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Part 3, 4 paraphrase tài liệu ôn thi toeic

1. having a night shift -> adding an extra shift
2. replace the outdated equipment -> get more modern equipment
3. submit a lower bid -> offer a lower bid
4. get ready to relocate -> prepare for a move
5. the manual -> an instruction book
6. obtaining a loan -> borrowing some money
7. to see someone get married -> to attend a wedding
8. to confirm his appointment -> to remind him of his appointment
9. discuss the proposal -> talk about a business deal
10. call the agency for a referral -> contact an agency
11. Land is cheap -> Property prices are low
12. buy a ticket for a lower price -> get a discounted ticket
13. improve the training -> provide better training
14. be held up in the office until late -> work late
15. make copies of the handouts -> duplicate the handouts
16. to take a bus -> to use public transportation
17. to go to the gym/to exercise -> to work out
18. phone number/ e-mail address -> contact information
19. launched a new business -> started one’s own business

20. I’ll give him a call -> I’ll contact him
21. I’ve have a lot of work to do. -> I’m really busy
22. He read a company announcement. -> He saw an ad on the bulletin board.
23. The plane was delayed. -> The plane arrived late.
24. He’ll go to the museum on foot. -> He’ll walk to the museum.
25. I hardly slept last night -> I didn’t get enough sleep yesterday.
26. It’s not spacious. -> It’s small.

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27. She’ll call the caterer. -> She’ll talk to the food provider.
28. The printer is tied up. -> The printer is being used at the moment.
29. There were too many people. -> It was crowded.
30. every Friday -> at the end of each workweek
31. postponed for three weeks -> in three weeks
32. monthly -> every month
33. once in two weeks/every two weeks -> every other week
34. bimonthly -> once in two months
35. It’s been a year -> a year ago
36. in 14 days -> in two weeks
37. each month -> once a month
38. weekly -> every week
39. finish a summary for the committee -> complete a report
40. The estimate won’t be complete until Friday. -> The estimate will be finalized on Friday.
41. check to see if the report looks OK -> review a written document
42. A lot of information was wrong. -> It contains inaccurate information.
43. It went to the audit department by mistake.-> It was delivered to the wrong department by
44. expect some documents -> wait for some documents to arrive.
45. She is going to stop by to get the packet. -> She will collect the packet in person.
46. reschedule the meeting -> change the time for the meeting.
47. The copier keeps breaking down. -> The copier isn’t working properly.
48. The generator is malfunctioning. -> There is a problem at one of the company’s facilities.
49. The machine was not plugged in. -> The power cord was disconnected.
50. The power’s out. -> There is no electricity.
51. I have too much work to do. -> My work schedule is full.

52. They’re hiring for other positions. -> They have other openings.

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53. The company is being reorganized. -> The company is undergoing restructuring.
54. He will resign. -> He will leave the company.
55. I could be transferred there. -> I could move to the other office.
56. receive my paycheck -> get paid
57. When is payday? -> When do I get paid?
58. give employees bonuses -> pay an incentive
59. We own our success to your dedication. -> Your dedication has made our success possible.
60. take a vacation -> take sometime off
61. I don’t have to work tomorrow. -> I’m off tomorrow.
62. find out who’s available for overtime -> check who can work late.
63. He is going to be the speaker. -> He will give the speech.
64. I couldn’t make it to the reception. -> I missed the reception.
65. place an advertisement in a newspaper -> advertise in a daily
66. launch a series of new advertisements -> start a new marketing campaign
67. Toys flew off the shelves -> The toy sale was a success.
68. when business picks up -> when our sales improve
69. Sales are slow. -> Sales figures are low.
70. The price was too steep. -> It was too expensive.
71. Business is very good -> The company is doing well
72. be awarded the account -> get a new client
73. win the contract -> bring in new business
74. cut costs by modernizing the assembly lines -> reduce costs by upgrading equipment
75. to cover costs -> to meet expenses
76. Some stores are less profitable. -> Some stores are not bringing in enough money.
77. postpone replacing some cars and limousines -> delay the purchase of new vehicles
78. The highway is starting to get crowded. -> The traffic is getting heavier.
79. There isn’t much traffic. -> The traffic is not heavy.

