Tải bản đầy đủ


(cho những bạn đang ở mức 5)

I. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest
in meaning to each of the following questions
Question 1: "How beautiful is the dress you have just bought!" Peter said to Mary.
A. Peter promised to buy Mary a beautiful dress.
B. Peter said thanks to Mary for her beautiful dress.
C. Peter asked Mary how she had just bought her beautiful dress.
D. Peter complimented Mary on her beautiful dress.
Question 2: There won’t be peace in the conflict if both sides do not really desire it.
A. It is only if both sides actually want the conflict to end peacefully that it will happen.
B. As both sides in the conflict apparently desire peace, it is likely that there will be peace
C. The main problem in the conflict seems to be that neither side really desires peace.
D. There has been a lot of fighting in the conflict because both sides seem to want it that way.
Question 3: The accident happened as a result of the driver’s not paying attention to the
A. If the driver would have paid attention to the road, the accident hadn‟t happened.
B. Had the driver been paid attention to the road, the accident wouldn‟t have happened.
C. If the driver had been paying attention to the road, the accident wouldn‟t have happened.

D. Had the accident not happened, the driver would not have had to pay attention to the road.
Question 4: “Shall I help you do the dishes, Carlo?” said Robert.
A. Robert suggested helping Carlo with the dishes.
B. Robert suggested to help Carlo do the dishes.
C. Robert offered Carlo to help do the dishes.
D. Robert offered to help Carlo do the dishes.
Question 5: If I hadn‟t had so much work to do I would have gone to the movies.
A. Because I had to do so much work I couldn‟t go to the movies.
B. I would go to the movies when I had done so much work.

C. A lot of work couldn‟t prevent me from going to the movies.
D. I never go to the movies if I have work to do.
Question 6: “ Why don‟t you get your hair cut, Gavin?” said Adam.
A. Adam advised Gavin to cut his hair.
B. Gavin was suggested to have a hair cut.
C. It was suggested that Adam get Gavin‟s haircut.
D. Adam suggested that Gavin should have his hair cut.
Question 7: Even if the job market is not stable, those who persist will be able to land jobs
A. When it‟s hard to find a job, jobs on land are even harder.
B. Patient people will secure jobs even in an instable job market.
C. Only persistent job seekers can find jobs.
D. In land jobs are only available to persistent jobs applicants.
Question 8: She didn‟t understand the benefits of volunteering until she joined this club.
A. Not until she joined this club did she understand the benefits of volunteering.
B. It was not until she joined this club did she understand the benefits of volunteering.
C. Not until did she join this club, she understood the benefits of volunteering.
D. Not until she joined this club that she understood the benefits of volunteering.
Question 9: He didn‟t prepare well for his GCSE examination and he regrets it now.
A. Unless he had prepared well for his GCSE examination, he wouldn‟t regret it now.
B. But for his ill preparation for his GCSE examination, he wouldn‟t regret it now.
C. If it hadn‟t been for his good preparation for his GCSE examination, he wouldn‟t regret it
D. If he had prepared well for his GCSE examination, he wouldn‟t have regretted it now.
Question 10: People believe that Chinese people invented paper.
A. Paper is believed to have been invented by Chinese people.
B. Paper is believed to be invented by Chinese people.
C. It was believed that Chinese people invent paper.
D. Chinese people are believed to invent paper.

Question 11: Harry does not eat like a horse anymore.
A. Harry used to eat like a horse.
B. Harry used to eat a horse.
C. Harry does not like a horse.
D. Harry has never eaten too much.
Question 12: “How long have you been in this job?” She asked him.

A. She asked him how long he has been in that job.
B. She asked him how long has he been in that job.
C. She asked him how long he had been in that job.
D. She asked him how long had he been in that job.
Question 13: People think that traffic congestion in the downtown area is due to the
increasing number of private cars.
A. Traffic congestion in the downtown area is blamed for the increasing number of private
B. The increasing number of private cars is thought to be responsible for traffic congestion in
the downtown area.
C. The increasing number of private cars is attributed to traffic congestion in the downtown
D. Traffic congestion in the downtown area is thought to result in the increasing number of
private cars.
Question 14: They bought a gift that was very expensive for their son.
A. They gave their son a gift that was very expensive.
B. Their son bought an expensive gift for his birthday.
C. The gift was so expensive that they didn‟t buy it for their son.
D. Although the gift was inexpensive, they didn‟t buy it for their son.
Question 15: We couldn‟t have managed our business successfully without my father‟s money.
A. Had it not been for my father‟s money, we couldn‟t have managed our business
B. We could have managed our business successfully with my father‟s money.
C. If we could manage our business successfully, my father would give us his money.
D. If we couldn‟t have managed our business successfully, we would have had my father‟s
Question 16: He wants his wife to quit her job and look after their children.
A. He would like his wife to stop working and looking after their children.
B. He wants to quit his job and his wife look after their children.
C. He would like his wife to continue working in spite of looking after their children.
D. He would like his wife to stop working and look after their children.
Question 17: I really regert that you haven‟t told me about her family.
A. If only you would tell me about her family.
B. If only I didn‟t regret that you hadn‟t told me about her family.
C. If only you had told me about her family.

