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Cell phone : +84
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I want to become an engineering specialist to help company create value and
produce valuable goods.Professional development and company development.
Desired Position : Manager/ Assistant manager/ Technical staff .

Expected Salary : Negotiable
Desired Level : Executive
Type: Fixed Time/ Be able to work over time
Desired Career : Research and development, installation, maintenance,
repair, sales and distribution equipment
 Desired Work : Looking for works in line with the current capacity and
professional working environment
 Can do business trip : Yes

 09/201 – 06/201 : Studied in Hanoi University of Industry.
 August 201 : Graduated from Hanoi University of Industry. Major in
Control and Automation Engineering Technology.
 15/05/2017 – 01/04/2019 : - Minda Vietnam Automotive Company .,Ltd.
(India Group). Binh Xuyen Industrial park, Huong Canh Town, Binh
Xuyen District, Vinh Phuc Province.
- Postion : R&D staff.

* Working details :
 Co-ordinate and plan meeting of product development and reviewing.
 Giving development schedule for the new products.
 Arrange over drawings for various products for approval from
 Arrange test specifications of the products as per customer
 Get samples assembled and get them tested from lab room as per
 Send samples to customer through QA, makerting, logistics or
purchasing department and follow up for approval.
 Follow up product sample until it’s sent to customer.
 Design ,develope product when receiving drawing from customer.
 Making BOM (Bill of material) for product.
 Design and setup line for the new product in the manufactory.

 Release ECN’s,ECRN,… for relevant changes in product design
during development.
 Directly work with customer if have any confusion.
 Preparing plan audit line every month.
 Maintain product file as per system.
 Maintain imported reference samples and keep record of the same.
 Issue product no. for new product on system.
 Do costing of the products and maintain their records.
 Update existing products designs, for continues improvement.
 Improvement product when receiving any feedback from customer.
 Offer countermeasures when product are defective.
 Development jig, fixture,mold, machine,… which it’s not avaiable.
 Update record , standards and specification.
 Participate in analysis of warranty rejections and customer
complaints and suggest corrective measure.
 To discharge above indicated duties and responsibilities as delegated
by department head.
 Understanding customer environment related issue and implement
the same as schedule.
 Determine NG or OK condition of products after testing.
 Together with customer making standard operating procedure if it is
not available or need to be review.
 Making control plan, process follow chart, PFMEA, SIR, PQCS,…
when starting new product development.

 Calculating Cp-cpk of product before and after starting of
 Issue standards to other departments as packaging standard, one point
lesson, working instruction,…
 27/06/2016 – 28/04/2017 : - Haesung Vina Co.,Ltd. Khai Quang
Industrial park, Vinh Yen City, Vinh Phuc Province.
- Position : Technical staff.
* Working details :
 Install technical machinery, operate, repair devices.
 Receiving technology transfer from foreign experts.
 Periodic maintenance plan.
 Reparing and dealing with when machineries have problems,
making for improvement.
 Find out, analyze errors, take corrective measures for improving
the production efficiency of the machinery.
 Researching and coordinating with other departments to improve
and enhance the product quality.
 Strict implementation of the provisions for 5S.
 12/2015 – 03/2016 : I had an internship at Vietnam Science and
Technology Corporation as a technical staff.
* Working details :
 Consulting, supervision and construction of fire protection
systems , protection and control.
 Installation, repair , maintenance , warranty alarms , electrical
appliances, electronics, telecommunications and automatic
firefighting system .
 Good command of English, especially spoken and listened English
 English: Proficiency in Electric
 Computer software proficiency: AutoCAD, PLC, WinCC(windown
control center), Matlab,…
 Computer software proficiency: MS Office ( Word, Excel, Power Point...)
 Good communication and presentation skills
 Able to work independently as well as team, work well under pressure
 Quick-learner, self-confident and active
 Hard working, well-organized and high sense of responsibility
 Problem solving and analytical skills

 In the work : truthful, careful and detailed
 Be able to manage time


Watching TV commercials, reading magazines and books.
Playing sports: football, volley ball, shuttlecock kicking, bi-da…
To travel, backpacking tourism.
Listening to music, play the guitar, Internet surfing.

 Member club of the school student volunteers
*Learned skills : improve communication, management, team work,….
 Participate in activities organized American Center
*Learned skills : Cultivate foreign language, learn and absorb new
cultures .

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