50 YTL written on it.
A. got up
B. got into
C. got down
D. got on
The decided to _____ down their original plans for the
house and make it smaller.
A. change
B. scale
C. play
D. climb
The Russian writer Lev Tolstoy _____ his experiences as a
soldier in the Caucasus when he wrote his novella Hadji
A. drew on
B. picked up
C. crossed over
D. thought back
In the Novella, Hadji Murat is an important figure among
the Chechens but he_____ the main leader Sheikh Shamil
following an argument.
A. sets apart from
B. falls out with
C. cuts back on
D. keeps out of
I want you to _____ these instructions carefully.
A. take up
B. turn up
C. put out
D. carry out
Poor me! She is the one in charge of our team, so I have to
play _____ all her odd ideas.
A. along with
B. at
C. about
D. off against
I think they are going to have a fight againts each other.
They go _____ each other furiously.

* KEY: D
* Hold up (=delay): Đình trệ, trì hoãn

* KEY: D
* Go over: Xem kĩ lại

* KEY: C
* Speak up: Nói to lên

* KEY: B
* Get into: Vào

* KEY: B
* Scale sth down: Làm cho cái gì trở nên nhỏ đi

* KEY: A
* Draw on: Sử dụng, tận dụng

* KEY: B
* Fall out with: Bất hòa

* KEY: D
* Carry out: Thực hiện

* KEY: A
* Play along with: Làm cái mà người khác yêu
cầu bạn làm

* KEY: A
* Go at sb = Attack sb: Tấn công ai












A. at
B. in
C. to
D. on
It's not fair the way my sister is always _____ for special
A. singled out
B. picked out
C. taken on
D. laid aside
On hearing the news she fainted and it was half an hour
before she _____ again.
A. came up
B. came round
C. came over
D. came forward
I think a couple of coffees will _____ off the meal nicely.
A. go
B. send
C. round
D. wear
Their enthusiasm for the new plan has _____ out.
A. gone
B. died
C. failed
D. disappeared
We had intended to go out last night, but we were so tired
that we didn't _____ and we stayed at home at last.
A. fight off
B. try it out
C. feel up to
D. get through
What chemical is this? It's _____ a horrible smell.
A. giving over
B. giving off
C. giving down
D. giving up
During one of his sea voyages, the Italian navigator Alise
Cadamcsto _____ the Cape Verde Islands.
A. came across
B. ran out
C. get up
D. keep to
The prices at the restaurant across the road have _____
twice already this year soon. I won't
be able to afford to eat there.
A. done in
B. gone up
C. got over
D. put on
She _____ a red jacket on.
A. had
B. wore
C. dressed
D. got
The frightened horse began to _____ away from the snake.
A. shy
B. fear
C. throw

* KEY: A
* Single out sb/sth for sth: Lựa chọn ai/cái gì
cho cái gì

* KEY: B
* Come round: Tỉnh lại

* KEY: C
* Round off: Làm thỏa mãn, làm trọn vẹn

* KEY: B
* Die out: Phai nhạt dần, tắt dần

* KEY: C
* Feel up to sth: Có sức mà làm cái gì

* KEY: B
* Give off: Bốc mùi

* KEY: A
* Come across: tình cờ đi qua

* KEY: B
* Go up: Tăng lên

* KEY: A
* Have sth on: Đang mặc cái gì

* KEY: A
* Shy away from sth: Né tránh/trốn tránh thứ gì













D. tip
The possibility of our suffering a major defeat cannot be
_____ out.
A. rubbeb
B. erased
C. stroke
D. ruled
The Second World War _____ in 1939.
A. took out
B. turned up
C. broke out
D. brought about
The team were eager to make _____ the loss of the previous
A. away with
B. off with
C. up for
D. up with
How would you know an Englishman_______ an American.
A. by
B. out of
C. from
D. with
When he died, he left his family well provided _____.
A. with
B. by
C. for
D. on
The government is putting _____ some radical social
A. forward
B. in
C. through
D. off
However, the Russians treat him suspiciously, so he _____
the Russians fortress in order to return to the mountains.
A. gets away with
B. breaks out of
C. cracks down on
D. holds out for
Lions tend to _______ on large animals.
A. hunt
B. kill
C. chase
D. prey
The doctor asked Mr. Brown to keep _____ fried food
because of high amount of fat.
A. off
B. at
C. back
D. up
In their latest attack, terrorists have attempted to blow
_____ the White House.
A. through
B. over
C. up
D. down
The man who lives opposite us sometimes comes _____ for
a cup of coffee.