D. If only you hadn‟t told me about her family.
Question 18: I don‟t think Max broke your vase because he wasn‟t here then.
A. Max wouldn‟t have broken your vase because he wasn‟t here then.
B. Max was likely to break your vase because he wasn‟t here then.
C. Max can‟t have broken your vase because he wasn‟t here then.
D. Max wasn‟t able to break your vase because he wasn‟t here then.
Question 19: “ I say again. This is the most important assignment of the semester”, the
professor said.
A. The professor confirmed that that was the most important assighnment of the semester.
B. The professor informed that that was the most important assighnment of the semester.
C. The professor threatened that that was the most important assighnment of the semester.
D. The professor replied that that was the most important assighnment of the semester.
Question 20: I have never listened to jazz music before
A. This is the first jazz music I listen to
B. This is the first time I listen to jazz music
C. This is the first time I have listened to jazz music
D. This is the first time I listened to jazz music
Question 21: Noisy as the hotel was, they stayed there.
A. Much as the hotel was noisy, they stayed there
B. In spite of the noisy hotel and they liked it
C. Despite the hotel was noisy, they stayed there
D. Although the noisy hotel, they stayed there
Question 22: “I‟ll let you know the answer by the end of this week”, Tom said to Janet
A. Tom offered to give Janet the answer by the end of the week
B. Tom promised to give Janet the answer by the end of the week
C. Tom suggested giving Janet the answer by the end of the week
D. Tom insisted on letting Janet know the answer by the end of the week
Question 23: “ You shouldn‟t have leaked our confidential report to the press, Frank!” said Jane.
A. Jane suspected that Frank had leaked their confidential report to the press.
B. Jane criticized Frank for having disclosed their confidential report to the press.
C. Jane accused Frank of having cheated the press with their confidential report.
D. Jane blamed Frank for having flattered the press with their confidential report.
Question 24: “Don‟t forget to tidy up the final draft before submission,” the team leaser told us.
A. The team leader ordered us to tidy up the final draft before submission.
B. The team leader reminded us to tidy up the final draft before submission.

C. The team leader asked us to tidy up the final draft before submission.
D. The team leader simply wanted us to tidy up the final draft before submission.
Question 25: “If you don‟t pay the ransom, we‟ll kill your boy,” the kidnappers told us.
A. The kidnappers ordered to kill our boy if we did not pay the ransom.
B. The kidnappers pledged to kill our boy if we did not pay the ransom.
C. The kidnappers threatened to kill our boy if we did not pay the ransom.
D. The kidnappers promised to kill our boy if we did not pay the ransom.
Question 26: Jack has won a jackpot prize. 10% of it was donated to flooded areas.
A. Jack has won a jackpot prize, 10% which half was donated to flooded areas.
B. Jack has won a jackpot prize, 10% of which was donated to flooded areas.
C. Jack has won a jackpot prize, 10% of that was donated to flooded areas.
D. Jack has won a jackpot prize, which was donated to flooded areas.
Question 27: Had she read the reference books, she would have been able to finish the test.
A. If she had read the reference books, she could finish the test.
B. Because she read the reference books, she was able to finish the test.
C. Although she didn't read the reference books, she was able to finish the test.
D. Not having read the reference books, she couldn't finish the test.
Question 28: My advice is that you get straight to the point in the next report.
A. If I were you, I would go straight to the bush in the next report.
B. If I were you, I would have the next report got started.
C. If I were you, I would not beat around the bush in the next report.
D. If I were you, I would not point out the next report.
Question 29: “It was nice of you to give me the present. Thank you.” Mary said to Helen.
A. Mary thanked Helen for the present.
B. Mary asked Helen for the present.
C. Mary was happy to give Helen the present.
D. Mary was sorry to receive the present for Helen.
Question 30: We last went to that cinema 2 months ago.
A. We have been to the cinema for 2 months.
B. We haven‟t been to the cinema for 2 months.
C. We didn‟t want to go to the cinema anymore.
D. We didn‟t go to the cinema for 2 months.
Question 31: In spite of his poverty, he led a devoted life to the revolutionary cause.
A. He could not devote his life to the revolutionary cause because of his poverty.
B. Although he was poor, he led a devoted life to the revolutionary cause.

C. If he had not been so poor, he could have devoted his life to the revolutionary cause.
D. He led a devoted life to the revolutionary cause, but he was so poor.
Question 32: Had the advertisement for our product been better, more people would have
bought it.
A. Not many people bought our product because it was so bad.
B. Our product was of better quality so that more people would buy it.
C. Fewer people bought our product due to its bad quality.
D. Since the advertisement for our product was so bad, fewer people bought it.
Question 33: “How beautiful you are today!” he said.
A. He complimented her on being beautiful today.
B. He said to me that she was beautiful that day.
C. He complimented her on being beautiful that day.
D. He complemented her on being beautiful that day.
Question 34: The sooner we solve this problem, the better it will be for all concernd.
A. If all concerned are better, we can solve this problem soon.
B. If we could solve this problem soon, it would be better for all concerned.
C. If we can solve this problem soon, it will be better for all concerned.
D. It would be better for all concerned if we can solve this problem soon.
Question 35: This company's new products have tripled its profits in only one year.
A. The company has greatly increased the number of new products.
B. The company has increased its profits 100 percent
C. The company‟s profits are three times higher this year than last year.
D. The company has had an unprofitable year.
Question 36: Viet Nam carried out an intensive training program for its athletes, but the
results were not as high as expected.
A. There is no expectation for Vietnamese athletes to win due to lack of training.
B. Whereas Vietnamese athletes were intensively trained, their performance was below
C. Vietnamese athletes were intensively trained carefully, and they won all the matches.
D. It might not be possible for Vietnamese athletes to get good results because their training
was not careful.
Question 37: Though he had known about it well in advance, he pretended to be surprised at
having a birthday party.
A. He acted surprised about being given a birthday party, but he had known about it a long
time before

