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The disadvantage of internet

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Topic 5: The internet has made society less efficient, less informed, less
It is an undeniable fact that both computers and the Internet have become
one of the most important achievements of modern society. The web altered the
pace of popular culture. It made communication way easier by rendering
information that is instantly accessible with less amount of cost and efforts. In the
past, Technologies would merge, leading to easy acquisition of knowledge,
entertainment, news and interpersonal dialogue. The internet was still a pipe
dream. Today the Internet strong grow, the Internet has had a revolutionary
impact on culture, commerce, and technology which driven by ever greater
amounts of online information, commerce, entertainment, and social networking.
However, It can be argued that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. For
some people, surfing on the Internet can become so addictive. Users spend too
much time on the computer surfing the Internet can also lead to ineffective
working, an unhealthy lifestyle, hinder the reception of official information.
One drawback of internet is that it is less effective. People spend a great
deal of time doing nothing of worth which surfing the internet, facebook,.. There
are 4.1 billion Internet users in the world as at December 2018. This is compared

to 3.9 billion Internet users in mid 2018 and about 3.7 billion Internet users in late
2017 (Internet Statistics, 2019). Therefore, Young people are spending more time
fiddling with playing online games, and sending messages on social networking
sites. A recent Cabinet Office survey found that the total time spent on the
Internet with mobile or smartphones on a weekday was a startling 107.4 minutes
a day, on average, a 50 percent increase from the 2010 survey (Kids wasting too
much time online, 2014). A great deal of hours spent on the Internet is hours not
spent reading a book, engaging in sports, talking face to face or enjoying the
outdoors. Outside activities help them develop creative, constructive and critical
thinking habits, rather than developing an early addiction to phone usage. It is
clear that many users just concern with posting beautiful pictures, updating
information, answering comments, chat on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, and more
on social network rather than focusing on their job. Moreover, Surfing the

Internet consume a large amount of money from company. Businessess pay
money for employees although they use internet to check email, do banking, visit
sports sites, pay bills, … in working hours which decrease employee productivity.
Research businesses shows that nearly two-thirds of employees spend work hours
browsing sites unrelated to work a surprising 3 percent of them spending more
than 10 hours a week actively avoiding work online. All of these wasted man
hours add up, resulting in an average cost of almost $3,000 for employee each
year. Beside, a surprising finding is that, on average, workers spend 4 hours or
half the working day in order to handling emails (the internet is massive waste of
time, 2015). Employees cannot work, research project with mind which always
think about informations, images on internet. Therefore, People should reduce
spend more time to use the internet. The most popular solution is to block certain
website make distraction.
Moreover, Internet make users lack of knowledge about society. With
develop electronic media, people reach so much available informations resources
on social network which lead to difficulty in knowing what’s real or fake. For
example, Fake news stories about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton dominated
the news towards the end of the U.S. election campaign often outperforming real
news stories and more popular than stories debunking them. Having information
and being informed are not the same thing, and they do not have equal value. In
2003, Marc Canter said: "Five percent of the populace (probably even less) can
create. The others watch, listen, read, consume. I think one of the destinies of
digital technology is to enable the other 95% to express their creativity
somehow." (Having information and being informed, 2012). Clearly, there is so
much falsified information out there that one of reason is the electronic media,
internet websites in their competition for ratings looking for hits and visitors
rather than the truth. In addition, The Internet connect advertisers and marketers
so informations and advertisings on internet are not completely exact and mislead
consumers. A new line of business product must be promoted on Internet to
maintain its existence. Therefore, companys pay a fixed fee per article, per view
for advestising so they often have a decent following and attract potential
customers. As a result, fake businessess take advantage of opportunity to provide
less quality products in market.

Uses of the Internet affect health problem, especially their physical and
mental health. People use too much computer time can increase depression.
According to the ONS, depression accounts for the third largest amount of missed
work days in the UK about 15 million (Is back, neck and muscle pain hurting the
UK economy, 2014). Time take part in social activities to interaction with their
friends is decreased. In a long time, They not only have lack of communication
skill but also afraid of interact with human. Scientists also administered selfreported tests to study how internet usage affects the students’ mental health.
“Individuals with internet addiction also had significantly higher amounts of
depression and anxiety symptoms, problems with planning and time management,
greater levels of attentional impulsivity as well as ADHD symptoms,” Van
Ameringen added (Internet Addiction May Lead To More Mental Health
Problems, Study Finds, 2016). For some people, Internet users use the virtual
fantasy world to connecting with real people through the Internet rather than
spending time with real people in their lives. That’s a reason why the young tends
to themselves isolate instead of bringing themselves together. The young should
decrease the amount of time spent online and get back to the real world in order
to avoid depression and enhance social intercourse. In addition, People see the
computer’s screen too long which make eyes working so hard. As people know
that light from computer cause damage to the cells inside of our eye, and retinal
cells produce vision. “Blue light is so close to ultraviolet, which has been known
to cause damage on the cells of the eyes for years now,” Bazan says (Here’s what
happen to your eyes when you look at multiple screens, 2016). When users work
with computer, they take regular screen breaks to give eyes the rest they need.
Moreover, Sitting at a computer and not moving for hours which lead affect the
spine despite the right posture or wrong posture. People sit in office who have the
musculoskeletal highest rates. Explains Prof Steve Bevan, director of the Centre
for Workforce Effectiveness at the Work Foundation "The more sedentary you are
the worse it is for your health." (Is back, neck and muscle pain hurting the UK
economy, 2014). Therfore, People need to change position throughout the day to
avoid to have neck and back pain.
In the end, people surfing the internet through hours a day which waste of
themselves time. Employees take advantage of an opportunity to use internet in
work hours which waste of financial company. With a large number of websites

and information resources, Users difficulty in discriminating between truth and
fake. Not only can users take too long to weed through in order to make a
decision but they aslo affect their health. Health issue relate to mind, body like
depression, eyes, back pain. In order to avoid harm from internet, users should
reduce time in front of computer, go out so much to access real world. Perhaps in
the future, Internet will improve and develop function to meet the users’s demand
which protect health, connect exactly information resources.

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