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1. Most of (A) the flights to
Florida was overbooked (B)
since it was the holiday
season, and there (C) were
heavy snowstorms predicted
(D) in the North.

To overbook to sell more
tickets on a plane or reserve
more rooms in a hotel than
there are places available:
Ex: The flight was heavily

2. The customer (A) was
advised (B) that he will fill out

(C) the warranty and that he
should send it (D) directly to
the manufacturer.

To fill sth out = To fill sth in 

Warranty (n) a written
agreement in which a
company selling sth promises
to repair or replace it if there
is a problem within a
particular period of time
SYN  Guarantee

3. A problem it (A) has caused
setbacks (B) and we have been
forced to change (C) the final
date of completion if we want
to avoid being (D) penalized.

Setback (n) a difficulty or
problem that delays or
prevents sth, or makes a
situation worse:
The team suffered a major
setback when their best player
was injured.

To penalize sb (for sth) to
punish sb for breaking a rule
or law by making them suffer
a disadvantage:
Ex: You will be penalized for
poor spelling.

4.A lot of people have offered
(A) to help (B) with the
project; however, he decided
to do (C) it immediately and
by itself (D).

5. The first group, which were
(A) supposed to collect (B) the
information, finished doing
(C) it last (D).

6. How could they knew (A)
that the messenger was going
to be late (B) because of the
poor (C) weather conditions

7. This telephone (A) wasn’t
as cheap (B) the other one, but
it (C) works much better (D).

8. Can we afford buying (A)
another word processor, or
should we (B) consider renting
one (C) to save (D) money?

9. I’ve enjoyed meeting you
(A) and your staff, and I (B)
expect being (C) in touch with
you (D) soon.

To be/To keep with
To know what is happening in
a particular subject or area:
It is important to keep in
touch with the latest research.

10. They asked (A) a lot of
questions, checked (B) their
figures (C), and came up with
a best (D) solution.

To come up with sth [no
passive] to find or produce an
answer, a sum of money, etc.:
She came up with a new idea
for increasing sales.

11. I don’t know where Klein
may be (A) or what he might
be doing, but he should call
(B) us before now to let (C) us
know if (D) he’s been delayed.

12. I’m so happy to report (A)
that the annual report to the
Board, which Jameson
compiled it (B) by himself,
shows (C) a fifteen percent
growth in production and a
wider (D) profit margin.

To compile to produce a book,
list, report, etc. by bringing
together different items,
articles, songs, etc.:
We are trying to compile a list
of suitable people for the job.

Profit margin (also margin)(n)
the difference between the cost
of buying or producing sth and
the price that it is sold for

13. Whoever plans the food
(A) for the company picnic
should order at least two
kinds (B) of salad, enough
breads (C) for all the different
sandwiches, and plenty of (D)
soda and iced tea.

14. We’re planning on
bringing (A) in an efficiency
expert to help us avoid to
waste (B) so many supplies
and so much (C) time, in
order to cut down (D) on
overhead costs.

Supplies [pl.] (n) the things
such as food, medicines, fuel,
etc. that are needed by a
group of people, for example
an army or expedition:
Our supplies were running

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