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Raytheon installing IHO

Migrating to IHO Certificate for S-63 1.1 in
Raytheon ECDIS
This guide is based on the Raytheon Anschütz ECDIS Version E04.10

Migrating to IHO certificate for S-63 1.1

1 Migrating from P R IMAR .C R T to IHO.C R T
To install S-63 1.1 Data the latest IHO certificate will need to be installed in your ECDIS. The
IHO.CRT is located on any AVCS S-63 1.1 Media. To install it please insert the S-63 1.1
Media into your ECDIS and follow the steps below:
1. Select “Charts”
2. Select “Licence”
3. Select “IHO S63 S63 Licence Administration”

4. On “IHO S63 Licence Administration” load window, select “Certificate SA Public Key”
5. Then select location of new Certificate (i.e. CD, USB)
6. Select ”Import SA Public Key”


Migrating to IHO certificate for S-63 1.1
7. You will then be asked:

8. Click on “Yes” to proceed with the installation of the new IHO Certificate.

The IHO.CRT has now been installed and S-63 1.1 data can be loaded into the ECDIS.

2 R everting to P R IMAR .C R T
If for any reason the migration to S-63 1.1 fails then the PRIMAR.CRT file will need to be reinstalled. To do this insert any AVCS S-63 1.0 Media into your ECDIS and follow the same
process as outlined above except this time selecting the PRIMAR.CRT.
Your system will now be in the same state as before attempting the upgrade and you can
continue to use AVCS S-63 1.0 data. However, you should inform your Admiralty Chart
Agent of the problems that you have encountered.

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