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The Electric Power construction I JSC - formerly PCC I was the construction lines
and power stations enterprise under the Ministry of Coal and Power which was founded
in March 2nd 1963. During the Firstly opening days the company was the only company
operating in the construction lines and power stations sector across the country.
According to the strategic plan of the
national energy

development in each

developing stage of the country, the
company was in turn named as the
construction lines

and electric


stations company, the construction lines and
electric power stations I company, the
Electric power construction I company
following the decision No 1263/QD-TCCB
April 5, 2005 of the Industrial Ministry.
The Electric Power Construction I Company was approved the equitization form and
converted into the Electric Power Construction I JSC, with business registration number:
0103008651 by Department of Hanoi Planning and Investment in July 20th in 2005.
PCC1 has become a company confirmed its status in both domestical and oversea
market for over 50 years of development. Each following leaders and staff generation of
the company has made the incredible impression on the whole network of distributing
national electric power by the large scale and high quality construction lines and stations
projects which distribute electric power to all parts of North, Central and South of the
country, from urban to rular area, mountains to remote areas, remote islands and the
plains of Laos brotherhood ...
With the Company's contributions to the national electric power development
stratergy in recent years, the Company has been granted prestigious prizes such as the

Secondly and the Thirdly-class Independence Medal; And particularly on 2nd Marth
2013 company honored the Firstly class Independence Medal and many other awards of
ministries and people's committees, cities and provinces.
2.1. The national power distributing construction field
PCC1 has been developing to the leading company in implementing electric power
distribution projects in three regions: North, Central and South of the country. Over the
past few years, with its duties and functions, the company has undertaken, implemented
and completed thousands of DDK km 500kV, tens of km DDK 220kV, 110kV, hundred
thousands of km DDK <= 35 kV, completed many difficulties ang largest projects such as
the North-South line 500KV circuit 1 and circuit 2; Son La - Hoa Binh line 500KV, Son
La - Hiep Hoa; 500kV Hiep Hoa power stations, Da Nang, Tan Dinh - Binh Duong, Dak
Nong - Dak Lak, Quang Ninh .
PCC1 has high qualified leaders, managing staff, technical staff, skilled workers that are
capable of inheriting and developing and to be responsible for managing and
implementing the national important projects and large projects.
PCC1 continues purchasing construction machinery and equipment, are fully equipped to
meet the multiple lines projects, power stations and contributed to victory in the national
power projects.
2.2. Zinc galvanized steel structure manufacturing field:
With the owning of two Zinc galvanized steel structure manufacturing factories: Hyundai

Dong Anh factory and Yen Thuong steel structure manufacturing factory , PCC1 is
currently the Vietnamese largest scale and technology company in this field with its
capacity of 40,000 tonnes / year (3,334 tons / month). In recent years, the company has
made Zinc galvanized steel pillars for some major projects of the national power
distridution systems for national partners are: EVN, the project management of North,
Central and South electric power company. Typically works: DZ 220kV Ca Mau - O Mon
220 kV DZ Hue - Dong Ha, DZ 220 kV Vinh - Ha Tinh, DZ 220kV Tuyen Quang - Bac
Kan - Thai Nguyen. Other works of counterparts outside the electricity sector, such as
steel structure pillars manufacture for Notel telecommunication systems, Ericssion, Zinc
galvanized steel structure manufacturing projects of Siemens.