* KEY: D
* Rule out (= exclude): Loại trừ, loại bỏ

* KEY: C
* Break out: nổ ra, bùng nổ

* KEY: C
* Make up for sth: Đền bù cho cái gì

* KEY: C
* Know sb from sb: Phân biệt ai với ai

* KEY: C
* Provide for sth: Dự định trong tương lai

* KEY: A
* Put sth forward: Đưa ra thứ gì đó

* KEY: B
* Break out of: Trốn khỏi

* KEY: D
* Prey on: Săn mồi

* KEY: A
* Keep off: Tránh xa

* KEY: C
* Blow (sth/sb) up: Đánh bom (ai/cái gì)

* KEY: C
* Come over: Ghé chơi












A. off
B. to
C. over
D. on
I won't _____ these excuses any longer! I demand to see the
A. put up with
B. put off against
C. put up for
D. put off with
He said he would contribute money but later he backed
_____ of it.
A. down
B. away
C. off
D. out
Don't forget to _____ your clocks _____ by one hour
tonight, as it's the last Saturday in October.
A. clear-up
B. put-down
C. count-in
D. set-back
In the novel Zeno's Conscience, Zeno Cosini _____ some
events of his life at the insistence of his psychoanalyst
A. comes down with
B. looks back on
C. gets by with
D. drops out of
If you want to be sure of receiving a copy of the magazine. I
suggest you _____ an annual subscription.
A. put down
B. take out
C. write off
D. send up
Camille____the chance to play Joan of Arc in the local
theatre's production of Saint Joan,
saying that she wouldn't be able to attend the rehearsals
A. set off
B. pulled away
C. turned down
D. rolled out
Jane's very modest, always _____ her success.
A. playing down
B. turning around
C. keeping down
D. pushing back
If you have anything important to do , do it straight away.
Don't put it _____.
A. on
B. off
C. over
D. up
I agree with most of what you said, but I can't _____ your
idea of letting children leave school at 14.
A. catch up with
B. keep up with
C. go along with
D. put up with
The plane from Dallas _____ two hours late ,so I missed my

* KEY: A
* Put up with: Chịu đựng

* KEY: D
* Back out: Nuốt lời

* KEY: D
* Set back: Đặt lại đồng hồ

* KEY: B
* Look back on: Nhớ lại

* KEY: B
* Take out: Nhận được , được cấp, phát (bằng,
giấy phép giấy đăng kí,...)

* KEY: C
* Turn down: Từ chối

* KEY: A
* Play down: Xem nhẹ

* KEY: B
* Put off (=deplay): Ngưng, trì hoãn

* KEY: C
* Go along with sb/sth (= Agree with sb/sth):
Đồng ý với ai đó/cái gì đó

* KEY: D












connecting flight from Frankfurt to London.
A. took on
B. took in
C. take over
D. took off
_____ a minute! I can't find my key.
A. Keep on
B. Hold on
C. Go on
D. Carry on
The taxi drew _____ at the gate promptly at six o'clock.
A. up
B. along
C. outside
D. over
Behaviourists argue that the ideas of Sigmund Freud are
not _____ by scientific evidence, and therefore, they reject
A. run up
B. added up
C. thought up
D. backed up
We had to get a bank loan when the money finally _____.
A. gave in
B. gave off
C. gave over
D. gave out
It’s difficult to tell twins _____.
A. on
B. out
C. apart
D. over
The baby was not pleased with all the last three nurses, but
she _____ her new nurse at once.
A. took over
B. took up
C. took on
D. took to
It takes about 2 hours, so we should _____ at about six
A. get in
B. get in it
C. get it in
D. get on
The fall of the dictatorship of Miguel Primo de Rivera ____
the establishment of the Second Spanish Republic.
A. set down
B. took up
C. pointed out
D. brought about
When the city of La Rochelle was besieged by French forces,
it managed to _____ them _____ for over a year before it
A. see-through
B. hold-off
C. put-on
D. wear-out
I can’t say we’re friends. Actually, I don’t _____ with him
very well.

* Take off: (Máy bay) Cất cánh

* KEY: B
* Hold on: Đợi

* KEY: A
* Draw up (= Pull up; Stop): Đỗ xe

* KEY: D
* Back up: Ủng hộ

* KEY: D
* Give out: Hết sạch, cạn sạch

* KEY: C
* Tell apart: Phân biệt

* KEY: D
* Take to (= Like): Thích

* KEY: A
* Get in: Đến nơi

* KEY: D
* Bring about: Dẫn đến, mang đến

* KEY: B
* Hold off: Chống cự

* KEY: D
* Get on (well) with sb: Có mối quan hệ tôt với












A. get up
B. get in
C. get by
D. get on
The effect of the painkiller is ____ and I begin to feel the
soreness again.
A. turning out
B. doing without
C. fading away
D. wearing off
His emotional problems _____ from the attitudes he
encountered as a child, I think.
A. stem
B. flourish
C. root
D. sprout
I don’t think he will get _____ the shock in a short period of
A. over
B. through
C. by
D. off
I’m not sure how old he is but he must be _____ for 70.
A. going off
B. going by
C. getting up
D. getting on
Mary is very _____ up and thinks she is superior to her
A. turned
B. get
C. stuck
D. fed
The smell of the sea _____ his childhood.
A. took him in
B. took after
C. took him back to
D. took it for granted
Their tưacher told them to_____ up their quarrel ang be
friends again.
A. stitch
B. mend
C. sew
D. patch
You'd better _____ your cigarette as it is extremely
dangerous to smoke in a petrol station.
A. put out
B. hang up
C. hold up
D. pull through
His words _____ up the image of a tropical paradise in my
A. supposed
B. conjured
C. introduced
D. suggested
I’m surprised to hear that Wendy and Harry have _____.
They seemed very happy together when I saw them in
Munich last month.