B. Despite only pretending to be surprised at the birthday party, he had actually been
completely unaware of it.
C. He knew about the birthday party a long time before, yet he wasn't pretending when he
acted surprised.
D. He was quite surprised at their throwing him a birthday party, though he could have found
out it well before.
Question 38: I didn‟t know you were coming, so I didn‟t wait for you.
A. If I had known you were coming, I wouldn‟t have waited for you.
B. I would have waited for you if I knew you were coming.
C. If I had know you were coming, I would wait for you.
D. Had I known you were coming, I would have waited for you.
Question 39: No sooner had she put the telephone down than her boss rang back.
A. Scarcely had she put the telephone down when her boss rang back.
B. She had hardly put the telephone down without her boss rang back.
C. Hardly she had hung up, she rang her boss immediately.
D. As soon as her boss rang back, she put down the telephone.
Question 40: Unless we protect the environment, our life will be badly affected.
A. If our life is badly affected, we will protect the environment.
B. If we protect the environment, our life will be badly affected.
C. If we don‟t protect the environment, our life won‟t be badly affected.
D. If we don‟t protect the environment, our life will be badly affected.
Question 41: I got the impression that the boys were not enjoying themselves.
A. The boys impressed me that they were not enjoying themselves.
B. The boys didn‟t seem to be enjoying themselves.
C. The boys seemed not to enjoying themselves.
D. It seemed to me the boys were enjoying themselves.
Question 42: The children ran to the field to see the dragon, but it was no longer there.
A. The dragon had gone by the time the children ran to the filed.
B. The dragon went by the time the children ran to the filed.
C. When the children ran to the filed, the dragon went.
D. The dragon had gone after the children ran to the filed.
Question 43: The boy became so confused and worried that he left home.
A. The boy became too confused and worried to leave home.
B. So confued and worried that the boy left home.
C. So confused and worried, the boy left home.

D. The boy was not confused and worried enough to leave home.
Question 44: We couldn't solve the problem until our teacher arrived.
A. Not until we solved the problem could our teacher arrive.
B. When our teacher arrived, we solved the problem.
C. Until our teacher arrived, we were able to solve the problem.
D. Not until our teacher arrived could we solve the problem.
Question 45: I don't find it difficult to get up early in the morning.
A. It's difficult for me to get up early in the morning.
B. I'm used to getting up early in the morning.
C. I hate getting up early in the morning.
D. I used to get up early in the morning.
Question 46: I thought she was the right person for the position, yet it turned put that she
was quite useless.
A. Because I was expecting her to be competent, I was shocked to see her perform rather
B. I was mistaken about her suitability for the position since she proved rather incompetent.
C. Contrary to my initial impression, she was not totally unsuitable for the position.
D. I was right in thinking that she was totally useless for the job.
Question 47: "I have never been to Russia. I think I shall go there next year.” said Bill.
A. Bill said that he had never been to Russia and he thought he would go there the next year.
B. Bill said that he would have never been to Russia and he thinks he would go there the next
C. Bill said that he had never been to Russia and he thinks he will go there the next year.
D. Bill said that he has never been to Russia and he thinks he would go there the next year.
Question 48: People believed that Jane retired because of her poor health.
A. Jane is believed to have retired because of her poor health.
B. Jane was believed to have retired because of her poor health.
C. It is believed that Jane retired because of her poor health.
D. Jane retired because of her poor health was believed.
Question 49: Charles would have won the essay contest if he had typed his paper.
A. Charles won the essay contest in spite of not typing his paper.
B. Charles did not win the essay contest because he did not type his paper.
C. Typing his paper made Charles win the essay contest.
D. Charles did not win the essay contest even though he typed his paper.

II. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in
meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.
Question 1: Exemplification is always necessary when you are addressing a younger audience.
A. illustration

B. variation

C. simplification

D. exaggeration

Question 2: When heated to temperatures above 1250 degrees Centigrade, clay fuses and
becomes pottery or stoneware.
A. melts together

B. steams up

C. breaks down

D. burns off

Question 3: A US man with a large online following in Vietnam has caused widespread
anger, and faces possible criminal charges, over a Facebook post thought to have insulted a
military hero.
A. embarrassed

B. offended

C. confused

D. depressed

Question 4: Jack persisted in attempting to convince his employers to use more technology
and fewer people.
A. endured

B. remained

C. repeated

D. insisted

Question 5: The shop assistant was totally bewildered by the customer‟s behavior.
A. disgusted

B. puzzled

C. angry

D. upset

Question 6: The works of such men as the English philosophers John Locke and Thomas
Hobbes helped pave the way for academic freedom in the modern sense.
A. terminate

B. prevented

C. enhanced

D. incorporated

Question 7: Since the death of Laura's father, her mother has become a breadwinner to
support the family.
A. a person who bakes bread every morning
B. a bakery-owner
C. a person who delivers bread to make money
D. a person who goes out to work to earn money
Question 8: Peter is the black sheep of the family, so he is never welcomed there.
A. a beloved member

B. a bad and embarrassing member

C. the only child

D. the eldest child

Question 9: The restaurant entices more and more customers with its cozy interior and
special daily events.
A. attract

B. free

C. refuse

D. convince

Question 10: My head teacher has grave doubts as to whether I would pass my university
entrance examination. I myself feel so worried.
A. personal

B. serious

C. private

D. specific

Question 11: You may note down your qualifications and experience that can relate to the job.

A. put down

B. hold down

C. draw down

D. jot down

Question 12: Many large corporations will be wiped out and millions of jobs will be lost.
A. escalated

B. erased

C. threatened

D. eradicated

Question 13: I told you clearly and definitely not to write your answers in pencil, Tom!
A. considerably

B. thoroughly

C. altogether

D. specifically

Question 14: The washing machine I have just bought is very simple to use.
A. boring

B. interesting

C. easy

D. difficult

Question 15: No vehicle weighing over 3.5 tons is allowed on this bridge, according to traffic
signs placed at both ends of the structure
A. corruption

B. construction

C. connection

D. confusion

Question 16: The use of lasers in surgery has become relatively commonplace in recent
A. comparatively

B. absolutely

C. relevantly

D. almost

Question 17: When the protestor entered the meeting clad only in a beach tower, the
audience was dumbfounded.
A. speechless

B. excited

C. content

D. applauding

Question 18: She is always diplomatic when she deals with angry students.
A. strict

B. outspoken

C. tactful

D. firm

Question 19: The dog saw his reflection in the pool of water.
A. imagination

B. bone

C. leash

D. image

Question 20: Adding a garage will enhance the value of the house.
A. stabilize

B. alter

C. increase

D. diminish

Question 21: You never really know where you are with her as she just blows hot and cold.
A. keeps going