Beside the national market, the Company has been exported to several countries
such as Japan, South Korea, Chile, contributed to the development of the country as well
as improved manufacturing capacity of the Vietnamese mechanical engineering sector
2.3. Investing business in Real Estate:
Electric power Construction Joint Stock Company 1 owns over 100.000m2 in the areas of
Hanoi, Ha Dong, Ninh Binh and Ho Chi Minh City
The company has been active in the development of investment and investment
cooperation, the company projects which have taken and put into use such as : Nang
Huong residential and commercial services and some ongoing projects: the commercial
center and housing apartment project in My Dinh Commune. The office and apartment
building in the area land of the electric power company 1 in Cau Dien - Tu Liem - Ha
Noi, office investment project in Ly Van Phuc - Dong Da - Ha Noi.
2.4. The company investment project capacity has been confirmed:
2.4.1. Professional Staff in project management and investment, qualified and passionate
with work, undertaking and managing well the investment periods such as:
- Work with People’s commettee, local departments to implement in approving
investment projects and achieve the highest requirements in terms of the actual condition
of each project .
- Assessing and selecting the contractors to participate in consulting projects.
- Planning and managing the progress and quality of construction according to standard
- Marketing and sales, effective exploitation of investment products.
- The post-investment project management, maintenance products.
2.4.2. Financial resources
The company always controls and has the financial planning to meet the effective
investment projects and ensure the fastest progress.
- The productive scale of 1.150 billion USD / year, revenue about1,000 billion VND /
year on 3 main operation areas, the company fully utilizes flexible financing and cash
flow management effectively.
- In addition, the company always has had banks, realiable credit institutions for many
years, ready to meet the demand for capital needs.

2.4.3. In order to improve the construction works and projects high quality
management done by the company, in addition to regular training, improving managers
and technical staff skills the company has been operating the quality management system
and has granted the quality management certification ISO 9001-2008.
In the investment and cooperation process, PCC1 is always highly appreciated by
customers about its governant ability as well as infrastructure and prestige of the
collaborative activities. The investment projects and other business activities of the
Company achieve higher profit margin compared with other units and similar projects.
With these strong fields PCC1 is striving to become a leading business in the field
of Electric Power Construction of Top 500 leading enterprises in Vietnam. The company
has had a long history of building and development, gained many achievements in
business activities, contributed actively to the country development and protection ..
2.5 PCC1 business results from 2010 to 2012
Unit: Million VND
Total revenue
Profit before tax
Profit after tax
(Resource: PCC1 financial statement in 2010, 2011, 2012)
3.1 The company structure diagram


3.2 Characteristics and labor structure by gender and degree at PCC1
Labor structure
Total labor
Structure by gender
- Male
- Female
Structure by degree
- University
- College
- Intermediate, vocational

In 2011
1384 người

In 2012
1389 người







PCC1 has 1,389 employees including 653 who are managers and technical staff
736 technicians, who are trained basic, professional grade 3/7 or more up to December,
The most staff of PCC1have experienced more than 5 years, accumulated from the
construction of transmission lines, substations and projects by domestic companies and
foreign government investment.
4.1 Human Resource Plans
PCC1 planned to cut the number of surplus labor based on governmental Decree
No. 110/2007/ND-CP dated on April 26th 2007 aiming at reasonable and effective using
human resources, improving labor productivity, reducing costs and complying with the
once time principle, to ensuring the principle of democracy, pubishing, independence
following the regulation. The project has received the support of the Information and
Communications Ministry, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs,
Ministry of Finance, Electricity Group, BDVN Union.
On Feb 26th 2010, PCC1 issued document to require inspecting the whole
network, the workforce then decide who were continued to use; the document guidelined
unit members organize, rearrange labor and solve labor policies for employees under
Decree 110. The company has directed the unit members to make plans, establish
management Dept managed by head of the unit. Many units have actively granted a part
of their funds to assist the difficult employees. Based on the inspective results,
rationalization of operations on the working network , at the end of 2010 PCC1 resolved
workers to leave following Decree 110 without any lawsuits or problems. Workers left
their jobs with very self-conscious and excited feeling. The successful implementation of
restructuring the network and labor initially brings positive results for this business:
reducing labor, while also saving direct and indirect costs in relation to labor.
However, in recent times, many human resource management activities (QTNNL)
at PCC1 have had difficulties due to the limitations of the norms system are used in the
unit. The limitations of the norms system causing difficulties for HR management
activities, specifically:

