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Cụm và từ vựng ECO 1 2 3 4 5 FULL HD

+ Once ==> 70% Đáp án đúng
+ regularly
+ quickly
+ finally
+ currently
+ recently
+ consistently
+ flexibility
+ already
+ (Un)usually
+ dramatically
+ occasionally
+ relatively
+ Primarily/primary
+ Present/Represent/Presence
+ outstanding
+ advancement
+ remaining
+ overwhelming
+ representative

+ 6 từ đuôi “al” là Danh từ cần nhớ:
- potential + to V
- removal
- renewal
- arrival
- proposal
- approval
==> Xuất hiện 90% ở đáp án là đáp án đúng. Nếu có 2 đáp án trên
trùng nhau thì ==> DỊCH các đáp án trạng từ khác LOẠI
Be close to Ving = Be about to V
Housing development
Cụm: Move quickly
Task/article ==> routine/first
Survey ==> conduct
Record ==> hours/samples/expenese
postpone until + trạng từ chỉ thời gian
Throughout ==> the year/the month/the day/ the countryside/the world/
the conference/the district/the ceremony
Be Aware of
Be eligible for/to V
Be responsible for


Be qualified for
Considering (giới từ)
Concerning = regarding (giới từ )
Given (that+Clause) (giới từ)
take precaution/advantage of
Personal matters/items/belongings
more person/recuirt ==> hire/addition
Plan to V
Help (V/sb/sth) to V
at no additional/extra charge/cost = at no cost = at a low cost
There are/ is = there remain/exsit
Completely/absolutely free of charge = Complimentary = free
Considerable/significant/sustainable efforts/growth
cụm: To ease congestion

invalidate = cancellation
Take to V
Prepared to V
sale/price/market/profit/condition ==>
Fail to V
attached ST for
used to V
be/get used to Ving
impose sth on
be subject/dedicate to
in advance = ago
report/information/program/extensive ==> details/error ==>
transaction ==> fail/improper
Require/Request/ask/advice (sb) to V
Please/Pleased to + V
until further notice.
protect sb/one’s self against/from
life/equitment ==> prolong
Even if…still…
Generous/appreciate ==> contribute/sponsor
Information from/about
Familiarize yourself/sb with
discussion on/about/of
A(an) summary/copy/list/source/variety/series/array/act of
a confidential/nature = a secure place
Enter ==> password
Sensitive client information.

highly ==> structured/regarded/trainable
In an effort to V
To the point
renovation ==> maintenance work /undergo ==> subtantial
+ result in
+ result from
customer/client satisfication
Issue ==> magazine /journal ==> subscriber/subscription/contract ==>
Conveniently/perfectly/ideally located
get (adv) out of (cụm adj)
==> Giống với available (adv) to: cụm (adj)
Giới từ (adv) Ving
A later time/ at all times
like sb to V
be highly recommend practice
Relationship/consent ==> matual
Consideration for
A List of + N(Số nhiều)
Effective technique/skilled technician
Make money
improve on/upon sth
+ under tight deadline pressure
+ under consideration
+ under any circumstance
+ under supervision
+ under the insurance policy = under guarantee
+ upon request
schedule ==> appointment
share/please ==> hesitant
To be honor (sb) for sth
participate in = take part in = engage in = involved in = be present at =
join in
= enter = attend
(in retail sale) (on sale growth)
Forward sth to/from
Intend (for/to)
Particularly in
Equal to
to take st into account = take account of sth
skill ==> technician
customer/product ==> warranty/limit ==> date/refund <==> receipt
Right to V
Enclose đứng đầu câu lun ở hình thức bị động: Enclosed = Attached
Expected/supposed to V

come to a halt = Stop
come to someone's attention
Reserve sth for s.th/s.b
Especially considering/preferred
Dedicate sth to
And would/and then
Range from
Retirement party
most likely = very likely = most probably
Woker native
Suggest/recommend/difficult + Ving
suit/fit/meet/customize/accommodate <==> need
effects of
Waive (sb/sth) right
more room for
notify of/about
To reach at/by sth
To arrive at somewhere
employment/job ==> openings = job vacancies
customer ==> percent ==> discount
On sale
For sale
Indicate/please (be) noted/advised/apparent/fact (that)
As anticipated/expected/requested (V3/Ved)/follow
look forward to +Ving
appreciative of sth
superior to sth
Be fairly common for
in conjunction/compliance/contend/keeping with
Than ever
Spend sth (on) Ving sth
Obligation to V
Promise to V
Mean to V
Precaution to V
Wish to V
willing to V
Provide/offer sb with sth/sb sth/sth to sb
In order for + sb (Tân ngữ)
Suggest Ving/that+S+V(nguyên thể)
Require/Request/ask/advice/wish (sb) to V
Turn sb attention toward/to sth/Ving sth
optimistic about
Talk/respond/reply to

Number ==> capacity/approximately/exceed/Over/up to/nearly
paperwork/information ==> related to
attend = take part in = enroll in = participate in = enter
Would prefer to V
Account for = explain
(un)certain that/about…
expenses => reimbursement
Forms of correspondence
Preference for/on
Debate/dispute ==> settle
Cụm Office supplies
Be (Dis)satisfied with
Deem sth (that)
Involve in
For instance = for example
Last until
Cụm Office supplies
In advance = ago
Reach an agreement
Take action/time
Available in/for
Diagnose ==> illnesses
While on duty/in transit/at school/in a foreign country
Comply/Deal/Equipp with z
When it come to + Ving
Company/institute/research facilities ==> leading
Illnesss/hospital ==> diagnose
Lack of
Guide ==> tour/tips
Training/extensive <==> session
Exclusively (for)
Unless specific otherwise
Continue to V/Ving
Beginning + Thời gian
Concern ==> address/express
Chance/Some/Most/One of + Mạo từ + N
Of …ability
Motivation ==> boost
Enough + N + to V

Adj + enough to V
Commit (to)
Specific features/instructions
Access to/across
Choose to V
The same N + as
The same N
The same as
Within walking distance
And then
Compare to
Ready to V
Be likely to V
Such as
Conference call
Work/employee productivity
Yet to V
Inspection/test/procedures/regulation ==>
stringent/strict/rigorous/safety ==> Standard (for)
Until further notice
In honor/celebration of
Accustomed to
Go on a business trip
Take on
Accompanied (sth) by/with
Place on
==> Giới từ "on" được dùng để chỉ sự ảnh hưởng lên trên cái gì đó.
Implement sth for sb toV
Came as no surpise
High ==> Tức là hiểu biết sâu về 1 lĩnh vực nào đó.
Còn dùng Board là để nói về 1 người hiểu biết rông trong nhiều lĩnh
Walk pass: đi qua
Walk over: sự thắng lợi dễ dàng
Walk down: đi xuống
Cleaning service
Facility houses/company
Accounting firm
Ability to
Lead to/by

decide/know==> whether..or (NOT either…or)
Briefly on
Be crowded with
Be close to somewhere = near somewhere
Escort sb to sth
Eager to sth
Be on time for st
Side of
Outsource sth
Integrates something into something

Priority (to)
Computer training

Reserve the right to
In color (sliver/white/…)

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