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Actual Tests
Reading Comprehension

Listening Comprehension
As TOEfC stands for Te'it of English for International Communication. there is
the need to assess profiriency by aligning questions with everyday language
scenarios that happen in t~day's '"orkplace Tasks in the new TOEIC te.t are
more authentic and there is a 1-vider ~ange of English accents rompaud to the
previous version .

How is the new TOEIC different?
The new Listening Section has four major changes:

a decrease in the number of photograph questions in Part 1 (from 20 to 10)
.. the use of both recorded a:nd wl·itt~n ques ttons in Pat! 3 (conversations) and
Part 4 (short talks). !n Pan 3, there are more conversational exchang«.>s, from
A·B-A to AB-A-B.
• an increase in number of questions that follow each talk 111 Part 4 (3 4uestions
instead of 2 3 in the earlier version)
• the use of dtfferent Engllsb accents, as spoken in the U.S, Great Britain,
Canada and Australia

The new Readmg Section has thrPt major changes:
• the eJiminarirm of Part 6 (error recognition questions)
• the addition of text completion questions (Part 6)
• rhe inclusion of reading sets of questions base-d on two interrelated passages
(Pa rt 7)

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