- The basis for the human plan is labor norms, labor norms are not completed will
cause difficulties in making and approving of the plan due to lack of facility to identify,
- Obsoleted or short of norms system also leads to a lack of clearly defined
standards for employment, does not make mark level system to accurately assess the
level of completing work, the determination of complexity working level matchs with for
each job titles does not accurate ... so the evaluation, salary payment, reward ... for
workers will lack of criteria and unfair
4.2. Employment and labor layout
- The recruitment: Based on annual HR plan approved by PCC1, the Company and
its memebers conduct recruitment. The recruitment progress in PCC1 is conducted as
+ Determine the conditions and criteria of participants taking the recruitment
+ make the examination board
+ Organize the exam
+ Make the recruitment board
+ Sign labor contracts
- Labor layout and arrangement: The appointed officers must come from work
requirements and ensure the rule that does not have any unit members without having
formal leaders during 3 months.
- The appointment of PCC1 officers are assigned as follows:
+ Each unit member leader directly manages the appointment of executive level in
managing Dept.
+ The appointment of unit memebers’ exective managers approved by PCC1
General Director.
4.3. Training and human resource development
The PCC1 HR is mainly trained from the state leading training facilities. Every
year, based on the level of staff and workers (employees), managing requirements,
developing business services, training needs to improve the level of staff and workers
and funding conditions for training, PCC1 makes the training plan to improve the staff
and workers skill levels :

- Plan for training or improving working skills inside or outside the schools, longterm, or short-term to report to the PCC1 leadership.
- Plan for short-term training courses, with up-dated professional content, new
services, additional training for staff and opening IT and foreign languages class by
PCC1 and its subsidiaries.
4.3.1. Trained Objects
Those who are sent for training are:
- The staff who are in the plan of using labor of the unit (arranged for long-term
development plan of human resources to produce reasonable labor structure).
- Following the arrangement of laboring titles (Have to train additional knowledge
for those who still lack from the standard).
- Following the requirements of conversion titles (or changing titles for those
whose are the most suitable with the job requirements).
- Following the requirement for updating new knowledge due to changing science
technology, equipment, policy mechanism, organizational model, management...
Conditions and criteria to participate in the training:
+ Staff has signed labor contract with indefinite terms (not applicable to titles
without signing labor contracts under the provisions of the Labor Code). Staff has worked
at PCC1 at least 2 years and over (except for the special case).
+ Frequently completing assigned tasks, does not violate labor discipline from
reprimand during the time of reviewing.
+ Meet the admission requirements for each level of education and training.
+ Subjected to the plan's cost of training.
+ All employees must attend short-term training inside the country following the
unit requirement.
4.3.2. The training forms
PCC1 and its unit members base on the characteristics of each type of training, the
training needs of each production department to perform various types of training.
Typically, some forms of training:
Objects for training:
- Management staff: Personnel working in management task sent to training the
college level, economic business and Management University, short-term training courses

... in the training facilities inside and outside the industry. On the basis of what works and
which positions having the appropriate training schemes for them.
- Directly manufacturing labor: The company pays attention on training and
retraining for the directly business workforce which actually generate revenue for the
Training depending on the location:
- The premise training: Currently the staff participate regularly training in the in
their schools.
- The place training: place training is form of training, short-term training to
improve their training or professional training and new services for employees. There are
two forms of job training:
+ PCC1 and the unit members invite their teachers at school, experts
knowledgeable in the areas of teaching expertise to focus on the training unit of
professional employees ... for the base unit;
+ The base unit have managers and professional undertake and disseminate
guidelines and new policies, rules and regulations guiding the business process is about
to deploy new services.
Funding to support training: To encourages taff improve learning for intellectual
goals of workforce achieve good results, regulations and ensure training of units and
training regulations of the unit is superior throughout, PCC1 has built support for staff
bylaws were sent to school in full uniform application PCC1.
4.4. Treatment regime, employees encourage
4.4.1. Regime salary
- Firstly, salary of company: Both tasks the social responsibility and business
organizations recently in a new stage and put into operation, Government ministries have
management incentives on salary: Decision No.65/2008/QĐ-TTg date, may, 22th, 2008
of the Prime Minister, followed by the Circular, decision, public documents guiding the
implementation has been completed in order to elaborate the mechanism of state support
to the Company. Accordingly, from 2011 onwards, the determination of unit wage and
salary will be carried out in accordance with general law of wages in state-owned

