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SuperB elite toeic 4

Tên sách: SuperB Elite Toeic 4
Tổ ng số test: 6
Độ khó: Khó hơn 1 chút so với ETS
Người soạn: Phương Võ


107. Our dishes are made fresh and at the --------- that you prefer.

(A) fell

(A) spice

(B) fall

(B) spices

(C) falls

(C) spiced

(D) fallen

(D) spicy

102. The telecommunications giant said it
planned to expand in eastern Europe ---------next week.

108. Oversized baggage and sports equipment
are to be ---------- to the drop off point at the end
of the hall.

(A) start

(A) take

(B) starts

(B) takes

(C) started

(C) taken

(D) starting

(D) taking

103. Please read the limitations of liability --------- continuing your online ticket.

109. Children under 15 must be ---------- by a
parent or guardian.

(A) through

(A) provided

(B) about

(B) established

(C) during

(C) committed

(D) before

(D) accompanied

104. Although droughts are normal for the area,
scientists say the ---------- problem is caused by
global warming.

110. Herbaleeze has natural plant extracts to --------- common illnesses such as colds,
headaches, and the flu.

(A) periodic

(A) cure

(B) dated

(B) cures

(C) fresh

(C) curate

(D) current

(D) curing

105. Photography is ---------- at all times inside
the museum.

111. Stocks fell on Wednesday ---------- record
high oil prices and weak earnings results posted
by large retailers.

(A) ruled
(B) excluded
(C) prohibited
(D) deleted
106. All invoices must be ---------- checked and
singed by the manager on duty.
(A) greatly
(B) properly
(C) seemingly
(D) seriously

(A) within
(B) due to
(C) as a rule of
(D) as a reason to
112. The Gold Depot buys and sells ---------gold, silver, and platinum jewelry.
(A) use
(B) uses
(C) used
(D) using



101. With record-breaking gas prices, the sales
of sports utility vehicles ----------.

(A) opt
(B) pick
(C) decision
(D) choosing
114. Terminal information, including flight and
arrival times can be ---------- on the airport Web
(A) find
(B) finds
(C) found

119. Green Scapes Landscaping is offering a
special pre-spring promotion ---------- March 1.
(A) by
(B) inside
(C) between
(D) until
120. This plant should ---------- indoors in direct
light and with moist soil.
(A) keeping
(B) be kept
(C) have kept
(D) be keeping

(D) finding

121. Employees ---------- to arrive at least fifteen
minutes before the start of their shift.

115. Please ---------- three writing samples with
your résumé and cover letter.

(A) required

(A) accept
(B) submit
(C) propose

(B) requiring
(C) are required
(D) have required

(D) surrender

122. A portion of the ---------- will be donated to
the local veteran’s center.

116. All official documents must be shredded --------- disposal.

(A) proceed

(A) in
(B) upon
(C) with

(B) proceeds
(C) proceeded
(D) proceeding

(D) from

123. Yi So-yeon was the first Korean astronaut
to ---------- space.

117. A student discount movie card is ---------- at
the university’s main office.

(A) fly

(A) possible
(B) convenient
(C) reasonable

(B) commute
(C) enter
(D) mission

(D) available

124. Building visitors must wear an identification
pass ---------- on the premises.

118. The finance minister ---------- his concern
regarding inflation in an interview on Thursday.

(A) from

(A) said
(B) showing
(C) expressed
(D) understand


(B) about
(C) while
(D) within


113. Season ticket holders can also ---------- to
reserve parking spaces during games for an
additional charge.

(A) at
(B) along
(C) on
(D) of

131. Applicants are preferred to speak a second
European language, in addition ---------- English.
(A) of
(B) to
(C) in
(D) with

