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Tìm lỗi sai
Question 1: My mother always get up early to prepare breakfast for everyone in the family.
A. get

B. to prepare

C. everyone

D. the family

Question 2: I prefer living in a nuclear family than a joint one.
A. living

B. nuclear

C. than

D. one

Question 3: He comes from a large family, all of them now live in Australia.
A. comes

B. large

C. them

D. live

Question 4: The man for who the police are looking robbed the bank yesterday.
A. who

B. are

C. robbed

D. the

Question 5: The man that you are looking for living next door.
A. The

B. that

C. are

D. living

Question 6: It is complicated because pollution is caused by things when benefit people.
A. complicated

B. because

C. is caused

D. when

Question 7: Ancient people made a clay pottery because they needed it for their survival.
A. a clay

B. because

C. it

D. their survival

Question 8: Chemical engineering is based on the principles of physics, chemists, and
A. on

B. principles

C. chemists

D. mathematics

Question 9: The passengers, tired after a very long trip, was relaxing in every available seat in
the airport lobby.
A. The

B. very

C. was relaxing

D. available

Question 10: If we had more time last week, we would certainly have finished the project on time.
A. had

B. certainly

C. the

D. on time

Question 11: Because the highway system was built 40 years ago , most of the roads now need
to repair.
A. Because

B. was built

C. most of

D. to repair

Question 12: Pointing in someone is usually considered impolite but it is acceptable when a
teacher wants to get someone’s attention in class.
A. Pointing in

B. impolite

C. when

D. to get

Question 13: If a student takes a course on Computer Science, it will take him four years doing
the course.
A. If

B. takes a course

C. take

D. doing

Question 14: After the police had tried unsuccessfully to determine to who the car belonged,
they towed it to the station.
A. the police

B. unsuccessfully

C. who

D. it to

Question 15: Those who had already purchased tickets were instructed to go to gate first
A. Those

B. had already purchased

C. gate first

D. immediately

Question 16: For thousands of years, man has created sweet-smelling substances from wood,
herbs and flowers and using them for perfumes or medicine.
A. man

B. sweet-smelling

C. using them

D. or

Question 17: The basic elements of public-opinion research are interviewers, questionnaires,
tabulating equipment, and to sample population.
A. basic elements

B. are

C. tabulating

D. and to sample

Question 18: She asked why did Mathew look so embarrassed when he saw Carole.
A. why

B. did Mathew look

C. so embarrassed

D. saw

Question 19: Higher education is very importance to national economies and it is also a source
of trained and educated personnel for the whole country
A. importance

B. economies

C. educated

D. the whole country

Question 20: Foreign students who are doing a decision about which school to attend may not
know exactly where the choices are located.
A. doing

B. about which

C. to attend

D. the choices

Question 21: It is a good idea to be careful in buying or purchasing magazines from salespersons
who may come to your door.
A. It is

B. to be

C. or purchasing

D. from salespersons

Question 22: In that age of computers, it is difficult to imagine how tedious work of accountants
and clerks must have been in the past.
A. that age

B. it is

C. work

Question 23: If you take the train, it would be much more convenient

D. have been

A. If

B. the train

C. would be

D. much

Question 24: Some of his favourite subjects at school are Maths, English and Geographical.
A. Some

B. subjects

C. are

D. Geographical

Question 25: Could you tell me how can I get to the city library, please?
A. Could

B. me C. how can I get

D. the city

Question 26: Food prices have raised so rapidly in the past few months that some families have
been forced to alter their eating habits.
A. have raised

B. rapidly

C. that

D. their eating habits

Question 27: Having finished his term paper before the deadline, it was delivered to the
professor before the class.
A. Having finished

B. before the

C. it was delivered

D. professor before

Question 28: Since vitamins are contained in a wide variety of foods, people seldom lack of
most of them.
A. are

B. in a

C. variety of

D. lack of

Question 29: Children are expected to make the right thing both at school and at home.
A. to make