- Secondly, salary of the member units: with steady aim the organization of
production, the Company has determined salary, allocation mechanism for wage unit
price of units on the basis of a combination of factors: sales, business efficiency / cost,
labor productivity, wage policy ... thereby stabilizing the salaries of the unit as well as
step by step to create incentives for unit sales, productivity and a high efficiency.
With the goal of promoting business plan aims to increase revenue, reduce costs,
reduce revenue and expenditure gap ... delivery mechanism salary, salary unit for unit
members had an important step change, contributing to mounting the registration and
implementation of business plans to wage mechanism thoroughly . In the new salary
regime, the allocation salary, and growth of two performance indicators are: Payroll
revenue / cost and productivity. This reflects objectivity and proper performance of the
business unit to ensure more equality between the units producing conditions favorable
business units and business conditions difficult towel to encourage the large and small
units striving against his own growth, while also encouraging the registration unit and
plans to fulfill high, contributing to the objectives of the company's overall growth. In
addition, also associated with the implementation of the plan revenue expenditure gap
and ensure quality of service. The implementation plan revenue expenditure gap is
expressed through parameters (delta) revenue and expenditure gap (the difference made
revenues - revenues are spent planning). Unit revenues are spent to make better plans will
be encouraged and feedback.
- Thirdly, distribution salary to the labor: Basically, the distribution of salaries of
employees in 2008 was based on the general income of the unit are still applicable
regulations of the income distribution PCC1 ago. The old rules do not apply to create
leverage, so we have to change in accordance with the conditions and circumstances of
the organization PCC1. In 2009, and studied PCC1 guide new construction units
regulation of income distribution. Especially encouraging PCC1 units to be paid to
individuals associated with job titles, productivity and performance assignments, pay
adequate incentives for talented people , qualified professional, technical, higher labor
productivity, contributing to the unit. For unskilled labor, paid in units equivalent to the
salary of labor market.
The innovation in the wage mechanism are shown in the Remuneration PCC1
encouraged on the basis of wages allocated to individuals according to individual tasks

undertaken, decreasing the rate of salary paid to employees by wage level level to
individuals not associated with the implementation of specific targets, which especially
targets such as revenue generated from production and business results, the number and
quality of implementation of tasks assigned ... Also, encourage PCC1 units used to
partially fund incentive pay directly for the collective worth individuals successfully
completed the assigned tasks, are an important contribution to the overall operation of
whole units.
4.4.2. Emulation, commendation and discipline mission
Inherit and promote the movement of the industry, from the early days, besides
working out solutions operating group business, to stimulate the morale of the
employees. The company has organized the patriotic emulation movement, creating
lively spirit of emulation and widely, typically the movement: "Creative Labour,
Sustainable Development, Integration victory"; complete the movement goals, 5 year
plan of the Company to successfully implement tasks socioeconomic development in the
Resolution of the Tenth Congress of the Party, the movement was initially promoted to be
effective, an important contribution to the overall performance contributed to the success
of the innovation organization, management mechanisms, restructuring the workforce the
5.1. The results was achieved
- PCC1 was interested in training needs identifying. Before opening the training
classes, the training staff are informed about the content of training courses intended to
send to the department, to the wishes of the majority of employees to training classes so
that best fit. The form of training has been done PCC1 very rich and suitable for the
feature and qualifications of workers in different parts of the unit.
- Labor remuneration and reward and penalties werre applied at PCC1 somewhat
encouraging zealous worker production, relentless self-discipline and improve their
learning. With a salary by a factor of complexity of the work, the quality factor will be
the development of a comprehensive work on the physical, mental, they actively
participate in the training courses would be enough knowledge needed to fulfill the task
of ensuring the quality of products and services, will work for progress ... tied for salary

