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Đề thi TOIEC tháng 1 2009 part 2

[해커스 어학원] Lynn 한 선생님의 1월 토익 예상 문제
101. Our office security door is scheduled to _______ this
week so all staff members are required to return their
security cards to the front desk.
(A) replace
(B) replaced
(C) being replaced
(D) be replaced
102. The post office will be closed at 5p.m. on Thursday
______ holiday weekend.
(A) since
(B) due to
(C) while
(D) as if
103. As we were running short of time, we forced Mr.
Owens, the chief technician in charge, to stay and work late
by ______.
(A) he
(B) him
(C) his
(D) himself

104. If Tom Green officially resigns, Jeff Salas, the
president and CEO of the company, is expected to appoint
Adam Lopez to ______ Tom Green.
(A) deposit
(B) predict
(C) operate
(D) succeed
105. The company’s share price has _______ doubled
since June.
(A) ever
(B) much more
(C) more than
(D) even more
106. The company spokesperson said that the company
has reported a drop in net income for five _______
(A) constant
(B) following
(C) consecutive
(D) immediate
107. LCG Corp. is involved in the manufacture, sale, and
_______ of its own home appliances items.
(A) repetition
(B) exception
(C) distribution
(D) solution
108. Follow _______ steps listed on the first page of the
manual and your username does not have to be the same
as your website address.
(A) most of
(B) all
(C) much
(D) almost
109. To stay with local people and gain practical
experience, Volunteer helpers work an average of 4 hours
per day _______ food and accommodation.
(A) in exchange for
(B) exchanging of
(C) with exchange
(D) exchanges
110. Due to the students with nut allergies, when bringing
shared food to school, please _______ from bringing food
that contains nuts of any kind.
(A) result
(B) benefit
(C) refrain
(D) succeed
[해커스 어학원] Lynn 한 선생님의 1월 토익 예상 문제
111. The discounted _______ for the Auto Show are valid
for admission on weekdays from February 2 to 10.
(A) tickets
(B) ticketing
(C) ticketed
(D) ticket
112. We, at HTL are _______ that the new project of the
company will succeed.
(A) convincing
(B) convinces
(C) convinced
(D) convincement
113. The new video game “Super Junior” will be released
________ three weeks.
(A) by
(B) with
(C) from
(D) in
114. The following companies have indicated that they will
be _______ new products at their booth for this year’s
(A) introduce
(B) introducing
(C) introduced
(D) introduces
115. The supervisor _______ advised his staff to attend the
monthly staff development seminar.
(A) he
(B) him
(C) his
(D) himself
116. If you pay on a cash basis, you can take advantage
_______ a 5 percent discount.
(A) on
(B) with
(C) from
(D) of
117. Every effort is _______ to solve the problems we are
experiencing at the moment.
(A) make
(B) making
(C) being made
(D) makes
118. International Cooperative Nursery School will be
closed for the _______ of the week.
(A) remaining
(B) remainder
(C) remained
(D) remain
119. The school’s educational philosophy is based on the
premise that children learn _______ hands-on involvement
with activities which they are motivated to learn.
(A) through
(B) by
(C) for
(D) since
120. The study is subject to a thorough review by
specialists in the field ________ the publication.
(A) in fact
(B) former
(C) prior to
(D) wherever
121. _____ of the people in this interview wanted to
disclose their name so I could not tape the interview or take
pictures for this reason.
(A) None
[해커스 어학원] Lynn 한 선생님의 1월 토익 예상 문제
(B) Anyone
(C) Whoever
(D) Something
122. Children will only be admitted into the concert stadium
_______ accompanied by an adult.
(A) unless
(B) now that
(C) since
(D) if
123. Those attending the seminar next week need to
contact Ms. Simpson to _______ flight arrangements.
(A) discuss about
(B) talk
(C) talk to
(D) talk about
124. Governor Carcieri Asked who was in _______ during
the snowstorm in his absence.
(A) appreciation
(B) charge
(C) description
(D) apologies
125. In August 2007 the Post Office began an _______
program selling the plus Zip Code extension to businesses.
(A) experiment
(B) experimental
(C) experiments
(D) experimented
126. Absenteeism is the habit of _______ being away from