B. keeps taking things

C. keeps changing her mood

D. keeps testing

Question 22: “Edwards seems like a dog with two tails this morning.” – “Haven‟t you hear
the news? His wife gave birth a baby boy early this morning.”
A. extremely happy

C. extremely disappointed

B. exhausted

D. very proud

Question 23: The whole village was wiped out in the bombing raids.
A. cleaned well

C. changed completely

B. removed quickly

D. destroyed completely

Question 24: She simply took it for granted that the check was good and did not ask him
any questions about it.
A. permitted it

B. accepted it without investigation

C. objected to it

D. looked it over

Question 25: Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2016 for his resolute
efforts to bring the country‟s more than 50-year-long civil war to an end.
A. determined

B. sure

C. original

D. certain

Question 26: The experimented vaccine seems to have both desirable and detrimental
effects on the subject‟s immune system.
A. beneficial

B. neutral

C. needy

D. harmful

Question 27: The fact that space exploration has increased dramatically in the past thirty
years indicates that we are very eager to learn all we can about our solar system.
A. seriously

B. gradually

C. significantly

D. doubtfully

Question 28: Reaching 35 and obviously aging, Jane has to make up her mind on her future
very soon.
A. give a thought about

B. Pay attention to

C. prepare a plan for

D. make a decision on

Question 29: How many countries took part in the last Olympic Games?
A. participated

B. performed

C. succeeded

D. hosted

Question 30: It was relatively easy for him to learn baseball because he had been a cricket
A. approximately

B. comparatively

C. nearly

D. essentially

Question 31: You have to be on your toes if you want to beat her.
A. pay all your attention to what you are doing
B. upset her in what she is doing
C. get involved in what she is doing
D. make her comply with your orders
Question 32: Tet marks the beginning of spring and, for agrarian people who depend on the
lunar calendar to manage their crops, the start of the year.
A. traditional ones

B. minority people

C. farmers

D. old people

Question 33: The government decided to pull down the old building adter asking for the
ideas from the local resident.
A. renovate

B. purchase

C. maintain

D. demolish

Question 34: Laws on military service since 1960 still hold good.
A. remains for good

B. is still in good condition

C. stands in life

D. remains in effect

Question 35: The expression “out of the frying pan and into the fire” means to go from one
dilemma to a worse one.

A. situation

B. predicament

C. solution

D. embarrassment

III. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each
of the following questions.
Question 1: Steve______his chances of passing by spending too much time on the first question.
A. threw away

B. threw in

C. threw off

D. threw out

Question 2: By the time Brown's daughter graduates,_______retired.
A. he'll have

B. he

C. he'll being

D. he has

C. don't they

D. does he

Question 3: Nobody likes his behavior,______?
A. doesn‟t he

B. do they

Question 4: ______ ten minutes earlier, you would have got a better seat.
A. Were you arrived

B. If you arrived

C. If you hadn't arrived D. Had you arrived

Question 5: After congratulating his team, the coach left, allowing the players to let their
______ down for a while.
A. hearts

B. hair

C. souls

D. heads

Question 6: Extinction means a situation ______ a plant, an animal or a way of life stops existing.
A. to which

B. for which

C. on which

D. in which

Question 7: Making mistake is all ________ of growing up.
A. bits and bobs

B. odds and ends

C. part and parcel

D. top and bottom

Question 8: The judge ______ murderer to a lifetime imprisonment.
A. prosecuted

B. sentenced

C. convicted

D. accused

Question 9: When my children _____ their toys, I donated them to a charity.
A. outnumbered

B. outworn

C. outlasted

D. outgrew

Question 10: The song has______been selected for the 2018 World Cup, Russia.
A. office

B. officer

C. officially

D. official

Question 11: Alice said: “That guy is______ gorgeous. I wish he would ask rne out.”
A. dead-centre

B. drop shot

C. jumped-up

D. drop-dead

Question 17: This factory produced_______motorbikes in 2008 as in the year 2006.
A. as many as twice

B. as twice many

C. twice as many

D. as twice as many

Question 18: I‟m afraid we no longer sell that model of laptop because we had_____a lot of
A. so

B. such

C. enough

D. too

Question 19: Mrs. Jenkins was too ill to go out and pay her phone bill, and they‟ve just cut
her_____. She ought to complain!
A. out

B. off

C. down

D. up

Question 20: There‟s a lot______violent crime in this area than there used to be.

A. fewer

B. least

C. less

D. fewest

Question 21: The move to a different environment had brought about a significant______in
Mary‟s state of mind.
A. impact

B. effect

C. influence

D. change

Question 22: The party leader travelled the length and_____of the country in an attempt to
spread his message.
A. width

B. distance

C. diameter

D. breadth

Question 23: The amount Sarah earned was_______ on how much she sol d.
A. dependence

B. dependant

C. dependent

D. independent

Question 24: They would ______ go by air than spend a week travelling by train.
A. always

B. rather

C. prefer

D. better

Question 25: The party, _______ I was the guest of honour, was extremely enjoyable.
A. at that

B. at which

C. to that

D. to which

Question 26: If only I_______play the guitar as well as you!
A. would

B. should

C. could

D. might

Question 27: The windows are in ______ frames.
A. circular huge wooden

B. huge wooden circular

C. wooden huge circular

D. huge circular wooden

Question 28: James was asking about a lot of personal things. I didn‟t like______about my
private life.
A. asking

B. being asked

C. to ask

D. to be asking

Question 29: Vietnam U23 made not only Asia but also Europe keep a close eye on them.
They _____ internationally.
A. have made headlines

B. had made headlines

C. have done headlines

D. did headlines

Question 30: He is sleeping in his mother‟s house this week as he …..his house painted.
A. has

B. is having

C. had

D. has had

Question 31: John and Karen persuaded me ….. the conference.
A. attending

B. attended

C. to attend

D. to have attended

Question 32: I think it‟s ….. to take a few more pictures.
A. enough light

B. lightly enough

C. light enough

D. enough as light

Question 33: Flower oils are ….. of the ingredients used in making perfume.
A. among expensive

B. among the most expensive

C. being most expensive

D. expensive

Question 34: ….I heard the phone ring, I didn‟t answer it.

