Tải bản đầy đủ

tuyển chọn 433 câu trắc nghiệm ANH VĂN CHUYÊN NGÀNH + ĐÁP ÁN

Câu 1: Treatment of goiter is to increase the supply of __________ in the diet
@A. iodine
B. calcium
C. sodium
D. potassium
Câu 2: When the levels of T3 and T4 are excessive, T3 causes ______ on the pituitary and
perhaps the hypothalamus to inhibit TRH and TSH secretion
A. production
B. synthesis
@C. feedback
D. replacement
Câu 3: _________ are organs in the female lower abdomen that produce ova and hormones
A. placenta
@B. ovaries
C. cervix
D. vagina
Câu 4: A/An______ is a measure portion of medicine taken at any one time.
A. Indication
C. caution

D. medication
Câu 5: Thyrotropin (or TSH) stimulates the thyroid gland to release:
A. Thyoxine@
B. parathormone
C. Calcitonin
D. Thymosine
Câu 6: Specialized conductive tissue at the base of the wall between the two upper heart
chambers is the ____________.
A. Endocardium
B. Atrioventricular (AV) node
@C. Sinoatrial (SA) node
D. Visceral pericardium
Câu 7: the bicuspid or mitral valve is located between ………. Of the heart.
A. The right and left atria
B. The left atrium and the left @
C. The right and left ventricle
D. The right atrium and the left ventricle
Câu 8: “have you ever felt your heart beating rapidly or irregularly?”. The doctor asks
about the symptom of_____
A. Palpation
B. Palpitation@
C. Overactivity
D. tremor
Câu 9: ______ is the condition of hyperinflation of air sacs with destruction of alveolar
A. Emphysema@
B. Asthma
C. Diphtheria
D. Croup
Câu 10: Where do the waste products and food that are not absorbed in the small
intestine pass?
@ C.large intestine
Câu 11: Which element in the blood is round and colourless?
C.red blood cells
@D.white blood cells

Câu 12: Which of four chambers of the heart pumps oxygenated blood for systemic
A.right ventricle B.left atrium
@C.left ventricle D.aorta
Câu 13: There are two systems in which blood travels in the cardiovascular system. There
are the__________ and the __________
A.gastrointestinal, cranial
@B. Pulmonary, Systemic
C.vascular, systemic
D.pulmonary, somatic
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

Câu 14 Intravenous injection means injection of the drug into the.....
A. muscle
@B. vein
C. body cavity
D. skin
Câu 15: Eggs are producted in the ______________
A. womb
B. fallopian tubes
@C. ovaries
D. vagina
Câu 16: TRH is secreted in the ____________________
A. pituitary
@B. hypothalamus
C. thyroid
D. parathỷoid
Câu 17: Oxygen moves from the lungs into the bloodstream through _____________
A. nerve fibres
B. a large artery in the heart
@C. small blood vessels in the lungs
D. a tube in the lungs called the jugular vein
Câu 18: Is there any _______ between period? – A little white
A. clot
B. hot flushes
C. pain
@D. discharge
Câu 19: Blindness may be caused by Vitamin A ___________
A. Deficiency @
B. increase
C. Breakdown
Câu 20: _______ is the liquid portion of blood.
A. Plasma @
B. Hemoglobin
C. Protein
D. Hormone
Câu 21: The middle layer of the skin is termed the___________.
A. Subcutaneous layer
B. Epidermis
C. Hypodermis
D. Corium@
Câu 22: when the patient has pains in her periods, she has got ______
A. Prolonged periods
B. Heavy periods
C. Dysmenorrhoea @
D. menorrhagia
câu 23: the label warned that the drug may impair fine motor skills. It listed the ____ to
taking the sedative.
A. Side effect
B. Antidote
C. Contraindication
D. indication
câu 24: the dermis is another way to call the _____
A. subcutaneous
B. epidermis
C. hypodermis
D. corium @
câu 25: the innermost layer of the skin, containing fat tissue is called the ____
A. corium
B. epidermis
C. dermis
D. subcutaneous layer @
câu 26: _____ administration is accomplished by injection of the drug from a syringe
under the skin, into a vein, muscle or body cavity.
A. Rectal
B. Oral
C. Parenteral@
D. sublingual
câu 27: ____ is a medical term which means difficult or painful periods.
A. Dysmenorrhea @
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

