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COMPARISON exercises

WEEK 27+28: PERIOD 27+28
A Chọn đáp án đúng nhất để hoàn thành các câu sau:
1) Sarah is _ at chemistry than Susan.
A. good B. well
C. better
D. best
2) I don’t work so hard------ my father.
A. so
B. as
C. than
D. more
3) Sam is the -------student in my class.
A. tall
B. most tall
C. taller
D. tallest
4) No one in my class is _ beautiful _ her
A. as/as B. more/as
C. as/than
D. the/more

5) Going by train isn’t _ convenient as going by car.
A. so
B. as
C. more
D. A & B are correct.
6) The test is not---- difficult _ it was last month.
A. as / as B. so / as
C. more / as
D. A & B are correct.
7) Peter usually drives--------- Mary
A. more fast B. fast than
C. faster than
D. B & C are correct.
8) She cooked-------- than you.
A. well
B. more good
C. better
D. more well
9) This film is--------- interesting than that film.
A. most
B. less
C. as
D. so
10) My salary is------------ his salary.
A. high
B. more high
C. higher than
D. more higher than
11) He works _ we do.
A. harder
B. as hard as
C. harder
D. so hard as
12) No one in this class is _ Jimmy.
A. so tall as
B. tall than
C. the tallest
D. more tall than
13) Apples are usually-------- oranges.
A. cheap than

B. more cheap
C. the cheapest
D. cheaper than
14) I know him -------- than you do.
A. better
B. more well
C. good
D. the best
15) Marie is not----- intelligent _ her sister.
A. more/as
B. so/so
C. so/as
D. the/of
16) Janet is ___ tennis player in the club.
A. good
B. best
C. well
D. the best
17) I ran ____ than Tom.
A. more fast
B. faster
C. fast
D. the fastest
18) She can speak English------------ I can.
A. more well
B. best than
C. better than
D. better
19) Ann is 18 years old. Sue is 20 years old. Ann is Sue.
A. older than
B. younger than
C. older
D. younger
20) Nobody can cook as--------- as my mother.
A. well
B. best
C. good
D. better
21) Jane can swim-------- than I can.
A. far
B. further
C. more further
D. more far
22) Tom drives than Jim does.
A. carefully
B. more careful
C. careful
D. more carefully
23) Today the weather is _____than yesterday.
A. worse
B. more bad
C. more good
D. well
24) Sound travels more ____ light does.
A. slow than
B. slowly than
C. slowly
D. slow
25) My bicycle is ____yours.
A. more new
B. as new as
C. new than
D. so new as
26) This ring is ______ that one.
A. valuable
B. more valuable
C. valuable than
D. more valuable than
27) Hue is______ beautiful ______ Dalat.
A. as/as
B. so/as
C. as/so
D. so/so
28) Nam is ______Tan.
A. bigger
B. bigger than
C. the biggest
D. more big than
29) My computer is ___ modern _____ yours.
A. less/than
B. so/as
C. the/than
D. more/as
30) She doesn’t work _____her sister.
A. as hard as
B. so hard C. more harder
D. A & B are correct.
31) What is road in this city?
A. longest
B. the longest
C. the most long
D. most long
32) Hoa is the of the _____ three students.
A. tallest
B. taller
C. tall
D. most tall
33) My brother sings ___ me.
A. as good as
B. well as
C. as well as
D. more well than
34) Thong is the _______in my class.
A. clever
B. more clever
C. cleverest D. clever than
35) What month is in the year?
A. the hot
B. hotter than
C. the hottest
D. more hotter
36) I have_____ job in the world.
A. the best
B. good
C. the better
D. well
37) Our team didn’t play _______ I expected.
A. as well as
B. better
C. well
D. as bad as
38) Could you talk_______ ? I’m trying to work.
A. quiet
B. more quiet
C. more quietly
D. quieter than

39) Sorry we’re late. Your house is much ______ than we thought.
A. far
B. the farthest
C. the farther
D. farther
40) Write a report first. It’s more important _____ your other work. A. than
B. as
C. from
D. then
41) Thank you! That’s ------------ gift I have ever received.
A. the nicer B. a nice
C. nicest
D. the nicest
42) Jordan played -------- skillfully ---------O’Neal.
A. as/than
B. more/than
C. so/as
D. the most/than
43) The little boy spoke English his brother.
A. more fast
B. fast than
C. the fastest
D. faster than
44) His job is ___ important than his friend’s.
A. as
B. more
C. so
D. the most
45) He plays the guitar _____ well as my brother.
A. so B. as
C. less
D. A & B are correct
46) Tom reads ____ than his sister.
A. quicker
B. quickly
C. more quickly
D. A & C are correct
47) My sister is much _ than me.
A. pretty
B. prettier
C. the prettiest
D. more prettier
48) Do you feel _____ today than yesterday?
A. well
B. happier
C. happiest
D. most happiest
49) The teacher speaks English we do.
A. fluently
B. more fluently
C. most fluently
D. more fluently than
50) Nobody in this team plays ----------- Tom.
A. as good as
B. so well as
C. as best as
D. B & C are correct
B. Chọn từ/cụm từ (A, B, C hoặc D) cần được sửa lại:
1. Peter plays(A) the(B) piano better (C) I can(D).
2. Mary looks(A) more prettier(B) than(C) she used to be(D).
3. Peter can play(A) table tennis better(B) more than(C) I can(D)
4. She is(A) the(B) most cleverer(C) in(D) our class.
5. This car is(B) more economical(C) as(D) that one.
6. Your(A) computer works(B) fast(C) than mine(D).
7. The problem seems(A) to be more(B) serious that(C) we
8. His(A) father and he(B) can run so(C) fast as(D) I do.
9. This(A) machine is not so(B) modern than(C) that one(D).
10. This film(A) is more interesting(B) the one(C) we saw last
11. His old(A) house in the countryside(B) is the smaller(C) than his
new one in the city(D).
12. “What(A) is the most long(B) river in the world(C)?” asked(D)
the teacher.

13. That is the more(A) boring film that(B) my friend and(C) I have
ever(D) seen.
14. She’s as(A) good at(B) tennis so(C) her friends are(D).
15. His(A) hand is so(B) steady as(C) a rock(D).
16. She wrote a 250-word(A) letter to(B) her friend, who is more
friendlier(C) than her(D).
17. The(A) dictionary wasn’t(B) as helpful than(C) I had hoped(D).
18. A new(A) house is much(B) most (C)expensive than an old
19. Summer(A) nights in(B) Cairo are much more warmer(C) than
in(D) London.
20. He has(A) been working(B) in this(C) school longer that(D)

1. Yesterday the temperature was nine degrees. Today it is only six degrees. → It’s ________________________________________
2. The journey takes four hours by car or five hours by train. → It takes _______________________________________________
3. Chris and Joe both did badly in the exam. Chris got 20% but Joe only got 15%.
→ Joe did ______________________________________
4. I expected my friends to arrive at about 4 o’clock. In fact they arrived at 2:30.
→ My friends ___________________________________________________
5. We were very busy at work today. We are not usually as busy as that.
→ We _________________________________________________________

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