and bonus. Organization shall arrange and rearrange to suit employees with production
models to help develop new business capabilities of individual workers. Many
management employees were transferred to the other parts of the business, help them
with work experience in many different areas of the institutionc.
5.2. The limitations
- Not really interested in human resource development strategy. In the
development plan 5 years ago, but human issues have been raised but strategic
components (namely that strategic human) lacks detail, leading to the implementation
difficulties . Already occurs imbalance between the human quality of the field, between
units, between regions, which leads to the same environmental conditions as the same,
but the technology employed , making all business processes are not the same, so labor
productivity varies.
- Quality of labor at PCC1 has not yet been adequate attention in a long time.
Process innovation rearrange the model held company shares and partly due to the quality
of human unsatisfactory set. Meanwhile, the labor force qualifications, experience and
good skills are not reasonable assignments.
- There are many shortcomings in recruitment: on the mass media does not have
information on recruitment needs made it difficult to recruit qualified workers, qualified
- The demand on the part of employees trained pretty thoroughly did not meet the
remuneration, so they are not comfortable with low-income jobs and had to give up work
in order to PCC1 to work in other businesses with higher remuneration and promotion
opportunities faster than it can affect the quality of work force as well as human resource
management of PCC1.
- No conduct analysis work in PCC1, similar as other businesses. Activities such
as planning, recruitment, performance assessment tasks based only on the level of
experience of the management directly, not based on the analysis material.
- The evaluation staff capacity only through performance business, expressed
targets for the units. Currently, the assessment of the degree of completion of the
managers still rely on the completion or non-completion of the plan due to the higher
level, while not necessarily superior to the plan was consistent with volatility of the

- Although the regulation of PCC1 have regulations paid monthly by effectiveness
of work, but in fact is not correct, the balance between the production planning
department to department of revenue and indirect management. The reason is the
difficulty of the job performance evaluation, determination of complex indirect workers.
- In recent years, emulation movement and commendation work gained great
achievements. But besides the point still exists as a result of limited joint movement,
need to overcome: There are still a number of officials and employees some parts not
fully aware of the implications of emulation, not clearly defined targets, content
emulation for all subjects should sometimes confusion in the application deployment
organization. In the division of labor arrangement, planning, much of the content also in
some limited
- The process of implementation of the training program is flawed the main
problem lies in the teaching method.
5.3. The causes of success and limitations
5.3.1. Successful causes
Look in a general, the success of the human resources management is significant
in PCC1. To get this achievement is due:
- Firstly, a unit has thickness experience in the electrical industry construction.
PCC1 has received attention, direction and support of Vietnam power Group, the industry
and the local central.
- Secondly, attention of PCC1 leadership to operations human resources
management increasing innovation to achieve high efficiency. HRM apparatus was
consolidated, the Regulation on activities such as training regulations, bonus policy,
regulations are paid direct leadership PCC1 quickly completed and approved, the
- Thirdly, unity, striving agreed, trying to complete tasks, business plans, improve
productivity of employees in PCC1 leadership and has contributed to the successful
creation of the HRM as well as production and other business activities.
5.3.2 The cause of limitations
- Firstly, company have jusst conversion from state enterprises toJSC should also
be affected by the policy mechanisms regulating, thus the lack of HRM's PCC1 initiative,

has brought the "inactive" slow to adapt to changes of HRM during competition and
- Secondly, PCC1’staff have large numbers of ground and low level after JSC.
- Thirdly, management information systems personnel are not properly invested
interest, and thus affect the update speed and handling of personal information PCC1.
The data management, statistics and the number of issues related to human resources are
6.1 The development orientation of company
6.1.1 Development orient
- With the long history and tradition of over 50 years, with basic experience &
capacity above, the motto of the company leaders always improving: “Quality - Progress
- Cost - Nice” The Electric Power construction I JSC - has always been striving leading
enterprise in the field of construction lines and power stations in Vietnam.
- Striving to fulfill production targets business and the state budget; actively
implement social policies.
- For the provinces, communes and districts continue to develop, in order to
dominate the market, better serve the needs local government.
- Strengthening market surveys, advertising, marketing and building customer care
programs to maintain and grow market share.
6.1.2 The human resources orientation
* Development orientations for HRM:
- Formation system is organized labor in high-level logical structure of the
qualification structure and lines to each sector, each business unit or executive
management … Clarify responsibilities to each employee, who working in each location
to ensure adequate standards prescribed by labor positions. Remove status untrained
- The criteria survey staff in the unit age, qualifications, professional competence,
excellence, health plans for training, retraining, work appropriate layout.