B. Menopause
C. Amenorrhea
D. Metrorrhagia
Câu 28: oxygen-containing protein in red blood cells is ______
A. Plasma
B. Liquid
C. Platelet
D. Hemoglobin @
Câu 29: Monocyte is formed in _____
A. Bone marrow @
B. Liver
C. Lymph tissue
D. Erythrocyte
Câu 30: _____ is an unpleasant sensation from the stomach with a tendency to vomit.
A. Nausea @
B. Anorexia
C. Diarrhea
D. Faeces
Câu 31: Calcitonin is a hormone of the _____
A. Thyroid gland @
B. Adrenal cortex
C. Pituitary gland
D. Thymus gland
Câu 32: _____ is used to refer to defecation.
A. Bowel habit
B. Bowel movement @
C. Micturition
D. Flatulence
Câu 33: What happens to the windpipe, or trachea, before it reaches the lungs?
A. It branches in two directions. @
B. It branches in three directions.
C. It vibrates and creates sounds.
D. It closes up so that no oxygen can escape.
Câu 34: A medication that causes blood vessels to narrow and contract is __________.
A. Vasoconstrictor @
B. vasomotor
C. vasodilator
D. asodepressor
Câu 35: TRH triggers the _______________of TSH in the pituitary.
A. Replacement
B. production @
C. synthesis
D. feedback
Câu 36: the ............ connects the ovary and the womb.
A. Uterus
B. Vagina
@C. Salpinx
D. Neck of womb
Cau 37:....... are heard when the airways are narrowed.
A. Pleural rubs
B. Crackles
C. Breath sounds
@D. Wheezes
Cau 38: that symptoms of the disease return is called ........
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

A. Relief
B. Remission
C. Occurrence
@D. Replase
Câu 39: Melaena is a sign of _________
A. Gastric ulcer @
B. Coeliac disease
C. Cholera
D. Ulcerative
Câu 40: Which of the following substances leaves blood as it passes through capillaries in
organs like the liver or pancreas?
A. Oxygen @
B. Carbon Dioxide
C. Starch
D. Urea
Câu 41: Gonadotrophin- realeasing hormones are release from the_______.
A. Thalamus
@B. Hypothalamus
C. Puituitary gland
D. Thyroid
Câu 42: Which gland controls basal metabolic rate ?
A. Testes
B. Thyroid @
C. Parathyoid
D. Pancreas
43) What order of large intestine sections are correct starting from the ileum and ending at
A. Transverse colon, cecum, ascending colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, rectum
B. sigmoid colon, descending colon, transverse colon, ascending colon, cecum, rectum
@C. cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, rectum
D. descending colon, transverse colon, ascending colon, cecum, sigmoid colon, rectum
44) …………………….is beginning of the first menstrual period during puberty.
@A. Menarche
B. Menopause
C. Amenorrhea
D. Metrorrhagia
45) The woman has…………….period lasting 8 days.
@A. prolonged
B. light
C. painful
D. heavy
46) The hormone from the hypothalamus stimulates the release of thyrotropin (TSH) from
the pituitary is called………….
47) Red cells are produced in the……………..
A. bone
@B. bone marrow
C. liver
D. spleen
48) ……………is a tube that connects the throat to the stomach.
A. Pancreas
B. Anus
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

C. Pharynx
@D. Esophagus
49) Feces are stored in the ………… until it is released from the body.
A. anus
@B. rectum
C. ileum
D. duodenum
50) …………..is a group of symptoms (diarrhea and constipation, abdominal pain,
bloating) associated with stress and tension, but without inflammation of the intestine.
A. Hepatitis
@B. Irritable bowel syndrome
C. Pancreatitis
D. Cirrhosis
51) ………are the smallest blood vessels.
A. Arterioles
B. Arteries
C. Aorta
@D. Capillaries
52) A sudden unexpected stoppage of heart action is know as…………..
A. heart block
B. palpitation
C. infarction
@D. cardiac arrest
53) In diabetes mellitus, ……………… insufficiency or ineffectiveness prevents sugar from
leaving the blood and entering the body cells, where it is normally used to produce energy.
A. calcium
B iodine
@C. insulin
D. sodium
54) …………. Drugs promote the force and efficiency of the heartbeat.
A. Cathartic.
B. Diuretic
C. Emetic
@D. Cardiotomic
55) The gland with can be classified as an endocrine and an exocrine gland is the ………..
A. thyroid
B. thymus
C. pituitary
@D. pancreas
56) Common causes of heart failure include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Coronary artery disease
B. Prolonged high blood pressure
@C. Exercise
D. Heart valve disease
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

57) ……….. is a condition in which there is atrophy of the gastric mucosa with consequent
failure of intrinsic factor production and vitamin B12 mal-absorption.
@A. Pernicious anaemia
B. Aplastic anaemia
C. Leukaemia
D. Jaundice
58) Thyroxine ( or thyroid hormone ) travels through the bloodstream acting on many
target cells to increase………….
A. blood sugar
B. blood calcium
@C. metabolism
D. anti-inflammatory reactions
59) The ……….gland secretes both an enzyme and a hormone.
A. The parathyroid
B. Pituitary
@C. Pancreas
D. thyroid
60) ………….. is inflammation in the lower, neck-like portion of uterus
@A. Cervicitis
B. Hepatitis
C. Oophoritis
D. Cirrhosos
61) One of the four stages in medical examination is……..or tapping with a finger
A. palpation
@B. percussion
C. auscultation
D. inspection
palpation (feeling with the hands), percussion (tapping with the fingers), and auscultation (listening)

