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Electric heating steamer for dim sum SC EF 1h

Product Name

:Electric Heating Steamer for Dim Sum




: Steaming and stewing of various foods

Type of Product

: Vapor originated from water

Heating Method

: Electricity (Heating Element)

Power Supply

: 380-400V 3N~50/60Hz

Power Rating

: 27kW or 37kW

Points for Attention during Installation:
Power Supply:
(1) Cable, 3-phase, 16mm2 is recommended, 10mm2 for both N wire and earth wire.

Turn on MCCB, 60A air breaker is recommended. If “leakage protection device” is needed, note that the leakage rate of the
equipment may surpass 10mA.


When connected from the power supply to the power panel of the equipment, all power cable groups shall be protected
from water and collision with metal tubes. The metal protection tubes shall be equipped with good earth wire.

Water Supply Device:

Water supply pressure, 1-2.5kg/cm2. In some areas, if the pressure is too high, external pressure reduction valve is


In some areas, water quality is poor, external water purifier is recommended to ensure normal operation of the heating


The water inlet mouth is set at the left bottom of the cabinet front which shall be taken care of by qualified technicians. The
interface shall be secure and absolutely water-proof. In addition, there shall be a locating block to fix the metal tube every
400mm along the water pipe movement.


For any section from the water source to the jointing point of the oven unit, hard metal pipe shall be used for construction.


The water discharge pipe opening is on the left bottom of the cabinet front, which needs to be connected with the water
ditch using hard temperature-resistant pipe of the same gauge.

Installation the Equipment:

Check the location of installation to see if there is water drip or leakage which, if any, shall be well handled before the
installation can be proceeded.


Make adjustments to the seat so that the equipment stands even.
The power wire groups shall be, by qualified electrician, connected securely as shown by the designated power terminal
desk markings respectively. Careful checks shall be performed and the ground wires shall be securely connected to the
metal case of the equipment.


The power supply shall be energized by a qualified electrician, who will check if the voltages of all phases are normal, and
if the ground wires of the metal case meet the national electrical safety regulations and standards.

Product Operation:

Confirm that the DRAINING handle is in the vapor preparing position. Power on the unit, and the POWER lamp of the
control panel turns on. The WATER EMPTY lamp of the water tank on, and the water tank begins water replenishment
automatically. After the water exceeds the water empty line, the WATER EMPTY lamp off. When the water reaches the
water full line, the WATER FULL lamp on and water replenishment stops automatically.

(2) After the water tank is full of water, turn the HEATER switch to the fully heating position (·
·) on the right side. In about
10-15 minutes, high-temperature vapor will be transmitted to the steaming cabinets.
(3) During operation, the water tank will replenish water automatically to keep the water level inside. Do not turn the
DRAINING handle away from the vapor preparing position so that water is discharged. Because the steaming cabinet has
automatic protection function, the DRAINING lamp on, and the steaming cabinet automatically stop vapor preparation by
stopping the heating process.

Cleaning and Protection of the Equipment:

Before clocking off after operation each day, turn the OUTPUT switch of the control panel to “0”, turn off the “Mater
switch”, and in the mean time pull the water-proof rubber plate to the OFF position. Turn off the switch of the power


The water in the water tank shall be replaced every day before getting off duty. After stopping the unit, turn the
DRAINING handle to the water release position. Return the handle to the air-preparing position (Note that the button
shall reach the end) when all water is released.


Take out the miscellaneous items remained inside the water discharge trench in the front of the cabinet and then wash
the trench with water.

Special Points for Attention:
The water in the water tank shall be replaced every day to eliminate the accumulation of water dirt.

If accident is caused because the unit is operated in a way violating the guidelines above, the user shall take all relevant

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