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Phân tích vai trò của chiến lược doanh nghiệp đối với sự phát triển của tập đoàn bưu chính – CN lào caie

Phân tích vai trò của chiến lược doanh nghiệp đối với sự phát triển của Tập đoàn
Bưu chính – CN Lào Cai


The general concept about strategy and business strategy


The role of business strategy for the development of business


4. Specific analysis in Vinaphone – Post and Telecommunications Corporation Lao Cai Branch (VNPT Lao Cai) ……………………………………………………8

Conclusion 12

References 13

1. Openning
Develop strategies have a very important role in the development of business in the
long term. One strategy is built on the basis of scientific arguments and practices
through tools and techniques appropriate to bring enterprise solutions strategy most
effectively contribute to business success nghiep.Truoc context of our country's
economy and system development activities of business enterprises in general are


really an opportunity and a huge challenge for the contribution to the overall
development of the country in the current period and the next year.
2. The general concept about strategy and business strategy
There are many different concepts of business strategy and strategic
management, but the concept is the current popularity: “Business strategy is a
combination of long-term goals, policies and solutions to large business, finance and
the resolve to take the human element of business development enterprise to a new
higher state of nature”.
"Business strategy is a series of commitments and actions that a company used
to spend a competitive advantage by exploiting core competencies in a given market".
In summary the strategic planning process can be broken down into key steps,
including: (1) Selection of the mission and the main goals of the unit; (2) Analysis of
the external environment to identify opportunities and threats; (3) Analysis of the
internal environment to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organization; (4)
Selection strategies based search resources, capabilities and core competencies and
develop it to neutralize the risk, take advantage of opportunities from the external
environment; (5) Implementation of strategies. The task analysis environment inside
and outside the organization and then choose the strategy is often regarded as the
3. The role of business strategy for the development of business.
The first, main function of business strategy is to create a consistent orientation
for all kinds of business plan. In other words, business strategy helps businesses realize
the purpose, its direction, is the lodestar for every act of business enterprises. Although
if only one type of plan is not a guarantee for businesses to reach their desired
destination, but the strategy is the basis for the plan hinges, other operational policies
should generally be settled first priority.

Thứe second, along with the change and the rapid development of business
environment, the market will always appear opportunities and threats. Meanwhile,
business strategy helps businesses understand and take advantage of business
opportunities, actively seek solutions to overcome the dangerous pitfalls of the market.


The third, strategies contribute to improving business efficiency of enterprise
resources, enhance competitive position, ensure the continuous development and
sustainability of enterprises and building long-term, implementation business strategies
to create a solid base for targeted business policies and decisions consistent with the
volatility of the market.
4. Specific analysis in Vinaphone – Post and Telecommunications Corporation Lao Cai Branch (VNPT Lao Cai)
In recent years witnessed the landing and market domination of the major mobile
networks and the rapid time-sensitive Vinaphone, Mobiphone, Viettel, Sfone ... In
particular, although the position is entering the home network first on the mobile
telecommunications market and once dominant market share in the industry but
Vinaphone was unable to sustain the "throne" before its too rapid growth and Viettel
quite comprehensive. This raises a big question for Vinaphone why strong competition
and how to win back lost market share?
Step into the next phase (2011 - 2020), in the opinion of many experts, the mobile
telecommunications market in Vietnam will go ripening stage and almost reached
saturation point, and predicting the major changes in business strategies of the
companies in the industry. As of December 2013, total telephone subscribers across the
network are 110.9 million, of which the number of mobile subscribers accounted for
nearly 88%. The telephone density reached 129.6 per 100 people. Nationwide there are
more than 21.62 million Internet users, with a density of 25.3%. Number of broadband
internet subscribers reached 2.4 million. This means the mobile telecommunications
market will not have much more potential in business and industry will face many
difficulties in operation.
Typically the Beeline has disappeared from the market of Vietnam, EVN to merge with
Viettel, many other networks simultaneously launched the promotional package
"crisis" in order to compete on price .. but the current market have no more price
sensitive. We can say that the current situation requires telecommunications companies
to find new direction in their business strategy to ensure growth targets and maintain its
position in the long term.