- Strengthening the construction and consolidation of staff capable and political
quality, professional technical level high.
- Develop mechanisms to encourage young talent, the team standardized legacy.
- Launching the movement, the contest: qualified personnel, promote technical
innovations …
-Take care to spiritual material life of staff.
6.2. A some solutions to perfect the human resource management in PCC1
6.2.1 Perfect of human resource planning
About human resources planning: proceed without the immediate work, continued
implementation of the plan leaders are conducting manner. But need to comment attached
to the way staff PCC1 regulations, standards next five leaders in the resolution of the
central executive committee VI course, need to assess the effectiveness of staff the. In the
future work to improve human resources planning PCC1 need to focus on the following
- Firstly, to improve staff working from plans of the units to meet job
requirements, not only for its own staff manpower planning, but also staff planning
- Secondly, manpower planning should be based on results of labor demand
- Thirdly, manpower planning based on the results of mastering the strategic
direction of the Company to develop manpower demand forecast.
- Fourthly, conduct regular assessment of the quality and quantity of labor.
6.2.2. Working complete analysis
- Firstly, need to establish a team of analysts work. Their main task is to be built
for the job description and the standard of work in a specific way and most practical.
- Secondly, gather information related to the work to build the job description and
the job criteria. Analysts need to delve into the job by reviewing the organizational chart,
to collect information related to the inclusion of comments collected from the employees
themselves, grant administrator directly next, those who work in PCC1.

- Thirdly, outline the job description and the job criteria. After gathering the
necessary information about the job as the job name, job need to perform, to perform
standard tasks, the analyst will conduct outlining the job description.
- Fourthly, editing and issuing. In the process of drafting the job description and
the job criteria inevitably there are shortcomings that need to be discussed by the
employee, grant administrator to edit the content to suit, uniform; ensure the work is
carried out smoothly without gaps or overlaps.
6.2.3 Recruitment complete
To complete the recruitment of PCC1 need to do a good problem following:
- Firstlyly, to recruit manpower quality PCC1 to attract workers from a variety of
sources. May be notice through many forms to employers: internal announcement, posted
on the local newspaper, the job site and on the website PCC1… to need the structure of
an appropriate recruitment between child labor in the industry and outside to meet the
requirements in the best way.
- Secondly, policy priorities for staff have caused difficulties in the recruitment
qualified or real in the industry.
- Thirdlyly, need to balance the proportion of labor and labor management
techniques need to recruit, limiting the recruitment process is labor intensive
intermediate, primary. If a shortage of labor in the technology may consider the transfer
of labor surplus areas. When recruitment technology to improve quality by coordinating
with field workers to attract qualified employees and a policy priority, the examination
for graduates working good and excellent from the field workers
- Fourthlyly, to change the form and content of the new exam, PCC1 interview
candidates should consider before choosing.
- Fifthly, evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment process to help PCC1 see be
those face be and not yet be of recruitment process. From which draw experiences and
threads out the policy, measures better aimed improve efficiency of recruitment activities
in the future.
- Sixthly, PCC1 consider recruiting focus for the Company then allocated to the
member units. The recruitment will be conducted focused on 2 round (on February and
October in each year) based on the needs of the recruitment unit members.
6.2.4. Training and human resource development

- Firstlyly, the determing need for training and select staff for training.
- Secondlyly, classify the objects to join the right course
- Thirdlyly, organize training courses following the targets that are suitable for
each object
- Fourthlyly, the training forms
The form of training will not merely be sending staff to the training centers, but
also focusing on the training quality management, really creating staffs who improve
their ability and skills after the training, the knowledge gained after training must be
applied to actual business operations. To achieve that goal, the training department should
coordinate with the unit to determine the really need for the unit business operation,
contact centers, organize training to get to know their training ability, balance and choice
to organize training courses in accordance with the Company's needs.
6.2.5 Strengthen working assessment activities
The working assessment activities are not conducted well will affect the quality of
works such as: inaccurate reward, incorrectly determine the level of work completion to
calculate fair wages, hardly fair and accurate when selects staff for training courses.. To
evaluate the job performance, PCC1 should complete the evaluation system following
- Firstlyly, strictly implemente the evaluation task in accordance with regulations.
PCC1 leaders should urged concern and check the assessment. Any unit does not perform
the assessment will be subject to discipline. In order to make the assessment task achieve
+ Pubish the evaluation purposes to all employees. Do not understand the purpose
of assessment is the cause to make both the evaluators and evaluatees not actively
involved, the evaluators feel take time, and evaluatees are afraid to the evaluation result
will affect their current job. The company should encourage all employees actively and
positively involved in the evaluation process.
- Regularly update, add evaluation criteria for the system to ensure the criteria
systerm is reasonable and comprehensive. During the development process, with the
changing in technology, expanding markets, deploying new services, applying of new
advance technology in the production and management will raise new jobs, new job