work or school, usually without a good reason.
(A) frequent
(B) frequently
(C) frequency
(D) frequented
127. NeonHorizon is a small web design company based in
Milton Keynes, which specializes in clear and to the
_______ websites for small businesses.
(A) grade
(B) feet
(C) point
(D) spot
128. By the time the technicians discovered the computer
problems, most of the important files _______.
(A) had been disappeared
(B) will have disappeared
(C) disappear
(D) had disappeared
129. 90 percent of the respondents said they would
undertake the research and development projects as
_______ in order to strengthen productivity.
(A) plan
(B) planning
(C) planned
(D) plans
130. The company has launched an internal inquiry into the
disappearance of a computer disk thought to contain highly
_______ client information.
(A) sensitive
(B) courteous
(C) affordable
(D) competitive
131. The on- campus stationery is entirely run by students
under the _______ of a few faculty members.
(A) attendance
(B) sight
(C) provision
(D) supervision
[해커스 어학원] Lynn 한 선생님의 1월 토익 예상 문제
132. _______ a low-price policy, we will offer competitive
prices and quality services to the customers.
(A) According to
(B) Further
(C) Instead
(D) However
133. Our agency has been _______ with the responsibility
of gathering all pertinent information.
(A) appointed
(B) hired
(C) obligated
(D) charged
134. The audience thanked her with six standing ovations,
which was _______ remarkable considering that the
concert was nearly canceled.
(A) most of
(B) all the more
(C) many more
(D) too much
135. The company always sends invoices ________ from
the book orders unless requested otherwise by the buyer.
(A) jointly
(B) separately
(C) diversely
(D) partially
136. CHJ`s affiliates this year dropped to 64 from 97 as it
_______ sold or merged some operations.
(A) both
(B) either
(C) and
(D) or
137. Recent economic indicators suggest _______ private
spending, slowly recovering from a two-year slump, is
gaining momentum.
(A) for
(B) that
(C) what
(D) how
138. _______ we had done for the last six months was a
great achievement and an important step for SAT
Committee members.
(A) that
(B) what
(C) when
(D) where
139. Google said it planned to notify users _______ access
had been restricted on certain search terms.
(A) when
(B) what
(C) which
(D) where
140. The negotiations have been delayed due to
differences on _______ to publicize the negotiations.
(A) that
(B) whether or not
(C) because
(D) if
Questions 141-143 refer to the following
Dear Sirs
Translation Brochure
I should be grateful if you would send _______ your
brochure and price list about your translation services.
141. (A) we
[해커스 어학원] Lynn 한 선생님의 1월 토익 예상 문제
(B) ours
(C) us
(D) ourselves
We are _________ developing our web sites and are
interested in translating these into five languages
142. (A) instantly
(B) currently
(C) eagerly
(D) quickly
_______ from English.
143. (A) apart
(B) among
(C) against
(D) benefit
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully
Andrea Philips
Andrea Philips
Marketing Manager
Questions 144-146 refer to the following
welcome letter.
Dear Adrienne,
Welcome to our Team!
It is a pleasure to welcome you to the staff of KC
Electronics. We are excited to have you join our team, and
we hope that you will enjoy working with our company.
On the first Monday of each month we _______ a special
staff lunch to welcome any new employees.
144. (A) will hold
(B) hold
(C) holding
(D) held
Please be sure to come next week to meet all of our senior
staff and any other new staff members who have joined us
this month. Alice Peters will e-mail you with further
145. (A) details
(B) detail
(C) detailing
(D) detailed
If you have any questions during your training period,
please _______ hesitate to contact me. You can reach me
at my email address or on my office line at 340-2222.
146. (A) not
(B) do not
(C) no
(D) none
Warm regards,
Jackie Morris, Sales Manager
Questions 147-149 refer to the following e-
Dear Mrs. Waters,
I am writing to provide formal notice of my resignation from
Fielders Pharmacy. My last day will be February 14th,

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