126. Citizens protested the ---------- to start
importing U.S. beef.

132. Record-low mortgage approvals and slow
manufacturing growth ---------- the country was
close to a recession.

(A) effect

(A) defined

(B) result

(B) remarked

(C) judgment

(C) indicated

(D) decision

(D) positioned

127. Royal Museum’s curator ---------- one of the
most influential women in the art world.

133. New patients are requested to fill out a
personal history form before being ---------- by
the physician.

(A) considering
(B) is considered
(C) to be considered

(A) examine
(B) examined

(D) have been considering

(C) examines

128. KN Graphics ---------- is designing
letterheads, business cards, and logos for small

(D) examination

(A) specials

(A) rare

(B) specialty

(B) type

(C) specializes

(C) usual

(D) specialization

(D) singular

129. Bioline Foods ---------- organic food
products for a healthier lifestyle.

135. Emergency exits are ---------- at both ends
of the hallway on every floor.

(A) produces

(A) traced

(B) assembles

(B) located

(C) constructs

(C) supposed

(D) manufactures

(D) discovered

130. Friday’s training session will include an --------- of company benefits for new employees.

136. The Web site includes homes and
condominiums listed ---------- owners and

(A) explain
(B) explains
(C) explanatory
(D) explanation

134. Zen Tea House specializes in ---------Asian teas.

(A) by
(B) of
(C) at
(D) in



125. Maps, snacks, and souvenirs can be found
---------- the train station’s bookstore in front of
the information center.

139. All passwords must ---------- at least seven
letters and one number.

(A) via

(A) full

(B) toward

(B) hold

(C) round

(C) contain

(D) across

(D) control

138. The newly born tiger cubs are the main --------- at the city zoo.

140. The new city regulation requires persons
riding bicycles to wear a ---------- helmet.

(A) attract

(A) protect

(B) attracted

(B) protects

(C) attractive

(C) protector

(D) attraction

(D) protective



137. The required documents must be received --------- certified mail.

107. In order to ---------- their responsibilities at
Norwood, nurses are being asked to write
progress reports twice a day.

(A) refund

(A) fulfill

(B) refunding

(B) keep

(C) refunded

(C) identify

(D) has refunded

(D) quantify

102. ----------, all employees will have to update
their security passes with the new retinal-scan

108. The following article was originally
published in the weekend ---------- of The Daily

(A) Event

(A) introduction

(B) Eventual

(B) passage

(C) Eventuality

(C) edition

(D) Eventually

(D) version

103. Karl Bruner is a financial advisor ---------stock tips consistently prove to be profitable.

109. ---------- a speech made at last week’s Paris
Jazz Convention, Muddy Wilcox thanked the
artists that have influenced him.

(A) whoever
(B) who
(C) whose
(D) whom
104. All store items must be ---------- before the
end-of-year reports are sent to the head office.
(A) presented
(B) inventoried
(C) questioned

(A) In
(B) On
(C) Under
(D) Amongst
110. The rising level of unemployment ---------as being one effect of the credit crisis.
(A) to mention
(B) is mentioned

(D) granted

(C) mention

105. Long-range weather ---------- are often
made by studying the orbits of the noon.

(D) is mentioning

(A) predicting
(B) predictions
(C) predicted
(D) predictors

111. Applicants may make a payment using --------- cash or a major credit card.
(A) both
(B) nor
(C) either

106. City Council is planning to expand its
transportation budget to include ---------- subway
service to Seneca.

(D) not only

(A) arrival

(A) had to be

(B) merged

(B) will not be

(C) announced

(C) has not been

(D) additional

(D) haven’t been


112. An actors’ strike ---------- resolved so
quickly since the summer of 1975.


101. Metromarks began ---------- customers for
the defective stereos four weeks after they first
discovered the problem.

(A) while
(B) unless
(C) so that
(D) once

119. Medical students are planning a week-long
demonstration ---------- of the recent increase in
tuition fees.
(A) because
(B) in order
(C) as

114. Due to a flight ----------, the 7:20 flight from
Amsterdam will not touch down until half past

(D) provided that

(A) delay

(A) caution

(B) absence

(B) cautiously

(C) longing

(C) cautioning

(D) extension

(D) cautioned

115. The world’s largest maker of wide-screen
televisions plans to ---------- a new slim screen
laptop at the Nevada Trade Show.

121. Travel Ways is offering discounted package
tours to several islands ---------- the Caribbean.

(A) retain

(B) between

(B) dispose

120. Radio stations are ---------- drivers to watch
their speed in the event of a snowstorm.

(A) behind
(C) inside

(C) uncover

(D) throughout

(D) reveal

122. Whoever is not -------------- to receive a
year-end bonus will be contacted by November

116. This year’s Pacific Youth Games are
expected to have the ---------- level of security of
any international sporting event this year.
(A) top
(B) highest

(A) quality
(B) qualified
(C) qualification

(C) better

(D) qualifying

(D) inflated

123. The rooms is this ---------- are off-limits to
students and visiting professors.

117. Author Marsha Lopez will be reading
passages from her new home decorating book
Getting it Right this ---------- weekend in the
Burgess Room.