A. because

B. Only if

C. Even though

D. Provided that

Question 35: Ann has a lot of books, …… she has never read.
A. most of that

B. most of these

C. most of which

D. which most of them

Question 36: My first school day was a ….. event in my life.
A. memory

B. memorized

C. memorial

D. memorable

Question 37: If we didn‟t …. any measures to protect whales, they would disappear forever.
A. use

B. make

C. take

D. do

Question 38: People who take on a second job inevitably ….. themselves to greater stress.
A. offer

B. subject

C. field

D. place

Question 39: One condition of this job is that you must be …… to work at weekends.
A. available

B. capable

C. acceptable

D. accessible

Question 40: Could you lend me some money to ….. me over to the end of the month?
A. hand

B. tide

C. get

D. make

Question 41: It is the …..of stupidity to go walking in the mountains in this weather.
A. height

B. depth

C. source

D. matter

Question 42: On hearing that she failed the entrance exam, Trang couldn‟t help ____ into tears.
A. bursting

B. burst

C. to bursting

D. to burst

Question 43: Arranging flowers _____ among my mother‟s hobbies.
A. is

B. are

C. were

D. have been

Question 44: She didn‟t enjoy her first year at college because she failed to _____ her new friends.
A. come in for

B. look down on

C. go down with

D. get on with

Question 45: Peter has a separate room for his musical ______.
A. instruments

B. equipment

C. tools

D. facilities

Question 46: We have just visited disadvantaged children in an orphanage ______ in Bac
Ninh Province.
A. located

B. locating

C. which locates

D. to locate

Question 47: Most people believe that school days are the _____ days of their life.
A. better

B. best

C. more best

D. good

Question 48: My aunt gave me a ______ hat on my 16th birthday.
A. nice yellow new cotton

B. new nice cotton yellow

C. new nice yellow cotton

D. nice new yellow cotton

Question 49: The interviewer asked me what experience _____ for the job.
A. do you get

B. did I get

C. I got

D. you got

Question 50: He is a good team leader who always acts ______ in case of emergency.
A. decisively

B. decisive

C. decision

D. decide

Question 51: They have just set off. They _____ on their way there.
A. can‟t be

B. must have been

C. should have been

D. must be

Question 52: Vietnamese students are forced to take _____ entrance examination before
being admitted to _____ entrance examination.
A. an/the

B. an/ a

C. the/ the

D. Ø/ a

Question 53: Today, the old couple has their family and friends _____ their golden wedding
A. attend

B. to attend

C. attended

D. attending

Question 54: There has been little rain in this area for too long, ______?
A. has it

B. has there

C. hasn‟t it

D. hasn‟t there

Question 55: John was deported on account of his expired visa. He ______ it renewed.
A. must have had

B. should have had

C. can have had

D. might have had

Question 56: Project-based learning provides wonderful opportunities for students to develop
their ______.
A. creative

B. creativity

C. create

D. creatively

Question 57: Businesses will not survive ______ they satisfy their customers.
A. or else

B. in case

C. unless

D. if

Question 58: The villagers are not sure how they are going to get ______ another hard and
cold winter.
A. by

B. on

C. round

D. through

Question 59: When I was small, my parents were often away; my grandmother ______ take
care of me.
A. will

B. shall

C. would

D. should

Question 60: ______ humans, dolphins use a system of sounds and body language to
communicate, but understanding their conversations is not easy for humans.
A. Alike

B. Unlike

C. Dislike

D. Like

Question 61: The trainers encourage the animals ______, but the elephants make their own
songs; they don‟t just copy their trainers or other people.
A. to play

B. play

C. playing

D. that play

Question 62: For those ______ in adventure and sport, there is a lot to do on Vanuatu‟s
islands in the South Pacifi
A. who interest

B. interesting

C. interested

D. which interests

Question 63: This investigation is not only one that is continuing and worldwide ______ we
expect to continue for quite some time.
A. but one also that

B. but one that also

C. but also one that

D. but that also one

Question 64: Despite a lot of concerns, sending people into space seems certain; we ______
see lunar cities and maybe even new human cultures on other planets.
A. can

B. will

C. must

D. may

Question 65: She really treasures the ______ car that she inherits from her grandfather.
A. big old green antique

B. green old big antique

C. green big old antique

D. old big green antique

Question 66: Who was the first person ______ the South Pole?
A. who reaches

B. reaching

C. to reach

D. reached

Question 67: Thank you very much. I haven‟t been to_______party for ages.
A. so enjoyable

B. the so enjoyable

C. so enjoyable a

D. a so enjoyable

Question 68: A skilled_______will help candidates feel relaxed.
A. interview

B. interviewing

C. interviewee

D. interviewer

Question 69: The government devalued the currency to try to revive the ______ economy.
A. developed

B. stagnant

C. dynamic

D. stable

Question 70: Terry______ in three movies already. I think he‟ll be a star some day.
A. had appeared

B. has appeared

C. is appearing

D. was appearing

Question 71: Narcissus bulbs_______at least three inches apart and covered with about four
inches of well-drained soil.
A. should have been planted

B. should be planting

C. must plant

D. should be planted

Question 72: An endangered species is a species______ population is so small that it is in
danger of becoming extinct.
A. whose

B. which

C. what

D. who

Question 73: With this type of insurance, you‟re buying ______ of mind.
A. peace

B. satisfaction

C. calmness

D. contentment

Question 74: There was hardly_______ money left in the bank account.
A. no more

B. some

C. no

D. any

Question 75: Learning English isn‟t so difficult, once you get______it.
A. down to

B. get off

C. get on

D. down with

C. does she

D. doesn't she

Question 76: Mary hardly ever cooks, ______?
A. did she

B. didn‟t she

Question 77: She has made an ______ for the job as a nursery teacher because she likes children.
A. application

B. applicating

C. apply

D. applicant

Question 78: We‟re over the _______! Who wouldn‟t be? We‟ve just won £1 million!

