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idiancom business plan 462

1. Mission & Vision
1.1 Positioning:
Become the biggest electronic products live search and review Web2.0 site in China.
1.2. Value Proposition:
•Live search with guides
•User generated content
•Mobile phone querying products review
•Price comparison
•Product Yellow Page (software, book)

2. Company Description:
2.1 Who we are:
We are an electronic products live search and review website.
2.2 Where we are:
We will land in Zhong guancun Beijing. Because there is the latest electronic
products information and it covers all over the country compared with the other
cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen.
2.3 What we do:

To provide the users with products live search with guide
To let users generate the content by themselves
To send the products reviews to the users’ mobile phone once they query
To compare the prices of different e-commerce websites
To publish product yellow page software and books

2.4 Why we start up:
(1)The timing is appropriate :
Now Web2.0 is spreading all over the world, every new start-up is trying to find the
way to make miracle from this trend. Youtube made it, Myspace made it, Facebook
made it and we can also make it in the near future. Because in China, this concept
is still very new and no big success Web2.0 site comes up, especially the same type
website. We can see that our website is the first one in China.
(2)The need for the users:
Users think that it is very difficult to find the electronic products information online
through the search engines like google or yahoo and the professional electronic
products forum like PConline or IT168. So our website with live search and users
generated products reviews emerges with this time.

3. Product &Services
3.1 Product:
This website can be divided in to two parts: one is the live search and the other
is the products review community.

The search is made up of search in this site and search with guide.

3.2 Services:
(1) We will provide the real person guides to help the users find the information
they want.
This is the alternative function the users could choose whether they
need the guide help.

They just need to type the name of the product, and then click the search with
guide, our real guide will come out to chat with the user and guide him to know
about the product.

(2) We will send the products reviews and the average prices to the users’ mobile
phone once they want to check the product’s information.
They just need to type the name and type of the product and send to the assigned
number and then our website will reply with the detail information mentioned above.
(3) We will compare the product’s prices of different e-commerce websites
(4) We will collect the information from our database to make the electronics product
guide dictionary and guide books.
(5) Virtual Lab: according to the user’s reviews towards the product, in a flash-based
webpage, the product will be made of two side one id the positive reviews in red and
negative reviews in dark. And this is increasing with the reviews from the users.
This is an illustration of the review of the product in very vivid way to help the users
know about the goods quickly. The products are updating every minute.

4.Industry Analysis
4.1 About WEB 2.0
Web2.0 is the second generation of internet based services that let people
Collaborate and share information online in a new way.
The core feature of Web2.0 is that the users are information receivers as well as
information providers, which can provide a perfect platform for information

4.1.1 The principles of Web 2.0 :
•Web as platform, reach out to the entire web not just the center.
•Harnessing collective intelligence, turning the web into a kind of global brain.
•Data as the driving force.
•Operations must become a core competency and users must be treated as
co-developers, in a reflection of open source development practices.
•Lightweight programming models to build loosely coupled systems and allow
•Software above the level of a single device i.e. not limited to any specific platform,
technology and devices.
•Rich user experience i.e. enabling user to use web as a medium to collaborate,
classify and editing, etc.

4.1.2 Core Competencies of Web 2.0 Companies:

Services, not packaged software, with cost-effective scalability.

Control over unique, hard-to-recreate data sources that get richer as more people use them.

Trusting users as co-developers.

Harnessing collective intelligence.

Leveraging the long tail through customer self-service.

Software above the level of a single device.

Lightweight user interfaces, development models, and business models.

4. 2. About ‘Public Evaluation Website’
•A ‘Public Evaluation Website” is ‘a third party’ evaluation website which
provides public platform for consumers to express opinions and exchange
•Public Evaluation Website’ becomes more and more popular nowadays in
mainland China.
•There are several public evaluation websites which focus on food, books,
baby nutrition, etc now in Mainland China.
•There is no public evaluation website focus on electronic products currently.

• The potential of ‘public evaluation website’
in mainland China.
One successful example of ‘public evaluation website’ in mainland
China is 大大大大大 which focus on food. Now it has more than 60,000
restaurants information across 22 cities in China, and has already
had more than 500,000 registered users.

4. 3. About electronic products consumption in mainland China

Economy development, living standard improvement, quick update of
electronic products

From our survey, we can see that around 72% people spent more than
1000 in electronic products in the latest three months, which also shows
the high electronic consumption.

4. 4. About electronic product websites in mainland China
There are several electronic product websites in mainland China now.
However, they mainly focus on product introduction and price compare.
The information is not coming from the consumers and users.
There is few people share the real user experience of a specific electronic product
in those websites.

In our survey, 68% users are not satisfied with the information those website provided.
From whom, 62% think the information is out of date, 21% think some evaluation
is not objective,
45% think the information is not interactive,
12% think the interface is not user-friendly,
65% think the information is overloaded and don’t know which one is believable.

4. 5. About Live Search Engine
•There is no live search engine nowadays in China.
• However, live search engine appears and becomes popular in the world.
• People will have very good user experience by using live search guide because
there is always someone waiting to search for you in the Internet.
•Meanwhile, some senior search guides are electronic experts who are very familiar
with those electronic products.
•They will not only search some information for users, but also provide expert
opinions to senior users. This model has not yet appeared in China market.

86% users show interest in the live search engine.

4. 6.About our market survey
•There are 332 users did this survey for us through the Internet.
There come some useful figures.
64% users decide within one week to buy an electronic product,
and 14% take more than one week to decide

– To search for useful information of electronic product, 42% users use
within one week, 12% use more than one week, 24% users claimed that
they can’t find useful information.

62% users seek information of electronic products from the Internet, among
which 46% are from professional forum, 42% are from search engines, 12%
are from professional websites.

– 94% users are willing to share their consumption and user experience of
a specific product with others.

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