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101. Can you explain all
the ..... I see on my pay
(A) deduct
(B) deductions
(C) deductibles
(D) deducting

To deduct [often passive] To
deduct sth (from sth) to take
away money, points, etc. from
a total amount
SYN  To subtract:
Ex: The cost of your uniform
will be deducted from your

Deductions (n) the process of

taking an amount of sth,
especially money, away from a
total; the amount that is taken
Ex: Deductions from your pay
for tax, etc. Tax deductions

Deductible (adj.) that can be
taken away from an amount
of money you earn, from tax,
Ex: These costs are deductible
from profits. Tax-deductible
expenses (= that you do not
have to pay tax on)

102. I’m sorry, but this area is
..... to bank personnel only.
(A) restricted
(B) restriction
(C) restrict
(D) restricts

To restrict sth (to sb) to
control sth with rules or laws:
Ex: Access to the club is
restricted to members only.

Restriction (on sth) a rule or
law that limits what you can
do or what can happen:
import / speed / travel, etc.

103. The human resources
manager hasn’t arrived ....., so
please have a seat.
(A) already
(B) still
(C) soon
(D) yet

104. Management has ..... to
make a reasonable offer at the
next contract bargaining
(A) promises
(B) promise
(C) promised
(D) promising

To promise sth (to sb) | To
promise sb sth
To tell sb that you will
definitely do or not do sth, or
that sth will definitely
[v to inf] The college principal
promised to look into the

105. Employees are ..... to put
in for vacation time at least
two months in advance.
(A) requested
(B) referred
(C) rejected
(D) reported

106. The sales manager didn’t
care for our ..... about last
quarter’s sales slump.
(A) remarking
(B) remarkable
(C) remarked
(D) remarks

Remark (n) something that
you say or write which
expresses an opinion, a
thought, etc. about sb/sth
SYN  comment:
to make a remark

To remark (on / upon sth/sb) |
remark (how … ) to say or
write a comment about sth/sb
 SYN  To comment

Remarkable (for sth) |
remarkable (that … ) (adj.)
unusual or surprising in a way
that causes people to take
SYN  astonishing

107. My cousin’s ..... advice
about selling our stock saved
us thousands.
(A) amazingly
(B) amazed
(C) amazing
(D) amazement

108. I’m surprised ..... how
fast customers get served in
this restaurant.
(A) on
(B) at
(C) in
(D) for

109. In order to get a ....., you
must bring in the defective
product with a valid receipt.
(A) reimbursement
(B) premium
(C) duplication
(D) refund

Defective (adj.) having a fault
or faults; not perfect or
SYN  faulty:
defective goods

Premium (n)
1. an amount of money that you
pay once or regularly for an
insurance policy:
a monthly premium of £6.25
2. an extra payment added to

the basic rate:
You have to pay a high
premium for express delivery.

To duplicate
1. [often passive] to make an exact
copy of sth:
a duplicated form
2. to do sth again, especially when
it is unnecessary:
There’s no point in duplicating
work already done 
Duplication (n) [U, C]

110. Ms. Kim is learning
Russian ..... she can
communicate with her new
father-in- law.
(A) so that
(B) because
(C) although
(D) then

111. The CFO believes that
a ..... large volume of sales is
the reason we are out of the
(A) surprised
(B) surprising
(C) surprisingly
(D) surprise

112. Making decisions about
layoffs isn’t ..... our
supervisor’s job description.
(A) within
(B) into
(C) about
(D) inside

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