A. planet

B. clouds

C. stars

D. moon

Question 79: It‟s very cold in here. Do you mind if I _______ the heating?
A. put off

B. put on

C. put up with

D. put down with

Question 80: Could you please _______ me to the nearest post office?
A. explain

B. point

C. indicate

D. direct

Question 81: He is very ________ of his conduct and promises never to behave like that
A. sorry

B. miserable

C. ashamed

D. guilty

Question 82: Noisy parties are really not my _______.
A. scene

B. liking

C. idea

D. preference

Question 83: Of course you‟ll pass. You write well and you have an excellent _______ of the
A. grip

B. seizure

C. grasp

D. embrace

Question 84: Gardeners transplant bushes and flowers by moving them from one place to
A. other

B. others

C. another

D. each other

Question 85: Candles _______ from beeswax burn with a very clean flame.
A. are made

B. made

C. making

D. which made

Question 86: A few natural elements exist in _______ that they are rarely seen in their
natural environments.
A. such small quantities B. so small quantities C. very small quantities D. small quantity
Question 87: I‟d rather you ________ anything about the garden until the weather improves.
A. don‟t make

B. didn‟t make

C. don‟t do

D. didn‟t do

Question 88: The exhibition is free for all students. We ______ pay any fee.
A. must not

B. should not

C.had better not

D. haven‟t got to

Question 89: As towns grow, they tend to destroy the surrounding ______ areas.
A. rural

B. commercial

C. land

D. urban


Question 90: The 26 Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF)
______ in Hanoi, our beautiful and peaceful capital city, from January 18th to 21st, 2018
A. was held

B. is held

C. is being held

D. will be held

Question 91: The Meeting of Women Parliamentarians, a part of APPF-26, contributed to
strengthening the presence and ______ of women parliamentarians and helping to forge a
network connecting them together.
A. influenced

B. influencing

C. influence

D. influential

Question 92: National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan said that ______, a
large number of women and girls in various areas in the world are being discriminated and
subjected to violence.
A. though positive outcomes in gender equality and women empowerment
B. despite of positive outcomes in gender equality and women empowerment
C. in spite positive outcomes in gender equality and women empowerment
D. in spite of positive outcomes in gender equality and women empowerment
Question 93: In the quarter-final showdown with Malaysia, Cho Jae-wan (Korea Republic)
wrote himself into the history books when he found the back of the net just 11.35 seconds
into the game – the second ______ goal in any AFC tournament.
A. latest

B. worst

C. best

D. fastest

Question 94: Bob was absent; he _____ sick again.
A. shouldn‟t have been

B. mustn‟t have been

C. must have been

D. should have been

Question 95: Could you ______ me a lift into town?
A. give

B. get

C. do

D. make

Question 96: The lack of family support and the committee‟s concerns around the design of
the proposed statue of the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, outside UK
Parliament were the key determining factors in ________ this application.
A. breaking up

B. turning down

C. taking off

D. putting up

Question 97: I think we‟ve come in for a lot of _____ about the impatience of some shop
A. compliments

B. problems

C. complaints

D. criticism

Question 98: Britain‟s Prime Minister Theresa May was the first world leader ______ Trump
at the White House after his inauguration last year.
A. visited

B. visiting

C. visit

D. to visit

Question 99: South African anti-apartheid veteran Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, ex-wife of
late President Nelson Mandela, _______ in and out of hospital since 2016 for back and knee
A. has been being

B. has been

C. was

D. had been

Question 100: Vietnam reached the semi-finals of the AFC U23 Championship 2018 with a
penalty shootout win _________ Iraq on Saturday, January 20th , 2018.
A. over

B. with

C. against

D. in

Question 101: He opened the letter without ______ to read the address on the envelope.
A. caring

B. worrying

C. concerning

D. bothering

Question 102: After running up the stairs, I was ______ breath.
A. away from

B. without

C. no

D. out of

Question 103: Extinction means a situation _______ a plan, an animal or a way of life etc …
stops existing.
A. to which

B. in which

C. on which

D. for which

Question 104: As I was walking along the street, I saw _____ $10 note on _______
A. a/the

B. the/the

C. a/a

D. the/a

Question 105: I‟ve never really enjoyed going to the ballet or the opera; they‟re not really my
A. piece of cake

B. sweets and candy

C. biscuit

D. cup of tea

Question 106: I will stand here and wait for you _______ you come back.
A. because

B. though

C. so

D. until

Question 107: Let‟s begin our discussion now, ________?
A. shall we

B. will we

C. don‟t we

D. won‟t we

Question 108: Of all the factors affecting agricultural yields, weather is the one ______ the
A. that influences farmers

B. farmers that is influences

C. why farmers influence it

D. it influences farmers

Question 109: _________, we tried our best to complete it.
A. Thanks to the difficult homework

B. Despite the homework was difficult

C. Difficult as the homework was

D. As though the homework was difficult

Question 110: The twins look so much alike that almost no one can _______ them
A. take/apart

B. tell/away

C. tell/apart

D. take/on

Question 111: Tom looks so frightened and upset. He ________ something terrible.
A. must experience

B. can have experienced

C. should have experienced

D. must have experienced

Question 112: Ann was very surprised to find the door unlocked. She remembered _______
it before she left.
A. to lock

B. having locked

C. to have locked

D. she locks

Question 113: Tom: “Sorry, I forgot to phone you last night”
A. have nothing to tell you.