62) The patient says “ I passed some blood in my urine” His symptom is…………..
A. urgency
@B. haematuria
C. dysuria
D. nocturia
Câu 63: A/an _____ is a situation or a sign that suggests a specific treatment should be
A. caution
B. side-effect
C. dose
Câu 64: _____ is caused by the buildup of sebum and keratin in the pores of the skin.
@A. Acne
B. Eczema
C. Neavus
D. Burn
Câu 65: The _____ connects the pharynx to the stomach.
A. sigmoid colon
B. nasal cavity
@C. esophagus
Câu 66: Shortness of breath is termed ______
A. fibrillation
B. palpitation
C. palpation
@D. dyspnoea
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

Câu 67: He might have leukemia of some sort, or aplastic anemia, but that’s _____ -it
would be very unusal.
A. insidious
B. mild
C. adequate
@D. rare
Câu 68: The essential tissues of the lung that perform its main funtion are pulmonary
A. mediastinum
B. cilia
C. hilum
Câu 69: Do you have any pain when you _____ stools?
@A. pass
B. excrete
C. have
D. secrete
Câu 70: A cough may be _____, where the patient coughs up sputum.
A. typical
B. dry
C. non-productive @D. productive
Câu 71: Verruca can be called _____ in common language.
A. mole
@B. wart
C. scub
D. scar
Câu 72: The muscular contractions that occur all along the digestive tract and which move
food along are called _____.
A. Elimination
@B. peristalsis
C. hypertension
D. swallowing
Câu 73: Insulin helps transport glucose to cells and decreases ______.
A. Blood calcium
B. blood loss
C. blood pressure @D. blood
Câu 74: The inability to release urine from the bladder ______.
@A. Urinary retention B. dysuria
C. anuria
D. oliguria
Câu 75: Pernicious anaemia is lack of mature erythrocytes due to inability to absorb
______ into the bloodstream.
@A. Vitamin B12
B. vitamin A
C. vitamin B
D. vitamin C
Câu 76: The question “Do you get peroid pains” is used to ask about ______.
B. menopause
Câu 77: On examining the heart and circulation, inspect the hand for ______.
A. apex beat
B. murmurs
@C. clubbing
D. cyanosis
Câu 78: Scanty urinary outputis terned ______.
@A. oliguria
B. dysuria
C. polyuria
D. hesitancy
Câu 79: A person specializing in the study of the actions of drugs on the body is known as a
@A. pharmacologist
B. pharmacist
C. toxicologist
Câu 80: The ______ is degree of hardness or softness of the stool.
A. tenderness @B. consistency
C. diarrhoea
Câu 81: A loose cough is one that produces sputum. It is also known as a ______ cough.
A. non-productive
B. dry
@C. productive
D. whooping
Câu 82: The _____ is the place where urine accumulates, pending micturation.
A. kidney
@B. bladder
C. ureter
D. urethra
Câu 83: If you want antibiotics, you’ll have to ask the doctor for a _____.
A. thernometer
@B. prescription
C. plaster
D. pill
Câu 84: The__________ layer of the skin specializes in the formation of fat.
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

A. epidermis B. dermis C. corium @D. subcutaneous layer
Câu 85: When the patient has loose and bloody stools, his condition is________
A. gastric ulcer @B. ulcerative colitis
C. obstructive janundice
D. coeliac disease
Câu 86: In the examination of the heart and circulation, measuring the heart size belongs
to the step of _________
A. palpation @B. percussion
C. inspection
D. auscultation
87. Injuries from blunt force can be caused by a...
A bruise
B knife
C razor blade
@D punch
88 . the midline region of the lungs where bronchi, blood vessles and nerves enter and exit
the lungs is known as...
A cilia
B mediastinum
@ C. hilum
D bronchi
89. Thyrotrophin (TSH) stimulates the thyroid gland to release
@ A Thyroxine
B calcitonine
C parathomone
D thymosine
90. ....raises the heart rate and delates bronchial tubes
A . Estrediol
B. Thyroxine
C. Insullin
@D. Epinephrine ( adrenalin)
91. A cough may be...., where the is no sputum
A productive
@B non-productive
C loose
D typical
92. Leukemia is a disease of the.... with malignant leukocytes filling the marrow and
@ A. Bone marrow
B. Hemoglobin
C. plasma
D. red blood cell
93. Breathlessness when lying flat is termed ....
A. palpitation
B. dyspnoea
C. fibrillation
@D. orthpnoea
94. The rhythm may be completely irregular, as in ....
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