(A) facility
(B) facilitate

(A) passing

(C) facilitating

(B) nearing

(D) facile

(C) approaching

124. ---------- miss out on the performance that
critics are calling, “A daring mix of dance and

(D) coming
118. The ---------- date will tell you when the
product should be fully used.
(A) expire
(B) expired
(C) expiration
(D) expiring


(A) Shouldn’t
(B) Can’t
(C) Won’t
(D) Don’t


113. You may proceed to the domestic arrival
gate ---------- you have collected your baggage.

131. The Aragon Memo was not ---------- to be
read by trainees.

(A) bottom

(A) meaning

(B) minimum

(B) meant

(C) superficial

(C) mean

(D) lowest

(D) had to mean

126. The Convention Center will be kept open
for two hours after the event, for anyone ---------to dismantle his or her kiosk.

132. ---------- for farmers in the Midwest, weather
conditions haven’t been as challenging as
they’ve been in the past.

(A) wishes

(A) Fortune

(B) will wish

(B) Fortunate

(C) wishing

(C) Fortunately

(D) having wished

(D) Fortuned

127. Guests and visitors have the ---------- of
leaving their coats in the coat-check downstairs.

133. ---------- 1987, membership in the World
Agricultural Foundation has fallen by 20 percent.

(A) option

(A) Into

(B) alternate

(B) For

(C) decision

(C) Since

(D) knowledge

(D) During

128. ---------- the police can tell, no suspicious
activity occurred between the hours of 3 and 5

134. McFly & Associates believe that regional
surveys are the best way to ---------- the public’s
buying habits.

(A) In case of

(A) determine

(B) As far as

(B) determination

(C) According to

(C) determining

(D) Due to

(D) determined

129. Less than 10 percent of chemical
companies across the ---------- are meeting their
carbon emission targets.

135. Board members will postpone their lunch
meeting at Gecko’s in favor of dinner at a more
isolated ----------.

(A) globalization

(A) lot

(B) globalize

(B) division

(C) global

(C) section

(D) globe

(D) location

130. ---------- refusing to refund any clothing
purchased before the Thanksgiving holiday.

136. Executives ---------- to park underground for
a reduced fee.

(A) They’re

(A) permits

(B) There

(B) are permitted

(C) Their

(C) have permitting

(D) They

(D) will permit



125. The ---------- number of hours an employee
must work to receive benefits is 32.

139. Car companies must make a move towards
more fuel-efficient cars if they wish to be ---------for government aid.

(A) Knowingly

(A) consider

(B) Correctly

(B) considered

(C) Clearly

(C) consideration

(D) Perfectly

(D) considerably

138. Until Clara Barnes returns from her week in
Hong Kong, sales representatives are asked to
make travel arrangements ----------.

140. According to the self-help guide, “Egos in
Check,” ---------- before answering a question
reveals a lack of self-confidence.

(A) hers

(A) skipping

(B) theirs

(B) suspending

(C) oneself

(C) hesitating

(D) themselves

(D) breaking



137. ---------- the number of applicants
outnumbers the number of positions we’re hiring

107. According to the new law, drivers may be
fined ---------- to $200 for talking on the phone.

(A) expand

(A) in

(B) explain

(B) on

(C) explode

(C) up

(D) extreme

(D) or

102. New recipes are posted ---------- the
newspaper’s Web site every Monday.

108. The local government ---------- construction
of the new shopping center.

(A) of

(A) required

(B) on

(B) approved

(C) in

(C) announced

(D) for

(D) searched

103. A receipt must be ---------- for all exchanges
and refunds.

109. His inspirational speech made the crowd ---------.

(A) presented

(A) cheer

(B) seen

(B) cheers

(C) expired

(C) cheered

(D) displayed

(D) cheering

104. The new exhibit features ---------- pictures
of the president that have never been released.

110. The photographs ---------- special features
of the planet’s surface.

(A) exclusive

(A) took

(B) exclusively

(B) played

(C) exclusivity

(C) sought

(D) exclusiveness

(D) revealed

105. Most new mobile phones have the ---------to take pictures and play music and video.

111. Tickets for the event may be ---------- at the
door for $12.

(A) time

(A) purchase

(B) ability

(B) purchases

(C) competition

(C) purchased

(D) technological

(D) purchaser

106. The report showed China has the ---------number of Internet users in the world.

112. No interest will be charged to all first-time
car ----------.

(A) large

(A) buy

(B) larger

(B) bought

(C) largely

(C) buying

(D) largest

(D) buyers



101. The growing media company looked to --------- abroad in Asia.

(A) see
(B) teach
(C) focus
(D) suggest
114. The team ---------- its winning season to
hard work and its new coach.
(A) attribute
(B) attributed
(C) attributing
(D) attribution

