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People have different view points of earning their living. Some people would
rather be self-employed; but others would prefer to work for an employer. I would rather
have a business of my own than work for any employers. There are many reasons why I
want to run my own business.
First of all, I am confident that I am capable of doing this. I came from a business
family. My parents have been businesspeople with much experience of doing business.
My parents have always taught me how to do business effectively.
Secondly, many people no longer want to work for companies which fail to offer a
satisfying career. As you know, if we get a suitable job, we will make good progress in
our career. It is not easy to find a job that provides us with opportunities for advancement.
Finally, I have several friends who are now owners of big companies in Ho chi
Minh city. Their businesses are doing well. They advise me to set up a business soon and
I think they may be my prospective clients.
In conclusion, I have enough experience and conditions to run my own business
instead of working for an employer. I am self-confident to make a lot of effort to sustain
my own business in a competitive environment.


Modern life brings us several ways of communication. But it is said that face-toface communication is better than other types of communication, such as: letters, E-mail
or telephone calls. For me, I completely agree with the statement for many reasons.
Firstly, face-to-face communication is the easiest way to communicate with each
other. We often use body language, or facial expressions to make our ideas, or feelings
clear to others. Other types of communication, such as: letter, e-mail and telephone calls
have no such advantages.
Secondly, face-to-face communication intensifies the relationship between people.
By this kind of communication we can exchange information, ideas, and feelings easier.
Lastly, by this means of communication we can receive immediate and clear
feedback from our partners and the possibilities of misunderstanding will be much less
than communication by other ways.
In conclusion, face-to-face communication is a means of communication that
brings us several advantages. In my opinion, I think it is a better means to communicate
with people.

Nowadays, modern life brings us several means of making our life more
comfortable. However, it also causes a lot of problems we have to face, such as the stress
comes from work pressure. People try out different ways to escape stress. These include
reading, gardening, playing games and many other ways. In my opinion, the best ways to
escape stress are: listening to music, taking a trip and playing sports. There are many
reasons for my choice as mentioned below.
Firstly, listening to music is one of the best ways to become free from stress.
While listening to music, especially classic one, it makes us forget all trouble happening
to us. So, I think listening to music is a good way to avoid stress.
Secondly, taking a trip is another way to help us become free from stress. When
taking a trip, it allows us to enjoy numerous natural beauties and lovely sights around
which are incomparable. Therefore, I think it is a good way to get rid of ties,
responsibilities and duties.
Finally, playing sports is also the best way to avoid stress. My favourite sport is
tennis. I like playing tennis because it not only keeps my body balanced but also helps me
overcome stress. My concentration on sport when playing it will make me free from
In conclusion, people have different ways to release stress. For myself, I think
listening to music, taking a trip and playing sports are the best ways to release stress
because they bring me a lot of advantages.

People work because they need money to serve their living. It can’t be denied that
money plays an important role in our life and we can’t live without money. Money helps
us get what we want such as food to eat, accommodation to live and clothes to wear.
However, for me we work not only for money but also for many other reasons.
Firstly, working gives us opportunities to do what we can do best. Besides, a
person who has a job becomes a productive and useful person in the society.
Secondly, working gives us chance to contribute our part to the development of
our country. Vietnam is a developing country and it needs effective contributions from all
of us.
Finally, working is one of the essential activities in human life. Working proves
that you have good qualifications to do so and it makes you feel proud of yourself and be
a better person.
In conclusion, we can say that working is not only a way to make money for our
life but also a basic standard to evaluate the effective contribution of every individual to
the development of one’s country.