@A. palpitation
B.shortness of breath
C.pitting oedema
95. On examining the heart and circulation, look at the lips, tongue and nails for the blue
discoloration of.....
@A. cyanosis
B. clubbing
C. apex beat
D. murmurs
96. A/An .... injection is also called a hypodermis injection. The outer surface of the arm is
a usual location for this injection.
A. intradermal
@B. subcutaneous
C. Intramuscular
D. Intrathecal
Câu 97: If period lasts more than four or five days, it can be described as …
A. painful
@B. prolonged
C. heavy
D. difficult
Câu 98: Injuries from sharp force can be caused by a …
A. punch
B. fist
C. head
@D. knife
Câu 99: … means bleeding from the uterus at irregular intervals
A. Dysmenorrhea
B. Menopause
C. Amenorrhea
@D. Metrorrhagia
Câu 100: The doctor asks the patient to say"ninety-nine" to check…
@A. vocal resonance
B. pneumothorax
C. lungs
D. pneumonia
Câu 101: Most hormones of the endocrine system are regulated by a…
A. hormone-receptor complex
B. positive feedback mechanism
C. negative feedback mechanism
D. hormone gene complex
102. A person specializing in the study of harmful effects of drugs on the body is known as
a .......
@A. toxicologist
B. pharmacologist
C. chemist
D. pharmacist
103. A skin lesion with a thin layer of epidermis separated from the skin is called ........
A Furuncle
@B. Scales
C. Macule
D. Papule
104. The patient has to get up three times at night to pass water. He suffers from ......
A. insomnia
B. uremia
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

@C. nocturia
D. anuria
105. During chemotherapy Helen was very nauseated. Dr. Cohen prescribed an ....... to
relieve her symptoms of queasy stomach.
A. antihypertensive
@B. antiemetic
C. Antiaginal
D. Antipyretic
106. In adult blood, there are billions of living blood cells floating in a liquid called .....
@A. platelets
B. veins
C. arteries
Cau 107:In the examination of the heart and cirulation,feeling the radial pulse belongs to
the step of ___
A. palpation @
B. Percussion
C. inspection
D. auscultation
Cau 108: An agent given to counteract harmful effects of a drugs is a/an _____
A. aerosol
B. toxicologist
@C. antidote
D. antiemetic
Cau 109:The surgical procedure where the urianary meatus is incised for enlargement is
A. meatotomy @
B. nephrostomy
C. nephrolithotomy D.
Cau 110: ADH stimulates water reabsorption by kidney tubules; decreases ____ output.
A. urine
B. water
C. sodium
D. cholesterone
Cau 111: The valve between the left ventricle and the blood vessel leaving the left ventricle
is the _____
A. tricuspid valve
B. bicuspid valve
@C. aortic semilunar valve
D. pulmonary semilunar
112. ________ is a mark on the skin after healing.
A. Spot
B. Scale
@C. Scar
D. Birthmark
113. Anemia may be due to increased red cell ________.
@A. breakdown
B. deficiency
C. excess
D. volumn
114. When Betty's left kidney stopped functioning, her contralateral kidney overdeveloped
or ________ to meet the increased workload.
A. removed
B. metastasized
@C. hypertrophied
D. atrophied
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

115. ________ is a skin lesion that is filled with pus.
A. Crust
B. Vesicle
C. Naevus
@D. Pustule
116. Gastro-intestinal irritation is a / an ________ of aspirin.
A. indication
B. caution
C. additive action
@D. side-effect
Câu 117: The inner lining of the pericardium, adhering to the outside of the heart, is the
A. Atrioventricular (AV) node
B. Sinoatrial (SA) node
C. Endocardium @
D. Visceral pericardium
Câu 118: What’s _______ the diagnosis of pernicious anemiamon physical
A. Likely @
B. rare
C. against
D. mild
Câu 119: _______ is an opening of the digestive tract to the outside of the body.
A. Pharynx
B. Anus @
C. Pancreas
D. Stomach
Câu 120: An inability of the heart to pump its required amount of blood is termed_______
A. pericarditis
B. coronary artery dissase
C. endocarditis
D. congestive heart failure @
Câu 121: One of the four stages in medical examination is _______ or looking
A. palpation
B. inspection @
C. percussion
D. auscultation
122. Hard collections of bile formed in the gallbadder and bile ducts are called gallstones
A. Cholecystitis
@B. Cholelithiasis
C. Pancreatitis
D. Cirrhosis
123…………is the study of the harmful effects of drugs.
A. Side effects
B. Adverse effects
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

@C. Toxicology
D. Chemotherapy
124. The……… is involved in digestion as well as producing hormones.
@A. pancreas
B liver
C. heart
D. spleen
125. “When a finger is pushed into the swelling, it cause a small depression on it.” This is
the case of…….
A. peripheral oedema
@B. pitting oedema
C episode
D cardiac output
126. The innermost layer of the heart wall is termed………
A. myocadium
B. pericardium
@C endocardium
D epicarium
127. _______indicate the narrowing of the airways.
@A. Wheezes
B. Breath sounds
C. Pleural rubs
D. Crackles
128. The typical symptom of pernicious anemia is the _____ onset with progressively
increasing symptom of anemia.
A. mild
B. adequate
@C. insidious
D. rare
129. A rash that has_____ distribution appears on many parts of the body.
@A. widespread
B. clusters
C. Scattered
D. localized
130. Cardiac output is ______.
A. the amount of blood pumped out of each ventricle in on minute
@B. the amount of blood pumped out of the heart during every ventricular contraction
C. the number of impulses fired by the SA node in one minute
D. the amount of blood filling each ventricle at the end of diastole
Câu 131: When a patient coughs up with clear and white sputum, the sputum is described
A. purulent B. blood-stained
C. apparent D. mucoid
Cau 132: The tiny hairs that keep mucus and dirt out of your lungs are called:
A. Stubble B. Cilia
C. Lung hairs
D. Bronchioles
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