B. Oh. Poor me!

C. Never mind!

D. You was absent- minded.

Question 114: The players‟ protests ________ no difference to the referee‟s decision at all.

A. did

B. made

C. caused

D. created

Question 115: In a formal interview, it is essential to maintain good eye _____ with the
A. link

B. connection

C. touch

D. contact

Question 116: Grace Kelly was first famous as a Hollywood actress and then _______ Prince
Rainier of Monaco.
A. to be the wife of

B. she was the wife of C. the wife of

D. as the wife of

Question 117: When he came to the counter of pay, he found that he had _______ cash
_______ his credit card with him.
A. either/or

B. neither/nor

C. both/and

D. not/neither

Question 118: We should participate in the movements ______ the natural environment.
A. organizing to conserve

B. organized to conserve

C. organized conserving

D. which organize to conserve

Question 119: ______ number of boys were swimming in the lake, but I didn‟t know ______
exact number of them.
A. A/the

B. The/an

C. The/the

D. A/an

Question 120: John forgot ______ his ticket so he was not allowed ______ the club.
A. brought/enter

B. bring/entering

C. bringing/to enter

D. to bring/to enter

C. is phenomenon

D. are phenomenon

Question 121: Snow and rain ______ of nature.
A. are phenomena

B. is phenomena

Question 122: Her outgoing character contrasts ______ with that of her sister.
A. thoroughly

B. fully

C. sharply

D. coolly

Question 123: It turned out that we ______ rushed to the airport as the plane was delayed by
several hours.
A. hadn‟t

B. should have

C. mustn‟t

D. needn‟t have

Question 124: When I was a child, I loved to splash through the ______ after rain.
A. pools

B. puddles

C. ponds

D. rivers

Question 125: Learning Spanish isn‟t so difficult once you ______.
A. get away with it

B. get off it

C. get down to it

D. get on it

Question 126: Staying in a hotel costs ______ renting a room in a dormitory for a week.
A. twice as much as

B. as much as twice

C. twice more than

D. twice as

Question 127: Please don‟t ______ a word of this to anyone else, it‟s highly confidential.
A. speak

B. pass

C. mutter

D. breathe

Question 128: In spite of his abilities, Peter has been ______ overlooked for promotion.
A. repeat

B. repeatedly

C. repetitiveness

D. repetitive

Question 129: I wish you ______ me a new one instead of having it ______ as you did.
A. had given/repaired

B. gave/to repair

C. would give/to repair

D. had given/to be repaired

Question 130: The more you practise your English, _______.
A. Faster you learn.

C. the faster will you learn.

B. You will learn faster.

D. the faster you will learn.

Question 131: Mrs. Brown was the first owner _______ dog won 3 prizes in the same show.
A. whose

B. her

C. who

D. whom

Question 132: If she _______ a car, she would go out in the evening.
A. have

B. has

C. has had

D. had

Question 133: You are old enough. I think it is high time you applied _______ a job.
A. in

B. of

C. for

D. upon

Question 134: Because of the_______ of hospital employees at the hospital, the head of
administration began advertising job openings in the newspaper.
A. short

B. shorter

C. shorten

D. shortage

Question 135: Friendship is a two-sided_______ , it lives by give-and-take.
A. affair

B. event

C. aspect

D. feature

Question 136: “Do you _______ your new roommate, or do you two argue?”
A. keep in touch with

C. on good term with

B. get along with

D. get used to

Question 137: The majority of Asian students reject the American _______ that marriage is a
partnership of equals.
A. attitude

B. thought

C. view

D. look

Question 138: Bob has a bad lung cancer and his doctor has advised him to _______
A. put up

B. give up

C. take up

D. turn up

Question 139: According to FAO, Vietnam is _______ second largest coffee producer in the
world after Brazil.
A. a

B. 0

C. an

D. the

Question 140: When she came home from school yesterday, her mother _______ in the
A. cooked

B. was cooking

C. is cooking

D. cooks

Question 141: We were made _______ hard when we were at school.
A. to study

B. study

C. studying

D. studied

Question 142: I know we had an argument, but I know I‟d quite like to ______.

A. make up

B. look down

C. fall out

D. bring up

Question 143: It is vital that everyone ______ aware of the protection of the environment.
A. is

B. be

C. are

D. were

Question 144: My uncle was ______ ill last summer; however, fortunately, he is now making
a slow but steady recovery.
A. seriously

B. deeply

C. fatally

D. critically

Question 145: All of her sons joined the army when the war broke ______.
A. out

B. off

C. over

D. up

Question 146: This is the second time you ______ your door key.
A. are losing

B. lose

C. lost

D. have lost

Question 147: Her fiance is said ______ from Harvard University five years ago.
A. having graduated

B. to have graduated

C. being graduated

D. to be graduated

Question 148: This is ______ the most difficult job I‟ve ever had to do.
A. by chance

B. by myself

C. by far

D. by heart

Question 149: The number of higher education ______ has risen this year for the first time in
more than a decade.
A. applies

B. applications

C. applicable

D. applicants

Question 150: Not until 1856 ______ across the Mississippi River.
A. the first bridge was built

B. was the first bridge built

C. the first bridge built

D. did the first bridge build

Question 151: At first sight I met her, I was impressed with her ______ eyes.
A. big beautiful round black

B. beautiful big round black

C. beautiful black big round

D. beautiful round big black

Question 152: ______ the film‟s director, Ben Affleck, was famously left off the 85th Oscar‟s
Best Director list of nominees surprised everyone.
A. What

B. Due to

C. Although

D. That

Question 153: I love this painting of an old man. He has such a beautiful ______ smile.
A. childlike

B. childish

C. childhood

D. childless

Question 154: Thomas knows Paris like the back of his_____. He used to be a taxi driver
there for 2 years.
A. head

B. mind

C. hand

D. life

Question 155: Despite playing under strength, our football team, U23 Viet Nam, _______
beat their rivals such as Qatar and Iraq.
A. could

B. couldn't

C. weren't able to

Question 156: Neil Armstrong was the first man _______ on the moon.