In Lao Cai, characterized by a small mountainous province scale is only about
60 thousand peoples in whom the majority are ethnic minorities, low educational level
and not have the habit of using mobile phones. On the other hand, sparse population
density, high dispersive causing difficulties for telecommunication companies to invest
in the development stage of the network, high cost and the ability to recover capital
incommensurate. However, this is also a potential market that the business is capable
of exploiting. Therefore, Lao Cai has also witnessed the entry of large mobile operators
(Vinaphone, Viettel, Mobifone, Vietnammobile .. ). Among the networks, Vinaphone
and Viettel are considered two major carriers and hold the dominant market share in
the telecommunications market in Lao Cai. However, in recent years, along with the
growth of the other competitors (including Viettel) , the delay in reform strategies and
the difficulties of Vinaphone from market vendors made slowly losing market share to
competitors is strongest Viettel . If not quickly make strategic business holistically and
long -term, Vinaphone will be hard to maintain its position on the telecommunications
market in Lao Cai in particular and Vietnam in general.
Therefore, key management has been identified Vinaphone development of medium
and long term as
- Continue reinforce brand quality / most reasonable pric of Vinaphone
- Continue to implement entry strategy and market development in Lao Cai,
gradually regaining market share and the number 1 position on the market in Lao Cai.
- Strengthening customer care, including prepaid and postpaid subscribers
- Continuing to improve network quality, investment in quality governance
services to provide customers the best service, maintaining its position as the network
has the best call quality in the province

Relentless product development, expand market share 2G mobile phone

(prepaid and postpaid) to focus on building 3G mobile phone network is strong enough
to develop data services on 3G networks Din
- Continue to implement policies to reduce rates to the lowest possible level in
order to encourage customers to use services in Lao Cai VNPT also created a
community VNPT Lao Cai


- Maintaining market share in key areas, and take steps to strengthen the
development of sales channels in low-traffic areas BTS to encourage customers to use
the service.
- Retain loyal customers and develop new customers welding, especially
customers using the services of competitors, using existing relationships with local
governments and agencies on localities to develop new customers.
- Develop appropriate HR policies, enhancing professional qualifications for
staff officers, construction recruitment mode, transfer, reduction, fair treatment of
personnel in order to improve labor productivity for the team company personnel.
But Vinaphone Lao Cai also determined that the strongest competitors in today's
market Vinaphone's Viettel and Lao Cai Mobiphone. In particular, Viettel is strong
competition with a lot of advantages: network infrastructure, wider distribution
systems to access customer very well - especially the segment of low-income customer
remote areas and students. Besides, the advantage of the diverse service packages
suitable to each type of customer service and low rates, flexible mechanisms and
policies should incentives to the present time, Viettel has been very successful in
creating a customer community Viettel on Lao Cai province (accounting for 62.77 %).
Besides, abundant human resources, dynamic are not afraid to difficulties with military
discipline is one of the strengths of Viettel to create higher labor productivity than
other competitors in the market.
Mobifone is also a pretty strong competitor next Vinaphone Viettel. While the
current market share is modest (accounting for only 5:21%) but with reputable brands
available and, in the future, if there is Mobiphone focus resources on policies and
strategies for market penetration Lao Cai is one of the great threats to market share in
the province of Vinaphone.
Recognizing these challenges, Lao Cai Vinaphone identified Vinaphone main products
are oriented Lao Cai is developing mobile prepaid service, postpaid
4.1. About the Product List:
For pre-paid mobile services: Vinaphone currently have the packages with
different incentive conditions. Specifically:
- The package cuocVinacard, VinaDaily, VinaXtra, VinaText, Vina365: for
ordinary customers

- Talk EZ: customers for the students of the University, College, Intermediate,
Secondary vocational domestic (Talk - Student); teens aged 12-18 living in Vietnam
(Talk - Teen)
- MyZone: allows customers to make calls with preferential rates in a
geographic area (Zone) of their choice
- ezCom: allows computers connected using USB Mobile Broadband high
speed internet access on mobile wave VinaPhone use anytime, anywhere
(The detailed list of preferential tariff rates for packages of Lao Cai Vinaphone
is attached in Appendix)
The proportion of customers using pre-paid packages as follows Vinaphone:
Table: 2.6. Customers structure are using prepaid services of Vinaphone
In Lao Cai VNPT, on December/2013










Other package: vinaExtra vn365, vinaCard…



(Source: Division business plan, Lao Cai VNPT, 2013

So a group structure that is in customers using prepaid services Vinaphone of
VNPT Lao Cai, the proportion of use of VNPT package Myzone Lao Cai is the most
used (72%). This is quite reasonable for customers who live and work in Lao Cai
province and also a package that Lao Cai VNPT should increase promotion in the
future. Package current students have relatively low proportion (3.8%) but this is pretty
set of potential customers, so in the next phase of Lao Cai VNPT also need to push for
promotion this package.
For postpaid mobile services : Vinaphone are now offering packages
Vinaphone , iTouch , EzCom , VIP packages , packages colleagues , family pack ...
At the initial time , each subscriber VinaPhone offered services : call blocking ,
caller ID display on, call , call transfer , sms short messaging , international roaming ,
international calling service ban displays dialed , wait service , call hold , voicemail
services , facsimile -data services .