Cau 133: Collections of lymph tissue in the nasopharynx are termed _____________:
A. Paranasal sinues B. pharynx C. cilia
D. adenoids
Cau 134: _________ indicate the presence of fluid on the lungs
A. Crackles B. Wheezes C. Pleural rubs
D. Breath sounds
Cau 135: _______ is a nodule produced by HPV
A. Verruca B. Furuncle C. Naevus D. Cicatrix
Cau136: The sounds of a (n)____ patient’s breathing is also called wheeze.
A. asthma
B. pleurisy C. pneumonia
D. haemoptysis
Cau 137: Normally at the age of 50, women start get______________.
A. menarche B. menopause
C. dysmenorrhoea D. menorrhagia
Cau 138: _______ increases blood sugar
A. Insulin
B. Cortisol C. Estradiol D. Thyroxine
Cau139: “Platelet” is another name of “_______”
A. thrombocyte
B. erythrocyte
C. haemoglobin
D. leucocyte
Cau 140: _______ is a muscular tube extending from the uterus to the exterior of the body.
A. Placenta B. Ovaries C. Vagina
D. Cervix
Cau 141 : The condition was ______ because only the surface os the skin was affected.
A. deep B. painless C. painful
D. superficial
Cau 142 : ____ is the medical word for coughing up blood .
A. dyspnoea
B. heamoptysis
C. Purulent D. mucoid
Cau 143 : the administration of drugs in gaseoous or vapor form through the nose or
A. oral administration
B. parenteral administration
C. inhalation
D. topical application
Cau 144 : rebound tenderness is a sign of ______
A. cholera
B. ulcerative colitis C. gastric ulcer
D. peritonitis
Cau 145 : the question “ How often do you get your periods ? “ is used to ask about ___
A. menopause B. menarche
C. menorrhagia
D. menstrual cycle
Cau 146 : the term _____ means dysmenorrhoea .
A. heavy periods
B. menstruation
C. period pains
D. amenorrhea
Cau 147 the two antibiotics worked together anh were therefore ____ in killing the
bacteria in Susan’s bloodtream.
A. idiosyncratic B. generic
C. synergistis
D. tolerant
Cau 148 one of the four stages in medical examination is ____ or feeling with the hands.
A. inspection B. palpation
C. auscultation
D. percussion
Cau 149 : thrombocyte or cell that helps blood clot is ____
A. lymphocyte B platelet
C. monocyte
D. erythrocyte
Cau 150 : T4 is the abbreviation for hormone _____.
A. thyroid
B. triiodothyronine
C thyroxine
D. thyrotrophin
Cau 151 : A patient who has _____ cough produces phlegm.
A, Loose
B. non-productive
C. dry
D. typical
Câu 152 : ..............brings oxygen-poor blood into the heart from the upper parts of the
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

A. Venule
B. Inferior vena cava
C. Superior vena cava
D. Aorta
Câu 153: ................is an adverse and unwanted affect of a drug or therapy
A. Caution
B. Side-effect
C. Dose
D. Indication
Câu 154: White blood cells are also named...............
A. erythrocytes
B. thrombocytes
C. leucocytes
D. plasma
Câu 155: The four small gland in the neck whose hormone controls calcium metabolism in
the body are the ......................
A. thyroid
B. thymus
@C. parathyroid
D. pituitary
Câu 156: Excision of a kidney is termed.....................
A. cystectomy
Câu 157: The patient says " I have to pee every half hour or so". His symtom is .....................
D.urinary incontinence
Câu 158: Thyroxine and triiodothyronine are secreted by .................
@A. thyroid
Câu 159: When the patient small and hard stools, his condition is ..................
A. obstructive jaundice
@B. irritable bowel syndrome
C.coeliac disease
Câu 160: ...........................are mycroscopic blood vessels that connect arterioles with
venules. Materials are passed between the blood and tissue through the capillary walls.
A. Aorta
B. Pulmonary vein
C. Pulmonary artery
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

@D. Capillaries
161. A/An ………..straightens teeth
A. endodontist
@B. orthodontist
C. gastroenterologist
D. colorectal surgeon
162. The process of expelling (voiding) urine though the urethra is called …………..
A. passing faeces
@B. micturition
C. sweating
D. defecation
163. Mechanical injuries to the skin are divided into those caused by a blunt force and
……………. Force.
A. light
B. heavy
C. sharp
D. knife
164. ………………….means the inflammation of the ovaries.
A. Cervicitis
@B. Oophoritis
C. Cirrhosis
D. Hepatitis
165. What divides the left and right side of the nasal cavity?
@A. septum
B. bronchus
C. pharynx
D. sinus
166. The exchange of gases between blood and cells is called …………………….
@A. internal
B. pulmonary ventilation
@C. cellular respiration
D. external respiration
167. ADH stimulates water reabsorption by ………………….. tubules; decreases urine
A. stomach
B. lung
@C. kidney
D. liver
168. What body structure protects the lungs from outside harm?
A. Cartilage
B. Tiny sacs
@C. The rib cage
D. The diaphragm
169. When there is a high fat content, the stools are pale, and are sometimes described
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