titles; while the old job titles also require new standards to match the new working
- Secondlyly, the discuss evaluation results with the employee. After the
evaluation, need to discuss the results with employees about their job performance.
Discussing the working results with the employee is an important step to ensure the
evaluation system effectively and practically. Quarterly the company should make
satisfaction survey of employees on the evaluation results to learn from experience and
continuously improve the effectiveness of the evaluation.
- Thirdlyly, storage and using the assessment information. The assessment
information should be kept in the directly assessment department and Organization
office. This information needs to be processed, analyzed, and synthesized to serve many
different purposes
6.2.6. Complete the labor remuneration task The salary payment and income distribution
In order to make the slary payment for the employees do well, the unit needs to
complete the evaluation system to accurately determine the level of working completion,
thereby determining the exact number of complex working system following the
efficience of individual job performance, and to be a base for calculating salaries,
bonuses accurately and reasonablely.
- Focus on doing norms system well and assign the plan.
- After completing the assessment, the caculation of wages and bonuses for teams
and individuals need to be conducted fairly based on the results of job performance
evaluation. For labor management staffs indirectly paid according to the quality and
results of completion tasks. The reward and encouraging employees
- Encouraging and prioritizing new ideas, new innovations can bring practical
results for the unit production and business operations, creating favor condition for ideas
to be conducted in the unit.
- Launching the amulation movement across units and each group – teams, centers
directly implemente, innovative in many fields.

- There are divisions to directly receive the staff opinions across the network in
order to increasingly complete services, process rules.
- To promote the employee creativity, the mobilizing and organizing the amulation
movement, the unit must meet the following requirements:
+ Firstlyly, have to emulate the indoctrination thought as an objective evitability,
arising in gathering labor, associated with publish movement, is one important measure to
build the new factors, through amulation movement to make it a special school for team
building training, meanwhile emulation is a positive measure to implement management
task well, the basis for real effectively reward and encourage educational exemplary.
+ Secondlyly, proposing properly emulation policies, creating continuous, multifaceted and deep emalation movement, ranging from management, business to sports and
culture, creating more atmosphere lively, creating good health to perform the assigned
works. Meanwhile, measures, diversifiedly organizational forms of emulation, arousing
self-discipline, creativity, overcoming difficulties of officers and employees.
+ Thirdlyly, the emalation movement must be maintained regularly and
continuously everywhere, at all times, in all situations.
+ Fourthlyly, making indicators and contents of movement undertakings the Party,
State and the industry’s instruction and policies, indicators and contents must be
practical, consistent with situation and characteristics of the unit.
6.2.7 Applying information technology on human resources management
Currently, HR management software has become very popular and brought many
benefits to the HR managing operation of the business. HR management software tracks
and records the entire process related to the HR management of business including HR
plan, recruitment, training, employee records management ... In general, by using HR
management software, managers can observe the panorama of their human resources.
- Fully Updating data system on human resources into HR software are and
syncronizing data system from the company to the unit members.
- Raising the level of information technology for managers and HR professionals.
Organize training and guideline how to use the system for direct staffs including all
Organization staff, managers.
- Assigning data for many people, determining the quantity of data in a day to
ensure that the entry data is quick and timely.

HR management operation is one of the factors to help businesses successfully,
these factors do not directly create products and services, but it has a role in improving
labor productivity and product quality. In order to manage the governance mechanism
well, enterprises have to build themselve a professional and skillful staff system. Thus,
after becoming a Joint stock company, HRM -PCC1 has achieved important results.
Maintaining and developing subtainability to meet the requirements of the State and
Party at all levels. Rearranging HR in 2010, the management board is completed step by
step. The reform carried out in 2010 was the Firstly important step for the company to
adjust the HR structure for the next 5 years.
References: Electric Power Construction I JSC - PCC1. www.PCC1

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