After more than 10 years of operation , VinaPhone mobile network is constantly
evolving along with subscriber VinaPhone provided many useful services such as : data
DATA Services , WAP999 services , GPRS , MMS - Services domestic roaming ,
Ringtunes services , synchronization services , service notifications of missed calls ,
Info360 services , international services using VOIP calls , value added services 8xxx ,
1900xxxx and batch utilities others in the future .
Currently, VNPT Lao Cai is focused towards data services on mobile networks
is the flagship product 3G ezcom. This is a service that allows computers connected
using USB Mobile Broadband high speed internet access on mobile wave VinaPhone
use anytime, anywhere. This is considered as services of high usability, providing
greater added value for users and good grasp customer needs today.
4.2. Pricing policies:
Policy rates of VNPT Lao Cai for mobile services on-net call tariff reduction to
the lowest possible level. Currently, VNPT customers net calls only pay 880 e / min,
off-net calls to 980 e / min.
For postpaid customers, VNPT Lao Cai offers many preferential policies such as
energy package agreed with 45.000d/thang alo, toll free customer calls every
10minutes and not more than 1,500 minutes / month for all all calls to the subscribers
of VNPT nationwide; with 145.000d/month, free customer calls every 10 minutes and
not more than 1,500 minutes / month for all local calls to all networks VNPT VNPT
subscribers, Mobiphone, fixed nationwide. In addition to encouraging customers to use
services VNPT VNPT Lao Cai currently underway to sell prepaid SIM and discount
rates are applied simultaneously 690d/minutes to subscribers in all networks with a
condition that the call comes from Lao Cai
Can be assessed, the pricing policies of the current Lao Cai Vinaphone mostly
low level by other competitors, even some service packs also have lower rates. This is
considered one of VNPT Lao Cai efforts to enhance the competitiveness of prices,
besides increasing the quality of network services and value-added services can come
to maintain its position as one of the network has the best call quality in Lao Cai.
4.3. Distribution:
The distribution of Lao Cai VNPT currently over 500 dealers and retail outlets
available in 163/163 communes and provinces across the main street , the VNPT

networks Lao Cai contracted agents and enjoy the same preferential policies in Lao Cai
province .
Thus, the distribution system in the province of Lao Cai Vinaphone is quite
wide, however the main focus at the center of the district, the city that has expanded in
rural or mountainous areas in the province. Meanwhile, competition are strongest in the
period Viettel 2008 - 2010 has built a network of distribution channels ( mainly retail
outlets sim card Viettel ) to most areas of the market , even even those remote areas ,
the most remote of the province . This is also the key to Viettel has the largest market
share of mobile phone services in Lao Cai. Therefore, in order to penetrate deeper into
the market in time to Lao Cai - especially to areas distant geographical distance, Lao
Cai VNPT will have to set up distribution systems in this areas
4.4. Trade Promotion:
Regarding trade promotion policy, in recent years, the promotion tools are used
to Lao Cai VNPT including advertising, promotions, direct sales. In particular,
promotion tools are used VNPT Lao Cai with the most intense in recent years is a
promotional tool.
VNPT Lao Cai has taken great deals for customers with low incomes that
people in remote areas, student team - this is key customer segments that
competitorwar of VNPT in Lao Cai has achieved in the previous year.
For advertising tools and building brand image : VNPT Lao Cai has conducted
advertising on the mass media, but the intensity of light and mostly done on television
media ( radio and central Lao Cai TV ) , and the internet . This is the second
promotional tool suitable for customers living in urban areas, also for training lowincome customers and mostly lived in rural areas and remote or mountainous areas, the
tool this proved ineffective. Therefore, in the future, VNPT Lao Cai should be increase
advertising in the regional markets but in form and promotional tool more appropriate.
On the building of brand image: although Vinaphone is a very strong brand in Vietnam
telecommunications market. However, for the majority of residential Vietnam especially the class of people living in rural and remote geographic areas, Viettel brand
new is not only strong but also emotional and humanistic more better than. This is the
result of a long process Viettel branding with the slogan "Viettel, talk your way!" And a
series of activities for the community has made Viettel strengths recorded in the public