A. bulky
B. foul
C. clay-coloured
D. offensive
170. Which type of blood vessels carries blood away from the heart?
A. Veins
@B. Ateries
C. Capillarries
D. Ateries, veins, capiilaries.
171. Among the contraceptive methods, …………..are available for both men and women.
A. diaphragms
B. oral contraceptive pills
C. copper coils
D. condoms
172. …………………is the condition of the swelling, fluid collection in the air sacs and
A. Pneumoconiosis
B. Pulmonary edema
C. Pulmonary embolism
D. Pulmonary abscess
173. The gastrointestinal tract includes the mouth, …………………………, esophagus,
stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.
A. larynx
B. liver
C. pancreas
D. pharynx
174. After Sue’s bilateral renal failure, her doctor advised……………………to save her
A. nephrotomography
B. nephrostomy
C. renal transplantation
D. nephrolithotomy
175. ……….occcurs when the heart is unable to maintain sufficent cardiac output.
A. Renal failure
B. Asthma
@D. Heart Failure
176: ……… means prenancy prevention.
A. Family way
B. Menopause
C. Contraception @
D. Concetion
177: ……… the study of drugs that destroy microorganism, parasites, or malignantcells
within the body
A. Pharmacokinetics
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

B. Pharmacodynamics
C. Molecular pharmacology
D. Chemotherapy @
178: One of the four stages in medical examination is ………… or listening with a
A. Inspection
B. percussion
C. palpation
@D. auscultation
179. A ………… wound is an example of a penetrating wound.
A. Superfical
B. B. stab @
C. C. incised
D. D. lenght
180. ……….. helps transport glucose to cells and decreases blood sugar.
A. Thyroxine
B. testosterone
@C. insulin
D. cortisol
181: The medical term for a severe constricting pain in the chest due to an insufficient
blood to the heart is _____
@A angina pectoris
B. myocarditis
C. hypertension.
@D. strokes
182 _______ refers to an irregular rhythm of the heart.
@A. Arrhythmia
B. Breathlessness
D. Dyspnoea.
183 _____ is the destruction of red blood cells.
@A. Hematocrit
B. Hemoglobin
@C. Hemolysis
D. Hypochromia
184. The valve located between the right atrium and the right ventricle is the……
A. Tricuspid valve
B. Bisuspid
C. Mitral valve
D. Semilunar valve
185. Pernicious …………… is a very dangerous disease.
A. Diagnosis
B. Marrow
C. Deficiency
D. Anaemia @
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

186. A ………… is an injury that occurs when blood vessels in the skin are damaged
A. Laceration
B. Scratch
C. Contusion
. Abrasion
Cau 187:...........is the return of solids and fluid to the mouth from stomach
B nause
C.Gastroesophageal reflux
Cau 188: The patient passed tarry stools. He had.....
A@ Melaena
189. The condition where urine is turbid (cloudy) owing to the presence of
polymorphonuclear leukocytes and pus is.....
A@ pyuria
C. glycosuria
190. what the purpose of the little hairs inside the nose?
A.@ to keep dust out of the lung
B.to tickle the nose and cause sneezes
C. to fight disease
D. to serve no purpose
191. ........... is an organ under the stomach. It produces insulin and enzymes.
A. Rectum
B. Stomach
@ C. Pancreas
D. Liver
Cau 192: The patient says "l get a scalding pain when pass water". His symptom is...?
A. urgency
B. hesitancy
@C. dysuria.
D. incontinence
Cau 193: The small intestine has 3 regions. The first region is called the...
@A. duodenum
B. jejunum
C, colon
D. ileum
Câu 194: The adrenal gland is nearest the…………………….
A. Kidney @
B. Liver
C. Brain
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