D wear off : mất dần tác dụng

* KEY: A
* Stem from: Bắt nguồn từ

* KEY: A
* Get over (= Overcome): Giải quyết, đưa việc
gì vào tầm kiểm soát

* KEY: D
* Get on: Xấp xỉ, khoảng

* KEY: C
* Stuck up: Ngông nghênh ngạo mạn tự cao tự

* KEY: C
* Take sb back to sth: Làm cho ai nhớ về

* KEY: D
* Patch up: Làm lành

* KEY: A
* Put out (= Extinguish): Dập (điếu thuốc)

* KEY: B
* Conjure up: Gợi lên

* KEY: C
* Split up: Chia tay












A. ended up
B. separate
C. split up
D. finished up
I don’t really _____ winter sports very much.
A. deal with
B. face up to
C. go in for
D. get round to
It's not fair the way my sister is always _____ for special
A. singled out
B. picked out
C. taken on
D. laid aside
They had to _____ the match because of the rain.
A. call off
B. call up
C. call in
D. call on
One of the most miserable things that millions of families
have to suffer from wars is that wars have set brother _____
A. against
B. about
C. apart
D. with
The government decided to _____ down on income tax
A. press
B. crack
C. push
D. snap
Wilson had made _____ an alibi for the time of the robbery.
A. over
B. up
C. into
D. out
When her milionaire father died, she came _____ a fortune.
A. for
B. at
C. into
D. with
He’ll be very upset if you _____ his offer of help.
A. turn away
B. turn from
C. turn down
D. turn against
Joe is an orphan. He was brought _____ by his aunt.
A. About
B. up
C. around
D. on
After the police had questioned him for 12 hours, Higgins
broke _____ and confessed.
A. down
B. up
C. out
D. through

* KEY: C
* Go in for ( = Participate in): Tham gia vào

* KEY: A
* Single out sb/sth for sth: Lựa chọn ai/cái gì
cho cái gì

* KEY: A
* Call off (= Cancel): Hủy bỏ

* KEY: A
* Set sb against sb: Làm cho ai cãi vã, chống
đối ai

* KEY: B
* Crack down on: Đàn áp thẳng tay

* KEY: B
* Make sth up: Bịa đặt ra cái gì, dựng chuyện

* KEY: C
* Come into = Inherit: Thừa kế

* KEY: C
* Turn down: Từ chối

* KEY: B
* Bring sb up: Nuôi nấng, chăm sóc ai

* KEY: A
* Break down: Kiệt sức, suy nhược (sức khỏe,
tinh thần,…)











I know the dress is too long, but we can easily _____ it up.
A. bring
B. take
C. make
D. get
When Tet holiday comes, Vietnamese people often feel
inclined to _____ their houses.
A. do up
B. do in
C. do over
D. do through
Politicians frequently _____ a lot of criticism.
A. come out in
B. catch up with
C. come in for
D. get up to
Have a piece of chocolate. I think there's enough of it to
A. go down
B. go away with
C. go up
D. go round
It usually takes a little while to _____ in a new flat.
A. settle up
B. settle on
C. settle down
D. settle through
It was the third time in six months that the bank had been
held _____.
A. over
B. up
C. out
D. down
Arm terrorists are reported to have taken _____ the
A. up
B. to
C. into
D. over
No one liked the lecturer, so there was a gradual _____ in
attendance at his lectures.
A. fall-through
B. fall-out
C. fall-off
D. fall-in
The police are going to look _____ the disappearance of the
A. around
B. into
C. through
D. after

* KEY: B
* Take sth up: Làm ngắn lại

* KEY: A
* Do up sth = Decorate sth: Trang hoàng, trang
trí cái gì đó

* KEY: C
* Come in for sth: Gánh chịu trách nhiệm,
chịu sự chỉ trích

* KEY: D
* Go round: Chia đều, phân phát

* KEY: C
* Settle down: An cư lạc nghiệp

* KEY: B
* Hold up: Ngưng, trì hoãn

* KEY: D
* Take over: Tiếp quản, kế tục

* KEY: A
* Fall-though: Thất bại, không đi đến kết quả

* KEY: B
* Look into (= Investigate): Điều tra


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