119. Retail giant Stamford announced it would
merge with ---------- Unico at the beginning of
next year.
(A) rival
(B) equal
(C) player
(D) shopper
120. Employees who work over the holiday
weekend will be paid double ---------- hourly
(A) an
(B) with
(C) from

115. Volunteers are needed to help ---------- the
animal shelter.

(D) their

(A) form

121. The clothing ---------- said it would close its
last U.S. factory to cut costs.

(B) invent
(C) rebuild
(D) collect
116. Sharp declines ---------- Asian stocks
caused European markets to continue their fiveday fall.
(A) to
(B) in
(C) and
(D) with

(A) manufacture
(B) manufactured
(C) manufacturer
(D) manufacturing
122. The mayor discussed a plan that would --------- up old houses and sell them to low-income
(A) tie
(B) fix
(C) hold

117. Any unattended bags will be taken and --------- by airport security.

(D) step

(A) left

123. Organic produce is made without the --------- of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

(B) tried
(C) destroyed
(D) maintained

(A) use
(B) uses
(C) used

118. The best-selling book gives advice on how
to save money for an early ----------.

(D) using

(A) retire

124. Stronger online shopping and CD piracy
hurt sales ---------- retail music stores.

(B) retires
(C) retiring
(D) retirement

(A) on
(B) or
(C) at
(D) with



113. One full day of training will ---------- on
customer service issues.

(A) time
(B) percent
(C) product
(D) section
126. Smaller firms are more ---------- to the
economic crisis.
(A) needy
(B) hurtful
(C) weaker
(D) vulnerable
127. A customs charge will be ---------- to all
packages worth more than $30.
(A) placed
(B) stamped
(C) applied

131. The gray wolf has been removed from
endangered species ---------- in some parts of
the U.S.
(A) report
(B) survey
(C) blocking
(D) protection
132. The university hospital ---------- applications
from recent graduates for research positions.
(A) accept
(B) accepting
(C) is accepting
(D) have been accepting
133. Web site visitors can ---------- on a virtual
tour of the New York Stock Exchange.
(A) go
(B) see

(D) centered

(C) make

128. This medicine must be ---------- with food or

(D) take

(A) take
(B) taken
(C) takes
(D) taking
129. Linda Stanley’s new film ---------- sold out
for two weekends in a row.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) was
(D) being

134. Vacation requests must be made in ---------with a two-week notice.
(A) write
(B) writes
(C) written
(D) writing
135. Mira’s new lip gloss is ---------- in three new
colors: natural brown, cherry red, and shiny pink.
(A) ready
(B) created
(C) purchased

130. Interested individuals should ---------- their
résumé and work samples to the address below.
(A) submit

(D) available

(B) submits

(A) for

(C) submitted
(D) submitting

136. After repeated weak performances, the
technology firm filed ---------- bankruptcy.
(B) with
(C) about
(D) below



125. This year’s auto show will highlight a
special ---------- for environmentally friendly cars.

139. New employees should carefully look over
their health ---------- before seeing a doctor.

(A) discount

(A) plan

(B) discounts

(B) form

(C) discounted

(C) state

(D) discounting

(D) position

138. Credit cards may be used ---------- a €10
minimum purchase.

140. The government announced a new
financial packages ---------- to help the banking

(A) or
(B) with
(C) but
(D) and

(A) aim
(B) aims
(C) aimed
(D) have aimed



137. An additional 15 percent ---------- will be
given to all online orders.

107. ---------- you are shown your rental car in
the parking lot, you should check the vehicle for
previous damage.

(A) you

(A) As soon as

(B) your

(B) On the other hand

(C) yours

(C) In order to

(D) yourself

(D) In addition

102. To be considered for this position, you must
include the names of three references with your
completed ----------.

108. You should always dress ---------- for a job
interview, even if you know the work
environment is casual.

(A) apply

(A) profession

(B) applying

(B) professional

(C) applicant

(C) professionally

(D) application

(D) professionalism

103. You should consult a doctor before you
begin weight lifting or any other physically --------- exercise programs.

109. When you invest, remember that a stock’s
past performance is no guarantee of future ---------.

(A) sparing

(A) conclusions

(B) demanding

(B) results

(C) powerful

(C) sectors

(D) labored

(D) decisions

104. Novati’s Bistro can ---------- you a party
room ideal for any type of celebration.

110. Market research surveys can be used --------- how your brand is perceived in the market
compared with your competitors’ brands.