D. Throat
Câu 195: A(n)……………………wound is a break in the skin where the length of the
wound on the surface is greater than the depth of the wound.
A. Penetrating
B. Incised @
C. Laceration
D. Stab
Câu 196: ……………………… is a hormone produced by the ovaries, responsible for
femaleness and build-up of the uterine lining during the menstrual cycle.
A. Estrogen @
B. Testosterone
C. Calcitonin
D. Insulin
Câu 197: ………..increases metabolism in body cell.
A. Parathyroid
B. Triiodothyronin
C. Thyroid
D. Thyroxine @
Câu 198: the glands of the skin are the sudoriferous glands and the …….. glands
A. Adrenal
B. Sebaceous @
C. Pituitary
D. Parathyroid
Câu 199: The tiny, microscopic projection in the walls of the small intestine are ...
A. Papillae
B. Villi -L
C. Rugae
D. Peristalis -T
Câu 200: She had taken the …until a year previously, when a ……… was fitted
A. The pill/ copper coil @
B. Copper coil/ diaphragm
C. Condom / copper coil
D. Copper coild / condom
201: Bile is produced in the _________ and stored in the_________.
A. gall bladder; colon @B. liver; gall bladder
C. intestine; stomach
stomach; liver
202: What type of blood vessels takes the blood back into the heart?
A. Arterioles B. Arteries
@C. Veins
D. Plmonary Arteries
203: Another name for sweat gland is _________ gland
A. oil
B. sebaceous
C. integumentary
D. sudoriferous @
204. Blockage of the arteries surrounding the heart leading to ischemia is known as…….
A. endocarditis
@B. coarctation of the aorta
C. pericarditis
D. coronary artery disease
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

205. Written instructions from a physician or dentist to a druggist concerning the form
and dosage of a drug to be issued to a given patient is called………
A. dose
B. indication
C. prescription @
D. caution
206. Salpinx is another term for the………
A. womb
B. vagina
C. ovary
D. Fallopian tube @
Câu 207: The main function of platelets is to help in the... of blood.
A. Loss
B. Synthesis
C. Production
@D. Clotting
Câu 208: The time when a woman stops menstruating is called the…
A. Menopause @
B. Menstrual cycle
C. Menstrual period
D. Menarche
Câu 209: A/An...diagnoses and treats alimentary tract disorders.
A. Endodontist
B. Nephrologist
C. Gastroenterologist @
D. Colorectal surgeon
210. My little boy has........... in spots all over his body
A. broken out @
B. appeared
C. developed
D. Had
211. His problem started quite suddenly, so it didn't have the typical...................... onset
A. insidious @
B. unlikely
C. adequate
D. Mild
212. Patients with constipation pass....................
A. hard, infrequent stools. @
B. semi-solid stools
C. soft or liquid stools
D. formed stools
Câu 213: ____________is a lower, neck-like portion of the uterus.
A. Ovaries.
B. Placenta.
C. Vagina.
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

D. Cervix . @
Câu 214: An enlargement of the thyroid gland is the condition known as____________.
A. parathyroidism.
B. goitre. @
C. acromegaly.
D. Cushings disease
Câu 215: That symptoms of the disease disappear is called____________.
A. remission. @
B. occurrence.
C. relief.
D. relapse. @
216………… is a medical term which means no menstrual flow
A. cervicitis B. menopause C. amenorrhea D. metrorrhagia
217. The depth of a/an ……… wound is greater than the superficial length of the wound.
A. superficial B. damaged C. incised D. penetrating
218. His diet is ………. iron: he doesn’t get enough iron.
A. localized B. diffused C. excess D. deficient
219:____is the condition of inflammation of tubes that lead from the trachea,over along
priod of time
@A. Choronic bronchitis
B. Asthma
C. Diphtheria
D. Croup
220: The beginning of the large intestine is called ____
A. cholecystokinin
B. common bile duct
C. chyme
@D. cecum
221____is black and tarry stools containing blood
A. anorexia
B diarrhoea
@C melena
D faeces
222 ____is an acute abdominal pain caused by spasms of intestinal muscles
A constipation
B diaeehea
C anorexia
@D colic
223 the chamber that receives the deoxygenated blood from the systemic system first is the
A left ventricle
@B right atrium
C left atrium
D right ventricle
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

224 ____is another name of th wonb
A vagina
@B uters
C salpinx
D ovary
225 ____ is a medical expression meaning the pattern of defecation
A constipation
B diarrhea
@C bowel habit
D bowel movement
226 ____is difficult, delayed elimnition of faces with dry, hard stools
A nausea
@B constipation
C diarrhoea
D faeces
227 when the patient has clayed-coloured stools, his condition is ____
A gastric uncer
B uncerative conlitis
@C obstructive jaundice
D coeliac disease
228 parathyroid hormone raises blood
A sodium
@B calcium
C sugar
D pressure
229 an gent that excites and promotes activity is ____
A hypnotic
B emetic
C cathartic
@D stimulant
230. ________ is constant and is due to peritoneal irritation
@A. Rigidity B. Tenderness C. Rebound tenderness D. Guarding
231. Macules or palpures are examples of skin_______
A. Grouping @B. Lesions. C. Distributions D.Shaped
232. ________ is a chemical that speeds up a reaction between sudstances, which helps in
the breakdown of complex foods to simpler foods
A. Glucose. B. Glycogen. C.Insulin. @D. Enzyme
233. Stools are described as loose and bloody. The condition most likely to cause them is
A. Gastric ulcer B. Cholera. @C. Ulcerative colitis. D. Irritable bowel syndrome
234. Her father died of a coronary thrombosis. He had______
@A. Heart disease. B. Tuberculosis. C. Dyspnea D. Leukemia
235. The patient had difficulty starting to pass urine. This symptom is______
A. Dysuria B. Urgency @C. Hesitancy. D. Frequency
236. The doctor asked the patient " take a deep breath in. Don't______
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

