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Number 1. What is your date of birth?
A. May 15th, 1989.
B. Sunday.
C. 1989.
Number 2. What time is your appointment with Mr. Choi?
A. It's at 2 p.m. this afternoon.
B. It's on the 24th.
C. It's at his office.
Number 3. What is Mr. James like?
A. He's quite tall.
B. He's very gentle.
C. He likes to ride his bike.
Number 4. What can I do for you?
A. Nothing. I'm just looking.
B. I can't do it by myself.
C. Yes, I'd appreciate it.
Number 5. What do you think of our new manager?
A. He seems to be very experienced.
B. His name is Joe Butler.

C. Yes, I agree that he's strict.
Number 6. What's your apartment number?
A. New York Avenue.
B. It's P-068.
C. My country code is 206.
Number 7. What are you doing on Saturday?
A. I visited my parents.
B. I'm going to a wedding party.
C. I could do housework very well.

Number 8. What does your new manager look like?
A. He is addicted to gambling.
B. She's very friendly.
C. She's tall and slim.
Number 9. What did you do before switching over to this job?
A. I used to be an accountant.
B. I am working for a law firm.
C. I used the subway.
Number 10. What's the fastest way to get to the airport from here?
A. It's about 20 miles.
B. Take Highway 45.
C. There is an airport in this city.
Number 1. What do you think is wrong with the photocopier?
A. That is not right.
B. I need 3 copies, please.
C. It may be out of ink.
Number 2. What did you think of the show?
A. I’ll show you the results later.
B. Shall we go tomorrow.
C. I was satisfied with it.
Number 3. What was your doctor’s recommendation?
A. Yes, I think you’re right.
B. A friend recommended a restaurant.
C. Changing to a healthier diet.
Number 4. What kind of position are you applying for?
A. That position is a bit high.
B. Four of them.
C. A clerical one.
Number 5. What should we order for lunch?
A. No, thanks, I’m fine.
B. How about Korean food.
C. I'd like to go, please.
Number 6. What kind of work does Ms. Alice do?
A. Yes, I like to walk.

B. She’s a computer programmer.
C. It’s very kind of you.
Number 7. What did you decide about the fax machine?
A. We’re going to buy a new one.
B. There was a power cut yesterday.
C. I sent you a fax last weekend.
Number 8. What time does the staff meeting start?
A. In the conference room.
B. At 3 o’clock, I think.
C. Sorry, I can't make it.
Number 9. What's the difference between those 2 supermarkets?
A. They are very different from each other.
B. They're about 500 meters from here.
C. This one usually has lower prices.
Number 10. What about the monthly sales report?
A. I'll finish it tomorrow.
B. The resort is lovely.
C. There are many kinds of reports.

Number 1. How long will our Christmas vacation be?
A. It’s about two weeks.
B. It’s from Dec. 25th.
C. I’m looking forward to our vacation.
Number 2. How often do you get paid?
A. I get $600 a week.
B. Once a month.
C. Copy pages from 1 to 5 for me, please.

Number 3. How many copies of this document do you need?
A. It’s a documentary film.
B. You should have a look at this document.
C. I'd like 25, please.
Number 4. How long did you work at VNPT corporation?
A. VNPT is a big corporation.
B. For approximately 4 years so far.
C. I want to work for VNPT Corporation.
Number 5. How is your new job?
A. I applied for the position of office manager.
B. I started last week.
C. I have to say there is nothing better.
Number 6. How many times has the copier broken today?
A. We need to get a new one.
B. I have just called the repairman.
C. It’s happened five times.
Number 7. How far is it from the office to the bank?
A. It's on the left.
B. It's only 2 blocks away.
C. It's opposite the post office.
Number 8. How often does the bus number 26 run?
A. It will come in 10 minutes.
B. I often go on that bus.
C. There is one every 15 minutes.
Number 9. How long will Mr. John be in Japan?
A. Japan is a developed country.
B. He will leave tomorrow.
C. He will be there for about one week.
Number 10. How many employees are in your department?
A. Our company has many departments.
B. Many employees are very young.

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