(A) offer
(B) offers
(C) to offer
(D) be offered
105. During the interview, candidates will need
to demonstrate ---------- with at least one word
processing program.
(A) familiar
(B) familiarize
(C) familiarized

(A) show
(B) to show
(C) to shown
(D) to showing
111. Biggie Mart CEO Jim Medford said the
company’s falling sales are another sign of the
local area’s economic ----------.
(A) stagnate
(B) stagnated

(D) familiarity

(C) stagnation

106. With its many well-marked trails, Mount
Davis is ---------- place for both novice and
experienced hikers.

(D) stagnant

(A) an absolute
(B) a target
(C) an ideal
(D) a total

112. You can create custom menus for your
event by ---------- with our head chef, Daniel
(A) forming
(B) consulting
(C) detailing
(D) providing



101. Visit Sheffield Furniture’s showroom and
see for ---------- how our unique wood furniture
can make any home look more special.

(A) Because
(B) Due to
(C) During
(D) Rather than
114. Among the people we surveyed, selfemployed workers reported the highest level of
job ----------.
(A) satisfy
(B) satisfied
(C) satisfying
(D) satisfaction
115. To obtain ---------- for your travel expenses,
you must attach all of your receipts to the
expense form.
(A) collection
(B) distribution
(C) establishment
(D) reimbursement
116. ---------- opening an online account, be sure
to create a password that will be difficult for
others to guess.
(A) When
(B) Then
(C) As
(D) Since
117. Before a wind farm is constructed,
surveyors must determine the ---------- of the
land for supporting large windmills.
(A) suit
(B) suited
(C) suitable
(D) suitability
118. We would like to confirm ---------- of a
payment of $5.000, which represents the first
installment of the total amount due.
(A) bank
(B) bill
(C) receipt
(D) condition


119. The chairs and tables in this conference
room can ---------- in several ways, depending on
your request.
(A) arranged
(B) arranging
(C) be arranged
(D) be arranging
120. The city government is offering tax cuts to
its citizens as ---------- for purchasing hybrid
(A) an incentive
(B) a factor
(C) a contract
(D) a demand
121. A $10 late fee will be charged to any
student who registers for any class ---------- the
enrollment deadline.
(A) between
(B) until
(C) after
(D) along
122. Applicants will receive ---------- for job
placement as soon as suitable positions become
(A) consider
(B) considerate
(C) considerately
(D) consideration
123. Our financial advisors would like to remind
clients that all investments have a certain
degree of ----------.
(A) threat
(B) force
(C) risk
(D) infection
124. Our research shows that the ---------- of
computer owners use instant messaging
(A) overall
(B) majority
(C) most
(D) absolute


113. ---------- we had an unexpected equipment
problem on our assembly line, our shipment of
the A712 handset will be delayed by two
business days.

131. Our banquet department can design the
perfect custom menu to fit your ---------- while
still satisfying the needs of your diners.

(A) admit

(A) money

(B) admits

(B) budget

(C) admitted

(C) total

(D) admittance

(D) statement

126. ---------- your request for a transfer, please
forward your resume and a brief letter of interest
to Sherri in Human Resources.

132. All tickets must be purchased in advance,
and you will not ---------- to board the train
without an actual paper ticket.