10/. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Business should do any thing they can to make a profit. Use specific
reasons and examples to support your position.
Some people think that businesses should do anything they can to
make a profit. In my opinion, a business has other things to do, for example
considering its workers, customers, the community.
A person who is servicing customers and community should always
be honest. This is the most important quality of a business in order to make a
profit. Earning money by playing tricks is a bad activity and business won’t
be successful.
In business, everyone must consider the other workers, customers and
the community in which they live. Colleagues are very important, because
business is a team – work. Without the help of other workers, a business
can’t get anything. Therefore, if a business makes large profits, the workers
have the rights to benefit some.
The profits that a business earns from the community should be
returned to the community in many ways such as building a park, a nursery
for the children of the workers or doing charity.
Other important point is to get customers’ trust. If a company wants to
develop, it should try to produce high quality products and give goods
service to its customers.

Which would you choose: a high-paying with long hours that would give you little
time with family and friends or a lower-paying job with shorter hours that would
give you more time with family and friend?
All high-paying job with long hours give people too much relentless pressure, causing
harm to their mind and body. People who pursue high-paying jobs always care about
what their jobs offer, such as salary, bonus, social status and sense of achievement. For
me, money can purchase a lot of things, and make my live more better; however, money
can’t buy a good health and the love from family and friends. After all, anything can
bring me happiness without a good health.
A lower-paying job with shorter hours would give me more time to accompany my
friends and family. Although I do a lower-paying job which provides me with less money,
it still brings me the sense of achievement. Moreover, a lower-paying job allows me to
spend much of my time on communicating my thinking to my family and friends and
sharing their sorrow and happiness.

In short, even though a lower-paying job can’t provide me with enough budget to satisfy
my material needs, I think it can give me more time with my family and friends; what is
better, it doesn’t sacrifice my health and prevent me from developing a close relationships
with my family and friends.

Topic 8
The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns. Use
specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
Money is an important factor, and we cannot live without money, but in my
opinion, it’s not the most important thing. People work because of many other
important aspects.
The first aspect is the working environment. If one works in a company
having good working environment, he will feel happy and contribute his best
abilities to his job. A good boss, wonderful colleagues make him happy.
The second thing is the opportunities to learn new things. Having a lot of
chances to approach new technologies, to make friends with other people, to
update his knowledge will make his life enjoyable.
Thirdly, it is important that your job gives you a good salary. However, it is
more important to have a job that you like, and that allows you to enjoy your
private life. There is no doubt that money is useful, but you can sacrifice the
quality of your life to it.

6.We all work or will work in our jobs with many
different kinds of people. In your opinion, what are
coworker(someone you work closely with)? Use reason
and specific example why these characteristics are
We all work or will work in our job with many different
kinds of people. Each one has individual characteristics. For
me, a co-worker I would like to work with should have the
following qualities.
The foremost characteristic I expect in a co-worker is
that he/she should be a hard worker. I like someone who
works hard in order to get the work done by mutual

Secondly, he/she should be a friendly and joyful person.
It is very glad to work with a friendly and joyful worker. Joyful
and friendly people are mostly liked.
The third characteristic I would like to see in my coworker that she/he should not be a racist. She/he should be
kindhearted and positive-minded, because the environment
in most big companies is multi-cultural.
Besides, he/she must be consistent. It means that she
knows what she is doing and what can be a possible
consequence. She also knows the solutions of problems
appearing at work.
In short, it is difficult to find one who has all of the
above qualities. It would be great for us to work with a coworker who has two or three qualities listed above.

Some people prefer to work for a
large company. Others prefer to work for a small
company. Which would you prefer? Use specific
reasons and details to support your choice.

Some people prefer to work for a large company. Others
prefer to work for a small company. In my opinion, I
prefer to work for a large company.
First, when you work for a large company, you will be
able to contact a lot of people in many sections. You will
be able to learn many useful things that you did not
study at school. Moreover, you have many oportunities
to promote.
Second, you will be in a dynamic environment, so you
always feel dynamic. This is the thing that you cannot
have when you work for a small company.
Third, you can know many operating fields of company.
This is the chance that helps you to improve yourself and
you can easily adapt with the change of environment.
You will also have many experience so you can easily
work for any company that you want.
As we see that there are more advantages when you
work for a large company.

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