B. the

C. are expected

D. both

Question 30: We will have a fund-raising dinner at Rex Hotel tonight.
A. at

B. will have

C. a

D. fund-raising

Question 31: It was on 12th April, 1961 when the first human, a Soviet cosmonaut, flew into space.
A. a Soviet cosmonaut B. when

C. flew

D. into space

Question 32. While working as a travel agency, my elder brother specialized in arranging tours
of the Mekong Delta for foreign tourists.
A. a travel agency

B. While

C. specialized in

D. tours of

Question 33. A lot of athletic and non-athletic extracurricular activities are available in
Vietnamese highschools, either public and private.
A. available in

B. non- athletic

C. either public and private

D. A lot of

Question 34. In a restaurant, if we want to call the water, we can raise our hand and wave it
slight to signal that we need assistance.
A. slight to signal

B. if we

C. assistance

D. wave it

Question 35. Her weigh has increased remarkably since she began receiving treatment.

A. Her

B. receiving

C. weigh

D. remarkably

Question 36. Upon reaching the destination, a number of personnel is expected to change their
reservations and proceed to Hawaii.
A. reaching

B. proceed to

C. is

D. to change

Question 37. The University of Kentucky has held this prestigious title until 1989, when it was
granted to the University of Georgia.
A. was granted

B. it

C. has held

D. to

Question 38. Tom’s jokes are inappropriate but we have to put up with it just because he’s the boss.
A. inappropriate

B. it

C. because

D. the

Question 39. There were inconsiderate amounts of money wasted on large building projects.
A. inconsiderate

B. amounts

C. wasted

D. building

Question 40. As far as I’m concerned, it was the year 2007 that Vietnam joined the World Trade
A. concerned

B. the year 2007

C. that


Question 1: Đáp án A
Get => gets
Question 2: Đáp án C
Prefer doing sth to doing sth: thích làm gì hơn làm gì
Question 3: Đáp án B
Large => extended
Câu 4: Đáp án A

D. the

Who => whom vì giới từ for được đổi lên đầu

Câu 5: Đáp án D
Living => is living vì cụm ”that you are looking for” chỉ để bổ nghĩa cho câu

Câu 6: Đáp án D
When => that vì đại từ quan hệ thay thế cho từ chỉ vật và ta có câu có nghĩa:
Việc rất phức tạp vì ô nhiễm gây ra bởi những thứ mang lại lợi ích cho con người.
Câu 7: Đáp án A

Câu 8: Đáp án C
Chemist => chemistry
Câu 9: Đáp án C
Was relaxing => is relaxing
Câu 10: Đáp án A
Had => had had
Câu 11: Đáp án D
To repair => repairing hoặc to be repaired
Câu 12: Đáp án A
Pointing in => pointing at/to
Câu 13: Đáp án D
Doing => to do
Câu 14: Đáp án C
Who => which
Câu 15: Đáp án C
Gate first => first gate
Câu 16: Đáp án C
Using them => used them
Câu 17: Đáp án D

Câu 18: Đáp án B
did Mathew look => Mathew looked
Câu 19: Đáp án A
Importance => important
Câu 20: Đáp án A
Doing => making
Make a decision: đưa ra quyết định
Câu 21: Đáp án C
Or purchasing => or taking
Câu 22: Đáp án A
That age => that version
Question 23: Đáp án C
Would be => will be
Question 24: Đáp án D
Geographical => geography
Question 25: Đáp án C
How can I get => how I get
Question 26: Đáp án A
That => which
Question 27: Đáp án C
it was delivered => he delivered it
Question 28: Đáp án D
Lack of => lack
Question 29: Đáp án A
To make => making
Question 30: Đáp án C

Question 31: Đáp án A
Câu 32: Đáp án A
A travel agency => a travel agent

Câu 33: Đáp án C
Either… and… => either… or…
Câu 34: Đáp án A
Slight to signal => slightly to signal
Câu 35: Đáp án C
Weigh => weight
Câu 36: Đáp án C
Is => are
Câu 37: Đáp án C
Has held => had held
Câu 38: Đáp án B
It => that
Câu 39: Đáp án A
Inconsiderate => considerable
Câu 40: Đáp án B
The year 2007 => 2007

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