(A) In order to

(A) allowing

(B) In regard to

(B) allowed

(C) Regardless

(C) be allowing

(D) Consequently

(D) be allowed

127. All workshop participants are expected to
arrive ---------- for all seminars and classes.

133. Your ---------- in this survey can help us
improve our customer service.

(A) prompt

(A) participate

(B) prompts

(B) participated

(C) promptly

(C) participation

(D) promptness

(D) participatory

128. Please put your cell phones on ---------during this evening’s performance.

134. Eagle Airlines ---------- higher fuel costs for
its decrease in profits last quarter.

(A) deaf

(A) blamed

(B) hush

(B) traded

(C) voice

(C) offered

(D) mute

(D) included

129. The sales industry is one ---------- constant
interaction is required, so good social skills are a

135. On a clear day, the entire metropolitan area
can be seen ---------- the top of the Baxter

(A) which

(A) away

(B) in which

(B) from

(C) but which

(C) for

(D) those which

(D) in

130. We are now looking to fill several
challenging positions with professionals who
have drive and ----------.

136. There is a wide range of exiting career
opportunities for ---------- computer

(A) motivate

(A) competent

(B) motivated

(B) competence

(C) motivation

(C) competency

(D) motivational

(D) competencies



125. Due to the importance of the first scene of
this movie, there will be no ---------- after each
show starts.

(A) Choosing
(B) Choose
(C) Chosen
(D) To choose
138. Thanks to its beautiful scenery and ---------climate, Hopewell Island is a major tourist
(A) agreed
(B) agreeing
(C) agreeable
(D) agreeability


139. The repair shop will obtain your ---------before it begins any work on your car.
(A) authorization
(B) admission
(C) discovery
(D) regret
140. You will receive a refund on your deposit if
you cancel your tour at least 48 hours ---------departure.
(A) due to
(B) prior to
(C) instead of
(D) in the event of


137. ---------- as the best new cell phone in a
user survey, the Del-tech T130 offers plenty of
features at a great price.

107. Packages ---------- a clearly-marked postal
code written on them will not be delivered.

(A) you

(A) without

(B) your

(B) opposite

(C) yours

(C) except

(D) yourself

(D) apart

102. The city orchestra regrets to announce the
---------- of its first fall concert.

108. The recent ---------- of the historic Kenmore
Inn cost $10 million and took 6 months to

(A) postpone
(B) postponed
(C) postpones
(D) postponement

(A) restore
(B) restores
(C) restoration

103. If you ---------- to Astro cellular phone
service now, you can get free news updates via
text messages.

(D) restorative

(A) prescribe

(A) trigger

(B) describe

(B) propel

(C) inscribe

(C) imply

(D) subscribe

(A) motivate

104. You should wear rubber gloves when you
wash dishes ---------- hand.

110. This year’s Dance Awards ceremony will
feature “Best Dancer” awards ---------- by the

(A) for
(B) by
(C) in

109. This seminar will give participants tips on
how to ---------- a large team of staff members.

(A) choose
(B) chosen

(D) with

(C) choosing

105. ---------- to the museum if free, but there is a
$2 charge for the audio tour service.

(D) been chosen

(A) Enter
(B) Entered
(C) Entering
(D) Entrance
106. It can take years to ---------- enough
frequent flier miles to earn a free flight.

111. If you are a ----------, you won’t want to miss
the 8th annual Art, Design & Home Furnishings
convention at Expo Palace.
(A) decorate
(B) decorates
(C) decorator
(D) decorative

(B) stock

112. When purchasing a train ticket from the
ticket machine, be sure to confirm your train’s
departure time and ----------.

(C) accumulate

(A) administration

(D) concentrate

(B) commutation

(A) pile

(C) circulation
(D) destination



101. You can find ---------- a dream home with
the help of our on-line real estate listings.

119. It is suggested that you do not go ---------the country while your work visa application is
still being processed.

(A) been included

(A) away

(B) included

(B) out

(C) is including

(C) out of

(D) was included

(D) apart from

114. Delightful hand-made crafts ---------- of
India’s various regions will be on sale at
Saturday’s bazaar.

120. Our ---------- computer repair service comes
with a guarantee on all parts and labor.

(A) represent
(B) represented
(C) representation
(D) representative
115. Your car’s fuel efficiency may ---------depending on the condition of the vehicle and
how you drive.
(A) turn
(B) vary
(C) transform
(D) modify
116. After working at Hudson Tech for 23 years,
Mr. Sampson ---------- from the company last
(A) retire
(B) retired
(C) retires
(D) retiring

(A) afforded
(B) affording
(C) affordable
(D) affordability
121. The Needham Company’s competitive --------- package includes medical benefits, annual
pay raises, and performance bonuses.
(A) remittance
(B) allowance
(C) compensation
(D) satisfaction
122. We are offering a 20% discount on all new
and used bicycles ---------- part of our spring
(A) as
(B) of
(C) to
(D) or

117. ---------- of the new highway was delayed
several times due to harsh winter weather.

