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bai tap verb + to infinitive or verb + gerund

Verb + to-infinitive or verb + gerund
Complete this newspaper article about a
successful business executive. Choose the
to-infinitive or the gerund of the verbs in
Sandra King had agreed ( ) to meet (meet)
me in her office in central Manchester. The
head of Greenway Supermarkets, a smart
40-year-old woman, gave me a big smile of
welcome. You can’t help ( ) liking (like)
Sandra King

Greenway expects (1) …to make…
(make) a big profit again this year,’
she told me. The company has never
failed (2) …to do... (do) well since she
took over five years ago. In fact she
has managed (3) …to avoid... (avoid)
(4) …losing... (lose) customers at a
time when others have seen their

profits fall.

I enjoy (5) …solving.. (solve)
problems,’ she says. Next year
Greenway plan (6) …to open...
(open) ten new supermarkets, and
they have also offered (7) …to buy...
(buy) the Lu-Price Stores group.
Sandra King hopes (8) …to have...
(have) discussions with Lo-Price boss
Steven Weyman soon.

You can’t afford (9) …to relax..
(relax) in this job,’ she told me.
'You can never give up (10) …
thinking... (think) about how you
can do things better. That’s what
you have (11) …to do.. (do) if you
want (12) …to be... (be)


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