@A. Exhale B. Inhale C. Breathe. D. Cough
237. When the patient has black and tarry stool, his condition is______
@A. Gastric ulcer. B. Vesicle. C. Pustule. D. Celiac disease
238. ______ is a skin lesion that can be seen as dry blood on the surface of the skin
@A. Crust. B. Vesicle. C. Pustule. D. Naevus
239. "Do you hands shake?" The doctor asked about the symptom A_______
A. Palpitations B. Palpation. C. Overactivity. @D. Tremor
240. Which drugs are locally applied on the body surface or the mucous membranes of the
A. Pills B. Tablets. C. Ointments @D. EarosolS
Cau 241: The elimiabolic of metabolic waste prducts is called ……….
A. excretion @
B. defecation
C. mictirition
D. contraction
Cau 242: ………may me due to tenderness or anxiety and can be reduced if the patient is
persuaded to relax.
A. Rigidity
B. Tenderness
C. Peritontis
D. Guarding @
Cau 243: The factor ina patient’s cinditionthat prevents use of a particular drug is……….
A. side effect
B. contraindication @
C. antidote
D. indication
Cau 244: The question “ Do you get clots ” is used to ask about…………
A. menstrual cycle
B. menorrhagia @
C. menopause
D. menarche
Cau 245: Our throat divides into two separate tubes: the windipipe and the
esophagus.What prevents food from entering the windipe ?
A. The tongue
B. Theuvual
C. The trachea
D. The epiglottis @
Cau 246: The condition where there is sugar in the urine; a symptom of diabetes mellitus
and a result of hyperglycemia is ………..
A. pyuria
B. ketonuria
C. glycosuria @
D. hematuria
Cau 247: The notch on the surface of the kidney where blood vesssels and nerves enter
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

A. Bowman’s capsule
B. hilum @
C. trigone
D. cortex
Cau 248: What is the name of the tiny air sacs in your lungs?
A. Bronx
B. Alveoli @
C. Bronchioles
D. Ravioli
Cau 249: Ever since Bill’s condition of gout was diagnosed, he has been warned that uric
acid crystals could accumulate in his blood and tissues, leading to………..
A. pyuria
B. enuresis
C. cystocele
D. renal calculi @
Cau 250: ………..is a hormone produced by the endocrine cells of the pancreas. It trancras
sugar into cells from the blood and stimulates glycogen formation by the liver.
A. Enzyme
B. Glucose
C. Insulin @
D. Glycogen
Cau 251: Hypercalcemia occurs as…….. leaves the bones and enters the bloodstream.
A. glucose
B. calcium @
C. sodium
D. potassium
Cau 252: ……….or throat is the common passageway for food from the mouth and air
from the nose.
A. Pharynx
B. Rectum
C. Oancreas @
D. Stomach
Cau 253: Aspirin is …….. for patients with previous or active peptic ulceration.
A. indicated
B. given
C. contraindicated @
D. dispensed
Cau 254: Extreme sunburn can cause small………..on the skin.
A. wounds
B. swellings @
C. bites
D. blisters
Cau 255: ………. or menorragia means excessive blood loss.
A. Dysmenorrhoea
B. Heavy periods @
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

C. Prolonged periods
D. Painful periods
Cau 256: ……….. is a large organ secreting bile, storing sugar and producing blood
A. Pharynx
B. Liver @
C. Gall bladder
D. Esophagus
Cau 257: The bleeding and purpura are caused by abnormal……….function.
A. haemoglobin
B. platelet @
C. erythrocyte
D. leucocyte
Cau 258: ……..may beaused by vitamin A deficiency.
A. Tiredness
B. Blindness @
C. Shortness of breath
D. Deafness
Cau 259: “ Do you ever lose control of your………..? Any leaking or dribbling?”.
A. bladder @
B. kidney
C. Urethra
D. urne
Cau 260: Hemoglobin in the erythrocyte enables the cell to carry……..
A. color
B. oxygen @
C. vitamin
D. carbondioxide
261: The vocal resonance may be_____ in a pneumononia patient
A. revealed
@B. rubbed
C. increased @
D. desreased
262. Digestion take place in a long tube – like canal called the alimentary canal, or the
digestive tract. Food travels though these organs in the ollowing orther:
@A. Mouth, eosophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and rectum
B. Mouth, eosophagus, stomach, large intestine, small intestine and rectum
C. Mouth, stomach, eosophagus, small intestine, large intestine and rectum
D. Mouth, , stomach, gullet, small intestine, large intestine and rectum
263. An agent thar reduces fever is called______.
A. antianginal
@B. antipyretic
C. anipruritic
D. antihypertensive
264. Urine is expelled through the _____ .
Tổng hợp: RaNi-Bảo Thanh

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