D. were able to

A. walking

B. has walked

C. to walk

D. walked

Question 157: When the light _______, we couldn‟t see anything.
A. came off

B. put out

C. switched off

D. went out

Question 158: I will manage to _______ the problems and find the solution for you as soon
as possible.
A. take out

B. bring out

C. get out

D. sort out

Question 159: It was not until he took off his dark glasses _______ I realized he was a
famous film star.
A. as

B. that

C. though

D. since

Question 160: I only tell my secrets to my _______ friend as she never reveals them to
A. creative

B. enthusiastic

C. trustworthy

D. unrealizable

Question 161: Everyone thinks that the concert last night was extremely successful,
A. don‟t they

B. doesn‟t he

C. was it

D. wasn‟t it

Question 162: In developed world, there are hardly _______ jobs left which don‟t use
computers to carry out many daily tasks.
A. some

B. any

C. none

D. much

Question 163: Graham was disappointed because he _______ for the bus for an hour.
A. was waiting

B. waited

C. has been waiting

D. had been waiting

Question 164: Attempts must be made to _______ the barriers of fear and hostility which
divide the two communities.
A. break down

B. set up

C. get off

D. pass over

Question 165: Quang Hai‟s _______ in the final match between Vietnam and Uzbekistan
was voted the most beautiful goal on AFC‟s website.
A. corner kick

B. free kick

C. penalty

D. goal kick

Question 166: They asked me whether I was working ______.
A. next day afternoon

B. the afternoon followed

C. the following afternoon

D. tomorrow afternoon

Question 167: If you are not Japanese, so what ______ are you?
A. nationalized

B. nationality

C. nation

D. national

Question 168: She played ______ confidently, but her timing was not good.
A. a piano

B. piano

C. the piano

D. an piano

Question 169: In a modern family, the husband is expected to join hands with his wife
to______ the household chores.

A. do

B. make

C. run

D. take

Question 170: The government plans to bring in new laws______ parents to take more
responsibility for the education of their children.
A. forced

B. forcing

C. force

D. forces

Question 171: ______ broken several world records in swimming.
A. She is said to have

B. People say she had

C. It is said to have

D. She is said that she has

Question 172: While everyone else in this class prefers working in groups, Alice likes
working ______.
A. on her own

B. of her own

C. on herself

D. in herself

Question 173: I am sure that everything will be all right ______.
A. in the end

B. at the end

C. by the end

D. for the end

Question 174: Jake, the boy who sat beside me in class, used to wear______ shirt to school.
A. an old cotton white

B. an old white cotton

C. a white cotton old

D. a cotton old white

Question 175: Without your help, I ______ the technical problem with my computer the other
A. can‟t solve

B. couldn‟t have solved

C. wouldn‟t solve

D. could solve

Question 176: The University administrations are introducing new measures to ______
that the enrolment process runs smoothly.
A. maintain

B. ensure

C. facilitate

D. improve

Question 177: Only one of our gifted students______to participate in the final competition.
A. was choosing

B. chosen

C. has been chosen

D. have been chosen

Question 178: Since he failed his exam, he had to_________for it again.
A. pass

B. make

C. take

D. sit

Question 179: Is there_________at all I can help?
A. everything

B. anything

C. something

D. one thing

Question 180: Don‟t worry. He‟ll do the job as_________as possible.
A. economizing

B. econimic

C. economical

D. economically

Question 181: Only when you grow up, _________the truth.
A. you will know

B. you know

C. do you know

D. will you know

Question 182: My brother left his job last week because he did not have any_________to travel.
A. position

B. chance

C. ability

D. location

Question 183: John paid $2 for his meal, _________he had thought it would cost.

A. not as much

B. not so much as

C. less as

D. not so many as

Question 184: It is very important for a film or a company to keep_________the changes in
the market.
A. pace of

B. track about

C. touch with

D. up with

Question 185: I‟m sure you‟ll have no_________the exam.
A. difficulty passing

B. difficulties to pass C. difficulty to pass

D. difficulties of passing

Question 186: I_________this letter around for days without looking at it.
A. carry

B. must carry

C. have been carrying D. am carrying

Question 187: Vietnam‟s rice export this year will decrease_________about 10%, compared
with that of last year.
A. with

B. at

C. by

D. on

Question 188: I won‟t change my mind_________what you say.
A. whether

B. no matter

C. because

D. although

Question 189: My car isn‟t_________. It‟s always letting me down.
A. believable

B. reliable

C. colorable

D. conceivable

Question 190: Paul is a very _______ character, he is never relaxed with strangers.
A. self-conscious

B. self-satisfied

C. self-directed

D. self-confident

Question 191: Mary‟s lawyer advised her_______ anything further about the accident.
A. not saying

B. telling

C. not to say

D. not tell

Question 192: Many of the pictures_______ from outer space are presently on display in the
public library
A. sending

B. sent

C. having sent

D. were sent

Question 193: The authorities _______ actions to stop illegal purchase of wild animals and
their associated products effectively. However, they didn‟t do so.
A. must have taken

B. had to take

C. needed have taken D. should have taken

Question 194: Although he is my friend, I find it hard to _______ his selfishness
A. put up with

B. catch up with

C. keep up with

D. come down with

Question 195: The U23 Vietnamese football team‟s performnce has garnered _____ from
around the world and shown promise for Vietnam‟s soccer horizon.
A. attentive

B. attention

C. attend

D. attentively

Question 196: The joke would not be funny if it _______ into French.
A. has been translated B. be translated

C. was be translated

D. were translated

Question 197: John congratulated us _____ our exam with high marks.
A. on passing

B. for passing

C. to pass

D. on pass

Question 198: We expected him at eight, but he finally _______at midnight.

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