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Lesson Plan of Math by English :Rectangles

Trần Ngọc Thủy – D2016C
Aims :
1. Knowledge :
- Help students know the rectangle has 4 sides : there are 2 equally short
sides and 2 equally long sides
- Help students know rectangle has 4 square corners
2. Skill : Students can draw and write the name of rectangles
3. Attitude : Students are interested in learning
Prepare :
1. Teacher :
- Powerpoint
- Rectangles, pictures in studentbook
2. Students : Math studentbook and textbook
III. Procedure :
1. Warm-up ( 3
mins )

 Play a game “ Square corners counter ”

- Teacher divided into 2 teams. Each team is given a
- The team counts right angles in drawing faster, that
team wins
- Teacher comments and summaries

2. Introduction
to rectangles
( 5 mins)

 Teacher hold a rectangle then ask students what
kind of shape it is, call out its name.
 State aims and requirement about the lesson
 Write the name of lesson on the board

3. New lesson
(10 mins)

 Take shape in rectangles
- Require students to check

4 angles by

square and show result: Each angle A, B, C, D


 Rectangle has 4 right angles.
- Require students to measure rectangle’s
sides by ruler and show the result: AB = CD,
AC = BD.
+ 2 sides AB and CD are long sides
+ 2 side AC and BD are short sides
 A rectangle has 2 long equal sides, 2 short
equal sides
- Define “length” and “width” of rectangle:
“The length of long sides is called length, the
length of short sides is called width”
- Show the conclusion: A rectangle has 4 right
angles, 2 long equal sides, 2 short equal
 Guide students to learn by heart rectangle’s
- Hang the conclusion board and require
learners speak out loud all together then
3. Practice
(12 mins)

one by one and learn by heart.
3.1 Exercise 1
 Work in pair to choose the rectangles
Teacher invite a random group to come up and
show the result
3.2 Exercise 2

 Measure and state the length of sides of 2 given
rectangles (work in books)
 Invite 2 students to come up and write the results
3.3 Exercise 3
 Ask students to find the ractangles in the image
and answer questions: “How many rectangle are
there? Call out its names?”
 Require students to find the length and width of
rectangles in the image write results on notebooks
 Invite 3 students come up and write the results on
3.4 Exercise 4
 Ask students to draw one more line segment to
create a rectangle into the books
 Invite 2 students to come up and work on boars
 Ask students if they have other ideas and show the
way how to do it
4. Sum-up
( 2 mins )

 Ask students to repeat the conclusion: “A rectangle
has 4 right angles, 2 long equal sides, 2 short equal
 Teacher feedback about the lesson
 Require students to prepare the next lesson

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