123. The company provides ---------- employee
memberships to our well-equipped on-site
fitness center.

(A) Complete

(A) subsidy

(B) Completes

(B) subsidized

(C) Completing

(C) subsidizing

(D) Completion

(D) subsidization

118. This deluxe condo features a modern
kitchen with new ----------.

124. Good communication skills and ---------- in
at least one office software program are required
for the executive assistant position.

(A) appliances
(B) accessories
(C) materials
(D) outfits

(A) technology
(B) proficiency
(C) strategy
(D) usability



113. Money for equipment upgrades and facility
renovations ---------- in the budget for next

131. This month’s billing process has been
unusually slow ---------- a change in accounting

(A) achieve

(A) because

(B) achieving

(B) because of

(C) are achieved

(C) in order to

(D) been achieved

(D) so that

126. Paterno’s Landscaping specializes in the --------- of unwanted tree branches.

132. A car owners’ survey found that the Chica
GTX is this year’s most ---------- model of
compact car.

(A) remove
(B) removes
(C) remover
(D) removal
127. The arts foundation gets its budget from
both government funding and its ---------donations.
(A) own
(B) closed
(C) private
(D) particular

(A) depended
(B) dependence
(C) dependable
(D) dependability
133. Your reservation deposit is due on June 5th,
and the ---------- of the tour fee must be paid by
June 29th.
(A) remainder
(B) fragment
(C) surplus

128. The marketing department realizes ---------it needs to do more promotions in the eastern

(D) leaving

(A) what

(A) until

(B) that

(B) for

(C) which

(C) in

(D) who

(D) of

129. According to our research, young people
tend to prefer online shopping to ---------- stores.

135. Arrow Industries specializes in the retail --------- of office furniture and other office supplies.

(A) traditions

(A) distribute

(B) traditional

(B) distributed

(C) traditionally

(C) distributive

(D) traditionalism

(D) distribution

130. If you have any problems using this
software, please call our technical ---------hotline at 555-1717.

136. The Brandon City Electronics Expo is a
popular trade show that is also open to ----------.

(A) relief
(B) comfort
(C) support
(D) protection


134. This year’s spring clearance sale will last --------- one week only.

(A) consumers
(B) followers
(C) callers
(D) users


125. We try to ensure that our membership and
fundraising goals ---------- by meeting specific
objectives each week.

(A) where
(B) which
(C) what
(D) that
138. When you travel in tropical areas, you
should always take ---------- steps against
sunburn and heat exhaustion.
(A) prevented
(B) prevent
(C) prevents
(D) preventive


139. Mr. Iwakuni is trying to ---------- the best
way to increase sales in the Brentwood region.
(A) propel
(B) persuade
(C) determine
(D) dispose
140. The Natural Products Expo gives visitors
the opportunity to ---------- many different health
food items.
(A) experiment
(B) attempt
(C) sample
(D) compete


137. Wilshire City’s low corporate tax rates
make it a great community in ---------- to start a
new business.

107. Please be sure ---------- Mr. Fargo’s
documents by 2 p.m. because he needs them
for a meeting.

(A) or

(A) deliver

(B) to

(B) to deliver

(C) nor

(C) to delivering

(D) and

(D) have delivered

102. Darlene, the office manager, is ---------- for
ordering all office supplies.

108. Every month a ---------- is given to the
employee who shows the best leadership skills.

(A) response

(A) commend

(B) responsible

(B) commending

(C) responsibly

(C) commendation

(D) responsibility

(D) commendatory

103. All staff members need a supervisor’s --------- to attend this conference.

109. We may hold the next workshop at a much
---------- time so that night shift employees can
attend it too.

(A) admission
(B) administration
(C) permission

(A) ahead
(B) later

(D) possession

(C) after

104. It is difficult to get a tablet at Biaggio
Restaurant ---------- a reservation.

(D) newer

(B) except

110. ---------- most of our customers are in the
information technology industry, some of our
newest clients are involved in the healthcare

(C) outside

(A) Despite

(D) without

(B) However

105. Sunrise Village apartments are centrally
located on Shore Boulevard, ---------- to
shopping and area beaches.

(C) Although

(A) against

(A) convenient
(B) convenience
(C) conveniences
(D) conveniently

(D) In spite of
111. All Executive Suites are ---------- decorated
with oriental carpets and European quilts.
(A) elegant
(B) elegance
(C) elegantly

