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assignment my family


Family is where I come back when I am tired. Family Is where I Iive in warm love
of my grandparents and parents. Wherever I go, I also remember my warm home.
They are everything to me. Therefore, In this assignment, I will share with you
about my own family through three key Ideas including members, activities and
my feeling about my warm family.


1. Members
I am Iiving In a small family of five members. The first member is my father a
middle-aged man. His name is Khanh. He is quite tall and good-looking. He is
known as a reticent man. Although he doesn’t express his love towards the family
but we could still see how much he loves us. The second person is my mother
whose name Is Hau. She is in her forties and has been a housewife for years. She
Is a caring mother and wife who always prepare meals for the whole family and
take responsibilities for all chores such as doing laundry, kitchen cleanup and
washing dishes.

I have two siblings who are little sisters. The older one is Hoai Linh. Currently she
Is a 14 year old student. In my eyes, Linh is really hard-working. She loves dancing
and she dances very well Traveling Is another hobby of her. Meanwhile, Mai
Phuong just 6 years old is a lovely girl and big fan of barbecue with Coca. The last
member of my family Is me. My name Is Hung and now I am 19 year old. I have
started my college life at Fpoly. For years, I have been a game lover.

2. My family’s activities

Every day In the morning, my mother taught me to make breakfast for the whole
family. After eating, my dad went to work and I went to Fpoly School. Mom
brought two children to school. Since I studied at Fpoly I had to study harder,
could not go out with my family and eat less with my family because many days I
had to stay In school to study. On the occasion of New Year, my families often
return home to celebrate the New Year with grandparents and relatives.

3. My feelings
Family Is where I was taught with moral values and lessons. Now, although I am
living away from home, I try to return my house when I don’t have to attend class
to reunite with my family and enjoy each moment with my beloved members. I
had many difficulties and challenges. Sometimes I felt like I disappointed my
parents but they did not punish me, they just gave me advice to overcome these
troubles. They allow me to make mistakes then teach me how to be strong and
Independent. Because I am the oldest brother, I think I have responsibility to be a
role model for my sisters to follow. I love my sisters so much and for me, they are
also my friends. Seeing their bright smile, I forget tiredness.



To conclude, family is very Important to me. Family is home, this Is where I can
return after hard working days. Family is also motivation for me. I love my family
very much. Family is the cradle that nourishes my soul. This is where you can love
and love unconditionally. In the future, I will learn well, become a successful

person and make more money to make the family more prosperous.


Student : Đặng Hữu Hùng

: PH08566


: ENT1123.54

Teacher : Dương KIm Thanh






My famIly members
ActIvItIes of my famIly
My feelIng for famIly


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