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80. change buses -> transfer to another bus.
81. It skips that station. -> It does not stop at that station.
82. It’s just around the corner from the store. -> It’s a short walk from the store.
83. We have a special on oranges -> Oranges are on sale.
84. The bag has a slight scratch. -> The bag has a minor flaw.
85. The camera lens is chipped. -> The lens is damaged.
86. This coat is too small. -> The coat is the wrong size.
87. I want to get a refund. -> I’d like to get my money back.
88. The ingredients could be fresher. -> The ingredients are not good enough.
89. The firm is picking up the check. -> The firm will cover the expenses.
90. My daughter is in bed with the flu. -> My daughter is sick.
91. make plane reservations -> book a flight
92. make sure the airplane reservation is set -> check on the flight arrangements
93. The flight doesn’t leave until nearly midnight. -> The plane leaves late at night.
94. I plan to drive back. -> I’ll come back by car.
95. wait at the gate to board the plane -> wait for boarding in the departure lounge.
96. The flight took off late. -> The flight was delayed.
97. book a room -> reserve a room
98. The shows are all sold out. -> Tickets for the shows are not available.
99. I think her first book is a lot better. -> I prefer the author’s first book.
100. come back to this museum next month. -> return to this museum at another time.
101. Purchase -> merchandise
102. 30% off -> 30% discount
103. bulletin board -> notice board
104. take 2 days -> in 2 days
105. get a group discount -> save by coming together

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106. We are featuring a 30% off on all beachwear and accessories.
 Holiday vacation items are being discounted.
107. Passengers may ask for help from the flight attendant.
 Passengers can get assistance from the cabin crew.
108. Our flying time will be 17 hours.
 The plane will be landing in 17 hours.
109. If you need more details, contact at 256-5432
 Customers can get further information by making a phone call.
110. We are currently offering discounted airfare to Tokyto, Osaka and Kyoto.
 The company is specialized in tour of Japan.
111. KE Tower is just a short walk from Seoul Station
 It is located near a train station.
112. Please make sure your computers are turned off.
 The computers should be unplugged.
113. round trip -> return trip
114. go to a concert -> enjoy the performance
115. flight information -> plane schedule
116. The show is sold out -> The play tickets are not available.
117. The plane doesn’t leave until nearly noon. -> The flight departs around 12 o’clock.
118. I’d like to reschedule my dental appointment anytime next week.
 The speaker wants to change the time and date for the appointment.
119. I can help you buy a ticket for a lower price to Japan.
 She gives information about how to get a discounted ticket.
120. Mr. Smith will pick us up at 6 p.m for dinner after the meeting.
 Mr. Smith will take us to the restaurant.
121. May I ask you to save this seat for me?
 The woman is asking the man to keep her seat.
122. I wish I could, but I am taking a trip to New York.

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 She has to go somewhere out of town.
123. I should fill in for Emily for a few days.
 The speaker will handle Emily’s job.
124. I think I should get rid of the old bookshelf in my house.
 She is planning to remove the furniture.
125. warranty service -> after-sales service
126. light dish -> snack
127. get one free -> offer free stuff
128. sell in bulk -> wholesale
129. The camcorder broke down. -> It’s out of order.
130. Do you have the original receipt?
 The customer needs to show a proof of purchase.
131. Do you want to try lunch at the new restaurant near the ice cream shop?
 They are talking about where to eat?
132. What time does your store close tonight?
 The speaker is asking about the business hours.
133. I need a few more minutes to decide if you don’t mind.
 The customer is not ready to order food.
134. You will have a wider selection to choose from the booklet.
 You can choose items in the catalogue.
135. What kind of bookshelf are you looking for?
 She is in the furniture store.
136. It’s regularly sold for more than $90.
 It used to be sold at less than $100.
137. send some money -> transfer money
138. package -> parcel
139. deliver the package -> ship the items