106. The Deltona gardening club meets ---------a week to discuss upcoming events.

(D) elegancy

(A) one

112. You will find ---------- information about the
company’s products by visiting its Web-site.

(B) once
(C) first
(D) singly

(A) covered
(B) detailed
(C) examined
(D) spread



101. Hansen Marketing prefers to hire
candidates who either have sales experience --------- a degree in marketing.

(A) served
(B) serving
(C) is served
(D) is serving

119. We recently got a new phone system --------- we can handle more incoming customer calls.
(A) according to
(B) in order to
(C) resulting in
(D) so that

114. Ms. Atwell’s ---------- for improving sales will
be discussed at the next meeting.

120. Robson Consulting Inc. can help your
company ---------- analyze its strong and weak

(A) recommends

(A) systemize

(B) recommended

(B) systemized

(C) recommending

(C) systematic

(D) recommendation

(D) systematically

115. To some people’s surprise, digital cameras
have nearly ---------- film cameras.

121. Surf City’s mild weather allows outdoor
lovers to ---------- hobbies such as boating,
swimming, and hiking.

(A) switched
(B) replaced
(C) transferred

(A) aim
(B) carry

(D) substituted

(C) follow

116. During the meeting, sales managers
discussed ---------- their teams need to do to
increase sales.

(C) pursue

(A) that
(B) what
(C) when

122. The product demonstrations lasted ---------about 2 hours, and they seemed to be a great
(A) for
(B) during

(D) which

(C) since

117. Thanks to its low taxes, Westville City has
a high ---------- of small start-up businesses.

(D) from

(A) concentrate
(B) concentrated
(C) concentrating
(D) concentration
118. The Walkabout R100 is a ---------- and
easy-to-use cell phone with a lot of features.

123. The CEO’s speech addressed
shareholders’ concerns about the company’s
financial ----------.
(A) condition
(B) conditioned
(C) conditional
(D) conditionally

(B) constant

124. Asking for a raise is always a ---------issue, and the process is difficult even in good
economic times.

(C) resistant

(A) soft

(D) probable

(B) stuck

(A) durable

(C) delicate
(D) designing



113. Trusty Cable Inc., which is a cable TV
company ---------- the tri-county area, recently
announced an expansion plan.

131. ---------- more than 30 years ago,
Blackstone Grill is one of the region’s best
known restaurants.

(A) have launched

(A) Established

(B) had launched

(B) Establishing

(C) were launched

(C) Been established

(D) will launch

(D) Having established

126. The Community Development Board
provides financial ---------- to people wishing to
start small businesses in the East Village area.

132. We suggest that you purchase our products
only from ---------- dealers.

(A) assister
(B) assistance
(C) assistant
(D) assisted
127. Mr. Sampson will train and ---------- all of
the volunteer staff for the upcoming Fun Run
(A) assort
(B) relate
(C) conform
(D) coordinate
128. A career in our IT department is perfect for
a person ---------- technical skills are already
highly developed.

(A) authority
(B) authorize
(C) authorized
(D) authorization
133. It is ---------- that smaller cars have become
more and more popular lately.
(A) true
(B) actual
(C) genuine
(D) honest
134. ---------- Ken-tech was started, business
computers were the size of a large room.
(A) Among the time
(B) When the time

(A) who

(C) At the time

(B) whose

(D) On the time

(C) of whose

135. Richard Fiallo is a ---------- number of the
company, and he is still active on the board of

(D) which
129. The head architect will work ---------- with
the client during the entire building process.
(A) direct
(B) directed
(C) directly
(D) direction
130. Payroll Master is a simple and ---------accounting program with many useful features.
(A) elastic
(B) versatile
(C) trainable
(D) resourceful


(A) founding
(B) founders
(C) founded
(D) found
136. Stock prices fell Tuesday as investors sold
shares and took profits ---------- from last week’s
strong market.
(A) associated
(B) accumulated
(C) navigated
(D) renovated


125. By the time Call Mate Inc. finished testing
its video cell phone, several competing firms --------- similar models.

139. Before leaving, please check your room --------- to make sure you have your personal

(A) which

(A) universally

(B) on which

(B) thoroughly

(C) where

(C) purposely

(D) in that

(D) certainly

138. Consumer confidence in the brand’s quality
has improved to a ---------- degree.

140. ---------- some managers prefer to hire only
young employees, hiring older workers can give
huge benefits to any company.

(A) recognition
(B) recognize
(C) recognizable
(D) recognizably

(A) For
(B) While
(C) However
(D) Whether



137. Prossier’s Cooking Academy will give you a
solid foundation ---------- to build your career as
a chef.

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