eye. Therefore, in the future VNPT Lao Cai should conduct activities to strengthen the
brand's image and Vinaphone more than the other competitors.
About Direct Selling: leadership contracting company conducting business areas for
each cadre of staff and collaborators taken care of while dealer direct sales in assigned
area. However, as discussed above, due to long years of living in the exclusive
mechanism , large inertia and productivity of staff and collaborators should also lower
the effectiveness of trade promotion VNPT in Lao Cai province is not high .
Along with strategies such as penetration and market development in order to create
competitive advantage and gradually regain market share lost to competitors , and
dominate the market through strengthening efforts marketing , expand distribution
network in areas where existing and further development to low-traffic areas such as
BTS rural and mountainous province of Lao Cai on . Specifically:
Product development strategy and continuously improve service quality in order to
maintain its position in the market.
Promotion policy:
Promotion is important work to promote and expand the market share increase
sales of businesses in general. However, depending on particular products, business
forms or objects that enterprise customers identify the appropriate promotion tools. For
VNPT Lao Cai, the group promotion tool that we propose to use in market penetration
strategy period 2013 - 2017are: advertising, sales promotion, public relations (PR),
direct sales next.
For advertising tool:
Advertising is a very important tool to transmit information and message of
products and services to business consumers in the end. For advertising, message
transmission is most important because it affects the ability to acquire and feel of the
client message then the choice of promotional tools.
About the choice of advertising tools: in the central area district, town and city ,
Lao Cai VNPT can proceed media advertising on TV . Besides the ad was aired on the
national broadcaster's support VNPT VNPT Lao Cai can be contracted aired on
television advertising Lao Cai, broadcast advertising time should focus on time every
time a program of Vietnam television Station and transfer to Lao Cai television or in
the movies programs being broadcast by the station.

In the rural areas and the remote, mountainous border, Lao Cai VNPT to choose
promotional tool through social radio or on newspaper ads that convey messages about
Vinaphone low freight rates. This tool has helped companies reduce costs which bring
high efficiency.
For promotional tools:
Along with reducing policy rates constant, VNPT Lao Cai to maintain and
enhance the promotional policies to set key customers and your target customers
specifically as:
- For traditional client group, VNPT Lao Cai should continue the promotions
already, especially programs birthday gifts, for gifts and holidays to customers.
- For the target audience are students: need to increase the number and quality
of deals related to mobile services (including service calls, messaging, ringtones
services to send drunk ...) and 3G services ezCom.
- For customer groups in rural areas, the remote, mountainous promotions just
focus on reducing call rates, instant messaging. In addition, to encourage this group of
customers using mobile services Vinaphone, we propose VNPT group of Lao Cai
conduct a promotional program "crisis" is presented for mobile phone customers
Vinaphone air Promotional Phone is just as cheap phones (Nokia, Samsung ... ) will be
donated to the roaming customer Vinaphone in Lao Cai and networks committed to
maintaining peace in a certain period of time ( depending on the estimates of the cost
of bundled phone ) . Surely this is one of the VNPT help enhance the number of
subscribers in these areas.
4.5 HR solutions
Leaders of VNPT Lao Cai can apply to plan years recruited from the outset on
the basis of a business plan is delivered. Besides, it is necessary to shorten the time of
each recruitment recruitment, should last a maximum of 30 days from the posting
recruitment notices to inform decisions when receiving new staff.
In conjunction with the University to get students information pretty, talented
locals. Please approve the remuneration policy better for vacancies as leaders,
For implementing market entry strategies Lao Cai in the next 5 years, before the
eyes of VNPT Lao Cai where it's need to recruit sales staff and a team of collaborators.

For business staff positions may hire company with limited numbers and recruit those
who have experience in the same position. This will be a group of key staff involved in
the implementation and management of marketing, development of new subscribers of
VNPT Vinaphone Lao Cai.
For location of collaborators: can recruit new individuals graduating from
university, colleges in central and local, even the students, students are sitting in
school. Team members can collaborate to work part - time or full time depending on
the needs and conditions of their.
Develop business strategies is one of the very important task for every
organization, business, plays a decisive role for the success or failure of each stage of
For more than 20 years of existence and development in Lao Cai, the existing
advantages of prestige, reputation, brand, market entry point, there were times, VNPT
Lao Cai largest market share of mobile services. However, the growth of the fast
growing competitors and intense competition fierce market has led to Lao Cai VNPT
losing its market share in the hands of the strongest competitors Viettel, simultaneously
dropped to No. 2 in market share in the area of Lao Cai. This context forced the leaders
of VNPT Lao Cai to have the right steps to build appropriate business strategy for the
coming period.

1. Strategic Management Awareness, 6th Edition - John Thompson & Frank
2. Text book, Economics curriculum Fulbright (What is strategies? In chapter 2)


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