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140. ask the directions -> ask how to get to the place
141. by express mail -> by overnight mail
142. I get a lot of delivery men coming here with food.
 I have food delivered to my house many times.
143. I’ll be there shortly.
 I will drop that place in a minute.
144. I heard that there is a heavy traffic due to the rain.
 It takes a lot of time to get to that place because of the bad weather.
145. Did you hear on the news that the subway fare is going to be hiked.
 He is talking about the rising public transportation fare.
146. We haven’t been happy with our current company shipping.
 He’s not been satisfied with the delivery company.
147. I have an appointment on Wednesday to talk about a small business loan.
 The speaker needs money for his business.
148. I have all the documents you mentioned except one.
 The man still needs to submit one more document.
149. due date -> deadline
150. understaffed -> employee shortage
151. hire part-time workers -> recruit temporary workers
152. need to get another file cabinet -> need additional office furniture
153. be transferred to London -> work at London branch
154. He’s here for a job interview.
 He is looking for an employment.
155. Can I call you back later to talk about the tour?
 She is busy with her work at the moment.
156. I thought the deadline was tomorrow.

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 She has the incorrect information.
157. He won’t be back here until Saturday.
 He is out of town for a while.
158. I guess he’ll be gone for 14 days.
 He will be away for 2 weeks.
159. Tour -> explore the place
160. Well-known writer -> famous author
161. Bottling factory -> bottled water manufacturing
162. Stop at a tropical botanical garden -> visit to see some plants
163. Get to the lodge -> arrive at the hotel
164. The tour lasts for 2 hours.
 The trip takes 2 hours.
165. I’ll guide you for today’s tour.
 The speaker is a tour guide.
166. You should be back here at the main entrance in one and a half hours.
 People are supposed to meet at the gate in 90 minutes.
167. I’d like to give you a quick update on the expressway traffic.
 The speakers give the traffic information.
168. We will leave for the island of Halua at 3 p.m.
 They will depart the place in the afternoon.
169. Motorists are advised to avoid Elm St.
 The listeners are asked to detour.
170. The clouds have been broken.
 The rain has let up.

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171. Return the call -> call back
172. Check with the supervisor -> talk with the boss
173. Working hours -> business hours
174. Brochure -> booklet
175. A devoted worker -> a hard-working employee
176. Remember that you have an appointment with Dr. Kim.
 The speaker is calling to confirm an appointment.
177. We offer a wide range of financial services.
 The client have many options to choose.
178. She will take the position as a department head.
 She will lead the department.
179. Please give him a big applause.
 The speaker is asking people to welcome the guest speaker.
180. Please contact me as soon as possible.
 The listener will make a call soon.
181. I’ll put you through to him.
 I’ll connect you with him.
182. Residents are cautioned to limit non-essential power use.
-> Residents are advised to reduce electricity use.
183. If you would like to speak to my college, please press two.
-> If you press two, you will be connected to my coworker.
184. We will be having the first meeting of the company’s new organization, Norcom Cares.
-> A new organization will hold its introductory meeting.
185. Japan’s third-largest utility company has announced that it will be making a 250-million
dollar investment in wind power.
-> An investment in a new energy source by the utility company has been announced.

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186. The nation’s economic growth is down to 2 percent this quarter from 4 percent last quarter.
-> The nation’s economy is experiencing lower growth rates.
187. Connection difficulties from Hong Kong will mean that we will be departing an hour late.
-> The cause of the delay is a connection problem.
188. We are moving back the starting time of the conference because we understand it takes a
long time for some of you to get here.
-> A schedule change is being made to give people more time to get to the conference.
189. Please give my application for the position of banquet manager to the food and beverage
-> I’d like to request to have my resume forwarded.


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